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Season 2

26 Jun. 2005
A teenage boy from the year 2121 comes back to the current time with his family for vacation in a time machine, which breaks down and leaves them stuck in our time. Now they have to cope with the norms and customs of our time.
5 Aug. 2005
Tia, Via, or Me... Uh.
After Keely's best girlfriend, Tia, moves away, Keely does all of her girl things(getting facials,manicures and pedicures, etc.)with Phil. Phil doesn't really like that so he introduces Keely to the new girl,Olivia;aka Via. Keely and Via hit it off and soon they are doing everything together. Phil feels lonely so he decides to take Keely to see the lights on the skyak. Keely agrees, but then Phil then finds out afterwards that Via invites Keely to go shopping. Thinking that Keely will turn him down, Phil replicates Keely so that the original Keely can go with him and ...
30 Sep. 2005
Good Phil Hunting
When Phil solves one of Mr. Hackett's difficult math problems, Keely accidentally blurts out the answer and is upgraded to the advanced math class.
21 Oct. 2005
Pim abuses her day of being a principal.
6 Jan. 2006
Stuck in the Meddle with You
Keely tries to put together two classmates, Grace (Ashley Drane) and Grady (Jason Earles). When she gives Grace a complete physical and confidence makeover, she then tells her to go for the person she likes. To Keely's surprise Grace likes Phil instead of Grady. But Phil doesn't like her back so he pretends to be a low-life so Grace won't like him but it still doesn't work, so they make a double date with Grady and Keely, Phil and Grace. Before the date Keely and Phil transform Grady into something more like Phil. At the end of the date Grady and Grace go to clean the...
24 Mar. 2006
Broadcast Blues
When Keely's undercover news show isn't getting any viewers she teams up with Pim, who advises her to talk about fashion. While Pim's ideas gain Keely a big audience, it turns her show into an infomercial and makes her a trendsetter instead of the investigative reporter she intended to be from the beginning.
24 Jun. 2006
Ill of the Future
The Diffy family contract and futuristic disease known as "Greenamia" which causes them all to act completely opposite of their personality.
7 Jul. 2006
Where's the Wizard?
Phil loses his wizard, and then he goes on a hunt for it with Keely and Pim. They find out that it has landed in the hands of Vice-Principal Hackett, who soon discovers what the wizard can do. Phil,Pim and Keely then plot a plan to get the wizard back.
19 Aug. 2006
Back to the Future (Not the Movie)
Phil and Keely find out that they were voted 'Cutest Couple,' so they start dating. Meanwhile Pim notices that the time engine (which Lloyd is working on) on the table could easily be fixed. So the secret is out: They are going home. But that doesn't sell well for Phil and Keely.

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