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Fun game show
Catherine_Grace_Zeh20 July 2006
First off, I must say that this was a fun game show. Also, I haven't seen every episode. However, I do know the show very well. Every time I watched it, I had a lot of fun playing along and watch. This made me long to be a contestant. The thing I liked most about it are the questions. Despite the fact that I didn't know that many answers, I still had fun playing along. I hope some network brings it back so I can play along and watch again. If that happens, I will be really happy. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that I'll always remember this show in my memory forever. Now, in conclusion, if this show comes back on the air again, I hope that you catch it one day before it goes off the air for good.
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trackchris198717 June 2003
Ive seen this show a number of times and no one i have seen has ever won. This game show is impossible to win at, and i for one dont like it because of that. They should ask less questions or give the people more time, but in the end Cram is better.
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No, it CAN be won, if you have enough smarts & knowledge.
LepricahnsGold2 November 2003
Just because YOU don't think you could win, trackchris1987, doesn't mean the game is not able to be won. I watch this show regularly & have seen 2 people win the 50,000. Cram they GIVE them the answers. With WinTuition, you have to already know the answers. WinTuition is not for the feint of heart (or mind).
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