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Great fun movie!
Boba_Fett113822 February 2006
I had an excellent time watching this movie. It's a great lighthearted Dutch comedy about mostly the second generation of Maroccan immigrants in The Netherlands. It deals with multiple prejudices about both the Dutch and Marrocan immigrants. Maybe far in the inside "Shouf shouf habibi!" is a serious movie but all the layers around it make it a very fun one that is filled with some good laughs. Finally a Dutch movie that dares to handle the subject of immigrants, in a fun and yet also critic way.

Granted that not every element and plot line in the movie works out fine and in some ways the movie goes over-the-top with its story but mostly "Shouf shouf habibi!" remains a perfectly good and watchable movie throughout. It handles some delicate matters and prejudices in a good and subtle way without making the movie ever 'heavy' to watch.

The movie has a great fact pace, which makes this movie perfectly watchable for its targeted audience; Teenagers. It's very direct in its storytelling and it also doesn't hold back. This movie will certainly appeal to most Dutch-teenagers, as well as the second generation of Marrocan immigrants and immigrants of different descents of course. Everybody will recognize some of the situations and story lines that are present in this movie. Will persons outside of The Netherlands appreciate this movie as well? Hard to say. It's a fun movie to watch but I'm not to sure if anyone without any knowledge of the situation in The Netherlands will find this movie as fun and entertaining to watch.

The acting is above average, although it's quite obvious that the Maroccan actors in this movie aren't very experienced yet, with the exception of Touriya Haoud maybe. The movie is filled with some well known actors but yet all of the Marrocan characters are played by unknown actors. The reason for this is of course very simple, there aren't really that many Marrocan actors around in the business. It does give the movie a sort of natural feeling at times but also at times the weak acting worked distracting.

Simply a must-see for the youngsters here in The Netherlands. Also certainly watchable to those who don't live in The Netherlands and aren't familiar with the culture and situation here but those persons will probably experience this movie differently as it was intended to.

A surprising good comedy about a serious subject.

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It is meant to be comic relief!!! fools who think otherwise....
bartverberne163 February 2004
Shouf Shouf Habibi is a film about a Moroccan Family trying to find their way in the Dutch society. With that they regularly clash with the established Western culture, from generation to generation.

The cynical treatment of the collision between two cultures that has been applied earns respect. Ter Heerdt emphasizes both the Dutch and the Moroccan attitude, which results in a very funny story. Rightly, there is no side chosen or judgement cut down; it remains merely analysing and thereby funny. It functions as comic relief to a subject which has become considerably hot in the Netherlands; integration. As I've said before, therefore this movie earns his credits.

It gave a lot of noise when this film was released in Holland. In the cinemas where it was shown, Moroccan youngsters claimed that the movie was 'theirs'. They thought that the film didn't have the intention to enjoy native Dutch people also, and as a consequence little riots broke out. Unfortunately, the Moroccan youngsters who did this never got the spirit this movie actually tries to promote....
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vanessamannee22 November 2004
Warning: Spoilers
it is a wonderful,awesome's about 4 youngsters from morocco who are dreaming of a rich, wonderful life.. the oldest son works as a police officer and he has everything he could dream of..the second son has a hard time to get a job..and most of keep it!!! he has some friends who wants to robe a bank..and they are making a plan..but they make a huge mistake..they are picking the wrong time.. the second brother is arrested by his older brother..the daughter has a hard time with the traditions, she wants to live her own life and she breaks up with her family.. the youngest brother is using blackmail to get more money..but when he watches his sister cry..he is changing..and then the mother has a problem with her husband, but he finally dies.. it is a movie about the culture of morocco and they are making fun of them-selves..the funniest parts are the ones in the beginning..when the second brother said: 5 differences between E.T and the people from morocco. 1. E.T came from the moon 2. E.T had a bicycle 3. E.T was handsome 4. E.T came alone 5. E.T want to go back home again.. and of course the scene with the wheel-chair.. the mother became angry with her husband and pushed his wheel-chair so hard forwards..that he felt against the floor at a bus station..!! I also had to laugh about the scene when they wanted to make up a robbery plan..they sneaked into the building and they made a hole ..but they used a saw and everybody in the building could hear their plan failed.. the uncle back in morocco was also very funny..he pretended that he didn't know why there use to be light at the moon every night, but at the end he said: of course, I know that Neil Armstrong was the first human being on the moon..I am not a silly like all this people here in morocco.. father felt with his wheel-chair and he saw a picture of some billboard-girl and he said: aaaahhh!!! finally !! and then he died..!! I love this movie and it's a funny movie, and I am glad that is was finally a dutch movie without sex..!! I hate that so much..!!! my opinion is : very, very great and also something to think about..and I love it..!!
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Serious with a smile
Robby_V21 September 2005
This movie is meant to relax the tensions built up in the dutch society between the 'natives' and the immigrants, in this case Marrocans.

The story revolves around a Marrocan family which tries to start over their lives in the Nethelands with all cultural differences and prejudices depicted with a comical note to it. This film was well received for both audiences, dutch and immigrants.

The intro movie was hilarious, but the more the movie advanced, so did the seriousness of the story. I liked this one, but I still miss the artisticness that some of the French or Japanese movies have. It seems that every movie to come out of Holland must have a comic tone to it to make it more acceptable for the masses.
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A fun and fresh movie
DoubleUK31 January 2004
Warning: Spoilers
This is a surprisingly relaxed Dutch movie about a group of young Maroccan people, living in the Netherlands. Like many European countries, who has seen an increase of immigrants from North Africa and Turkey the last couple of decades, Netherlands also has it's own share of imported culture. But this has not always been without conflict. Especially the last few years young Maroccans are getting a bad rep.

So it's refreshing to see this movie, (the first one in Dutch history who has a predominant Maroccan cast), that deals with these much discussed, heavy topics and much more in a remarkable light tone.

*possible spoilers*

The story centers around Ab (-dullah) and his family. He is considering of finally 'getting serious' just like his older brother Sam (played by well-known Dutch comedian Najib Amhali) who is a respectable cop. So Ab wants to get a proper job and marry a legitimate Maroccan wife (in Marocco). But his criminal friends are constantly trying to lure him back to a life of petty crime.

Meanwhile there are some other little things going on: his mother's growing impatience with her nagging husband, his sister Leila (the beautiful Touriya Haoud) who is hanging around a Dutch boy, meanwhile resisting an arranged marriage her father wants to impose on her.

And of course there is the kidbrother who makes a living by taking photographs of Maroccan girls who wear make-up just to blackmail 'em. (Most Maroccan girls in the Netherlands are living a double life: timid and traditional at home, sexy and modern when they are outside their parents radar-range)

* End spoilers *

In many respects this movie is a first. It's the first movie that deals with Maroccan-Dutch prejudices. And the first movie with so many Maroccan lead players. Seeing this movie in a theatre with both Dutch and Maroccan viewers can be very interesting. At times you hear parts of the audience laugh or cheer when other parts don't get it. But all in all, this movie is a fun movie to watch, has a lot of endearing characters. A bit of drama in the last part of the movie however is not perceived properly by the audience who are in 'laugh-mode' and don't always pick up on the other issues being presented. The last part drags on a little bit, but it has a very good ending. Both upbeat and cynical.

7 / 10
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An actually funny Dutch comedy...
paulavandijnen20 February 2004
Although I normally do not like comedies (I prefer subtle humor in films that are about something else then just making jokes), Shouf Shouf Habibi definitely put some smiles on my face. Some subtle, intelligent jokes, some tougher. Good acting, interesting actors. To me this film showed that the general image about Moroccans that is spread in Holland can be true, but isn't always, and that there are always different stories for different people. Good humor, making you think, what else does a comedy want?
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Hyped in Holland
shstaples14 February 2004
This is supposed to be a comedy about Moroccan people trying to settle down in the Netherlands, and trying to make some money the easy way. Indeed there are one or two funny scenes, but on the whole there's too little humor to make this film a comedy: no smiles, no belly-laughs, no tongue-in-cheek jokes. The acting is flat and unconvincing, the filming is unimaginative. If you'd like to see a film about the clash between Islam and European culture, the generation gap between the immigrants and their children you'd better go and see 'East is East'. 'Shouf shouf habibi', hyped as the 'First Dutch Moroccan Film Ever', will not go down in my history book. 4/10
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Great movie about marrocan immigrants in Holland
scott5822 February 2004
I laughed and almost cried about this movie. Its a typically Dutch made movie for which one needs a bit of knowledge about dutch culture. A Film you most see. As a member of a etnic minority I saw a lot of simularity in settling and about intergration and its difficulty. I read a comment about this movie being Dull,´Well´, then Dutch culture has its dull sides, are you willing to see beyond!
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A delightful insight......
kerrypt0624 April 2005
Albert Ter Heert does a marvelous job in showing the viewers the inside of a sensitive issue in the Netherlands - integration. A heart warming and funny, bitter-sweet story with high-octane entertainment; Shouf Shouf Habibi enriches the viewer with insight into the struggle of a traditional Moroccan family trying to integrate into Dutch society, while maintaining their "identity" as well. An all-too-familiar scenario that occurs in every nation on earth; integrating into a society that neither understands nor fully accepts you is a challenge that every immigrant must face. The Dutch and Moroccan actors in this movie were most genuine in their presentation of the topic. It's an eye-opener to the ubiquitous intolerance of the unfamiliar in every society, but is presented in a light-hearted, enjoyable way that both educates and entertains. A delight to the senses.
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