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Fun for kids and adults...
cyclone25920 February 2003
The movie is obviously geared (no pun intended) for the 5 and under crowd I thought it was a lot of fun. Although my favorite movie of all time is 'The Terminator', I have a two-year old and so have had to adapt my viewing habits somewhat to include some, lets say, less than mentally challenging or intelligent programming. One thing I've always enjoyed about Rolie Polie Olie is the nostalgic look of the robots, the character development, the well-written storylines and just the overall sense of fun. I'll admit that its certainly not something I would like to be my one and only outlet for entertainment, The Great Defender of Fun, is something that I can sit and watch with my daughter and still get something from it.

All I can say is that you'll probably pass this movie up if you don't have a child, but if you're reading this than more than likely you're a parent. In that case, I highly recommend this movie, if not at least for James Woods as the evil villian.
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Great for goods, tolerable for adults
gutrender14 July 2003
If my 2 1/2 yo daughter had her way just about the only thing that would appear on the TV is a continual loop of "Rolie Polie Olie: The Great Defender of Fun" with occasional breaks to show the other Rolie story about the baby bots ("Great Baby Bot Chase"?).

She really gets caught up in the story. Gloomius Maximus seems to be a sufficiently nasty character without making her too scared. I was amazed to read here that James Woods is the voice for Gloomius, never would have guessed. There is enough visual depth and occasional odd tid bits that a parent will note to make it somewhat interesting the first time through.

He's Gloomius Maximus Meanest man in the universe Gloomius Maximus He feels better when You feel WORSE!
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A childhood memory!
Robert1 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I remember watching this show when I was little, around 8-10 years of age. I was inspired by it and wanted to have my own world which was 'alive' like in theirs. I decided to, after many years without, watch this movie in hopes to restore those memories. Of course, by this point it seems that the characters have all been established and it's assumed that you already know everyone and how the bots all met each other. Unfortunately, I forgot most of that so I was more just saying 'oh yes' as I remembered the characters.

The movie itself was great and of course if I hadn't grown up with it I would have been super mega bored probably but because I have, it was easy to remember the good old days as I often call it. Anyway I'll have to rate this 8/10 for it's fun, humor and entertainment. I can't wait to watch the previous ones!
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Great entertainment for the little ones
muttley_simone15 January 2003
Having a 3 year old, and this movie on DVD, I can say, with all honesty, that I've seen this movie at least a hundred times. Great fun for the little ones, and enjoyable enough for adults who get to watch along. James Woods, of course, makes the consummate villain.
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