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"I don't want to get married. I just want to take you to dinner, sometime this week".
mario_c2 March 2009
It's a romantic comedy with Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston in the main roles.

The plot is very funny and even not being totally innovative it has some different characteristics from some other romantic comedies. I enjoyed the ending of this movie, something that I usually don't in romantic comedies, and that was because of even being predictable the ending was funny!

The Anniston's character is just great. She's funny, nonsensical, but at the same time very independent and sweet. The character played by Stiller is the typical guy who wants a compromise, to be married and have kids; but he will change with her. To the point that near the end he just says: "I don't want to get married. I just want to take you to dinner, sometime this week".

I liked the plot, the jokes, the characters, and found it a very entertaining and some kind of different romantic comedy!
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The other Ben & Jen
george.schmidt21 January 2004
ALONG CAME POLLY (2004) *** Ben Stiller, Jennifer Aniston, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Debra Messing, Bryan Brown, Hank Azaria, Michele Lee, Bob Dishy, Alec Baldwin, Missi Pyle. Stiller gives another of his patented hapless schmuck romantics turns as newlywed risk management assessor whose marriage is on the rocks when his wife (Messing) has an affair on their honeymoon, sending him back to NYC to assess his life and runs into former junior high friend Aniston who knocks him for a loop despite her flaky demeanor. Frequently funny and evenly paced by writer and first-time director John Hamburg the laughs come often and no thanks to Hoffman as Stiller's sloven has-been actor buddy and Baldwin as his vulgar boss. Despite the toilet humor (surprisingly in somewhat good taste if you can call it that) the film does have a heart and Stiller and Aniston make for a cute couple.
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Along Came a Mediocre Rom Com
cardsrock15 February 2019
Ben and Jen do their best to overcome an unengaging story and a lack of forward momentum in Along Came Polly. There are some decent laughs throughout, but nothing that stuck with me after the credits. It's not awful by any means, but it's pretty forgettable.
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A very funny movie!
Morganella16 January 2004
I am surprised at the comments that I have read so far that suggest this is a boring or mediocre movie. All that I know is that I am a 46 year old married mother, and I just spent 90 minutes laughing out loud (too loud sometimes) and smiling. I can imagine that if you are easily offended by fart ( or "shart") jokes or the shiny hiney's of Ben Stiller or Hank Azaria, you may not like this movie. But really, then, why would you go in the first place? I was definitely not bored. The characters were all so much fun- the kind of creepy boss, the obnoxious but extremely lovable best friend, the risk expert who finds something to worry about in any situation, the goofy, scatterbrained ferret- owning waitress/creepy children's book author, the australian who likes to free fall off of tall buildings, the priceless scuba instructor, and the very cute salsa dancer. Anyway, I loved it , and I'll probably even go see it again.
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Along Came a Good Laugh
brooke-2527 June 2004
The story's not overly engaging, but for some reason Along Came Polly is fun. Ben Stiller just has that knack of being able to embarass himself and we love him for it. You can't help but laugh. But the film is worth a look for Philip Seymour Hoffman, too, as the child actor still looking for recognition -- and work. The basketball court scene is great, but the best is his performance with a community theatre's production of Jesus Christ Superstar. If you've ever been in community theatre, or you've hung out with actors, you'll appreciate this.
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Harmless and funny
biggusdickus7610 June 2004
I heard this movie was a hard sell, which is probably why I ended up enjoying it so thoroughly. The movie is far from perfect – the talented cast is somewhat misdirected - but it's their talent, along with the hilarious circumstances that unfold throughout the film's neat 90 min running time, which keeps the film moving and the laughter rolling. Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston strike a nice contrast as the fated couple united by a hysterical comedy of errors. Philip Seymour Hoffman is wonderful as Stiller's pitiful (and only) friend and confidant. And Alec Baldwin steals every scene in which he appears (would love to see him do more comedy).

I am not easily offended by bathroom humor – quite the opposite, I think it's funny when pulled off right. Whenever I read viewers complaining about so-called 'gross-out humor' or "toilet bowl comedy", I am genuinely confused. When the hell did we get so uptight? Fart jokes and bedroom humor have comprised some of the funniest scenes ever filmed (Jeff Daniels in "Dumb & Dumber" or "Chris Tucker" in Friday, for example). I'd recommend this harmless and enjoyable movie to my mother (toilet humor, and all!).
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Same Old Same Old
caspian197820 June 2004
How many times can you watch a Stiller / Aniston comedy with the same weak plot over and over again until you finally lost feeling in your legs and start to wonder how movies like this get made? Jennifer Aniston had filmed this movie while also filming Bruce Almighty and her television show Friends. Ben Stiller's character is something between his role in Meet the Parents and Something About Mary. So when it comes to a labor of love, both actors were in this film to make a nice paycheck. At moments the movie is funny because you are forced to laugh. At other times, an entire scene is being held up with a single joke. Is it just me or is Jennifer Aniston always the same character she plays? At first, I thought Aniston was playing the same role that she was i Bruce Almighty. Besides for her role in The Good Girl, Aniston has successfully acted in a number of movies as the same person. As for Stiller, when he is not being a character actor, he too is the same person in all his films.
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Funny, but not the funniest...
Pookyiscute7 January 2006
Once again, Ben Stiller gives us yet another comedy, about love, life and being an adult nerd. Yet, this sadly doesn't hold a candle to 'Something About Mary', which may have been his best movie of his career.

We begin the film, seeing Reuben (Stiller) marrying Lisa (Messing). After their reception they head to St. Bartes, for their honeymoon. While on the beach they meet a French scuba instructor who has offered to take them out on his boat. Rebuen declines because he has a nervous stomach, but he insists that his beautiful new bride go, to make her happy. When he returns later that day to the boat, he finds his wife cheating on him. Upset, and hurt, he flies home, depressed that he has not only lost his wife, but now has decisions to deal with because of hers.

Enter Polly. Several days after he returns to New York, his friend takes him to a party where he runs into a waitress (Aniston), whom he went to school with when he was in junior high. He calls her the next day and asks her out. Throughout the rest of the film, he learns how to deal with his phobias, irritations and just how to cut loose.

Each time I see this film, it somehow has the opposite effect on me as most, where as normally I grow to love the film more and more, each time I see it, this one actually, seems to get worse and worse with each viewing. It is funny, and it's not a bad film at all, it's clever and cute, it's just that it does tend to lose flavor each time you see it.

Aniston and Stiller were equally good in this, and I still recommend it. It's a light comedy, and not at all like, 'The Cable Guy' or 'There's Something About Mary'. So, if you're looking for films that were as dark or adult as those, you won't find it here. But, it still is cute and clever in its own way, so it might still be worth a watch. Plus, Alec Baldwin plays a small part, which is not to be missed.
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No comedy masterpiece but still delivers the laughs
christian12315 January 2005
Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston lead a talented cast and for the most part deliver the laughs. Reuben Feffer {Ben Stiller} is looking for a new relationship after walking in on his wife {Debra Messing} with a scuba diving instructor {Hank Azaria}. While at a party he sees Polly {Jennifer Aniston} this girl he used to go to school with, they start dating and Reuben is trying to act more loose for Polly since Polly is very loose. The plot is very similar to There's Something About Mary and it even steals from an episode of Friends. The film is not very original so that's one strike against it lucky for the film it has a funny cast. What really makes this movie work is Philip Seymour Hoffman, he is hilarious as Sandy and he is the best part about this movie. The rest of the supporting cast is funny including Hank Azaria as the scuba instructor and Alex Baldwin as Reuben's boss. Ben Stiller is funny but its getting tiring to see him in the same role. Jennifer Aniston pretty much plays her Rachel character and she's enjoyable. The problem though is that Ben and Jen don't make a realistic couple. We have also seen it all before so there's no reason to rush out and see this film. Rating 7/10, a funny movie that's worth a look
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moviemanMA18 July 2005
Ben Stiller is known for wacky characters such as White Goodman from Dodgeball, Tony Perkis in Heavy Weights, and the male model known as Derek Zoolander in Zoolander. But his other roles have been the quiet yet hysterical characters like Gaylord 'Greg' Focker in Meet the Parents and Meet the Focker's. This type of character is perfect for Stiller.

In Along Came Polly, Stiller stars as Reuben Feffer, the neurotic, slightly OCD risk-insurance salesman who looks at the outcome of a situation before getting involved. He decides whether or not a person is too much of a liability. Recently married to Lisa Kramer (Debra Messing), who on their honeymoon, decides to "get it on" with the scuba instructor (Hank Azaria). Fleeing back to the states, he meets up with his long time friend Sandy Lyle (Phillip Seymour Hoffman). He was a star actor but now is a has been who tries to go back to the top. For starters, he will be headlining the community theater production of Jesus Christ Judas.

Now that Reuben is back, he is "free", but isn't ready for a relationship. Since he is still actually married, he decides to just lay low, until he meets an old friend from junior high. Enter Polly Prince (Jennifer Aniston), the free spirited, total opposite of Reuben who will flip his world upside down. Even though they seem to be on the opposite sides of the love spectrum, Reuben is crazy for her...hesitant...but still into it.

What makes this movie work is the combination of wacky humor and romance. Hoffman is hysterical as Lyle who thinks he is the cats meow. With his life being filmed for a feature on his life, Lyle is confident and even tries to be Reuben's mentor. Although they don't see eye to eye with certain issues, the two have a sort of brotherly bond that lasts thru thick and thin. Aniston is great as Polly and with the addition of Stiller, the two become a great duo, feeding off of each other's energy.

This movie is a great date flick and is even a good film to just pop in once and a while. Ben Stiller is on a roll with making movies these days and this is no exception. Along Came Polly is fantastic and worth watching. Another triumph for Stiller...and as Sandy Lyle once said, "Let it rain!"
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A funny and cute comedy with 'Ben and Jen'
Dingataca16 January 2008
Along Came Polly is not a masterpiece in the rom-com genre, but I did enjoy it, and although the humour is sometimes gross, it does make you laugh. However I would not consider this to be one of those movies to watch again and again. A one time watch, or just once every so often is good enough.

Reuben Feffer (Ben Stiller) analyses risk for a living and is an extremely cautious man, with an extremely cautious life. When he marries Lisa (Debra Messing), everyone considers them the perfect couple, as they are well suited to one another. But when Lisa cheats on him on their honeymoon with their Frenchie-French scuba diving instructor Claude (Hank Azaria...BUFFED UP!), Reuben's heart breaks. He returns to New York and bumps into Polly Prince (Jennifer Aniston), and they begin dating, despite being very different. Polly lives in the moment, Reuben thinks ahead. Polly loves ethnic food, Reuben hates it. Polly isn't too big with long-term relationships, whereas Reuben swears by it. Nevertheless their relationships seems to work. But when Lisa comes crawling back to Reuben, he is forced to make a decision. Who will it be, the free-spirited Polly, or Lisa, with whom Reuben shares a lot in common?

I thought this movie was very cute and I liked the ferret :). Ben Stiller's performance was not outstanding in this movie but he did play Reuben well, and to be honest I cannot imagine another actor as Reuben at all. He has a very identifiable voice and the knack of just being plain adorable. I would not say he owned the movie, like he usually does, but he certainly was very good. Jennifer Aniston was also just over average. I loved her in Friends, Bruce Almighty, but sadly I don't think she did as well as she could have. But her role was smaller than I would have thought. I really liked her character Polly Prince though, and I think this was because Polly was so much like myself. The last-minute planning, being untidy, liking ethnic food, the hunting for keys...all of this screamed 'ME' all the way through, and I thought Polly was a very realistic and likable character. Hank Azaria was so cute as Claude! Okay, so he was meant to be the villain, but come on, he's BUFF. He has a six pack and the French accent was just amazing. He is really talented if he can do about 5 different voices in 'The Simpsons' and then the Frenchiest French accent ever, here. Debra Messing made a small role as Lisa but she wasn't anything great, Philip Seymour Hoffman was hilarious as Sandy Lyle. I thought the character was gross, but very likable.

Not the best from Stiller or Aniston, but still delivers laughs.
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Predictable and vulgar
michelerealini5 October 2005
The film belongs to the demential genre, it's a comedy like "There's something about Mary" -actually there's the same actor, and the same screenwriter of recent Ben Stiller movies as well.

We laugh sometimes, but (as it often happens) we see that the most comical moments were in the trailer! Ben Stiller always does the same character -the Jewish young man, awkward and jinxed-, with a beauty to court (this time is Jennifer Aniston).

Everything here is predictable, nothing surprises us. The film wants to be politically incorrect as well, but many lines and situations are really vulgar. A bad film you can easily forget.
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95 minutes of laughters!
jchampne16 January 2004
I went to see this movie with an open mind, thinking another silly comedy, no it is not that. "Along came Polly" is just plain funny from beginning to end. It has been a long time since a movie makes me laugh so much. I needed that! may be, we do not get emotionally involved with the main characters, but it is as well, we all went through the kind of experiences that Reuben lives, and I don't have the need to feel them again, I know ... and, this is what makes the movie hilarious. Alec Baldwin is totally surprising, I won't say more...The movie theatre was jammed packed, at the end, the audience erupted with a huge bravo and cheers. A movie not to miss : "Along came Polly" is a 10+!
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tedg3 December 2005
The story in this movie revolves around the choice between safety and richness. Because it assumes we are stupid, it has two story lines to hammer the point home, the point that safety is the wrong choice.

And then in the highest of ironies, the picture is fabricated and presented in a way that picks the safe choice in every single element. Every one.

But there is something worth watching here. If you take out the toilet jokes, and the two horrible main characters, and the sappy moral, and the dumb animal joke, you end up with a few great supporting characters: Hank Azaria, Alec Baldwin, and Missi Pyle could have made a better movie with just their characters.

But the thing that makes this worth watching is Phil Hoffman. He is terrific in most things, but I like him best when he is like this, a weak director and no important function in the story. That means he can be inventive in unconstrained ways. It means we see his energetic projection.

The character he plays is one of those folded ones: an actor playing an actor whose role in the story is in a play, and in a reality TeeVee show of himself, and finally as "proxy" for Ben Stiller while Stiller is off doing the formula date movie ending.

Watch this just for Hoffman. See him perform the role as written: a hasbeen actor who has invented himself as a character. And then see him make that circular by convincing us that the actor is him in real life.

Ted's Evaluation -- 2 of 3: Has some interesting elements.
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This movie is hilarious
thedivas-116 June 2005
I thought this was about a silly romance, so I didn't see it when it first came out. I rented the DVD and I liked it so much I watched it again with my daughter two nights later. I should have known Ben Stiller wouldn't do a totally "straight" movie, but the comedy wasn't so over the top either. It was a perfect blend of comedy and sincerity. One of the stand-out performances came from Hank Azaria. His portrayal of the French scuba instructor, Claude, was a scene-stealer. One of the funniest characters I've seen in a long time. I recommend this as a perfect date movie, or if you're just sitting at home and want to LOL! Be sure to check out the gag reel.
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A wasted opportunity
willcundallreview20 May 2015

Along Came Polly is a film about two people, who well don't go together very well at all. There is no doubting this is funny, and can be kind of good at times, but all in all it is too shaky and not well made enough to produce something more. It is even well played too, everyone contributes as much as they can but with a poor script and directing too, this is one movie overall I found to be average.

I think the reason I found this average is that it feels too rushed and as if the people behind this just tried too fast to make a quick cash taking rom-com with little thought or heart. You know it kind of feels like Ben Stiller movies rolled into one here, a bit too much crude humour on that but still it does seem like that at times, nothing original here and a film that doesn't really bring positivity to the party.

Now Ben Stiller as the main character Reuben is OK and Jennifer Aniston as Polly is the same, the problem is they don't gel and that is the key here to why this isn't a good show from the creators. I did like the supporting cast, Philip Seymour Hoffman as Sandy is funny at moments and Alec Baldwin chips in too acting wise, but in all honesty because the main two's chemistry doesn't work, it kind of ruins it for all.

Now John Hamburg writes and directs this and does it in a way as I said before, like every other Ben Stiller ever made. He seems to make it funny but miss out the romance, and when he tries to make the romance it just isn't serious enough to warrant this likable. Is it his fault Aniston and Stiller don't mix?, well could be.

Now onto the positives and there are a few actually, the jokes are well done and although as said sometimes crude, can be hilarious if really listened too. The Romance element can make you think at times and could be considered "sweet" by some, still no reason for it to be good. The main actors actually do make this slightly better, they can be relied on to be consistent here but maybe that is the problem, drawing people to watch it only because of the big names.

It is basically Rom-com gone bad and one that for me is unforgivable given that Hamburg and Stiller can and have made good films like this before, but both (but more Hamburg), fail at this one. I said about the jokes being good, well it can have it's bad one's too as I said, they are too seen before, in fact the vast majority of this movie feels like it has been done before.

Overall a mediocre and average movie that although nearer kind of OK than Poor, still isn't anything to be proud of. It's the kind of film that doesn't ruin careers, but is one that I doubt can be looked back on with great fondness and inspiration and must be swiftly moved on. Finally I add that it is watch able and I mean that, just not the kind of film that should impress you or anyone else as it just seems as so often mentioned already, done before.
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I gave it a 10 out of spite
josefreaksalem17 February 2021
I hardly ever write reviews, and this really isn't one. I'm just in shock at the number of people here who have no sense of humor at all. Did your parents beat you growing up or something? How in hell did you not find humor in this movie? Some of the reviews here a worded like you just watched a serious horror movie. My mom told me growing up, "never trust a person with no sense of humor". Well, I guess I hit the jackpot of the most boring, miserable people right here.
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Love (and Jennifer Aniston) Deserve Risk
claudio_carvalho6 February 2006
While in his honeymoon in a paradisaical beach, the conservative risk analyst of an insurance company Reuben Feffer (Ben Stiller) finds his wife Lisa Kramer (Debra Messing) having intercourse with her scuba instructor Claude (Hank Azaria) in his boat. The cuckold Reuben immediately returns to New York and his friend Sandy Lyle (Philip Seymour Hoffman) invites him to go to a party. There he meets his former high school friend Polly Prince (Jennifer Aniston), who is a very independent woman that lives in the edge with her blind ferret in a cozy but simple apartment. Although having very different behaviors, they date and fell a great attraction for each other. When Lisa returns, Reuben has to decide if he wants to live his life in the suburb with his unfaithful wife, or have a risky relationship with Polly.

"Along Came Polly" is a good entertainment, where the beauty of Jennifer Aniston shines. The story is funny, and I was almost hypnotized with the cute Jennifer Aniston, who is also a great comedian. I also can understand the reaction of Reuben with Polly, since she is "too much sand for the truck of Ben Stiller". There is an interesting discussion in the Message Boards about the hypothesis of Jack Black performing the role of Sandy. I like Philip Seymour Hoffman very much, he has a good performance in this film, but indeed the character of Sandy Lyle seems to be tailored for Jack Black. Good perception of this user. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Quero Ficar Com Polly" ("I Want to Stay With Polly")

Obs.: On 28 December 2008, I watched this funny comedy again.
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not funny, Ben Stiller too pathetic
SnoopyStyle25 September 2013
Reuben Feffer (Ben Stiller) is a by the numbers guy who calculates risks for a living. He's with his wife Lisa Kramer (Debra Messing) on their honeymoon when she runs off with horribly accented Claude (Hank Azaria). So he goes home alone, and meets an old schoolmate Polly Prince (Jennifer Aniston). She's his opposite, a freestyle no-plans nomad.

If this was a simple boy meets girl story, there's a chance for a good rom-com here. But this movie starts off bad. Hank Azaria has a really stupid accent. And having his butt shoved in our face isn't funny. In fact this movie tries very hard and gets very few laughs.

It seems that everybody is trying to one up everybody else. Besides wacky Hank Azaria, Alec Baldwin is his inappropriate boss. Philip Seymour Hoffman is his annoying best friend. But Ben Stiller is the biggest problem with a way too pathetic character. Ladies like confidence, so it's hard to see why she likes him. They could fix this easily by Reuben showing passion for the numbers, and Polly loving Reuben for his passion. It's OK to love the numbers. And it's OK to love somebody who loves the numbers.
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Could've been so much better...
TheOtherFool13 April 2004
... or should I say: Should've been so much better. Insurance and no-risk guy Reuben (Ben Stiller) catches his wife (Debra Messing) cheating on him on their honeymoon. He returns on his own in his new house and goes back to work. His friend Sandy (Philip Seymour Hoffman) tries to cheer him up and takes him to the party where old schoolmate Polly (Jennifer Aniston) erm... comes along. Naturally he's attracted to her but things complicate when his wife wants to get back with him...

Reuben is a cross between Stiller's roles in There's Something About Mary and Meet The Parents, and he gets the job done. He's simply perfect as the 'meaning well but screwing up' guy. The real laughs though come from the supporting actors, with Hoffman, Baldwin and Brown shining. The best part is by comedian Hank Azaria, who is the hilarious diving instructor Claude.

Now there's one role I haven't mentioned yet. It's Polly, and it's hard to describe her part in all of this... We're not really sure what drives her in her actions, nor do we understand why she finally falls for Reuben. Her character is hard to get, and therefore hard to care for. That's too bad, as Aniston both knows her way in comedie (Friends) and also really can act (The Good Girl). It seems like writer/director Hamburg doesn't really know what he wants with her...

As he screws up with some more things. He can't really choose between a romantic comedy or some sort of highschool comedy, as the movie tends to get serious at some points and then moves on to toilet-humor like Reuben... erm... taking use of Polly's bathroom. The whole dilemma of 'should I risk something or go for safe' is overshadowed by these silly intermissions. One can only ask: why?

It's at points like this the movie is starting to annoy, and you feel like you just have to wait for the next good part by some supporting actor. Because what's really in the middle, the relationship between Reuben and Polly, doesn't make much sense and isn't really that interesting.

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unspeakably bad comedy
Buddy-5130 July 2004
If Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston cared anything at all for their fans – let alone their own careers – they would move heaven and earth to make sure every single copy of `Along Came Polly' were somehow removed from public display. This pluperfectly awful romantic comedy hits a new low for both these talented performers.

Stiller is a risk-averse insurance adjuster named Reuben Feffer, whose wife dumps him for another man on the first day of their honeymoon. Returning heartbroken to his home in New York City, Reuben runs into a ditzy childhood friend, the alliteratively named Polly Prince (why not just go all the way and call her Polly Princess?), played by a clearly - and understandably - uncomfortable Anniston. In contrast to Reuben, Polly is a risk-taking free spirit who has yet to settle down and devise a plan for her life. Reuben and Polly are supposed to be worlds apart in their personalities and lifestyles, but the characters are so poorly drawn that we really can't see a dime's worth of difference between them. Polly loves spicy Indian food while Reuben spends the evening in the restroom coping with his Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Reuben loves throw pillows while Polly finds them to be a symbol of an anal retentive, fussbudget personality. This is the level on which this opposites-attract theme is played out. I kid you not.

Although `Along Came Polly' is supposed to be a cute and touching romantic comedy, most of the `humor' focuses on disgusting bodily functions. Director John Hamburg's screenplay is stuffed with jokes that would be considered lame and undignified if they were delivered in a junior high locker room. Yet, here we have an allegedly mature adult being paid big bucks to come up with verbal, visual and auditory gags about flatulence, diarrhea, urination, overflowing toilets and hairy-backed men. How anyone thought this film could have been even remotely funny or romantic is a complete mystery to me.

Stiller and Aniston are not the only performers who fall victim to this film. Philip Seymour Hoffman, Debra Messing, Alec Baldwin, and Hank Azaria are also trapped in this mess.

This may not be the worst romantic comedy of recent years, but it is certainly right down there vying for the title. Perhaps if, in the spirit of the enterprise, someone had just taken a dose of Imodium A-D at the first hint of trouble, we might have been spared this bit of cinematic excrescence called `Along Came Polly.'
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Along Came Cliches
MovieAddict201628 April 2004
Ben Stiller had better be careful. He's wearing his comedy shtick into the ground. It worked in "There's Something About Mary," "Meet the Parents," and "Keeping the Faith." Now it's getting a bit old. His comedy usually relies on monkey gestures and crazy facial features, such as when he baby-talks to Puffy the dog in "Mary" or when he insults a picture of Robert De Niro during the closing credits of "Parents." Stiller is very distinct in his comedy but now he's passed over the line into stereotyping himself. Whereas his comedy counter piece, Owen Wilson ("Zoolander," "Starsky and Hutch"), came to public attention with terrific performances and has grown (career-wise) ever since, Stiller is typecasting himself. They're both brilliant sorts of comedians in my book, perhaps the modern day equivalent of the bickering Lemmon and Matthau. But Stiller's whole approach to comedy is, unfortunately, becoming repetitive. He's a funny man (and I thought he directed "The Cable Guy" very well much to the disagreement of most cinemagoers and critics) but I'd love to see him tackle a truly daring role sometime in the near future.

In "Along Came Polly" he plays another bumbling, nervous, neurotic fool who falls in love with an adventurous woman and then realizes that although they are both very different, they really belong to each other. The crazy girl is Polly Prince ("spelled with a 'p'"), played by Jennifer Aniston with great casualness and occasionally annoying whining rants. It's unfortunate that Polly isn't given more depth since she comes across as -- no offense to Aniston or anyone associated with the character -- a total bewitch. (Sorry, can't write the actual word -- this review has to be family friendly.) Polly is a playful, outlandish person, who doesn't really care about anything and has a deep-rooted fear of intimacy and commitment, whereas on the other hand Reuben (Stiller), her new "friend" she once knew in middle school and has now become reacquainted with, is a total nut job. Reuben's greatest fear is to contract a deadly virus from a hand bowl full of nuts. "On average one out of six people wash their hands after going to the bathroom," Reuben tells Polly in a bar after she reaches for a complimentary bowl of nuts. "Maybe seventeen people a night eat out of that thing. That's one hundred and nineteen people a week." Polly sees things completely different.

Reuben has no sense of adventure at all. He is Polly's complete opposite. In the beginning, Reuben gets married to his sweetheart, Lisa (Debra Messing). As they honeymoon on a tropical island, Reuben walks in on Lisa having sex with a scuba diver instructor, Claude (Hank Azaria). The entire situation occurred in the first place because of the fact that Reuben was too scared to go scuba diving and risk "accidents."

Reuben sells life insurance, which explains his constant worries. To him, everything is judged by percentages, such as the miniscule chance that he could be hit by a car on his way home from work. Because he is constantly surrounded by these digital numbers representing the thin line between life and death, Reuben's anxiety has grown, mutating into a very nervous creature. Sometimes during the movie Stiller is so erratic that it is painful to watch him. Oh, and did I mention that Reuben has irritable bowel syndrome, meaning that any exotic foods can result in messy outcomes? (The scene explaining this is a very blatant rip-off of the infamous bathroom scene from "Dumb and Dumber," and it's not even half as funny. Even the farting noises are irritating.)

The movie tries to preach to us that we all should live our lives like Polly: careless and without worry, because as one character says in the stereotypical Big Inspirational Speech of the film, we only live our miserable lives once, and why make it completely miserable instead of looking for the good in things? This is a fine moral but the movie never decides whether its audience should mimic their lives after Reuben or Polly. At the end of the movie we are led to believe that marriage is wrong, and then we learn that maybe marriage is a good thing, after all. We also learn that Polly has some major problems yet we're supposed to be inspired by her life. "Along Came Polly" isn't really all that funny, with lots of bodily humor and silly juvenile jokes, not to mention a rather disappointingly contrived performance by Phillip Seymour Hoffman who tries (to no avail) to make his character realistic. But worse than that, the film leaves us wondering what its true message is, hidden underneath the thick layer of crude fart and poo jokes and bad innuendo. I wish it would make up its mind. Maybe then it would have been a bit easier to enjoy. Probably not.

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Ben and Owen need each other
mm-3910 June 2004
Ben and Owen need each other. They make ok comedies when apart, but together they have an unexplained magic. The film has some funny moments. Just another run of the mill comedy. Ben, does his usually physical humor, and the out of place trying to get it humor. Facial expressions are Ben's best asset. Jennifer plays an ok supporting role, nothing special here. Alec Baldwin has a surprising funny bit part. Too many comedies follow the "Weekend at Bernies" format. Comedies try to use the "American Pie" gross or cheap laughs now. There has to be a new direction for comedies. Real life comedy would be an idea. We need new ideas; movie's like "The party" had a zing to them. Maybe even a remake movie of the Party with Wilson as the waiter, and Ben as Sellers would be fun to watch. I give this film a 5 or 6 out of a 10. Nothing special.
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Good and funny romantic comedy of a past relationship that develops into an unlikely love match!
blanbrn18 February 2008
Over the years of all the comedies I've saw this one "Along Came Polly" has to be one of the better ones, and it's probably one of the better films of 2004. It's filled with plenty of laughs, humor, and the search and trying of finding a new love from an old friend is nice and neat. Funny guy Ben Stiller plays Reuben Feffer a hard working insurance adjuster who's just recently married his elegant and attractive sweetheart Lisa(Debra Messing)and upon their honeymoon Reuben finds out that he's been cheated on right away! So now that all seems lost it's back to his job with gruff and tough boss Stan(Alec Baldwin)then one day when his washed up actor turned Broadway star friend Snady(Philip Seymour Hoffman) introduces him to an old friend at a party a renewed spirit is introduced! Upon meeting Polly Prince(Jennifer Aniston) who's an old high school friend who's back in town after moving around from many jobs she's now trying her go at being a party and cocktail waitress. And the old saying is true opposites attract as both attitudes are different with Reuben being nervous and neurotic and very cautious of the world while Polly is a liberal and a very free spirited person. Yet as both get to know each other it proves opposites attract and love and happiness is possible! Overall this is a nice and cute little comedy made watchable by Ben and Jen.
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You've seen this one before...
oshram-35 June 2004
I'm not an especially big fan of Ben Stiller. While there are people less funny than him who get steady work (Will Farrell, David Spade, etc.), Stiller seems to have an uncanny knack for making movies I really don't care for. Most people seem to like him, so maybe I'm missing something, but most of his films come off pretty dumb to me, and he seems to play more or less the same role in every one, the uptight nerdy guy. He's managed to carve out a niche as the successor to Adam Sandler, a dubious distinction if ever there were one.

So I went into Along Came Polly hoping he wouldn't be too bad or too annoying. Why watch it if I dislike him so? Because I really do like Jennifer Aniston, who has made some clunkers herself (Rock Star, anyone?) but who has always been enjoyable in everything she's made. So overall I felt the potential gain outweighed the potential risk, which oddly enough ties into the theme of the film.

Stiller plays Reuben Feffer, a guy whose wife (Debra Messing, yuck) cheats on him during their honeymoon and who ends up bumping into a girl he liked when younger, Polly Prince (Aniston). It's a simple fish-out-of-water story; Reuben's cautious, Polly's flighty, he's conservative, she's wild, etc. Nothing you haven't seen before; in fact, it is something you decidedly have seen before. What this movie is, simply, is nothing more than a retread of Splash. Stiller plays the Tom Hanks character (less effectively than Hanks, naturally) and Aniston is the oddball mermaid chickie (better than Daryl Hannah is a judgement call; certainly a hell of a lot prettier). Where this becomes most obvious is in the performance of Philip Seymour Hoffman as Reuben's best friend Sandy Lyle, a child star who never got over himself. Hoffman plays the gross, fat, self-indulgent best friend of the nerd, and he channels John Candy so uncannily, it's like watching the late funny man all over again.

Along Came Polly is okay. I watched it mainly for Aniston and was not disappointed at all in that regard. But it really is nothing more than a re-make of Splash. There are a few genuinely funny moments and some stupid stuff, and the movie has a rough time trying to decide between who's view is better, the planner or the commitment-phobe; in the end it chooses neither, preferring a safe middle-road where nobody really loses, except maybe you, the viewer. Polly is maybe worth a rental if you don't want to think too hard (or if me you like watching Aniston), but if you want to see a much better version, rent (or pull off the shelf) Splash. Why watch an imitation when you can have the original?
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