Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over (2003) Poster

Robert Vito: Rez



  • Francis : So, who are you out here in the real world?

    Cesca Giggles : Special Agent Cortez, we need you.

    Rez : [boys stare at him in wonder]  Whoa!

    Juni : I'm just Juni Cortez.

  • Agent Damage Report : [Shows Juni the beta tester boys in their real life form]  Cortez, are these the boys that were in the game with you? We tracked them through their email addresses.

    Juni : [Sees the boys]  Yeah that's them. They wouldn't know anything about...

    [doesn't recognize the boys in their non-game form] 

    Juni : Hey, wait a second; what happened to Francis the Brain, Arnold the Strong and Mr. Cool?

    Francis : Well, in the real world, I'm not that smart.

    Arnold : I'm not strong.

    Rez : I'm not cool.

    Juni : [Winces]  Reality check...

  • [Rez is watching all 100 of "The Guy's" lives pass away] 

    Rez : Oh, my!

  • Rez : [after coming out of the lava thinking he'd be out of the game]  I thought I was a goner!

    [Rez spits lava out of his mouth] 

    Arnold : [getting lava out of his ears]  I saw all my points flashing away before my eyes. All I could hear is my father saying, "You blew it Arnold! No untold riches for you!"

  • Rez : [Sees Juni standing in front of a giant billboard of the game near a guy wearing a similar game suit to him]  Will you look at this?

    Francis : [getting his analysis scanner and finds a match]  Hold to your joysticks boys. I think we got him.

    [the boys walk over to Juni] 

    Francis : You're The Guy.

    Juni : I'm the Who?

    Francis : The Guy. The guy from the poster.

    [Turns around and points to the suit in the billboard] 

    Francis : That guy.

    Juni : [Looks at the poster and is confused]  No, wait a minute; I'm only looking for my sister. She's somewhere on Level 4. Then I'm heading out through Level 5.

    Rez : So you can win the game?

    Juni : I guess that's one way of putting it.

    Francis : You see, according to the tech manual,

    [opens the tech manual up] 

    Francis : if we find The Guy...

    [turns around and points to the poster] 

    Francis : The Guy... he'll lead us through the unwinnable level.

    Rez : Hey, just because he made out of RoboCon in one piece doesn't mean he's The Guy!

    Francis : He's the first I've ever seen to make it out with the power suit.

    [taps Juni's suit] 

    Rez : Man, give me a break. This wimp's a phoney.

    Francis : There's only one way to find out.

    Rez : [Turns around to see a racetrack behind him]  Mega Race. The fastest, most dangerous race in the game world.

  • Demetra : [Juni sneaks down a corridor, without knowing Demetra is next to him]  Psst.

    Juni : [turns around, scared]  AAH!

    Demetra : [rolling her eyes at Juni]  Can you at least try and *act* like you're The Guy?

    Juni : [whispering]  You know my secret?

    Demetra : [looking around]  I've seen the real Guy and you're not him.

    Juni : [looking around the area]  Why are Programmerz chasing us?

    Demetra : [sneaking Juni a map right behind him]  Someone's got a game cheat.

    Juni : [looking at the map]  What's this?

    Demetra : A map to the game.

    Juni : This is illegal!

    Demetra : [looking at Juni]  You wanna find your sister or not?

    [Juni and Demetra walk over to a part of the tunnel] 

    Demetra : Give me the map.

    [Juni gives her the map, Demetra takes it and then opens it up] 

    Demetra : OK.

    Juni : [looking in awe]  Wow!

    Demetra : [pointing where they are]  We're in Machine City.

    [pointing the directions] 

    Demetra : If we cut across here, we'll be able to reach Level 4.

    Juni : Where Carmen is.

    Demetra : Right.

    [pointing at another direction] 

    Demetra : Then, if we cut through Lava Mountain; we'll be right at the door of the unwinnable level.

    Juni : Shortcuts.

    [Demetra nods at Juni] 

    Juni : This is good!

    [Demetra nods in agreement] 

    Juni : This is very good!

    [he puts the map in his pocket] 

    Edog : [standing in front of Juni and Demetra, coming out of nowhere]  Game cheats!

    [Juni and Demetra look up in horror] 

    Logos : That's against the rules!

    [Juni and Demetra look at them in shock. Logos starts poking at Juni's life count] 

    Logos : We're going to have to bounce you back to Level 1!

    [sees Juni's life go down to 3, then Juni shrieks] 

    Demetra : [to Logos]  You can't scare us!

    [pointing at Juni] 

    Demetra : He's The Guy!

    Juni : [whimpering in fear]  Grandpa!

    [Demetra looks at Juni, like he almost blew his cover] 

    Logos : [to Edog]  Listen to that EDog! "The Guy" is calling his grandpa!

    Edog : [chuckling, while Demetra looks annoyed at them]  I'm so scared! Come and get me, Gramps!

    Logos : [to Juni, mockingly]  What's he gonna do? Drool on us?

    Grandfather : [picking up both of the Programmerz and lifting them up from the air]  Why are you picking on my grandson? Why?

    Francis : [running over to Grandpa, Juni and Demetra with Arnold and Rez]  They got Logos & Edog, the leaders!

    Grandfather : [to Logos and Edog]  You are Programmerz?

    [Edog and Logos nod yes] 

    Grandfather : Let's see what you *really* look like, huh?

    [Francis comes forward and scans them with his scanner revealing them to be loser computer geeks. Grandpa frowns at them] 

    Grandfather : Very unimpressive!

    Rez : [chuckles snidely]  Computer nerds!

    [Rez shakes his head] 

    Grandfather : [still lifting the Programmerz up, asking them about the Toymaker]  Now, tell me, where is the Toymaker?

    Juni : Grandpa -

    [Juni realises about his cover about being The Guy, and forgetting he is The Wizard] 

    Juni : uh, Wizard; put them down!

    [Grandpa puts both the Programmerz down, then stands over them with his arms folded, and both of them run away. Grandpa laughs and points at them as they run away, as Juni's life count goes to 3] 

  • Carmen : [checking the entrance to Level 5 is open]  How much time do we have left?

    Juni : [checking his watch]  Five minutes.

    Rez : [walking over to Carmen and Juni, interrogating them]  What happens in five minutes?

    Carmen : [to Rez, telling him the truth]  This place gets flooded with players from around the world.

    Francis : [rolling his eyes]  Oh great! Competition!

    Carmen : [turning to Francis and the rest of them]  The Toymaker will take over their minds. *That's* why we have to shut down the game.

    Juni : [to Carmen, in a whisper, trying to tell her about his secret]  Shh! Carmen!

    Rez : [to Juni, interrogating him, almost convinced he and his sister are deceiving them]  What is she talking about?

    Carmen : [to Juni, trying to get him to tell the truth to the boys]  You didn't tell them yet, did you?

    Juni : [to Juni, trying to cover it up]  I was getting around to it...

    Francis : [to Rez, in a whisper, convinced]  Deceivers...

    [Rez nods] 

    Arnold : [confused]  What about the other side of Level 5?

    Carmen : [to Arnold]  There *is* no other side! You'll be imprisoned in the game! Game over!

    Rez : [pointing at Carmen, furious with both of them that they betrayed them]  We're not letting you shut down this game!

    [to Juni] 

    Rez : Now you're gonna see how that counter of yours can count backwards!

    Carmen : [Carmen steps in front of Juni, showing her claw from her suit in front of Rez]  You'll have to go through me *first*; game boy!

    Juni : [trying to convince them he is still The Guy]  Now, listen to me! I'm The Guy!

    Rez : [knowing Juni's lie]  Stop saying you're The Guy! We all know you're not The Guy!

    The Guy : [Rez hears a voice in the distance]  He's not The Guy!

    [a flash of light appears, Rez turns around and the real Guy appears] 

    The Guy : I am!

    [the Guy walks towards them] 

  • Juni : [Juni, Rez, Arnold, Grandpa and Francis have just finished the Mega Race and passed through the portal to level 3. They see flying computer chips around indicating that the Programmerz are around] 


    Juni : Alright, this is cool. We'll get there in no time.

    Francis : [looking around to see the flying chips]  What is this?

    [Francis sees a flying computer chip landing on his power suit and he yanks it off. He then realizes something is up] 

    Francis : Wait a minute!

    [he shows the chip to the others, as Rez and Arnold yank theirs off their suits] 

    Francis : The Programmerz!

    Grandfather : [confused]  Who are these, uh, "Programmerz"?

    Francis : The brainiacs who wrote the book for the game.

    Grandfather : [not knowing the Programmerz came out of nowhere and are standing right behind him]  So... they work for the Toymaker, huh?

    Rez : [to Juni]  Programmerz are the reason that you found us on Level 1.

    [motioning to Francis] 

    Rez : They caught Francis cheating during the Mega Race. They'll bounce us back to Level 1 again if they catch us.

    Juni : [seeing a chip land on Arnold; and realising he has no time left]  Level 1? I don't have time for that!

    Rez : [hearing thunder crash]  Spread out!

    [Rez, Francis, Arnold and Demetra split up in different directions; although Juni thinks its a bad idea] 

    Juni : Don't split up! It never works! If we just stick together...

    [sees Grandpa sneaking off in another way] 

    Juni : Alright, Grandpa, I guess it's just you and...

    [Juni looks around to find himself all alone] 

    Juni : ... me! Hello? Grandpa?

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