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MPAA Rated PG-13 on appeal for crude sexual humor and drug references

Sex & Nudity

  • a man has his shorts lowered so his butt's upper portion is visible and his butt's crack and he puts a joint (Weed) in it.
  • At the beginning of the movie, several women talk about what they did with the same man. One woman says, "He pounded me like a mallard duck."
  • Many passionate kisses.
  • A woman and a man are seen making out on a couch.
  • A man kisses and grabs a woman's breast.
  • A woman's bare breast are shown when the main characters are leaving their daily restaurant. (Can be seen behind main characters to the upper right corner of the screen)
  • A man makes masturbation gestures.
  • Lots of sexual hand gestures.
  • A woman's hard nipples are shown through a white wet shirt when standing out in the rain.

Violence & Gore

  • We see a photograph of a woman with a bruised and cut face and with a large incision scar on the side of her head.
  • In a flashback scene, a car swerves to miss a cow that is walking across a road, the car spins a few times and slams into a tree, we hear that the driver suffered a few broken ribs, but that the passenger suffered brain damage (we see the accident a few times and see photos of the crumpled car in a newspaper article).
  • A man punches and kicks a man several times, a woman hits the man repeatedly with a bat on the back and legs, then chases him and hits him repeatedly. (played for laughs)
  • A man has a large bloody wound on his side (we hear that a shark bit him), and another man stitches him up (the wound opens up and bleeds in a few scenes showing a bloody spot on the man's shirt once).
  • A car runs over a penguin in the road (he's dusty but appears uninjured. Played for laughs.
  • Two men threaten a man, one of them jumps toward him, he tosses him on the ground and holds him there.
  • A man pretends to be getting shocked by a battery jumper cable, and a woman screams and appears distraught when she tells him that that's how her grandfather died (it's a joke).
  • In the background of one scene, we briefly see a dead man (his skin is tinged blue) on a slab in a morgue and another in the distance with a toe tag.


  • 2 obscene hand gestures, 3 sexual references, 14 scatological terms, 18 anatomical terms, 16 mild obscenities, 3 religious exclamations
  • [kidsinmind]

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man tells another man to put the joint away.
  • References to drugs and alcohol.
  • It is implied that one character is on steroids (we never see him do it, but the characters talk/joke about it frequently)
  • Alcohol is present in a few scenes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A scene where a walrus projectile vomits onto a women working at the aquarium. There is a lot of vomit and it lasts for several seconds.
  • The scene with the accident is intense and kind of hard to watch.
  • Many emotional scenes with Lucy (ie when she finds out about her condition)
  • While it is a comedy, there are some darker scenes to the movie, though nothing too disturbing.

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