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not what the trailer advertised
bafeet@yahoo.com3 July 2005
What a piece of crap. It is D- level camp. I felt ripped off. The trailer makes it look like a decent zombie movie like the recent zombie flicks like 28 Days, Dawn of the Dead, and Land of the Dead. Instead you get this campy piece of garbage that is too stupid to even laugh at. If you like ridiculous films, by all means go see, if you don't, stay away at all costs. Bad acting can be handled as can bad writing but when you combine them it is exponentially horrible. This kind of zombie movie will set the genre back instead of moving it forward. Lion's Gate Films should be ashamed of themselves for trying to take advantage of the resurgence of zombie movie popularity by dusting off some three year old straight to video turd they have lying around. I was wondering why it wasn't in wide release, now I know.
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A must-see splatter comedy!
I caught Undead's second and final Festival screening last night, and it is just fantastic. I cannot understand how a film so cheap (cost about two million Australian, as I recall) could look so incredibly good. Most of the visual effects were done on a laptop, and they are just stunning. According to one of the Spierig brothers (the identical twins who wrote, directed, and produced the film, as well as managing the effects) the film contains 305 special effects, and maybe ten of those effects shots don't quite work.

Technicalities aside, it is also damned funny, extremely gory, and a whole lot of fun. The humour is not just slapstick gore, either - there are some priceless moments of character humour and a handful of absolutely classic lines, arguably the best of which can be heard at the end of the trailer. Surprisingly, the plot is quite strong, too, with a ripper of an ending that left me deeply impressed.

It isn't without its flaws - a few gags fall flat, the dialogue can be a bit hard to hear at times, the pacing is a tad shaky, and the final reel or two could do with a little bit of fat trimmed, plus the hero of the piece is just a bit annoying, with a whole lot of dialogue that is meant to be cheesy, but gets a bit TOO cheesy more than once - but for a first film made on a shoestring, it is just incredible. We are talking about the Bad Taste of the digital age.

I know it is getting a small mainstream cinema release here in Oz in early September, and I have heard it is getting a little release in the US and UK as well. Fans of early Peter Jackson, Sam Raimi, and George Romero owe it to themselves to go along and laugh themselves sick.
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Another great splatter horror film from the Southern Hemisphere!
n_nocturne9 October 2003
Another great splatter horror film from the Southern Hemisphere! It is so rare these days to set eyes upon a film that is not subjected to the boring, rehashed, commercially-hungry, modern American sub-genre of horror movies such as Cabin Fever and a host of recent slasher movies that try, beyond hope, to scare or shock the viewer by throwing as much blood and fast camera movement ("Boo, are you scared?") at the screen, with little to no success. Undead finally gets back to the roots of true splatter horror in a way that would make Jackson and Raimi proud and is a superb treat to the mature viewer who has grown up with these classics and is not simply into gratuitous pure shock-value.

Undead is "cheesy" and off-the-cuff. It pays hommage to a number of cult classics out there such as Romero's Trilogy of the Dead (the isolated farmhouse from NotLD, "Let's shop!" from Dawn and the police powerplay from Day), Raimi's Evil Dead ("Join us!"), Jackson's Braindead (the shovel in the bank manager's head) and Bad Taste (the alien contingent and appearance).

Do not expect great acting (though I am sure these actors are more than capable of doing so) or a totally original script (though the ending was actually quite unusual and surprised me), for this is not what this film is about. It is about having a fun 2 hours and, in my opinion, rewarding the fans of cult classic splatter horror (and hopefully introducing a number of younger individuals to this fantastic genre).

Not a great film, but a fun (non-American, something that is so rare these days) film!
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Gory horror comedy
jofitz2722 May 2005
Both 'Bad Taste' and 'Braindead' (both horror comedies) have obviously inspired the Spierig brothers, Michael and Peter, but comparisons are not necessary. 'Undead' is its own movie: a blood spattering, one-liner comedy gore fest, with blood and laughs both frequent.

It is hilarious opening: the fact that this movie is horror is obvious, but the set up and background movie are like that of a happy rural sitcom. But first glances may well be deceptive. Meteores strike rapidly, causing chaos, as well as blowing up an old lady.

Miss 'Catch of the day' is on her way out of the little Australian fishing village, but her trip comes to a halt when a meteorite stops the trip and no later and zombie kills her driver. But then local weirdo farmer Marion (in an obvious Clint Eastwood spoof) pulls out a three shotgun, er, shotgun and blows the zombie body apart in hilariously gory detail, leaving an even funnier sequence- a walking spine, resembling that of a tall headless chicken.

They are forced to hide out in his heavily protected farmhouse as well as others (including a foul mouthed cop) who seems to swear unnecessarily, but has some brilliant lines: "I'll f*ckin finish you off faster than a f*ckin birthday cake at a fat chicks f*ckin party!" or "in our day, we respected our parents: we didn't f*ckin eat em!"

In short, Undead is an enjoyable horror comedy with occasional flashes of sly genius to keep everyone happy.

*** out of **** (3 out of 4)
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naked aliens
the_crock5 February 2005
I'm Australian, so i know what a bad movie is. this surprisingly enough isn't one. They only thing missing from this movie to keep it from touching the stars (so to speak) is originality. it has everything else, its funny and violent, and even thru bad acting you can see a great vision. but for me this movie was so good that i can hardly believe it was made by a couple of aussies. Aussie horror has not always been met with open arms by the horror fraternity but hopefully this will erase some of the embarrassment of the horrible horror we have produced.

on top of that this movie has aliens comfortable with being naked, i didn't see that in signs.
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lewis-biz2 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life. I will never ever rent this movie ever again, zombies who turn into aliens than back in to humans? come on now. I honestly cannot not believe how STUPID this movie was, like really? They spent more time doing the front cover graphics than anything else! Bad acting, bad director, bad everything. This looks like a movie kids from a local high school made, wait there's would probably be better. I don't recommended anyone to watch this movie, I don't think this should have even BEEN a movie, it's just terrible. The blood, graphics, aliens, zombies, how they turn, killer fish? Giant grasshopper? STUPID. It makes me mad how stupid of a movie this is.
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Surprise, surprise!
Tom Rune Lian13 May 2005
I had no expectations when I slipped the disc into the player. One hour and forty five minutes later I started breathing again. "Undead" is a hellishly inventive mix of horror and sci-fi - and the biggest cinematic surprise I've had all year. This is NOT "just another living dead movie". And thank God for that.

"The walking dead" is almost a worn out concept in the industry. Many have tried to copy the efforts of the master himself, George A. Romero, and failed royally in the attempt. But once in a while there comes along a flick that breathes new life into the genre. "Undead" is most definitely such a film.

Like Sam Raimi, the writer/producer/director of the "Evil Dead"-trilogy, the Spierig-brothers dares, yes DARES, to make over-the-top-fun of the genre - it's intentional - and that's why it works. The production looks expensive and the special effects are surprisingly flawless.

I won't spoil the experience for you by telling the plot - buy it, rent it - and get ready for a roller-coaster of a movie.

10 points from Norway!
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SpringJack02 March 2006
Why didn't anyone tell me about this film? It is 3 years old by the time I first watched it, having spent my horror-watching hours on hateful crap like 'Saw' and the other torture flicks Hollywood has been churning out in that time. This is a funny and creative gore flick along the lines of early Peter Jackson and Sam Raimi: 'Bad Taste' comes to mind.

I can't say this is a great film- but it does show great promise for the writer/directors. The effects are cheap but decent. Flawed in many respects, the kitchy attitude helps to gloss over the faults allowing an enjoyable experience.

If you enjoy gooey gore, over-the-top dialog and craziness- and willing to look past a low budget ... add another 2 stars and WATCH THIS FLICK.
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Pleasantly surprised at "Undead"
dee.reid29 October 2005
The Spierig Brothers' (Peter and Michael) "Undead" would seem even more like a cheap '50s drive-in "B"-movie if the film just billed itself as a cheap '50s drive-in "B"-movie outright instead of masquerading as a zombie-splatter flick spoof. In "Undead," we get zombies, aliens (aliens?), laughs and gory head shots that are delivered to us in such a fashion, the film plays out like a head-on collision between each genre.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I've seen enough zombie flicks over the last two years to know. I've seen enough over the last two years to realize that alongside comics and video games, zombie movies represent one of the remaining avenues left for truly innovative (if not completely original) film-making. After the success of the "Dawn of the Dead" remake, "Resident Evil: Apocalypse" and "Shaun of the Dead" last year, WE should not be surprised.

"Undead," unlike these films, did not receive a major distribution in the United States (it certainly didn't come to theaters anywhere where I live here in Virginia), and it's set in the Land Down Under. It's an exotic place, Australia, with beautiful seaside communities, friendly people, and nut-job backwoodsmen. The film takes place on the continent's fishing mecca Berkeley and as it opens, ominous meteorites have been raining down on the countryside, shooting through unsuspecting townspeople (leaving holes in them so big you can New Zealand), and turning them into flesh-hungry zombies.

Meanwhile, poor Rene (the strangely attractive, doe-eyed Felicity Mason), a recent "Catch of the Day" beauty queen, is on her way out of Berkeley when the occurrences begin. The bank has just foreclosed on her family's farm because of her deceased parents' skyrocketing debt and wants to say good-bye to this place once and for all. Well, one thing leads to another and she soon finds herself locked in the farmhouse of the town nut and survivalist Marion (Mungo McKay), who manages to save the frightened young woman from the legions of living dead lurching in the countryside. Along for the ride are Wayne (Rob Jenkins), his girlfriend(?) and Rene's beauty queen rival Sallyanne (Lisa Cunningham), and constables Harrison (Dirk Hunter) and Molly (Emma Randall).

"Undead" is boldly original in its own twisted, off-beat way. Some might say it's in bad taste. The strange thing is, they're correct. It's in "bad taste" the way the early zombie flicks of Peter Jackson were, or the "Evil Dead" films of Sam Raimi. Yet, in America, we hold those movies to some pretty high standards, though I doubt the same blessing will fall upon "Undead." The movie is indeed in bad taste and deliberately so, but unfortunately it seems to forget to also be watchable in ways to elevate itself above its bad-taste rating and into "B"-movie greatness, which it wants real bad.

Though you can't really hold that against it. There are some pretty good visual-effects zombie-kills, including a scene where young Rene takes a stick, attaches a saw blade to it, and swings away at approaching undead. Now that's creative thinking in exterminating zombies. It's also pretty funny in some spots with some wicked social commentary and jabs at American zombie movies, which suffices the plentiful gore. But unfortunately, creativity seems to go out the window with the somewhat unneeded alien invaders and their purpose in bringing the dead to life to chew on the flesh of the living. It's revealed why they are here but it is neither surprising or convincing - certainly the result of lackadaisical (or brain-dead?) writing on the part of the Spierigs.

Don't go in expecting Academy Award material performances either; if you do, you're a fool - plain & simple - you'll be as dead as the zombies if you do. Many of the characters are pretty unlikeable, as the only real ones you can relate to are Rene and Marion, the latter of whom has had an apparent run-in with the invaders before (killer fish!) and is ready this time, and Rene is pretty one-dimensional - what scream queen isn't? Still, there are plenty of scenes of Marion in action, dual-wielding handguns, Woo-style, and unloading literally hundreds of rounds into approaching hordes of zombies.

As far as "Undead" goes as a zombie movie, the Southern Hemisphere may have a winner on its hands. Horror seems to be the new "it" for aspiring filmmakers. Look at all those who started out in the genre and have graduated to greener pastures in the film-making community... well, some have. This obviously isn't the last we have heard from the Spierig Brothers, since, as the film's ending would lead you to believe, an "Undead 2" could hit American theaters in two years or so.

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Atrocious and that is not a good thing!
george.schmidt6 July 2005
UNDEAD (2005) 0 * Arguably one of the worst films I've ever seen – nonsensical hodgepodge about a meteorite shower causing an Australian fishing village to become zombies with it's so-sure-of-itself-smugness incorporating (ok --- Stealing! Robert Rodriguez camera angles, "Matrix" type pacings and Peter Jackson's seminal "DeadAlive" to name three counts of plagiarism) far too many hybrids and quite frankly a real mess overall. I realize low-budget independent movies should be given some slack but the bargain basement bloodiness (while plentiful) is the least of this film's problems. There is no rhyme or reason to the film as it progresses and by the end it doesn't explain anything that has just transpired (or even attempts too!) I'm not even going to include the lame cast and simply say the directors : Michael & Peter Spierig should just give it all up and stop while they're behind. Atrocious!
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Wow, what a waste of time...
ioxmo29 December 2005
I've seen quite a few positive reviews of this movie, which, quite frankly, disgust me. This movie is apparently trying to be a comedy/drama/horror/sci-fi flick at the same time...none of which are executed well. A bad comedian in rainbow suspenders is funnier than this movie. Seriously, this movie is not funny unless you have a very, very simple sense of humor. In fact, the only funny thing about this movie is the reviews on the back cover. "Everything about this film is exceptional" - Harry Knowles. I'd say this movie was exceptional if someone passed me a check, too.

The acting in this movie is so atrocious I'm hesitant to even call it acting at all. They blame it on a low budget; doing one or two takes for most scenes. This doesn't make it commendable, though. The plot is original, but executed very poorly. The visuals were average, the plot was "loose" at best, and the characters were just plain lame and uninteresting.

It truly was a pain to finish this film and I can tolerate a lot of crap in movies. I was so enraged that I paid $7 for this trash; I literally blew it to smithereens with a 20-gauge shotgun the day after I viewed it.

Is this movie funny? No. Is it scary in any way? No. Is it interesting? No. Is it worth watching? Not even in the slightest bit. PLEASE don't torture yourself and rent/buy this movie. Heck, don't even watch it for free.
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Gory zombie blasting fest
tomimt19 May 2005
Berkley, small town in the backwoods of Australia. One sunny day turns suddenly for worse, when a meteor storm raids over the village, turning everyone in to a brain munching zombies.

But soon it comes evident, that it's the aliens who are behind all this.

Well, the heroes of the film are our regular ragged bunch of men and women, some of them cool, some of them nervous as bleep. Two cops, pregnant woman, woman with problems, a pilot and a village idiot. And only the village idiot seems to know whats going on. Or does he?

Undead is your typical small budget, gore infested zombie flick, with a one difference: it has actually pretty neat special effects and some of the photography is pretty good looking.

But, then it comes to the plot: some jokes work, some don't. Behaviour of people stranded in Berkley doesn't have any sense at all, mostly they are just running around.

But thanks to good directing this movie rises above the most poorest excuses of the genre.

It certainly is watchable.
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The greatest Aussie horror film since Zombie Brigade!
Andrew Leavold4 October 2003
Something is seriously wrong in the quiet Queensland hamlet of Berkeley: rocks are falling from the sky, carrying a virus that turns local residents into flesh-crazed fiends. And that's just the start of the powerhouse slam-bang debut from Brisbane twin filmmakers Peter and Michael Spierig, an audacious triumph of invention and imagination over budget and genre constraints. Even more remarkable is the fact that two local Brisbane boys have achieved the impossible and created an original Aussie zombie epic that is set to lay waste to the international horror community.

Ever the post-80s horror boom cultural vultures, Spierigs plunder shamelessly from the expected sources - the grey apocalypticism of George A Romero's Dead trilogy, the outrageous gore setpieces of Peter Jackson's blood-soaked Bad Taste and Braindead, the camera histronics of early Sam Raimi and Coen Brothers efforts - while breathing new life into the long-exhausted zombie cycle and making a film that is entirely their own. Undead marries a wholly unpredictable narrative, jawdropping effects (graphic enough for the most jaded of gorehounds) and a frighteningly assured grasp of cinematic language. As expected there's buckets of gallows humour, but the film never trades cheap laughs for its primary purpose: delivering good old-fashioned blood-curdling shocks.

If Aussie horror is a dead duck, Undead blows it out of the water.
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nice Aussie zombie indie loses steam towards the end
movieman_kev7 May 2005
Rene (Felicity Mason), the town beauty queen of Berkley, Austrailia, wants desperately to get out. But as her and her boyfriend are driving out of town, meteorites fall from the sky turning various town-folk into rampaging zombies. When Rene's boyfriend gets changed, she watches as a mysterious stranger (whom we later learn is the town 'crazy') dispatches the now zombiefied BF. She decides to hole up in the isolated farmhouse of said 'kook'. It's soon up to her, the guy, a husband, his pregnant wife, and two cops to survive long enough to figure what the hell is going on.

This Aussie film, while hopelessly derivative and ripping-off a great many great genre movies, is still a lot of fun. It looks far better than it's budget would imply and gore-hounds will be satisfied. That being said, the acting isn't the greatest and the movie pretty much loses steam towards the end when it veers decidedly off-course. But it's still very enjoyable for fans of the genre.

My Grade: B-
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Under redundant it says see redundant
isicris298319 June 2005
Who else has grown tired of these zombie movies? The last good one was the remake of Dawn of the Dead, and even that one didn't do too great. This summer, we are being plagued with not one, but two zombie flicks. Why anyone would release two films that are simple mirror images of one another is beyond me. Following George A. Romero's Land of the Dead, Undead (is there an echo in here?)is doomed to failure. Not to say the the previous flick will be any better, but with a lower budget, unknown cast, poor release timing, and horrible effects/gun play, who will want to sit through another 1:30 of what they saw two weeks before? Who cares if it takes place in Australia, such a grand twist though it may be, zombies are zombies! Originality goes out the window when anyone tackles this genre of film and you know what to expect if you ever see one. In short, Undead will most likely cling to the tail feathers of it's more popular predecessor for about two weeks and then become just another mediocre horror rental cluttering video store shelves nationwide.
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A 'Z' grade zombie flick at its worst.
aproll14 September 2003
I would like to point out before starting this review that I love Zombie films. I am the kind of person who appreciates the subtleties of this genre and am prepared to give most things like poor plots or bad special effects a fair chance. In many cases 'B' grade Zombie movies can be as good as 'A' grade ones in their ability to provide amusement as well as insightful social commentary. e.g. conformity vs. deviance etc, what it means to be human etc.

Having said all this, the Australian film 'Undead' would have to be one of the WORST Zombie films ever made. It is one of those few films that are so bad, you cannot even enjoy making fun of it. Its plotline is incredibly poorly put together, matched only by appalling performances given by the majority of the cast (perhaps with the exception of the female lead). The characters are as annoying and as they are unbelievable. displaying inconsistent behaviour right throughout the film. There is very little suspense offered to the audience which is made worse only by the obviously repeated special effects sequences. There is absolutely no clever social commentary made about Australian society or about even people in general. It was also difficult to empathise with the characters, which really limited the enjoyment factor of the movie.

The film does have a few good points, like the style of weapon the hero used and his overall combat proficiency (even though he was repeatedly stepped on by other characters in the film). The special effects were reasonably well done with plenty of gore in some parts. There were three notably funny scenes: one of a severely injured Zombie still walking around, another scene involving a zombie with a shovel, and a third entailing a discussion between two extraterrestrials. Other than that, the movie was utterly humourless. The heroine was smart, sexy and confident, but her good performance was regrettably drowned out by the horde of bad actors surrounding her.

Although the good points may seem promising, the film fails to 'live' up to its potential. Regrettably this movie does not have enough going for it to warrant seeing it at the cinema or even on video/DVD. I am fairly certain that even the most self respecting of Zombies would cringe at the production values of this film.
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luvmycat10 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I'm an Australian and recently watched and liked "The Loved Ones" and "Needle".

Couldn't watch this one till the end, though - a fact which might not justify a review.

But I had enough after half an hour, I even fast forwarded to the "action" SPOILER (Zombies attacking the nerd's house) but overall I was bored out of my mind.

1 star for the efforts.

The low-budget charm is nice, and fresh new faces.

Still I just couldn't get "hooked".
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Promising debut that fails due to clumsy narrative and characterisation.
BA_Harrison31 March 2006
When meteorite fragments land in the small fishing community of Berkeley, the townsfolk are exposed to an infection which turns them into flesh eating zombies. Trapped by a huge extraterrestrial wall, and surrounded by the ever growing legion of the undead, they battle for survival using whatever means possible....

There is a fine line between an homage and a rip-off and, unfortunately, the Spierig Brothers, the directors of Undead, veer towards the latter rather than the former. Stealing liberally from some of the greatest zombie and splatter pics of the last couple of decades, they have crafted a crazy, gory, FX filled debut that delivers ample bloodletting, but ultimately fails to reach the levels of success achieved by the films that they so obviously tried to emulate.

The Spierig Brothers are obviously big fans of the horror genre and I admire the fact that they have created such a technically impressive film without major studio backing (FX, both gore and digital, are impressive given the budget) but, hampered by lousy characterisation and a muddled script, Undead winds up being a second-rate BrainDead/Evil Dead wannabe.

Rather than being innovators, they are content to take the elements of the films they love (the gore, the outlandish plot, the absurd characters), without taking the time to construct a worthy script around them. When the king of rip-offs, Quentin Tarantino, fashions a script from the best bits of his favourite flicks, he makes sure that it reads like a dream – the dialogue zings and the writing has to be as sharp as a tack. The Spierigs fail in this department, with some awful dialogue and downright annoying characters involved in a ho-hum story.

Obvious influences are the movies of Peter Jackson and Sam Raimi, but directors of this calibre they are not – well, not yet, anyway. There are moments in the film which show promise, and I hope that their next project will see them develop as film-makers. In the mean-time, sit back, enjoy the gore, but don't expect a masterpiece.
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Incredibly Grating
NIXFLIX-DOT-COM23 October 2003
In a nutshell, UNDEAD is a tedious and tiresome film. I am a lover of the zombie genre. Love it to death. Can't get enough of them. I will watch any type of zombie film, from no-budget to big-budget and enjoy them all the same. But UNDEAD, a film that I had eagerly anticipated, tried my patience. I can't stress enough how much I looked forward to this movie, and how much I love the genre. But UNDEAD is simply...UNbearable.

In short: the characters are not funny, but are in fact grating on the nerves. The actors are amateurs and do not sell their roles. The script is horrible and reeks of over compensation. The story is gibberish and, by movie's end, becomes so convoluted that it becomes completely incomprehensible. I dare anyone out there who raves about this movie to tell me the purpose of the alien invasion.

Other things: the action direction was nice, even though it gets repetitive. In fact, the entire movie is repetitive, consisting of basically the same sequence repeated over and over. To wit: Marion saves survivors; survivors insult Marion and take away his gun at gunpoint; Marion saves survivors again; repeat sequence. I guess the filmmakers could only come up with one idea and just decided to repeat it ad nauseum.

Overall, UNDEAD is a poor zombie movie. Worst, it attempts to be "more" than a zombie movie, and only succeeded in being unbelievably tedious, dull, repetitive, and amateurish.

2 out of 10
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Utter Crap
JoelCBartley30 June 2005
This is the biggest disgrace for the Australian film industry. A concept which had potential, but was let down by a very bad script, Very very bad acting, bad production work, bad CGI. In fact everything about this movie was VERY BAD.

Technically this film was inferior, the whole camera movement within the bomb shelter, WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!!! these people obviously had no idea on how to make a film. The director, director of photography as well as the camera man and editor should all be shot on site.

But i don't blame then, i blame the producers and anyone else who gave them the funding to make such a utter piece of crap. Movies like this are the reason why the Australian film industry is nearly dead. Heaven help us film makers in the future, What will become of us???
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I couldn't finish this dog ,bowwow
mrush3 April 2006
This movie stunk.It was one of the worst zombie pics I've ever seen and I've seen many.The box way over-hyped this movie as being some great innovative zombie movie.No it isn't.It is just another rip-off of the great George Romero and one of the worst at doing it.Romero must turn over in his grave when he sees junk like this ripping him off,and he isn't even dead yet!

This movie was made by some Austrailian outfit,which is neither here nor there , but just in case you are tempted to see a zombie film made by some Austrailian group you'll know to avoid it.I mean how many Austrailian outfits could be out there making zombie pics?.

Anyway some small town is over run by zombies with the predictable ensuing gore and corny tag lines.I never could figure out the plot--it was a mix of zombies,aliens,some kind of sickness and even a touch of religion,I think.

There are a couple of cool gore scenes ,in one of which a zombie gets his face scooped out with a shovel but believe me they aren't cool enough to sit through this stinker to see.

I'm pretty stingy and I usually watch anything I rent but I couldn't make it through this bomb.I skipped the last 10 minutes or so.I didn't care if the zombies or humans won or how the film brought all those convoluted plot parts together and I still don't.

Avoid this movie like the big steaming pile of dog crap that it is.
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WOW, what is going on here
barryjr888319 October 2005
What were they thinking when they made this movie? The attempt at artsy with the filter was so misplaced when you look at the context of the movie. Poor sound fx, a poor story, poor characters, they couldn't stick to a genre of film, and just an overall frustrating feel you get from the lack of cohesiveness in the movie make this one of the worst films that I have ever seen. I should have just turned it off when I saw how the zombies were created and then my second clue should have come after I saw the make up of the zombies. My biggest beef with the movie; how they combined all the genres into one mess of a movie. We had aliens, zombie people, zombie fish, some sort of character struggle between two characters that was never explained, and a whole bunch of themes wrapped into one. This movie was almost laughable, if I hadn't wasted my time. When one of the characters shoots guns from his pockets, we are graced with a comic book "boing" noise that is suppose to accompany a serious moment in the movie. I would not recommend this movie to anybody. Save your time and money by seeing another good zombie flick, if that is what you are after. I am a huge fan of the zombie genre and this has let me down.
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Unintelligent. Uninvolving. Undeveloped. Uninspired.
Son_of_Mansfield11 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Take some sub par John Woo, Sam Raimi, and Steven Spielberg; put it in a blender; spew vigorously on the unsuspecting public. That is a recipe for Undead. It shouldn't be a surprise to find out that two brothers raised money from friends to make this movie or that they effects were done on their computer in JUST nine months. Although I was shocked to find out that TWO MONTHS was used for rehearsal. Apparently no one realized during the two months that they were making an incoherent mess. Why did the aliens save us? How? Why are people turning into the undead? Do they really wear spurs anymore? Who cares if one of the aliens wants to be naked? How would the aliens have a concept of nudity? Why is the there music from Jaws in this? I spent more time letting my jump through giant plot holes than paying attention to blood, guts, bad jokes. This movie is undeserving of mention with great Austrailian imports like Russell Crowe, AC/DC, and Abby Winters.

P.S. If you think think this comment is random and annoying, try the movie. But don't forget the Fosters.
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Original does NOT necessarily mean good.
katiemonster415 November 2005
I love zombie movies. This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen and definitely the worse movie I've seen this year. It was a huge miss-step. The plot is very flimsy and uninteresting The characters are BORING. The action is BORING. It is not scary at all. Or funny. The visuals are not interesting. The acting is terrible. The ending is stupid and uninteresting. This movie teaches us nothing about life, or humanity and is not at all fun to watch.

The movie was trying to be camp and scary, but it is neither- it is just bad. Don't waste your time with this one. If you want to see a new zombie movie Land of the Dead is a much better choice.
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qball_8210 September 2003
I've read a lot of positive feedback on this film and as such I was quite eager to see what everyone was talking about. Boy, was I set up for disappointment. Maybe I'm just not meant for these zombie flicks, maybe I just don't 'get' this genre? Whatever. Undead did not knock my socks off.

This film is so very, very over-the-top, and that's the simplest way to describe it. It drags on and on for the first hour and a bit and you'll attempt to grasp something of a story while being subjected to this insanely annoying potty-mouthed cop (he got old REAL fast) and his hillbilly cohorts as they escape the clutches of a town ravaged by some zombie disease. It's in the last 15 minutes that everything becomes clear and Undead somewhat redeems itself. But it's a case of too little, too late.

There's no denying that Undead has style, and they've accomplished some pretty impressive effects on a shoestring budget. Kudos. But there's also no denying that this film is painfully boring. End of story.

Zombie flicks are all the rage at the moment, with "28 Days Later" and "Cabin Fever" also garnering their fair share of attention. I'd recommend either of the other two over this one in a heartbeat.
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