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Good effort. Don't expect 'Airplane'.
shanman-11 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Before viewing this movie, know that is a low-budget goofy comedy without current big name comedy stars. Technically the sound was one of those turn-it-up, turn-it-down, turn-it-up movies. The sound track should NOT drown out the voices! The first few minutes drag without excitement and only a little humor. It picks up better later on. Yes, the humor is low-brow and slapstick. But some of it is done well.

Neal McDonough has some good scenes and hams it up a bit, but not way too much. What can you say about Garry Marshall? He definitely adds to the movie.

News: The beautiful and sexy Vené Arcoraci also does comedy! She's multi-talented. The implied love scene (sorry guys no nudity) with her and a grungy mountain man is down-right funny.

Two good ol' boys hunters looking to bag a "Sis-kwitch" are reminiscent of Laurel and Hardy, Three Stooges, etc... at an amateur level, but still making you laugh. They had some good lines, and acted very well together. Good chemistry.

(Did I mention Vené Arcoraci is beautiful and sexy and can also do comedy acting?)

Randy McPherson made Phil Stuckling Sr. (the Dad) a character to love and laugh at. I wish I lived next to the Stuckings.

Overall, it was a decent flick to watch as long as you KNOW you are looking for some good, mindless humor that you also know isn't a mainstream, big-budget classic.
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Great movie, love the cast, best soundtrack
tops18guy26 March 2005
From the moment this movie kicked off, it spiraled into the atmosphere of the makings of the best movie I've ever seen on the small screen. Filled with excitement, humor, drama, and all the attributes of a wonderfully crafted film, this movie creeps second by second as the tension builds as the ever foreboding sasquatch comes closer to the zany cast and crew of this feature film. They Call him Sasquatch is the best movie to be released solely on DVD, never to bridge the gap into the silver screen stardom. The music in this movie just adds to the excitement and pleasure that this film has brought into my home. I enjoyed it, and so will you and your loved ones. Go out and order your own copy, for you will not find this on any shelf.

Amazing Film, Amazing acting, movie for the ages.
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so much fun
krigberg20 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
this film is a lot of fun. the only reason why i can think that you may not like it, is because you don't give movies like this a chance, or because there isn't any SEX, nudity, vulgar language, special FX, explosions, fight scenes, or death in the first 5 minutes. Dave Venghaus did a great job with this picture. he makes you feel like your really out in the woods with these people. i also like the hand-held feel that it has. when you see that this crazy group of people, who have been put together by Garry Marshal's character, you have to always remember that they are all looking for the same thing...SASQUATCH! it's anything but boring! Neil does a great job with the picture, but he wouldn't have been able to do it without everyone else around him. they each bring something special to this film. my personal favorite is the hunting duo. i never laughed so hard. check out this film, you'll have a lot of fun, and maybe you too will believe in Yetti....
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Pretty funny, low-budget movie
lover10115 July 2005
I had been tracking this movie for many years. I discovered it when it was in production and thought the premise was great... either they'd get it perfect or they'd flub it up big time. I never got to see it in any theater, and, after actually giving up on it, happened to stumble across it on Netflix.

The movie is very low budget. There are several shots that are fuzzy focus, bad angles, and needed white balance. But they are few and mostly in the beginning of the film.

That said, this movie is well worth the watching. It was very funny, and it kept me throughout. The acting is strong and humorous. It is really a shame this did not make it into a broader distribution. The production values are a little low, though, which may have done it in. In my mind, I went in with Lost Skeleton of Cadavra to compare it to.

I would recommend anyone getting this movie. The comedy is really what pulls it through.
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They call him sasquatch 2003
russianbrother-18 February 2006
I love slapstick comedies such as Airplane,hotshots,loaded weapon and scary movie one two and three. This was not one of them.It defiantly was a very very low budget film.I watched the whole movie from beginning to end and did not laugh once.Every once in awhile Id say Oh come on! Arrrgh and similar outbursts like that.When I rented it I originally thought that it was going to be a parody of the original sasquatch hunters from the movie sasquatch odyssey.It wasn't it was more like a group of people go on a easter egg hunt with sasquatch thrown in at the end.I guess if I were 13 I would enjoy this movie it seems like it was geared more towards a 13 year old audience.Clean humor is really hard to do so I would have to give them an A for effort in trying to be funny in a clean way instead of resorting to vulgarity like most low budget films do.
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