Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over (2003) Poster

Alexa PenaVega: Carmen Cortez



  • Carmen : Juni! The Toymaker is the one who put grandpa in the wheel chair!

  • Carmen : You'll have to go through me first... Game-Boy!

  • Juni : You sound close?

    Carmen : I am!

  • Carmen : She's the reason why this level is unwinable. She's the deceiver.

  • Carmen : Juni, she's not real.

  • Carmen : [checking the entrance to Level 5 is open]  How much time do we have left?

    Juni : [checking his watch]  Five minutes.

    Rez : [walking over to Carmen and Juni, interrogating them]  What happens in five minutes?

    Carmen : [to Rez, telling him the truth]  This place gets flooded with players from around the world.

    Francis : [rolling his eyes]  Oh great! Competition!

    Carmen : [turning to Francis and the rest of them]  The Toymaker will take over their minds. *That's* why we have to shut down the game.

    Juni : [to Carmen, in a whisper, trying to tell her about his secret]  Shh! Carmen!

    Rez : [to Juni, interrogating him, almost convinced he and his sister are deceiving them]  What is she talking about?

    Carmen : [to Juni, trying to get him to tell the truth to the boys]  You didn't tell them yet, did you?

    Juni : [to Juni, trying to cover it up]  I was getting around to it...

    Francis : [to Rez, in a whisper, convinced]  Deceivers...

    [Rez nods] 

    Arnold : [confused]  What about the other side of Level 5?

    Carmen : [to Arnold]  There *is* no other side! You'll be imprisoned in the game! Game over!

    Rez : [pointing at Carmen, furious with both of them that they betrayed them]  We're not letting you shut down this game!

    [to Juni] 

    Rez : Now you're gonna see how that counter of yours can count backwards!

    Carmen : [Carmen steps in front of Juni, showing her claw from her suit in front of Rez]  You'll have to go through me *first*; game boy!

    Juni : [trying to convince them he is still The Guy]  Now, listen to me! I'm The Guy!

    Rez : [knowing Juni's lie]  Stop saying you're The Guy! We all know you're not The Guy!

    The Guy : [Rez hears a voice in the distance]  He's not The Guy!

    [a flash of light appears, Rez turns around and the real Guy appears] 

    The Guy : I am!

    [the Guy walks towards them] 

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