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Understandably terrible
tristandriscoll3 July 2015
I understand that Americans love "real" drama. This definitely has "drama". My issue is that the majority of what happens feels engineered and manipulative. I understand most of what is shown on television is scripted. But blatantly passing off something that is like this as a "real" show where "true love" is "found" seems a bit disingenuous. It seems like the producers must be specifically casting some individuals to cause drama and others for the sole purpose of being emotionally traumatized by their experience. Some people may say, who cares, who is this show hurting. But this type of television is a perfect example of what is degrading this countries moral standards. Terrible, terrible, terrible show.
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Stupidest, shallowest show on TV
babymack-1574922 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I've tried to watch this show several times and I just can't get into it because I can't get past how stupid and shallow it is. They take one hot girl and put her in a house with a bunch of studs and eliminate them to find her "true love"? Honestly? Anyone who thinks that could ever have potential of working is extremely naive. She leads on as many as 28 guys for weeks, kisses them, hugs them, tells them how she "feels" about them and treats all of them like her boyfriend only to dump one each week? What would we think about a girl who did this in real life? She doesn't have genuine feelings for any of them, she's horny. What would we say about her in real life? But because it's a reality show and the girl is "hot" it's okay? Not to mention how every guy is an absolute stud. It's ridiculous and so unrealistic. They aren't average guys at all. Does she have sex with all of them too? Because if so... Puke. Everyone talks about this show and I can't understand why for the life of me. I don't get the hype about a girl living in a house of hot guys who she gets to take her pick of and jump back and forth between whenever, not to mention lead all of them on and probably screws them simultaneously. This is the single stupidest, shallowest sluttiest show on TV. Except maybe the bachelor.
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If you like this, you are what's wrong with the world.
Mowntandewey8 June 2015
Seriously people, this is complete trash. It's not even the campy trash that might be fun to watch every now and then. This literally makes me dumber every time I even see a commercial for it on TV. If I were ever to come across a genie in a lamp and was granted three wishes, one of them would be for this show to end in a fiery flame. I'd rather watch those birthing videos that we were forced to watch in heath class over and over and over and over again than endure this bull scat.

If you find yourself liking this show, seriously, you need to rethink your life choices. Do me a favor. The next time this show is on and you're about to sit down to watch it, take a hammer and hit yourself in the head. Maybe then, you'll have some sense.
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Deliciously, wonderfully, stupid, mindless guilty pleasure
Jade359349310 June 2018
Face it folks. Life is hard. Whether it's volcanoes in Hawaii, Fire and Fury, pets on a Sarah McLachlan commercial (please adopt), the lifting of EPA regulations (if you like clean water, please vote) , the world melting down on the news (no words for this one), having to choose between paper and plastic (bring your own bags please), or two hours of The Handmaid's Tale (wake up), there's an awful lot of angst, death, destruction, despair and tragedy out there.

That's what makes The Bachelor (and while we're at it, Bachelor in Paradise and 90 Day Fiance), escapes for which I am personally grateful. Is it an example of the moral decline of civilization? You bet! And with chocolate cake and ice cream, it's even better.

It's not meant to be analyzed. It's supposed to be stupid. It's trash. Wonderful, vacuous trash. So check your brain at the door, get over yourself, fire up Twitter, and forget for two hours that we all might die tomorrow. Really, you (yes even you) could do to loosen up a bit.
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Can It Ever Stop?
DiamondGirl42712 July 2010
How many more "reality" shows are going to be churned out by the studios before someone says "STOP!!"...? They simply go on and on..and become more ridiculous as they go on. The concept of a single person actually finding true love this way is slim to none. Of course there are going to be major attractions between contestants...after all..aren't these people perfect? And aren't they going to seek out the same perfection in a mate? Probably so. Forget there is an audience, lights and cameras and strangers all around...watching you. Kind of a voyerlistic if you think about it. It makes you wonder why these perfect humans have not found real and solid relationships already at some point. No doubt it gives the men on the show a huge ego boost to have a woman gushing over them while they go on all kinds of wonderful and memorable "dates"...and the woman is placed on a pedestal because all those guys WANT HER to pick THEM!! They get to have all expenses paid for vacations in romantic places...way out of the realm of what most single people do on date night. This isn't is a well thought out design by writers, directors and boost ratings and give the tabloids something to get excited about. After the lights and cameras go away...what is left? Oh yeah....people who got rejected for the most part. Why can't there be actual creative stuff being presented to the viewers out there? This junk is a waste of time.
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How to enjoy The Bachelor(ette)
doublemyfaruky29 July 2017
Don't tell me you're too good for The Bachelorette. I understand that at face value, a dating reality show as ostensibly preposterous, unrealistic, untraditional, and hyperbolized as The Bachelorette deserves a degree of scrutiny; however, the show is much more than it seems if the viewer puts in the time and attention. The Bachelorette — as well as The Bachelor — highlights travel, love, jealousy and other emotional tribulations, family, and as for Rachel's season, even race. First on travel, the show does a spectacular job at taking the viewer around the world and introducing them to places they may have never been or may have never heard of. In either case, I have been introduced to so many beautiful pockets of sunshine and snowfall thanks to the show. It is great advertising for the hotels and locations around the world, but the show also acts as a quick and alluring travel guide for the couch potatoes who indulge — including myself. Hometowns introduce the viewer and the Bachelorette to the man's family. On no other show will you see a more candid, un-cinematic relationship between a grown man and his mother. It can be uncomfortable, but more often, it is endearing and humanizing. Imagine this man having drinks at the bar with his friends discussing a chick he banged and the mother who drives him nuts. Imagine that same man on this show: forced to be open, romantic, vulnerable, honest, loving for the women in his life. Not every family is a conventional nuclear unit, as was the case with Dean, whose entire family splintered eight years ago until the date of his hometown. These men were built from the foundation of family, so to witness the village that made him, as well as his interactions and proximity with said village, speaks volumes to the man's character development and internalized values. Yes, it is easy to call every slice of drama, affection, and romance as a gimmick manufactured by evil producers. I have watched enough episodes of Lifetime's Unreal to conclude the same conspiracies as many of you have, but as much as one can make fun of the show, one must also remember these are real human beings placed in a ridiculous setting. The condensation of the dating game, the transparency of the suitor's polygamy, the bottled atmosphere of boyfriends under one roof will likely make a contestant act crazier than he is in the "real world" wherein he is not subject to the same expectation of emotional expediency or alcohol consumption.

The Bachelorette exposes how each man (and Rachel) handles group dates, one-on- one's, hometowns, and two-on-one's — all situations that uniquely challenge a person more in a few weeks than in years-long relationships where the same deep questions about vulnerability or marriage are not discussed at the same rate, if ever. The show is ridiculous because the dates are extravagant and a woman is dating 25+ men simultaneously; however, not every contestant is ridiculous nor is he or she necessarily crazy. Rachel is the most intelligent Bachelorette I have seen thus far — even better than Jojo, for whom I wept tears of joy in her decision to choose Jordan. She challenges the men, interrogates them, allows them to open up, and treats every man as though he is the only one that matters in the moment: it is not impossible to fall in love in a few months if the conditions push two people to ask the right questions early on in order to filter out other incompatibilities. If one remains skeptical of the sleazy producers, then go ahead and watch the show through that lens. For example, after rose ceremonies, notice there is daylight behind the departed contestant with whom the producers conduct the exit interview. This means the "rose ceremony" lasted all through the night, and ended at sunrise. This is a strenuous, long night in which alcohol and emotions dangerously mixed and circulated in the mansion. Not only can the viewer attain a more thorough understanding of production behind the scenes, but he or she can also garner empathy and understanding for the contestants. Notice if a contestant is slurring his words, crying uncharacteristically hard, acting "crazier" than you would in a situation — try to understand why. This scavenger hunt is one of understanding. Don't fall for the "coming up" previews that precede commercial breaks, for almost every single one is falsely advertised or skewed. Listen for unnatural cuts during a contestant's interview insinuating that his line was cut up and edited by the show producers. Differentiate men who want to win the game/fame and win the girl. The show has done a cunning job exaggerating, omitting, implanting, and influencing the truth, no doubt; however, the character and relationship developments are what truly drive the show surrounding petty, surrounding drama or silly, inconsequential, albeit funny cuts to quirky elements of the season (say, Ashley S. from Chris Soule's season or Adam's horrifying dummy from Rachel's season). Rachel genuinely believes she can find her husband if she plays the game right. I can tell she believes that past contestants have failed to find love because they did not immerse themselves in this process or in each relationship fairly. She takes the journey seriously and makes the hasty decisions that she does, not because she is naive, but because she believes in the journey ahead. Be smart when you watch, and the show becomes smarter than you initially (and pretentiously) thought.
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meet someone the regular way, will ya?
dave42481852 March 2003
The men on this show are obviously too self involved to meet, and commit to a woman in their own 'hood. They're obsessed with the perfect hottie (no matter how little brains or sincerity she has.) They DESERVE to get their hearts broken. The same goes for the gals on "The Bachelor."
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Always a guilty pleasure among reality TV shows
jlewis77-14 June 2009
Some people take this stuff wwwaaayyy too seriously, which is why there are some silly low ratings on this site. The best way to view this is as a latter day "Dating Game" with a bigger budget and a lot of ceremonial pomp (those ridiculous roses). It is all-too easy to scold the participants (Why can't you find love the "normal way"? Why expose your romantic life on TV?,etc.), but I always respect those willing to take risks in life (with a hopeful ending)... even in front of millions of viewers. Conservatives have their own opinions as well, although less sexual activity happens here than on "Big Brother". In fairness, at least one marriage and two long-term engagements came from the Bachelor/ette franchise, so the TV environment is not THAT much worse than the "real world". If you fall in love, you fall in love... if not, enjoy the ride.

There is only one thing more entertaining than 25+ women battling over a desirable Bachelor... and that is 25+ "dudes" battling over a Bachelorette. Here gender and society expectations play a key role: Guys may have fist fights and hot arguments, but are quick to get it out of their system; by the time the "Men Tell All" special is broadcast, they're often all buddies. In contrast, "The Bachelor" shows have ladies who bottle up their anger and act catty. Although the "ette" early episodes supply plenty of "beefcake" for female viewers, it is interesting to note that the Final 1 selected is either the shy/sensitive jock or the Average Joe.

Surprisingly, these shows hold up better than you'd expect with repeated viewing, thanks to all of the high emotion involved and a less structured format. Only the rose ceremonies are a drag. (By comparison, "Survivor" may be a much better show when seen weekly, but its VERY structured format makes it a bit tedious viewing reruns back-to-back.) The Trista/Ryan season still entertains after a couple years (even if the wedding that followed went on too long), as does Meredith's. Jen (the controversial one: she dumped both of her final 2) and Deanna had slightly duller runs. The best episodes, as in "The Bachelor", are the "hometown dates" (& the colorful families), the erotically charged Fantasy Dates in exotic locales... and, of course, the finale with the final 2 runner-up leaving in a limo "broken-hearted".

Jillian Harris' season is arguably the best season, but also the most difficult to sit through: The Classic Emotional Train Wreck. It starts with the usual share of high comedy and scripted drama with a foot-fetish suitor (Tanner) and a "bad boy" country singer (Wes), who delivers the theme of "They say love don't come easy". (*Spoiler alert*) In episode #4, Jake, the "perfect" pilot states the ominous line that it is inevitable that Jillian will fall for two guys and have to send one away brokenhearted. At first, the storyline focuses on Kiptyn as a key player, but eventually the saga boils down to Reid and Ed. One falls hard and fast for her, while she falls harder for the other when he takes a two week leave of absence. When she dumps Reid at the #3 spot in Maui, she fails to explain her changing affections to him and he attempts a return in the finale to verbally express his feelings for her... only to be dumped again. This is not a show for the faint at heart.
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Just ridiculous
Gideon4024 July 2003
The bachelorette is a pretty awful premise for a show seeing as how it deals with something as critical as marriage in such a game show kind of way. Over a dozen male bachelors stay in a luxury resort while each taking turns to go on numerous dates with the bachelorette, and each episode a number of the bachelors get eliminated by the bachelorette depending on how good of a chemistry there is between her and a bachelor. The final remaining bachelor marries her. This is ridiculous. While it does make for some entertaining drama, this is real people we're dealing with here. The fact that they have to go through this show to get married is quite sad. The bachelors themselves were quite immature too. I saw one of them dump a sack of dog food on his head, and I could only shake my head at this spectacle.

The biggest kicker about this show is that the Bachelorette, Trista, was formerly a contender and winner of the previous show, The Bachelor, and that the Bachelor dumped her very shortly after she won and married him, so she signed on to be on this show to get a new husband! Is that pathetic or what?
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Bachelorette Deanna - What Did She Want?
lonenote11 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
As the season began we cheered when spunky Deanna Pappas returned to the forefront of reality television to overcome the wounds left by Brad Womack after he said goodbye to her during his Bachelor run. She seemed focused, determined, and professed to know exactly what she was looking for in a man. She repeatedly claimed to want a stable, steady man who knew what he wanted and was ready to commit and start a family. After all, a woman who wants three children by the time she's thirty and is already pushing twenty-seven doesn't have a lot of time to waste fooling around with potential wannabes. Despite her self-assured statements, week after week, we grew more and more confused by her decisions.

First, there was the gasp heard around the message boards when fan favourite Richard was denied a rose on his one on one date with Deanna. There was the jaw dropping farewell to the adorable lawyer Fred, who had the distinction of being part of a double exit night. There was the ever present class clown Twilley, who for some mystifying reason managed to endure until the final five even though he and Deanna clearly did not have an ounce of chemistry. After knocking off twenty-one potential suitors we arrive at the final four men. A mish mash of personalities, all very different from one another.

Graham, aka "Smoking Hot", was the first of the final four to receive the proverbial boot. It was clear why Deanna had kept him around for as long as she did. He was not ready to jump into marriage, was not ready to start a family, but he had a sexy charisma that willed Deanna's lips to his. There was no lack of chemistry between the two. What there was was a lack on Grahama's part to shower Deanna with constant attention and bend to her every whim. For when they were not making out, they were busy arguing. I found his departure the most chastising I've ever seen. It was not done with any sort of dignity or appreciation on Deanna's part for having put himself out there for her. Up until the moment the pro basketball player climbed into the limo she berated him for not meeting her expectations and disappointing her.

Jeremy, while equally attractive as Graham, took a polar opposite approach in winning Deanna. He gave her exactly what she claimed to want. He constantly flattered her with his time, his attention, his compliments and made it a well known fact that he was there for her and her alone. He seemed the perfect match. Serious, but with a playful nature, stable in his career, home, close to his family, and without question in love with Deanna. He received rose after rose, more than his share of one on one time, yet in the end he was not what Deanna was looking for. To paraphrase her: he was only good on paper but not in actuality. He was sent home broken-hearted leaving us wondering, "What exactly does Deanna Pappas want?".

Then came, "The Men Tell All" where we see a very contradictory Deanna from the woman who had continually said to the men: "I know what you're going through. I went through the same thing. I know exactly how you are feeling." This woman, did not display an abundance of compassion or understanding for her rejected suitors. She was cutting to Jeremy, who was obviously still hurt and had feelings for her, and the fact she still held a grudge against Graham - the one man she claimed to be falling in love with during the show - was evident. Even Brad Womack, who rejected all of his twenty-five potential matches was not this cold when faced with the women's questions.

The final two men could not be more contrasting to one another.

Jason, the thirty-one year old account executive was a single parent who combined stability with an adventurous side. He had a quick, genuine smile, was handsome, caring, fun, considerate, attentive and couldn't be more perfect for the Deanna who started off on this journey. In Jason, Deanna already knew what a wonderful father he would make for there was no faking that emotional reunion he had with son Ty during the show. Jason was clearly a man who respected and adored his family, and had won over Deanna's own father and family members during the hometown visit. Deanna really couldn't go wrong in choosing Jason.

Jesse though, the twenty-six year old professional snowboarder who had been portrayed as potential future buddy-for-life material literally came out of the editing blue and blew Jason and every other man out of the balmy waters of the Bahamas. For weeks, we saw not a single kiss, or steamy hot encounter between Jesse and Deanna. Camaraderie, friendship - yes. Passion - no. We listened to Jesse hem about the thought of starting a family so soon, haw about the idea of jumping straight into marriage. Then came the Bahamas and suddenly the very stay-in-the-background snowboarder was leading man material. He was grabbing all the air time, cuddling with Deanna on the beach and taking romantic horseback rides through splashing waves. For their final date he spent an idyllic, romantic day with her on a secluded island while Jason sat immobilized on the ocean floor surrounded by man-eating sharks.

The guy least likely to managed to be the one. Jesse received the final rose, the final kiss, and will be joined in matrimony to Deanna on May 9th, 2009. Is it for real? Will it last? What will the relationship be like once the cameras are turned off? Will Jesse keep his hair short to please Deanna's dad? It's hard to say. We do know one thing for certain though, if they make it to their wedding and it's televised...ABC will have one heck of a sweeps week.
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The Bachlorette
beachale13 December 2006
This is in response to a previous comment about The Bachlorette. There was misinformation posted. It stated that Trista had won on The Bachelor. It also stated that she married the guy and then was dumped. This is incorrect. Trista did not win on The Bachelor. She was second. However, she was selected to be the first Bachelorette. This was because of her popularity on The Bachelor. She chose Ryan during her season as the Bachelorette. They later married and are still married. She and Ryan were in a recent People talking about starting a family. So, I guess it was a good thing The Bachelor did not select her. Another Bachelorette, Mary, was also on a season of The Bachelor and was not selected. She and the guy she selected on the Bachelorette are still together.
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Let It Go...Let It Go...
elymonroe10 July 2018
I let it go after the millionth time I heard the name Arie
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True Love Abounds
keelhaul-8085622 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Yes, let's take 20 people who have never met the bachelor or bachelorette, desperate for fame or TV or attention, and pretend they all are in love with someone they have never even met. How do you love a guy you spent a few days with(contrived by producers), while he weighs out your looks and sexual prowess against a bunch of other people at the same time??? Same thing with the bachelorette version, but reversed. This is the dumbest bull crap on TV. Yes, there is a chance that some of these couples(like the original) will fall for each other and really try to make it last, but the whole idea is stupid. If you can't meet someone, spend a couple of yrs. dating them, and fall in love, get married, etc. without a dramatic TV show and advertising that you are rich or famous, you might want to reevaluate your whole life, or jump off of a cliff. Seriously...more of America's worst ideas. This society is ridiculous, and getting dumber and more superficial by the minute. Save your brain cells and your dignity, and watch something of substance.
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A Most Unique Reality Show
PartialMovieViewer6 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of those scandalously fun romps, where one can witness emotions getting trampled into the mud and broken hearts being kicked around like a ball at soccer practice. This is my kind of show. Some of the targeted cruelty displayed on this program goes way beyond heinous, resembling closer to downright scurrilous activity. How much fun is that? Oh the pain and sorrow…the lies…the deceit…the vengeance. Let's not forget those shameful nocturnal interludes. Yikes, even my sunburn wants to blush - sheesh. If that is not enough…how can leave out the fights? Weekly smack-down – now that is what I am talking about. These are no mere squabbles or harmless spats…no way. The hissing is very un-catlike, more of a serpentine quality – claws are more demonic – and those jaws are full of venomous fangs. Talk about fireworks…let the games begin.
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Shows Absolutely No Sign of Decency and Helpful Intelligence
shinedowness13 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
If you are looking for decent people, then do not watch this show. A pathetic audience watches this immoral filth created by the lowest common denominator who only care about entertainment and money. Nothing more, nothing less. You can say "don't judge people before knowing them," but I would not have my child near these monstrous creatures who cause stupid hatred, revenge, drama, etc. for views because that would be me being a decent parent that actually cares about my child's health. Bad role models are who go on this show and run this show.
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Straight Garbage
JerNe0017 October 2018
Why do people watch this dumpster fire of a show? It's horrible, over the top cheesy, and is a horrible example of what American television should be. Please, Please, Please, scrap this show.
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We need a choice of Zero Stars
d-j-dekok21 August 2017
If you knew a young, outwardly attractive woman who told you, "I can't decide who to marry, so I'm going to simultaneously date 24 homogeneous men", what would your initial reaction be?

She's: A silly, sin-burdened woman? A slut? Stupid? Clueless? Ignorant of how the world REALLY works? Harboring a pathetic Cinderella complex? Pity? Derisive Laughter?

But you're going to watch anyway, because you're one of the thousands of sheep who waste an hour or two weekly watching this drivel. Enjoy.

And if you think for one moment that I approve of "The Bachelor", you're wrong, wrong, wrong!
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pkrafa14 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Didn't know a show could have a rating lesser than kuwtk LOL
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Scripted Crud
AdrienneGrayceMusic9 November 2018
I'm honestly baffled that this show lasted this long. We all know that reality tv is scripted, and not really reality at all. Dating multiple people at once and finding instant love is so far fetched it's not even funny. Most of the relationships don't last. It is just pure garbage.
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It doesn't get more garbage than this
levihdsn17 July 2018
This is seriously the most disgusting, garbage, trash I've had the misfortune of laying my eyes on.
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Cringe level to the max
kcangel22 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I don't know why I even enjoy watching this show because it's honestly the dumbest romance dating show I ever saw. Like literally it's really dumb. I also don't know why I like the bachelor because even then it's super cringy and makes you roll your eyes(at times) the romance is pretty dramatic and looks staged. You also go through many emotions depending on why guy your rooting for or if you know drama will go down you begin to feel excited for next weeks episode.

Let me get to the premise of the bacherolette. You have one girl who chooses between many different guys and finds someone for a life partner. Some of the romance in the show is absolutely unrealistic. It's not like you look at a good looking guy and start making out the first time. The romance makes me cringe at times and all the guys are so cheesy, yet the show is so stupid to just have a good laugh. These guys at ridiculous to win the heart of bacherolette Rachel. There is very funny drama in it with all the guys fighting for her or starting arguments because they want more one on one time with Rachel. I will admit this show is garbage, but it's just a show to watch and laugh or be in awe of their stupidity. My god the guys can be so dumb at times and the decisions made(like giving lee the rose) is incredibly stupid. But yet again I only watch this show for good drama and to cringe. Seriously cringe worthy and can be shallow as heck showing the dating culture now. Wow like I said I don't understand why I bother watching it it's just my guilty pleasure even tho it's kinda dumb.
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Entertaining, but
markb-3270513 June 2017
I enjoy this show for what it is, entertainment. Having said that, there's something really artificial about "dating" people on a game show, with cameras blazing continually. The contestants seem to, almost without exception, fall in love with the Bachelor or Bachelorette. How can this be? Did these people all suddenly lose their minds? No. It's more about winning (or not losing). If that's the case, how can any relationship hope to succeed? That's not to mention the pressure of having to pick one person in a few short weeks. It can be done, but wouldn't a person realistically take a little longer to decide on Mr. or Ms. Right?
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Testosterone Soap Opera
rockoforza28 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
When The Bachelorette Season 9 started with 25 single men, the smart money was on one of five top studs to be the last one standing when Desiree Hartsock gave out the final rose.

Ben is a 28 year old unmarried young dad from Texas. He's good looking, tall at 6'2" with an athletic build (he tells us his favorite magazine is Men's Fitness) and a sweet talker. He scored an early rose and became the frontrunner.

With a tour of duty in Iraq under his belt, Army vet Bryden is a true hero and looks the part. The 26 year old from Montana is a square jawed, country boy who seems honest and open. With a rugged build this guy is no lightweight.

James, a big dude, at 6'2 with a linebacker's shoulders, his physical presence stands out. His bio lists two tattoos, including one of a bull on his left shoulder. This young muscleman sets the bar high for the other guys.

Mikey T, a brawny 30 year old plumber from outside Chicago, has a big city accent to match his big city swagger and powerful torso. Though he's street tough -- tattoos, a fan of Stallone ("He brought fitness to Hollywood,") -- he's a diamond in the rough.

The last contender is Zak with a body that could only be described as "sculpted." He arrived stripped to the waist and asked Des to "accept these abs." Some already say, with his physique and crazy style, he might be a shoe-in as the next Bachelor.

While Des goes out on dates to evaluate them as possible mates, the testosterone level is definitely rising among these five "manimals." These hard charging young men know they are in a fierce competition to mate with a beautiful women. Whether it's on the football field or in the boxing ring or even in the workplace, these are the kind of guys that give it their all and don't like to lose. With that said, it's no surprise that tempers are rising and bad blood is beginning to flow.

Ben seems to be the target of most of the dislike. With boyish good looks and an athletic body, he's made points with Des as a father dedicated to raising his son. It doesn't hurt that he's also a soulful kisser that never misses an opportunity to whisk Des off to a private spot for a passionate make-out session. Just watching her face when he's got her in his arms, you can see that this hot young dad has her under his spell.

Bryden says flat out "I hate Ben." Zak isn't far behind. Mikey (though he's from Chicago, he's got more in common with his muscular Italian-American brethren on "The Jersey Shore,") goes even further. "Ben needs a punch in the face," he says, cocking a big fist and bulging arm for the camera, "Sometimes you just gotta get physical." At a mock "Mr. America" competition, the rivalry between Ben and Mikey went red hot. When Ben was given a tight speedo to wear, Mikey offered to trade him for his loose jams ("I'm disappointed I can't show everything off.") Ben later admitted he, too, wanted to "bare a lot" for Des. On stage the two went head to head, with Mikey oiled up and jacked for the competition, posing like a bodybuilder. Mikey looked like a real Mr. America and even Bryden admitted, "Mikey killed it." But Ben, though smaller than Mikey, still caught Des's eye, crunching his washboard abs while exhibiting his ripped physique.

Though these two studs are locked in a tight struggle that might just get "physical" before it's all over, the race may not go to either one. While they -- and Zak and Bryden -- were on stage flexing, back at the hotel penthouse, sexy young muscleman James was getting ready for his one-on-one date with Des. Even bigger than Mikey, with Hollywood good looks and Southern charm, we see him slipping off his robe and easing into a warm bath, sipping wine, eating strawberries and planning how to make Des forget every other guy but him. With a better body than Mikey, and more of a ladies' man than Ben, this player may just be the Man to take it all.
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Can an All-American Girl find true love on national television?
Krypto14 November 2003
Sure she can. The Bachelorette is a wonderful fairytale of a beautiful girl who knows precisely what she wants. Trista is a lovely young girl with beauty and brains, who discovers the meaning of true love after kissing 24 frogs before eventually finding her prince. However, Ryan is more than a prince. He is her Knight in shining armour who has won her heart. There is a genuine chemistry between the two that elavates the often criticized genre of reality TV to new heights.

Millions of women live vicariously through Trista with the hope of one day finding the man of their dreams. This is a fun spin off from the original Bachelor. Trista makes a great return after being eliminated, but this time around, she is calling the shots and is now in the enviable position to select her handsome soulmate.

The romantic dates, the exotic getaways and the chivalrous gentlemen all vying for the effection of one woman can clearly be defined as a return to old-fashion values of 1950s family television, but with a twist. The show is extremely sexy yet the producers do it with tasteful elegance and class.

Everyone wants to find that perfect guy or gal. True love is hard to find. This reality show may be the unwitting role model to millions of young Americans who lack dating skills but can now be hopeful that they too will someday find the perfect mate if they take the time to get to know a person first.

The production values on this series are sleek and top notch. Sure it's formulaic but who cares. Dreams are free!
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Happy Ending
jules61361330 August 2003
The "Bachelorette" shows will do much better then the Bachelor as far as the relationships lasting. The reasons should be obvious. Good for Trista and Ryan! I can't wait to see thier wedding, I don't care who pays for it, I am glad everyone who watched her go through 2 shows to find Ryan will be thrilled to see them get married! They are a lucky couple!!!!
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