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Iztok_smogavc20 February 2005
I just watched this movie. Firstly, movie is not near as good as Sniper 1. And secondly some words about this so called Serbian fighters. I'm from Slovenia and I speak Serbian language. But in this movie I didn't understand not even one word. At the end of the movie I saw this list of actors. Those names are not Serbian but Hungarian. I don't know who (I know only that he's mind doesn't work as it should) said to director of this movie that Hungary and Serbia is one and the same country. Language, habits, mentality,…nothing is the same in these two countries. It's very sad that someone is making a movie about country and he doesn't even knows basics about this country. Movie quality: 3/10 Geography knowledge: 0/10
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give me my life back !!!
pavor nocturnus5 April 2006
After renting this movie by mistake, I said to myself 'how bad can it be, I'll just sit tight and give it a try'. My dear Lord, what a mistake. I am a war movie buff myself, and I can swallow a lot of inconsistency, dumb dialogue, poor acting, thin plot and lousy sets, but this was way below the threshold. This movie was full of each, and than some. Tom Berenger is at the age when he should be enjoying his retirement benefits in Florida. Who was he fighting at the end - Hungarians, Serbs, Muslims? I know that, by now proverbial bad guys, the Serbs (which itself tells you how 'cliche' the plot was) were the target, but they ended up speaking the Hungarian, and this in a scenery that screams 'This Be Happening in Hungary'. For God's sake, do you think that the viewers are so uneducated. I could continue ranting, but the main point is, don't waste your time as I did with mine. Mr. Smith gives it 1/10, only because there is no 0 rating.
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How to make a pitiful and grotesque comedy out of an action movie
pese-22 May 2009
Yes, it's not a historical drama, but credibility about the milieu is a must even for action movies, otherwise they may easily get ridiculous, like this one.

1. Hungary is (was) a neighbor to ex-Yugoslavia, but never part of it. So Hungary was also absolutely out of the ethnic conflicts and remained greatly neutral throughout.

2. We should imagine the whole movie happens in Serbia (the biggest of the successor-states of ex-Yugoslavia), however, everybody talks Hungarian, which doesn't even sound alike. (Serbian language belongs to the Slavic group of Indo-European family of languages, while Hungarian belongs to the Finno-Ugric group of Ural-Altaic family. Different grammar, different pronunciation, different intonation, different rhythm, not a word in common). It may not matter for the Americans, but Eastern Europe (even tens of millions in Western Europe) clearly understand the difference.

2/a. On top of this, the written Serbian is using Cyrillic letters, while Hungarian is using Latin letters (with certain vowels bearing special accents). Whatever is written in the street scenes of the movie - e.g. the "Szent Erzsébet" (Saint Elizabeth)statue in front of the cathedral - is written in Latin letters in Hungarian language.

3. The Serbians are basically orthodox catholic by majority, while the Hungarians are basically Roman catholic. The cathedral bearing a central role in the movie has no connection to anything in a typical orthodox church in Serbia.

4. All cars in the streets bear Hungarian license plates, showing the country code (H) and Hungary's national flag left of the 3-letter/3-digit combination of license plates.

4/a. All military vehicles in the movie have Hungarian military license plates.

5. To make a street scene, which the movie-makers believed as typical, they collected and showed all kinds of lousy Eastern-European cars (even including the infamous Polish van called Zuk), but no Western cars even by mistake. Such street picture was typical in Hungary up to the early 80s and in Yugoslavia up to mid-70s, whilst the story is happening in late-90s.

5/a Only one car does not appear in the whole movie: the Yugoslavian-made Zastava, the newer models of which were still in quite a quantity in the streets of Serbia in the late-90s.

6. The Serbian police cars, which are hit and blown by the tram in the movie, are all of East-German-made Wartburgs (3-cylinder/2-stroke engine). Yugoslavian/Serbian police never had a Wartburg (unless a few sample/test cars, which I may not know). The typical Yugoslavian police car was locally built Zastava (originally Fiat-based cars), but in the late-90s (when the story is played) there were already hundreds of thousands of Western cars in Yugoslavia and even the police had many.

7. The tram-cars are of Hungarian-built UV models, never exported to any country (not even to Yugoslavia) and they have Hungarian route-boards installed on their noses.

You don't need to make a historical drama to be correct about elementary basics like geography, era and ethnography of your story and not to mix up everything into a terrible and greatly stereotyped mess. Being a European, it doesn't matter what is happening in the movie, you don't know whether to laugh or to cry as it is completely impossible to empathize the story under such visual and verbal circumstances.

When we make a movie which story is playing in New York, we don't show agave fields instead of Central Square with people in sombreros, eating chili con carne and taco in the streets and drinking tequila in the bars, even though Mexico is the neighboring country to the USA. So the American makers may have believed the whole world is completely stupid and believes what they think a stereotyped Eastern Europe should be, however, for us living in this region, it is like a direct insult. So I believe it is a big mistake to play this movie in European TV channels (it is also a mistake to play it in the rest of the world because it is misleading people and don't give any realistic background about real Serbian milieu, but at least non-Europeans don't know all those mistakes).

Finally, compare this cheap lousy nonsense with Evita, the street scenes of which were also filmed in the streets of Budapest instead of Buenos Aires, but you cannot catch it because all details properly fit.

Big shame on the producers of Sniper-2 !!!
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Director should have looked at the atlas and history book
mvrekic26 January 2008
In this directors world, Serbs speak Hungarian, Budapest is capital of Serbia and Muslims have been living in eastern Europe for 600 years.

Nazis and Communists are killing Muslims in the Eastern Europe LMFAO! Acting does not exist.

Ed Wood's "Plan 9 from outer space" has nothing on this movie. This is stupidity at it's best made by and for the Average Joe; so he has something "easy-on-the-brain" to watch when he comes home from working at the burger shack.

I am putting this as the second worst movie i have ever seen, first one being the "Dracula 3000".
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Put your mind on hold, and let Tom Berenger in!
anthimus_k19 August 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Tom Berenger is back! on a new secret mission to snipe a Serbian general who is responsible for ethnical cleaning towards Muslim people.

Very Mild Story Spoiler:

Tom Berenger who is out of the army gets a visit of CIA officer and a millitary captain, to discuss about a "suicide" mission. Tom easily admits YEAH! " if i want to die, i want to die as a soldier" looool :-), he wants his former military rank back "in return" Tom requests for a backup "Bokeem Woodbine aka Cole" comes and joins Berengers one man platoon. After that they will be dropped within enemy lines. And the rest will is for your eyes only!

I feel sniper 2 is worthy sequel, ok we don't have Billy Zane anymore but Bokeem Woodbine "Cole" performed pretty well.

If you can't enjoy a movie like Sniper 2 you can't shutdown your brain, and you shouldn't watch a movie like this in the first place for "the criticism".

Call me a cheater but Berenger deserve some respect as B actor, therefore i rate it: 7/10 Hopefully we will see him back in Sniper 3 "that would be something" :)

All and All.... Cool Berenger Movie!

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mm-3924 April 2003
Tom makes this film, and it is a decent late night film that was intended to a b film, What surprised me was the budget, what the US dollar can get in Hugary. I mean they got tank, choppers, lots of troops, and a believable military actors. This is still a B movie, but watchable. PS they leave room for Sniper 3 with the ending. It was a power one. 6/10
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Were those exploding cars Bosnian, or Serbian, or Hungarian...?
Okay, let's see if I got this straight...the assassination target is a Serbian general attacking Muslim villages, but the cars all have Hungarian plates, and the locals all speak Hungarian, not any Slavic language. Okay, we'll suspend our disbelief that there are any Muslim villages in Hungary. But if Serbia were attacking Hungary, a NATO member, the response of the West would be something more than sending over a couple of guys who look like anything but Eastern Europeans. NATO is a mutual defense pact that comes to the defense of any member (well, NATO gets involved with other adventures, too, but that's a different debate).

So we find out that there are opposition leaders being held without charges in prison. Wonder whether the European Union knew about this when it invited Hungary to be a candidate for EU membership?

In any case, before Hungary joins the EU, it'll definitely have to do something about its product safety standards, particularly the tendency of every vehicle to explode into an enormous fireball when crashed, shot, bumped, or if its doors are slammed too hard. How big a fireball would an exploding Trabant be able to produce anyway, with its feeble East German two-stroke engine that's comparable to a lawnmower?

Did anyone notice that our heroes were dropped off by a helicopter marked "SFOR", but picked up by an unmarked helicopter? One might assume there was an enormous diplomatic outcry when the Bosnia-based UN Stabilization Force (SFOR) exceeded its mandate by carrying out a mission that took it over Croatian or Serbian territory and into Hungary, so when they made the trip again, SFOR removed all the identifying details. Either that or the film's continuity person fell asleep on the job.

And what was up with the heroes' desperate dash for "the border"? If they were in Hungary, they were safe. If they were dashing for the Croatian or Romanian borders, they'd be safe there too. But since they were in a place where villages were being attacked by Serbia, they were presumably close to the Serbian border. Why on earth would they want to reach the Serbian border? Shouldn't they be sitting tight, safe in Hungary, waiting for the NATO airstrikes to end the little Serbian incursion into Hungary?

And who were the bad guys, anyway? Invading Serbian troops who can somehow move freely around the streets of Hungarian cities, commandeering police cars without resistance, conducting shootouts on the street without any protest from Hungarians?

If anyone out there considering making "Sniper 3," please pick up a world atlas and read a few newspapers before you write the script!
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The Mauser Rifle that wasn't! But still a Good Flick!
claypipe25 January 2003
I found this movie well thought out and for the most part well executed. However, it most glaring flaw was with its technical aspects. In the scene, where the underground partisan, Sophia, brings Sgt. Beckett beneath a tavern, to a store of WWII arms. Sgt. Beckett picks up a rifle and calling it a German 8mm Mauser. But in reality it is a Russian 7.62 Mosin Nagant, to which he adds the proper Russian sniper scope and mount. I was very surprised at this and wonder who was at fault. But otherwise, I felt this film is another success for Tom Berenger.
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Perfectly adequate sequel
lacrescenta1 April 2003
I liked the first "Sniper" movie and especially liked Becker (played by Tom Berenger). He's a solemn and sometimes grumpy sniper who bickers and argues (but also looks after) anyone he's partnered with on a mission. I saw the original film as more of a `character study' of this solitary Becker character, and was not disappointed that the sequel was mostly a character study as well. Though of course there is plenty of action and suspense as well!

"Sniper 2" re-works the same formula as the first film, but with some differences. Becker is a little older, but he's still grumpy (but protective) as ever. The guy he's partnered up with in this film is different than the somewhat green and annoying Billy Zane character in the first film. I liked this new guy pretty well.

And I liked seeing Becker again. I'd grown fond of Becker in the first film, and I thought the sequel held up well. Sure, it could have been better, but really, it was not bad at all. It's a solid film--not earth-shatteringly great, but if you enjoyed the way the first movie went, and especially enjoyed the characters, then you'll like this film.
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Will go down in the annals of history as one of the worst scam jobs ever
ger_god19 March 2005
Great movie, apparently, Hungarian actors are cheaper than Serbian actors. It was interesting to see how many Hungarians there are living in Serbia and working for the Serbian cause and Serbian army.This movie was horrendous and probably cost less to make than some home movie porno. I can't believe they tried to pass off Hungarians as Serbians. People who actually think this movie was good are probably such hicks they don't know the difference, "eh, look its all eastern Europe to me." I have an idea, they should make a movie called "Bucharest, a documentary" and film the whole movie in Budapest. Also, Sniper 3 can take place in China with a bunch of Japanese actors, or better yet, whey not just do it India and have native American actors.
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Incomprehensible crud
hwyhobo26 May 2007
I cannot believe this movie is scoring so high. Just above everything in this film is wrong. The setting is wrong. The language spoken is wrong. The second sniper being black and not attracting any attention on the streets or from the Serbian soldiers is ludicrous (this is supposedly Serbia, people, not Los Angeles). Tom Berenger, a "sniper", cannot tell a Mosin Nagant from a Mauser. Every fender bender results in spectacular explosions of multiple vehicles. To add insult to injury, Tom Berenger is so overweight, in the scene where he is "running away" from the soldiers, he looks like he is about the have a stroke after 50 steps or so.

This flick is an insult to one's intelligence. It makes Steven Seagal's movies look downright intellectual.
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Marine sniper Thomas Beckett returns to action to kill a rouge general
Tomnari29 December 2002
Sniper 2 is the sequel to the 1993 film SNIPER, both starring Tom Berenger. In this installment Beckett (Berenger) has been drummed out of the marines due to the finger he lost in the first film (I had to go back and see if that happened -- it did). He's down on his luck and getting by as a hunting guide and by winning sniper competitions when the government contacts him. They will give him anything to return to action and kill a rouge Eastern European general. Beckett's "anything" turns out to be his uniform and rank returned. He is then hooked up with Cole (Bookim Woodbine) and dropped in enemy territory. The mission goes well, Beckett kills his mark but then things take a terrible twist. The rest of the film is a rather exciting adventure where things are not what they seem to be.

I found this film on Cinemax and really enjoyed it. Great action from the first to the last frame. Berenger looks great and reprises his role with class. Woodbine is a bit smug at first like he's enjoying a joke we don't get, but he gets better as the film goes on. The twist is very clever and I never saw it coming. As I said I watched the original after I saw this installment and will vouch that the sequel is far better. It's non-stop action with a couple of great lines.
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how low can you go...
njoco9 January 2008
The whole crew should look for a different job. It can't be worse than this. The whole movie doesn't make any sense. It's just a random pick of different "anti-American" nations who need uncle Sam to come and spank each till they reason themselves. The “bad” guys are the Serbs but no one in the movie speaks any Serbian. The resistance is supposed to be Muslims who fight the Serbs but their names are very much Christian. Also it always seems that Russian tanks make more noise than damage…how is it possible to miss 5 people from 20 yards shooting from a tank? I can go forever like this but the movie is not worth it. Don't waste your time with it.
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not high art,but entertaining
disdressed1225 June 2010
from an entertainment perspective this movie was a s good as the first,in my opinion,maybe even better.there's more action,and more tension and suspense.i also liked the secondary characters a bit more.i thought they were more interesting.the story is a bit of a stretch,and not thing original,but that didn't bother me too much in this case.Tom Berenger returns to reprises his role from the original.this time,he's teamed up with Bokeem Woodbine,who's got good screen presence.Linden Ashby and Dan Butler have small supporting roles and both do good with what they are this first movie,this could never be accused of being high art.but it is very entertaining.for me,Sniper 2 is a solid 8/10
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Berenger is good, but action and story are pretty routine.
a_chinn22 November 2017
Direct-to-video sequel almost 10 years after the original is buoyed by a strong performance from Tom Berenger, returning as the titular sniper, and solid action direction form Craig R. Baxley, who directed the underrated "I Come in Peace." Berenger's Marine sniper character is now retired, but is called back for a CIA covert op and is once again saddled with a young know-it-all sniper, this time Bokeem Woodbine instead of Billy Zane. As you might expect, the mission ends up being more than Berenger bargained for, but it's nothing all that clever or interesting. As with the first film, the story is the weak point, though this film was minus the first film's focus on stealth and suspense and instead focuses on standard action film pyrotechnics and mayhem, which isn't bad but isn't as unique as the first film. The extended sequence in the original film of Berenger and Zane getting into position to take out a target was unique and a lot of fun. Overall, "Sniper 2" isn't terrible, but it's nothing to go out of your way to watch. Gary Chang provided the film's score.
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Awfully Awful!
alex-125011 June 2007

I couldn't believe how hard it was to watch everyone in that movie making a fool of themselves.

Like they're trying to achieve their military objectives,yet they're so delusional they don't even know what country they're in.

Hungarians and Serbs maybe neighbours,but they are worlds apart. It's like making a film about WW2 Germany in Paris,France and in french.

I just shows how little America knows about Europe,its peoples and languages...

and if they know so little,why on earth do they even bother?
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A Gritty, Realistic Thriller!
teuthis30 December 2002
"Sniper 2" is a taut, exciting action thriller. It is well-paced, fraught with suspense, and presents enough plot twists to keep us on the edge of our seats all the way. Tom Berenger is superb as the tough, aging Marine sniper unknowingly drawn into a mission that is way over his head.

The characters are well presented in the plot, and excellently developed by the actors. Erika Maroszan and Bokeem Woodbine are outstanding. I would love to see more from Erika. She brought a quiet intensity to her character that I thoroughly enjoyed. The terse dialogue fit perfectly. There are no "over the top" action sequences, such as someone running through an impossible hail of machine gun fire; or a bigger-than-life hero blasting 50 or 60 "bad guys" without a scratch to himself. I hate that. The action in "Sniper 2" is outstanding, and ultra realistic.

I could go on and on, but I won't. I didn't care much for the original Sniper, and almost didn't watch this one. But "Sniper 2" is certainly an entertaining film. I heartily recommend it.
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I liked it
Bob_the_Hobo11 October 2010
The first "Sniper" was one of Berenger's best action movies, so I was hyped when I heard they made a second one. I ended up picking "Sniper 2" up at Half Price Books for a dollar so I guess I wasn't expecting that much.

The story is simple. Berenger plays an older Thomas Beckett, now being pitched on a mission to assassinate a general who is responsible for a genocide on his native land. Bokeem Woodbine plays Cole, another tough guy being sent on the mission with Berenger.

As a lower budget action movie this served it's purpose well. Berenger is a great actor who has sadly been tossed into roles that are below his acting capability but he does a great job as Beckett. Woodbine also turns in a good performance.

Despite the budget the cinematography is really quite good. The setting is realistic (I'm sorry but I didn't pay attention to the dialects in relation to the geography, come on, watch a movie for the entertainment value). The costumes are believable.

Conclusion, I enjoyed watching a classic actor like Tom Berenger dole out some harshness in a cool action movie. If you don't expect that much you should too.
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Fast paced action! I want more!
Mrdisaster9 March 2003
There are a few flaws with this film, but nothing so big that it undermines the story. When you think about it, it's not so easy doing a sniper story since all Snipers do is sit and sit and sit and sit then shoot and run.

In Sniper II the filmmakers have woven an interested tale of political assassination and betrayal. The locations were terrific and I thought Berenger did his usual great job at playing a gritty, hardboiled soldier. I would say this one is must for action fans.
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ridiculous settings and details
kilianheckrodt24 June 2006
Though I like Tom Berenger as an actor, i must say this movie is almost appalling with its contempt of correct/authentic details. The expert don't use the correct names/brands of the gun they are using, nut much worse is, that all Serbians speak Hungarian and the city (supposed to be somewhere in Bosnia) is actually Budapest, which rather easy to notice to anybody who knows the city (you can even read it on tram signs) or Hungary. That alone gives you the feelings, that the producers treat the audience as ignorant, clueless morons being unable to tell one European country from another (in the case of 2 ethnically and culturally rather distinct countries not even neighbouring each other).
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Darko_Serbia15 February 2006
What country??? Nice question. 1:Who is that Serbian general,I didn't see any Serb in this film,but Hungarians with Serbian names who speaks Magyar. 2:Where were the Muslim population in Hungary,and that destroyed village (if exist) is in Bosnia which is not even near Hungary. 3:Muslim,Afro-American,Serb etc. are speaking Magyar (Hungarian language) Yeah what are the chances for that 0.0000001%. 4:SFOR Choper? How does it fit in this story? Bosnia is more than 300 km away from Hungary,and when they have crossed the border (and where in their imagination-parallel world like Harry Potter stuff). 5:This is some poor Hungarians effort to make a movie with the best movie maker's in the world (USA) but it has no point at all. The script has no sense at all. Note:This movie is not worth to spend Your time
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rattus21pz26 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Tonight I seemed to have forgotten why I never watch late night movies, but after seeing this film I have realized why again. First off, the plot of the film is Truly preposterous. The US Marine Corps hunts down this old dude (played by Tom Berenger), who supposedly is the best sniper in the country. Apparently he was a disgraced vet (from the first "Sniper" film which I have joyfully avoided seeing)and the US military is aching for snipers...which is ridiculous in the extreme. Anyway our elderly hero apparently gets lost on his way to take out the dictator strongman in Serbia (which it was emphasized is a "suicide" mission) and ends up in Hungary. I say this as every one of the European actors in the film speak Hungarian and have Hungarian names. I say he got lost because I cannot bring myself to believe that the producers, writers and director of the train wreck have such little faith in the ability of Americans to know the difference between two TOTALLY different countries, cultures, and languages. Give me a break. Aside from that our sniper "expert" can't even tell a difference between a Russian made Mosin Nagant rifle (which he uses in the ENTIRE film) and a German Mauser. This is something that even a novice gun enthusiast would know but it is apparently a fact that has eluded our brave "expert". Anyways, there are also loads of explosions and quite a bit of gun play, but nothing that hasn't been done in a million formulaic movies to come before this one. With that said, if you really must see a sniper movie, go rent "Enemy at the Gates". At least those snipers know what weapons they are firing.
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Good sequel
thylon1 April 2003
This is a pretty good sequel for all of you who saw Sniper, Sniper 2 is a little more fast paced but its good, not a jungle movie like the first movie which makes it more interesting, all I can say is If you like sniper like movies like Sniper and enemy at the gates ( Enemy at the gates IS a better movie ) then you will probably like Sniper 2 as well, but its not as much "sniping" as in the other films but anyway, rent it =).

oh and the acting, well its fairly good, Tom Berrenger is as good as in the first film.
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A Suprisingly Wonderful Sequel
Taylor071 January 2003
It seemed as if this movie was made right after the original. Was skeptical at first, but pleasantly surprised at not only the continuity, but the interesting storyline. Tom Berenger gives another powerful performance. Only negative I have, is that this wasn't on the big screen.
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Much better than you'd expect.
cableaddict15 January 2004
Finally, a sequel that's much better than the original.

I can't understand why this only got five stars. maybe there aren't enough vehicles crashing and bursting into flames, so it doesn't appeal to those who like mindless action flicks.

This movie definitely has a B-movie "look" to it, and I can't explain what that means. It's just dark, or something. I'd probably blame it on the PD, though that's a guess.

Regardless, the screenplay is decent, the acting is excellent, and the direction / editing is strong, non-boring, and lacking in most of the typical cliches that you would expect from this genre. This is not a classic, not something I want to watch more than once, but a totally engaging and entertaining action flick that didn't once insult my intelligence.

I give it a solid seven stars.
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