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27 Jun. 2003
Georgia, 18, a college dropout in Seattle, gets a filing job. She gets killed by a falling Mir toilet seat on her first workday. Two grim reapers have her join their rank.
4 Jul. 2003
Dead Girl Walking
George is still dealing with her transition, sneaking home at night, shirking her reaping duties and meeting Brendan's parents. Reggie is also having some difficulty, and starts lying and stealing toilet seats. Mason comes up with a new scheme to gather money, and Roxy is not very appreciative. Betty gets stuck chaperoning George. Eventually, George learns just how important being a reaper is.
11 Jul. 2003
Curious George
A caged bear mutilates some protesters, and makes an appearance later as well. George keeps going home, and this time finds all of her old stuff boxed up. Betty continues chaperoning George. Plus, George is stuck answering phones at Happy Time while everyone else has cake. Mason has some problems reaping, but eventually gets some money.
18 Jul. 2003
When one of Roxy's reaps doesn't show up, George gets the idea to "help" fate along, with very dire consequences. Mason tries smuggling drugs, and Rube gets stressed at the airport. George catches Crystal messing with some workstations, and get into a little office war.
25 Jul. 2003
Reaping Havoc
George goes looking for a friend, and gets into a scrapping with Delores. We also get to see how Betty died and became a reaper. Betty, Rube, and George go to a family reunion for a reap. Mason, meanwhile, spends some quality time with the recently dead owner of a house. And, George gets her first paycheck.
1 Aug. 2003
My Room
Daisy Adair shows up to replace Betty, and promptly moves into George's apartment. George tries her hand at bowling, and Joy discovers Reggie's toilet tree. Rube talks to Joy while waiting for his reap. Mason reaps the new guy in the Happy Time office. George starts to live a little as her own person, rather than just trying to avoid everything.
8 Aug. 2003
Reaper Madness
George finds herself in a strange and potentially romantic relationship with a man who can see gravelings.
15 Aug. 2003
A Cook
George gets a pet and Rube takes a shift on the grill at Der Waffle Haus.
22 Aug. 2003
Sunday Mornings
George makes a new friend and discovers her dad is not the person she thought he was.
29 Aug. 2003
Business Unfinished
George is saddled with a tedious collating task and Daisy recruits her and Mason to make money from her reap. Roxy grieves her own death.
5 Sep. 2003
The Bicycle Thief
George is changing jobs to be able to buy a bike. Daisy takes a painting when she reaps an artist, but he doesn't want to move on while she has it. Mason spends time with a gay couple he is supposed to reap.
12 Sep. 2003
George has insomnia and goes to the diner where she finds Rube proctoring the other Reapers doing self-evaluation tests. She discovers that Rube has a reap scheduled in George's family's driveway, causing anxiety for George.
19 Sep. 2003
The Gravelings have the day off so the reaping is replaced with paperwork for Rube and the Reapers. George convinces Rube to computerize the data at Happy Time. George's family takes their first vacation since George's death.
26 Oct. 2003
Rest in Peace
George takes Delores and her cat to the vet, where they encounter a young pet Reaper. Rube reaps a yoga instructor, and George's family prepares for a ceremony dedicating her gravestone.

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