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Disturbing, disgusting, offensive, and better than I expected
jbanet19 March 2006
When I first saw previews for this movie, I expected a soulless comedy about restaurant staff messing with customers. Although some people may feel that way even after seeing it, I was pleasantly surprised. From the introduction of 'the game' near the beginning of the movie, I knew this was going to be more interesting and even more disturbing than the previews.

Despite what appears to be rather thin characterization, 'Waiting' succeeds at being a good character-driven movie. I am not sure why this is. Perhaps what seem to be just childish antics add depth to the characters without us realizing it. Some people complain that 'the game' is a 10 second gag stretched out for the entire film, and on the surface, this is true. However, the game is really more of a mechanism for developing characters than anything on its own. The result is a set of very flawed, but surprisingly likable characters. Also, the ending, though a little abrupt, is entertaining largely because the movie does a good job of setting up the characters and situation.

This movie is not for everyone. If you do not like 'stupid' humor, then you will probably not be able to overlook that to enjoy the more subtle aspects. However, once you get past that, this movie is more than the sum of its parts.
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Austin Movie Show review
leilapostgrad12 October 2005
I hated (HATED!) being a waitress, but this movie is so hilarious and so ballsy that it almost makes me want to go back to the summer of 1999 to work one more shift at TGI Fridays. Waiting is the best, most accurate, most honest, and most riotously funny movie ever made about the service industry. Here's how I see it – the world is divided into two groups of people: those who have waited tables and those who haven't. Those who have never worked a day of their lives in a restaurant may find this movie amusing, but they'll think it's too absurd to be real, and they'll probably never give a second thought to this movie ever again.

But those of you who have felt the pain, degradation, and humiliation of waiting tables will p**s your pants laughing at how PERFECT this movie is. First-time writer/director Rob McKittrick has created a dead-on depiction of 24 hours in the restaurant biz. The movie opens at a late-night party with lots of underage drinking, smoking, and sex. Then we see the wait staff hung-over at work the next day. The restaurant they all work at is called "Shenanigans," but it looks an awful lot like the TGI Fridays I worked at.

All the characters in Waiting are based on the real people who work in every restaurant. There's the hot/slutty/underage hostess, the fat and ugly cook who somehow dates a really hot waitress, the stoner/punk bust boy, and the manager with the chip on his shoulder. All the customers in this film (the cheap red necks who don't know how to tip, the b****y women, the drunk and horny men) are all customers I've waited on. And no filmmaker has ever so accurately portrayed the complex and irreconcilable tension between the wait staff and kitchen staff.

But at the end of the night, no matter what drama unfolds, no matter what dishes brake, and no matter how much money you make in tips (or don't make), everyone gets wasted and parties together, and you all know you're in it together. Waiting simply tells a story about a profession that most people never give a second thought to. But it tells that story flawlessly. Can't wait for the DVD.
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Therapy for Restaurant Employees...
tiramisuc15 October 2005
This movie was everything I thought it would be and more. It'll make you laugh, it'll make you cringe. Most of all, it'll make you think twice about eating at another restaurant or even working at one. Each character is throughly enjoyable as is each interaction between them. It's extremely well-written and realistic. As a waitress, I found it completely therapeutic, because even though I'd never do anything to a customer's food, seeing someone else do it to someone who is deserving of it (even in a movie), is enough to make me feel better. Ryan Reynolds is hysterical in this movie, as is Dane Cook and Luis Guzman. There are so many one-liners that you'll hear for a long time, especially in the kitchen of any restaurant. It ends slightly abruptly and you find yourself wanting more...but I guess that means the writer has done something right. Go see it, and enjoy. Just remember never to break the cardinal rule: "Never, ever, f*ck with someone who handles your food."
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sackjigler5 October 2005
for anyone who has ever worked in a restaurant, this is it. for those who ever wanted to know what its like, watch this movie. granted, this is not the best movie ever made, but, you have to appreciate movies like this. first and foremost, everyone in the cast worked so well together that it actually seemed like they have worked in that place together for a long time. plus, the movie tries to be nothing but amusing, very few subplots and it doesn't dwell on them. its short, to the point, and i know i missed a ton of lines from laughing so hard. if you just want to be entertained for an hour and a half, i say check it out, its worth it.
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I've worked in Restaurants myself...
godesstinkrbelle8 January 2006
I've worked in Restaurants myself, so I know all the things that go on in a normal day. This movie was really accurate... I laughed my ass off. The only thing that wasn't really accurate was the "game" they all played, but that is what made it even funnier! I can't believe they actually made a movie showing all the things that servers, cooks, dishwashers, hostess', and managers all do in a day's time. I actually went to see this movie twice in theaters and can't wait for the day that it comes out on DVD so I can own it. My best friends have a bet that I will call off of work in order to go buy this movie. I believe if you never worked in a restaurant before that you wouldn't get the full effect of this movie.
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What this movie lacked in a budget, it more than makes up for in laughs.
Movieguy_blogs_com2 November 2005
In 'Waiting' Ryan Reynolds plays Monty, the seemingly head waiter at a Shenanigan's restaurant. Monty hates his job, like most, but he is like a god at Shenanigan's and gets away with almost anything. His bud and roommate Dean (Justin Long) is just a little more dissatisfied, but starts to see things in perspective once he is offered an assistant manager position.

This movie really is not that deep. In point of fact, it is hilarious. I loved this film, but I cannot recommend it to everyone. It is full of very crude humor (just the kind I like). If you combined 'Clerks' with 'Van Wilder' you would have 'Waiting'. Ryan Reynolds plays a very similar character to 'Van Wilder', only much more vulgar. Both Luis Guzmán (Raddimus) and Chi McBride (Bishop) are terrific in their respected roles.

I did notice that the cinematography in this seemed poor, making it look like a cheap film. But who cares? What this movie lacked in a budget, it more than makes up for in laughs. Unless you are easily offended, go see this movie.
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THE movie for all restaurant employees
EarthAD18 October 2005
FINALLY! A movie about young adults working at a restaurant. I am 21 and I've only worked in restaurants. Since I was 15, I've been a busser, dishwasher, host, or a cook. And I have to say that this movie is 100%, dead-on accurate. Not only was it flawlessly written and the actors were natural and likable, but it also shows the people the other side. People don't realize all the B.S. servers and cooks have to go through every single day. So, the next time you chew out a server because your steak is medium instead of medium-rare, just remember one thing...We control your food, we can do whatever we want to it. So, chill out and remember it's only food and it's not the end of the world.

Funny, well-acted. Loved Dane Cook, Andy Milonakis, and Ryan Reynolds of course; Justin Long, Anna Faris, Alanna Ubach(HILARIOUS!), and John Daley who I haven't seen since Freaks and Geeks when he was a little guy. This movie is full of priceless one-liners and your typical coming-of-age moral without telling you it's a moral. 10/10!
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A Documentry
jeffm2091 July 2019
If you didn't like this film, you never worked in a steakhouse. I have lived literally EVERY scene - or, at least witnessed those I didn't experience first hand. This film is actually a documentary.
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painfully funny
nobbytatoes12 December 2005
The people at Shenanigan's restaurant are an old mix of characters, never making their jobs boring by the amount of shenanigans of their own. Mitch is just starting and is taking the tour with Monty. Monty is the friendly yet crazy work mate, making every moment at fun one. Dean has hit a rut and questions why he still works at Shenanigan's, and cant commit with a fellow employee Amy. Dean was also asked if he wanted the assistant manager spot; to much of the content of others. Serena and Monty were dating, but they have a friendship on fake smiles and sarcasms.

The odd mix of characters of waiting make this such a wonderful. It's just not focused upon the three main characters; Monty, Dean and Serena, the background characters have their own personalities and dilemmas, adding so much more story. The development of the characters aren't fully developed, but you can still understand and sympathies to their problems. The characters are clichéd; you have seen a lot of them before; but they are so well placed and interact perfectly; there is a realism to them.

The major point of Waiting is the black humor that runs through it. It doesn't work off big set pieces and outlandish situations to make you laugh, the humor organically comes out of the characters from their dialog. A lot of the dialog is perverse, but it never seems out of place. Waiting does perfectly reflect the relationship between customer and waiter; well i did. Rob McKittrick unashamedly shows this interaction; the smart-ass customer who always complains, the regulars, and what could go behind the walls when the customers push to hard.

Ryan Reynolds brings another eccentric performance forward. He had been stuck with that eccentric ego in a lot of movies; but he does it perfectly and does another great job again. Anna Faris had finally lost that ditsy persona and shows a broader range of acting; bringing a great performance. Justin Long does have a puppy dog face a lot of the time, but really comes forward in the more serious moments. All the other actors as the employees all do wonderful performances, making the background character more interesting.

Waiting is a great black comedy on hospitality that is so painfully funny.
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Accurate, Funny, and Good
Clownbaby1241 March 2006
I remember that when this movie came out in theatres, people didn't really know what to expect. And of coarse the movie bombed in the theatres. Well when I bought this movie, I watched it and realized that it is accurate, very funny and over really good. I have worked in a restaurant myself and I know all the sick things that some chefs would actually do. This movie just goes in depth on a day-in-the-life, of normal people working in a small restaurant. It shows when the day begins, all the way to the end of the shift. Another thing about this movie that made it so funny was a game that the men of the restaurant played. This game involves making somebody "unwillingly" look at their package down below. Well as you can see, the movie is hilarious and I definitely recommend it.
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Instant Cult Classic
CAMACHO-417 October 2005
In many ways this movie can be compared to another successful cult comedy by the name of "Office Space". Both films are about what really happens in a stressful working environment. While "Office Space" and "Waiting" do share similar plots, first time director Rob McKittrick seems to have more of a flare for slacker comedy than Mike Judge.

What also makes this comedy stand out is the great casting and colorful characters. The always funny Ryan Reynolds leads the crew of misfits including Anna Faris, Justin Long and the incredibly hilarious Luiz Guzman.This movie can get a tad immature at times, but those who love movies like "The 40-Year Old Virgin" and "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle" will absolutely worship this picture.
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Must see for anyone who has ever worked in the restaurant business..
melo-118 October 2005
To the people who have never worked a day in a restaurant, this movie is NOT for you. To the people who go to a restaurant and treat the staff like $hit, This movie is NOT for you either. Trust me, save yourself the realization of just what you've REALLY eaten, cuz your life will be much better if you never find out. For everyone else, this movie is perfect. Its never going to win any awards, and doesn't even try to. From the 5-second rule to the intermingled sex lives of the staff to the retarded manager, this movie hits the nail right on the head. It seems like someone in Hollywood finally got some money to throw around and decided to pay homage to his life before being "Someone" in Hollywood. I laughed till i cried through the first 30 minutes and the rest of the movie was just as good. It's destined to become a cult classic for anyone in The Industry and will definitely be on my bookshelf the day it comes out. As long as you go in only with expectations of being grossed out and laughing till it hurts, you will not be disappointed!!
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Waiting is so much like the service industry...it should be a documentary
CoverD12 October 2005
I went to see this opening day with two of my friends, one of which works in the catering business with me. While watching this movie, we were able to characterize every single person in the movie with someone at our work (and yes, the petiphile Monty can be related to someone at my work). The movie was perfect, I laughed the entire time. The actors and actresses in this movie were absolutely perfect, Ryan Reynolds and Dane Cook stole the show. Unlike the movie, we have games at our work, but nothing to that extreme. If you have worked or are working in the service industry, then this is your Office Space...go see it as soon as you can.
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All the critics are wrong!
OllyBishop8 October 2005
OK, so this film has been pretty much railroaded in to a small theatrical release but is destined to become a cult classic along the lines of Kevin smith's mallrats. years from now this will be the disc that kids in blockbuster will be begging their parents to rent for them, or that will be passed under the desk at school. the reason for this is that it taps in to the typical slacker-minimum wage psyche like no other film i have seen, and as a result is my favourite comedy film for years. OK, so as i too am an underachieving malcontent i may be slightly pre-disposed to it's humor but if you like American pie and other films of the gross out genre then you will love it!
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mrhowell-8669910 June 2019
This movie is a fun, comedic romp. It's has dick jokes, sexy Ryan Reynolds and teaches the lesson of respecting the people who serve you food. What else could you want?
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This will be a classic
junk11247 October 2005
I am SO not the demographic for this movie, but a friend invited me to the premiere, so I went. I found myself laughing ridiculously from beginning to end. Yeah, it's disgusting. Yeah, it's not going to win an Oscar. But that's not the point. This is one of those films that will be quoted by restaurant workers (and their friends) for years to come, and will enhance the DVD collections of many college and 20-something guys. It looked like it was a blast to make, and that energy carries over onto the screen. It's much more entertaining than some recent films that cost 100 times what this one did. Kudos to these guys for getting it made. (And who's the cute dark-haired guy who plays the patron who wants to name his daughter "Chlamydia"?)
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Ryan Wilder (Van Reynolds) at his BEST!!
jeremiah-johnson624 September 2020
Any Gen-X'er who's worked a restaurant will "get it" I understand that there is a a lot of people who can't/don't/won't identify with any of these characters......but those who do, WILL FU@$ING LOVE THIS MOVIE!! And Bonus, it's got Ryan Reynolds with the stink of "2 guys a girl & a pizza place" still on him.
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Insanely Funny, perhaps less so if you haven't worked in a restaurant
pasko30 March 2006
Not sure if this movie is quite as funny if you haven't ever waited tables....

BUT having spent a number of years in the service industry, I almost pulled an abdominal laughing.

Whoever wrote this obviously worked in the restaurant business.

I worked with every character in the movie at least once.(Sans 'the game')

Rib-splitting funny, not citizen cane, but worth every penny.

Ryan Reynolds is always amusing and continues his offbeat charm as the central character of this fun flick.

Thesis statement:

Be nice to your server, tips spelled backward is spit.
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Great cast. Great comedy.
discogracie28 March 2021
Every once in a blue moon I watch Waiting....it's one of the few movies I actually laugh out loud...so I put it on a few days ago...still soooo funny...great ensemble....love me some Ryan Reynolds....eh?.....and the girl with the "angry" lady part....yea....that's basically me combined with Ryan's (eh?) sense of humour .....if it's not ur cup of tea it's ok....everyone has an opinion....even if it's wrong!!! Lol....watch it ...sooo funny... Peace 🦋 Off to watch Just Friends...
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A fair representation of the business
ten-thousand-marbles27 November 2020
I spent thirty years in the restaurant business. Some of what's here is way over the top. I'm sure this had to be intentional for comedic effect. Let me reassure the masses: the horrors depicted are not the norm. For the unrealistic content, there's just as much that all too real. A lot of the characters are spot on for food service workers, as are the situations they found themselves in. Although they were laying on a little thick, the pain in the ass customers were suprisingly real. Naomi (the loud angry server) was probably my favorite of the staff. Again, maybe a little over the top, but there's a Naomi in ever crowd. It's no masterpiece, but Waiting is fun and entertaining.
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Script was very funny...
Bodhizefa-129 May 2005
The script was an excellent read. It made me laugh out loud on several different occasions, and I can't even remember the last BOOK that did that, much less the last screenplay. What's even better is that before I saw the cast list, I was thinking that a Ryan Reynolds-type actor would be perfect in the role of Monty. To my surprise (and utter delight), Reynolds was actually cast in the role. Perfect.

I'm looking forward to this film. It should be a nice picture of what it's like to work in a crappy job with very little respect from anyone other than your fellow co-workers. Oh yeah, and young girls rule (go Monty!)
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100% Accurate!
OrionBC9 October 2005
I've worked in the service industry for almost 10 years now (since I was about 14 years old), and let me just say to anyone who's ever waited tables in their life who's thinking about seeing this movie: GO NOW! You will laugh your ass off at just how frickin dead on this movie is. I mean, there are just so many universal food-service truths this film hits on that you won't even believe it. Every one you've ever worked with in a restaurant is IN THIS MOVIE, and everything you've ever thought or said or fantasized about is too, I guarantee it! With the only exception perhaps being some of the awful pranks they pull on the unwitting customers, and, of course, the notorious "game" they all play, but I don't want to give anything away to those who haven't seen it yet. So if you've ever in your life had to bring ketchup to a table of that ordered NOT french fries, but a well-done filet mignon, or if you've ever had the pleasure of receiving a 5% tip from a bunch of Canadians, then, for your own sake, please, HURRY UP AND GO SEE THIS MOVIE!
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One of my favorites
madison_greaves6 September 2020
This movie is wonderful. Funny and relatable for people working in customer service. Definitely recommend!
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Perfect Movie for Those who Worked in a Restaurant
mikayakatnt7 January 2020
I expected this movie would be a show. What I didn't expect was how long the movie would stay with me.

Every time I go to a restaurant now, I cannot stop thinking about the literal hell the service industry workers go through. I never worked in the restaurant industry, but this movie hits the nail on the head.

As the viewer, we are placed in the shoes of Mitch, a newbie to the restaurant industry. Monty (Ryan Reynolds) and the rest of the star-studded Shenanigan's cast show us around this underrepresented world.

This movie is raunchy and homophobic. The jokes are dated and cheap. There isn't much substance past the surface level. But the movie makes its mark on showcases what restaurant workers go through. It captures their perceptions of its varied diners. It will make you second guess yourself next time you come 30 minutes before closing.

3.5/5. +.5 for lasting impact to 4/5. A trashy example of 2000's era comedy, but shows a surprisingly different viewpoint.
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"Mercy of Servants"
Kamurai253 October 2020
Great watch, will likely watch again, and do recommend.

Granted it's a little raunchy, but it should be somewhat relatable to everyone.

This joins a movies like "Clerks" (basically any Kevin Smith movie), and "The Concessionaires Must Die" for it's fantastic dialogue and interesting characters. Even if they're not "good" characters, each character has their own little gimmick that this awesome cast brings to life.

Not everyone can be Ryan Reynolds, Justin Long, Anna Faris or Luis Guzmán, but it all comes down to each and everyone's stellar delivery with the multitude of stories happening on top of each other.

The movie is very funny with deep thoughts sewn into it, mostly life philosophy.
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