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7 Sep. 1982
The Case of the Middle-Aged Wife
Parker Pyne helps a middle-aged wife to recover the attention of her husband, a philandering business-man too interested in his pretty young secretary.
14 Sep. 1982
In a Glass Darkly
A man has a vision of a scarred man strangling his wife.At an engagement party,he discovers with horror that the future victim and her murderer are the two betrothed.How he can stop the impending and deadly marriage?
21 Sep. 1982
The Girl in the Train
George Rowland hides a young girl on a train. She's escaping from her "uncle", an hulking brute who is very possibly a foreign spy. The girl gives to George an odd parcel and she disappears.
28 Sep. 1982
The Fourth Man
When 3 learned men: a doctor, a lawyer, and a priest, debate a young woman's recent suicide, they are joined by a 4th man with intimate knowledge of the case.
5 Oct. 1982
The Case of the Discontented Soldier
With the holy intervention of Mr.Parker Pyne, a retired major finds love and adventure helping a young lady to find a very precious African treasure.
12 Oct. 1982
Magnolia Blossom
Theo is eloping to South Africa with her lover,but,having heard the news that her uncaring husband's financial empire is collapsing and he's in danger to be exposed as an embezzler,she prefers to return to him for sheer loyalty.But is it really the right thing to do?
19 Oct. 1982
The Mystery of the Blue Jar
A law student finds his morning golf games repeatedly disturbed by a woman's cries of 'murder, help murder'--pleas that only he can hear.
2 Nov. 1982
The Red Signal
Dermot is falling in love for his best friend's wife but his uncle,a famous psychiatrist,tells to him that the highly nervous young woman is affected from homicidal mania.When the doctor is mysteriously killed,Dermot and the woman are the most likely suspects.....
9 Nov. 1982
Jane in Search of a Job
An unemployed girl is the spitting image of a Grand Duchess fearing to be assassinated by the anarchists. So, she accepts to impersonating her in a charity fête, risking her life for a very big sum of money.
16 Nov. 1982
The Manhood of Edward Robinson
A mousy clerk,completely dominated by his stern fiancée, buys a flamboyant sport car as an act of independence and he embarks himself in a romantic adventure when he hides a beautiful cat burglar and her loot,a priceless diamond collier......

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