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Not Everybody Will Like This Film; Though, I Highly Recommend Watching It.
stephenabell17 May 2017
This is a special movie, not just because it's a brilliant and original horror movie, but because of the story behind the making of the film.

The writer and director Andrew Getty started this film back in 2002 when it was titled "The Storyteller" and was released in 2017 under the current title, two years after Getty's death due to an ulcer causing internal bleeding. This is a shame as he spent so much money on the project and wasn't around to see his creation brought to life... or take credit for it.

The story is about a mentally handicapped man, Dennis (expertly portrayed by Frederick Koehler), living in his brother's, John (Sean Patrick Flannery), care. Dennis is plagued by twisted and dark nightmares for which a tall grey man claims responsibility. Then one day John and his girlfriend, Lydia (Dina Meyer) bring home a mirror for Dennis' bedroom. Dennis hates the mirror as he doesn't want to loose his hamsters like he's lost his comic collection. However, his decision changes when his reflection starts talking to him and offers him a way to get better... to get smarter...

It was the trailer that had me salivating at the thought of watching the film. However, be aware the movie isn't how it looks on the trailer. Instead of an exciting run-of-the-mill horror what Getty gives his audience is a deep and powerful insight into the human psyche and not just through Dennis, but all of the other characters have some kind of dysfunction. John is hiding a secret. Lydia has relationship issues. Even Pete (Tim Bagley) - who is only in the film a few minutes - hates people touching him and invading his person space.

The film can even be taken a couple of ways. It could be a very dark psychological thriller or it could be a supernatural entity possession, making it a horror. It works in either genre.

The star of the show is Frederick Koehler as Dennis. He is brilliant at portraying the character, giving him facial ticks, body form, hand gestures, and a speech impediment. His acting is really believable and draws the audience into the film more. However, it's Flannery's and Meyer's characters that appear flat at times, a little too dimensional and wooden; I think this may be the characters they were playing or the direction at the time of the scenes, as both of them are good actors. It just jars the mood and atmosphere at times and this is a bad thing as the movie depends on mood and atmosphere, which Getty builds beautifully. It's also great to see Michael Berryman again.

This film reminds me of Phantasm in its essence and spirit, and like Phantasm I will gladly watch this film again... and again... and, probably, again... There are a lot of interesting and well thought out concepts in this story, which should send a chill down your spine. However, if you prefer shock horror over creepy and atmospheric then this probably won't be your cup of tea.
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Bizarre, yet amusingly twisted.....
jpowell18022 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This film was quite unexpected; it appears to have been filmed over a decade ago (Matthew McGrory has a "Tiny" cameo, but the actor died in 2005); Dina Meyer looks like she was fresh out of Starship Troopers, and the televisions appear to be old Sony Trinitron Wega tube TV's.

In the film we have what appears to be a mentally challenged man in his 30s who lives with the older brother who caused his impediment by punching him when he was six, thus sending him reeling down the stairs, resulting in brain damage.

Big brother feels an obligation to care for his little brother, who is a tad difficult to take care of.

Little brother (who was a prodigy genius child until his brain was damaged) starts seeing his reflection in the mirror start to talk to him, and tell him to do bad things - this, he is assured, will make him smart.

He is told that he must kill his neighbor's cat, and that this is perfectly OK as people eat meat, which is supposed to be a "clue" that it is OK to kill all animals, and that the rule against killing pets is "a fake rule", and is told to learn taxidermy.

One amazing line from the evil mirror twin - "Grab another doggie from the cooler." He soon is told by his evil reflection that he must now kill a child - he reluctantly does so, and eventually graduates to killing adults.

The ending is quite zany, and it's important to also note that the late director (who was a wealthy heir to the Getty oil fortune) was a meth addict who died in 2015, so it's plausible that some of the film was shot while he was under the influence.

This film is worth watching, if only for the sheer mind-twisting absurdity - there really is nothing quite like it out there.
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Surprisingly good
farchettiensis18 July 2017
Found it at random, and decided to give it a watch, as the storyline picked my attention. Being a horror movie veteran, I know ratings are not trustworthy, so I tend to ignore them (I'd think that there may be at least 2 points of error in the ratings in horror movies).

It turned out to be quite a surprise. At first, it won't look like a big deal. One of the characters may come across as a little tiring and the acting may seem to be going a bit over the top. Although I did not find acting brilliant, it was good overall, and my first impressions dispelled. I believe that, rather than acting, it was the bad text written for a couple of scenes that caused me discomfort.

At any rate, the movie is quite dark and it grew on me. The disturbing dreams, which seems to interweave with reality, gradually throwing a fragile person out of balance, and the quite unusual narrative. The way the move progresses fascinated me; it's dark, disturbing, and verisimilar. The character plunges further into a path he can longer emerge from; he is no longer himself, but is a captive in his own body. The symbolism used pleased me.

The disturbing characters that sprang as the movie neared it's conclusion were fascinating. From one point, I was confused as to whether it was a dream of the characters, an other-worldly dimension, or simply a quite disturbing reality.

My sole disappointment was the writer felt he should he resort to Christian clichés to describe evil ("legion"). I wish writers were more creative in this respect. If they can't find words to describe evil, they should not use words. After all, that's one advantage of movies.
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Cinematic Genius
social3ngin33ring6 December 2018
The story, script, and everything are phenomenal!!! Everything from the angles of the shots, to how the characters interacted with each other (themselves), to the types of shot, were done beautifully! This movie is a hidden gem. If people aren't able to see that this is a masterpiece for future generations, they shouldn't be making reviews.

The movie is (in my opinion) light horror and a mind freak. If you don't like the first few minutes, you won't like the movie. If you don't like the movie, you probably shouldn't be making reviews. After I watched the movie I found out that the director and writer are the same person...I also found out that he is dead! The world lost the next great writer/director/producer all at once.

-cheers, social3ngin33ring
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Quite good!
fil-nik0927 June 2017
This film is so much better that the rating below 6 !

It is interesting from the 1st second til the last one - you can not say that for many films. The opening of the film was very unusual that it is almost like a fairy tale setting in an eerie land...but I think the one thing about this film that stands out is really the setting of the whole film! The fact that you can not say for sure what is a dream - if it is a dream - and what is reality - if there is reality - is what makes this film so much better than many others of any genre.

The main character is just phenomenal in his role! Really, his acting is worth a 10 alone. His brother is quite good too and the woman from social. The fiancée was rather so-so...

To me this is not a horror movie - though it certainly does have elements of horror and creatures that are mostly found in horror ones - but more of psychological monologue/dialogue between your 'two selves'.

Anyway, really interesting, really entertaining film. 9 from me, though it is close to 10!
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Definitely Worth the Viewing
arfdawg-110 May 2017
The plot. The sadistic tale of a lonely, mentally handicapped boy who befriends his reflection in an antique mirror.

This demonic creature orders him to go on a murderous rampage to kill the people he loves most.

To appreciate this movie, I suspect you need to know something of the back story.

It was written, directed and financed by a reclusive heir to the Getty fortune who plowed millions into this movie but ultimately ran out of funds! Apparently he bought all the equipment instead of renting it and had meth addict dreams of becoming a movie mogul.

It's a really bizarre movie and it's hard to take your eyes off it. I think it could only be made by someone super high who was also very creative.

The movie gets increasingly odd and surreal as it progresses. But you won't be able to turn away. Getty's death was as weird as this movie. Only in Hollywood could any of this happen.
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Fairly good on its own, incredible in context.
labbe-3531921 April 2017
On its own, it was fairly good; not very much to say since I couldn't help but think about the context. The ending was a little confusing, but if you saw the movie you'd probably be surprised if it wasn't confusing.

Now for the context. No one's first film is great or even good, but this was a very good first effort from the writer-director and I think it showed a great natural artistic capability that a longer career would have honed. I was amazed at how good this was for a first film and it's tragic to think there will never be another movie from this clearly gifted artist.

That being said, if I didn't know the backstory behind the film, I probably wouldn't have sought it out, let alone even heard of it, and it's better to judge a film on its own rather than the context around its making. I acknowledge that I had a bias going into this movie as I went in knowing the tragic story of the writer-director, but the bias should not be judged too harshly as I've gone into many movies wanting them to be good and that's never stopped me from judging them to be bad if they were indeed bad. While The Evil Within is not great, it's certainly memorable. 6/10 might not sound like a good rating, but I prefer a 4-star scale, with 2 stars being average, not bad but not exactly memorable, and 3 stars being good, and this movie's in between, so my rating is 2.5/4 stars. A not exactly good but certainly memorable movie, and an incredible first and only film from an untapped talent.
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now this is a HORROR film, people! Possible mild spoilers...
awaitinredemtion4 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I went into this one with reeeeally low expectations. First- because it looks kinda cheesy and reminded me of Mirror,Mirror (1990) a movie I would like to forget. Second- because I just finished watching a painfully bad horror movie on Amazon Prime (yes, Fortune Cookie-I am talking about you) and Amazon Prime has burned me many times. But this one was free and short so what the heck.

So I usually watch a movie because it has one of my fav actors in it. If I like an actor I support all of their projects-even the crappy stuff. That's why if I ever meet Ryan Merriman, he owes me $4.99 plus tax for Fortune Cookie. This movie drew me because of Sean Patrick Flanery- who I've always liked even though he's been in some serious crappola. But he's always solid in my opinion, and he was solid in this. I think his character could have expressed a tad more horror in the end, because I would have been screaming my lungs out and vomiting profusely in his situation- but I don't know, maybe men are more stoic.

The other lead is Dina Meyer, who coincidentally was also in Fortune Cookie. I usually think she's a weak actress, but this is probably the best work I've seen her do. Not sayin' she was good, but not terrible either.

And now to the STAR of the movie-Frederik Koehler. Wow, was he ever amazing. He seriously knocked it out of the park. Cute little Chip, from Kate & Allie?!?!? Really?!?! You will love him, hate him, and pity him.

So other people have already gone over the plot, I will just say that I did not see where this was going and I watch a ton of horror movies. At times I was confused, at times I was a little bored (early on), and then it became more and more disturbing until the what-the-hell-am-I-watching ending when everything hit the fan. Secrets are revealed, people including children come to a terrible end, and even though when it's over you may not fully understand everything that just happened, it's pretty freakin' disturbing and unforgettable.

Maybe this movie doesn't deserve 9 stars because it is definitely flawed, but it has stayed with me and few movies do these days. It is original and creative and really kinda awesome.
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The Evil Within: Not to be confused with the video game franchise
Platypuschow27 October 2017
This bizarre little horror certainly surprised me, within minutes I had no idea where the film was going or which sub-genre it would fall into.

Starring Sean Patrick "As seen in a hundred b-movies" Flanery and Dina "Starship Troopers" Meyer this odd little tale follows Dennis a mentally limited young man and his descent into madness & violence.

Heavily open to interpretation but well created this isn't for everyone and generally not the type of film I'd enjoy but by the end I was quite gripped.

With a good twist and finale I wish I had liked this more than I did as you can tell a lot of effort went into it and the creator had some good ideas.

Kudos as well to the young fella who plays the lead, hopefully he'll piggyback this movie on route to better things.

The Good:

Lead is fantastic

Some great ideas

The Bad:

Flawed in places

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Dina Meyer must have p*ssed someone in Hollywood off

I'm never going to be able to look at a ghost train the same way again
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Very original and twister.
dannyrange26 February 2018
A young mentally handicapped boy who lives with his older brother life begins to crumple after he's brother brings him an antique mirror in his room, and a old demon who lives in it demend he do evil things to his family. The Evil Within is a very sadistic and twistic tale of loneliness and how it is to be different in this world. What I liked the most about this film is it's originality, and what limit the director is ready to go. The young Frederick Koehler, is really greati in this film.
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So very nearly a cult classic
lukeshulver22 February 2018
Brilliant special effects and avant garde theatrics - this movie comes ever so close to being an instant cult classic. The brilliant, but ultimately annoying portrayal of the mentally retarded and easily manipulated Dennis puts the other poor acting and awkward scenes to shame however it does show an insidious subculture of deliberate manipulation and entrapment under the guise of a Tales from the Crypt style presentation. This could have been truly great.
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marvelous Frederick Koehler
buddrus20 May 2017
This is my first review after being with IMDb for much more than ten years. I don't like horror movies. And honestly I'm not stuck to the movie due to the plot, the visuals or the tension. I'm stuck to it due to the performance of its main actor: Frederick Koehler. Incredible, remarkable, overwhelming are just a few word for it. You have to see him acting! It's breathtaking!
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Too Flawed to be a Classic, but Worth a Watch
kevandeb28 May 2017
It is such as tough movie to critique after one viewing. It is without doubt a flawed attempt, but the concept makes it worth a viewing. it is not a gore fest, but more of a mind bender, or at least tries to be. I applaud the effort and concept, but it lacks in a few key areas. Some basic details are forgotten and the continuity is stuttering, having said all that it is a film you want to like and this is probably due to the lead character giving a good performance, whilst others in the cast struggle.
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Old school movie from 2017 with a lot of passion
thomasriiz26 December 2018
The main actor is brilliant, the rest of the crew; not so much. It's not scary, but creepy and has a sense of wanting to be more than it is, which gives the movie depth. I really liked this, not for the storytelling, which was pretty bad, but the atmosphere and the great old school visual effects.


10: Absolute masterpiece! 9: Uniquely great movie. 8: Great movie. 7: Good Movie. 6: MMnnyeaah, That's a pretty good movie. 5: Nothing special at all. 4: MMnneaaah, That's a pretty bad movie. 3: Bad Movie. 2: Uniquely bad movie. 1: Absolute ****!
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weird one
trashgang16 January 2018
I came across this one because so many well known names of the genre are in this. Dina Meyer, Sean Patrick Flanery and Michael Berryman. Of course that doesn't say a thing about tthe flick but I went for it and even as some do tear this down I licked it very much.

It's not your ususal horror flick because it do has almost no red stuff in it and the effects do remind me more of Asian horrors than the normal effects. For me the acting of Frederick Koehler as the retarded Dennis was top notch. He does play the retarded one as the vicious reflection in the mirror of Dennis.

It's a slow builder but I was attracted to the screen from minute one until the end. Not you ususal flick but a very weird one full of mirrors and rare scene's.

Gore 0,5/5 Nudity 0,5/5 Effects 3/5 Story 3/5 Comedy 0/5
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Some good visual ideas but uneven on the whole
Red-Barracuda21 April 2017
A mentally handicapped young man lives with his older brother. The older sibling has guilt in that he was responsible for an incident leading to his brother's condition. One day he buys him a large antique mirror which unfortunately turns out to be an evil artefact that talks to the little brother from another dimension, imploring him to commit horrendous acts.

Quite amazingly, this movie was filmed over a period of fifteen years, which is a huge time period to focus on one project and which is not really at all obvious from the finished film. The director was Andrew Getty who was one of the heirs to the Getty family fortune, this allowed him to plough millions of his own money into the film but he seems to have been a troubled individual and ended up dying before the film was released. If I'm being totally honest, I'm not sure the end results justify the huge amount of time that was invested in this project. It certainly has some good Lovecraftian imagination at times, with some imaginative macabre imagery and creatures but I felt it was held back somewhat by the central performance of Frederick Koehler as the disturbed brother, who I found quite grating throughout. The story in general is okay but not especially remarkable, the strengths of this one lie mainly with some of its visual ideas which are often successfully surreal and nightmarish. On the whole, there are some worthwhile ideas interwoven into this one but I thought it to be a bit uneven on the whole.
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Horror made right.
tAYYne22 October 2018
Style and substance and so much creativity. Auteur cinema as is, no compromise.
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Like others who stated, surprisingly good
angeladenis8 October 2018
The first 5 minutes kind of grabs you and then Koehler keeps you reeled in. Phenomenal job done! The show would not have worked without him. Storyline doesn't make sense but in this movie that seems to work. I went in with zero expectations and ended up liking the film.
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What a genuine surprise.
dabeeseman30 August 2018
I walked into this movie knowing nothing about it. I saw it and looked up yhe trailer and decided to tune in. It has an independent film vibe with an top tier quality story. There are things I could knit pick about this movie but the acting was great and it honestly blew me away. I plan to watch this a second time very soon.
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Great for a low-budget horror movie
dingane23 August 2018
I'm giving this 8 stars because within the category of B horror movies, it is great. You should not compare this to full-budget, talented-cast 8-star movies. If you watch this, you are in the mood for a low-budget horror movie. You should evaluate it within that context.

The acting is pretty mediocre most of the time. Sean Patrick Flannery won't be winning any awards, though he was fine for the most part. Frederic Koehler, however, was great. He is able to play a cognitively disabled young man without it turning into stereotype or being offensive. He switches back and forth between Dennis and the demon very well. He really made a pretty fun movie out of what would have been a very mediocre one.

The writing is a bit stilted to unbelievable. The introduction of the mirror at the beginning makes very little sense. It gets better as the movie develops, though.

The demon scenes aren't scary and even get pretty farcical.

But here's why I really liked this movie: it's an original idea with an original execution. This is what every low-budget horror movie is aspiring to. If you like B horror movies, give this a go. But give it at least until the middle. The beginning is a bit awkward and even somewhat cringe-worthy. It really starts to shine in the latter half as things get weird.
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Good surprise
geanenesilas15 July 2018
The movie was good i like dark psychological horror so this was a surprise i wasnt expecting much and really enjoyed the movie. I enjoy movies that have something diffrent than run of the mill horror so i liked it
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Freakishly Decent
shadow_blade-8945927 June 2018
"The Evil Within" (2017) is a horror film about a mentally challenged man, Dennis played by Fredrick Koehler, who goes on a killing spree after befriending a demon that appears to him in a mirror that simultaneously torments him in his dreams. His brother John, played by Sean Patrick Flanery, is charged with caring for Dennis, which he does, but he wants to send him to a professional facility however he is very particular about where he will allow his brother to reside. The premise of this film is a twist on the norm, but some of the actions that emphasize Dennis' loss on reality are a little over the top. It appears this film is more about trying to make people uncomfortable rather than instill fear as with common the genre. This film is interesting if nothing more than to find out how far they will go.

Andrew Getty, both writer and director, does an astounding job capturing the audience's attention from the beginning. Though the monologue does feel extremely long, he makes up for it with creepy visuals. The acting is not "top notch," but the camera work is to die for. For example, when John is speaking with Mildy Torres, played by Kim Darby, from social services, the camera appears to never stop moving. This concept is not new, but the way each shot flowed into the next without using traditional cuts was gripping. It allowed the film to maintain its eerie feel while having a serious discussion about the well-being of both John and Dennis.

This film is not for everyone. As an avid horror genre enjoyer, I question whether I will revisit it. However, the camera movements and techniques, with exception to the car accident shot, provide a unique feel that should be observed. The storyline is a creative and twisted take on family caring and mental stability. I would recommend this film to those with an affinity for camera work and a strong will for the adverse.
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A technical masterpiece
bobbyem-131 May 2018
I went into this movie knowing the backstory of the 15 year+ production by a crack addicted director that died before it was completed, knowing this was gonna be a real trip. I was sure that I would struggle thru it going away with some interesting scenes. But I was wrong.

This film is a rare thing. It has a decent story with some nice twists that don't come of as forced. The acting from the lead that plays Dennis is excellent and carries the movie with his split personalities. The style and technical camera work is insane for such a small movie. A big portion of the scenes are very plain and ugly but the dream sequences and other strange happenings, that bleed into the real world of the story, are incredible.

This film isn't for everyone, but if you want to get a break from the typical jump scare horror I hope you give it a go.
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A gem in the Prime library
torroutedipz6 May 2018
This was a good enough movie that I wouldn't have felt ripped off if I had spent money to rent it, which is more than I can say for most of the horror I'd been picking up at Redbox. To find this on Amazon Prime, I'd actually give it a 10 using the "Prime Curve". Koehler did a spectacular job portraying different personalities, thought admittedly SPF's acting was a little flat. The story is pretty original as far as I'm concerned and it had my attention from the beginning through the end. Yes, some of what happened was a little predictable, but that's just the direction the story was going. I know when Koehler began getting "suggestions" I was taken aback and thought this would indeed be a fun watch and wasn't disappointed. The ending was honestly more than I was expecting, and although maybe a little over the top, it was really entertaining. As far as Prine movies go, this was a really nice surprise. You definitely won't feel like you've wasted 90 minutes of your life. This was more than one of those time fillers just because I need something to watch, it was truly entertaining. Don't know what the deal is with the few 1 star reviews. Definitely above average.
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The best of 2017
shoughton-2817530 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Honestly I have watched and watched this movie and it amazes me every time. Lead character is just so brilliant. in my opinion takes place of dustin Hoffman in rainman.. It will leave you guessing and always leave a doubt in your mind. Only one word Amazing.
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