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Okay, it is silly. And it's Okay.
jean-no2 April 2004
French humor cinema doesn't dare stupidity. Usually. Eric and Ramzy did a stupid movie, "la tour montparnasse infernale" and it worked quite well. La Beuze is of that kind : the two heroes are stupid, they do stupid things and they meet stupide people. And that's okay for me, it doesn't pretend to be much more ! There is even a very very light kind of emotion, yeap, something happens, I don't know what. Maybe it comes from the score, lots of 70's-80's music... Maybe it is because it's a blaxplotation movie ? Some Scenes will stay forever in my mind, like one where the two heroes yell "99 luftballon". I liked very much the last minutes too. I forgot to tell the plot : James Brown's hidden son, named Alfonse Brown, gets out of le Havre prison, he wants to stop smoking because he plans to become a singer. Like his daddy.
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Funnier than more expensive french movies
Frederic_B18 July 2003
Frankly I was expecting the worst after seeing what the others frenchTV-comical-show-guys had played in like the movie "la tour montparnasse infernal" and all the latest awful and not funny at all movies like "Taxi 3" or the latest movie by the "Les Inconnus".

But what a big surprise, the stupid wanna be disco-singer story is just a very small part of the movie despite what the music video clip and trailer may look like but instead there is just some kind of police-love story with a less childish humor than in most french movies and the end is one of the best I've seen recently.

I've seen 17 movies in 4 days recently and I don't remember even one where I couldn't forsee the end after 30 minutes but with this one...I could never think of what was coming next.There are places where the pace goes down a little but nothing boring.

The acting was not so great I admit but for a first movie with "beginning" (TV people) actors and non-actors guest stars I have never seen one this good !

If you have some "smoking" knowledge or friends and/or like Michael Youn and Vincent Desagnat, are let's say between 16-30 years and want some pure fun watch this movie, it IS entertaining and it IS funny...but beware because the story is pretty "high" if you see what I mean ;) no need to smoke to see weird things lol

I WANT TO SEE "la beuze 2" ! :)
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Pot, chicks and frunkp !
loutrapine17 February 2003
I was a bit reluctant to watch this movie, but I liked very much the music video of "Le Frunkp", and I wanted to check it with my own eyes.

I was nicely surprised. It was not as stupid as I thought it would be. It's not very subtle but if you like the spirit of Michael Youn you won't be disappointed ! And Vincent Desagnat has such an expressive face, very funny as well. The directing is simple but effective (special mention for the opening titles : very funk ans smooth !) and secondary actors are playing very well !

Have fun !
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# 05 : the production smokes a lot of it
lamegabyte14 December 2017
When i saw the trailer, it didn't motive me to see i It would be interesting to compare it with Blow because the two movies have a lot in common (losers doing dope). Anyway here it's a comedy , totally psychedelic, never serious. Even if it goes off road a lot of times, you can see that it's a buddies movie and works only because Mickael and Vincent are close friends in real life! Descas is really good playing the bad, mean boss. Zoe brings her charm but doesn't do a lot (except a very hot scene in a limousine dressed in a sheer dress). The effort to the design and innovative camera work is interesting.. So it's really a change from Granpa comedies but it has its limits too...
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