The Polar Express (2004) Poster

Eddie Deezen: Know-It-All



  • The Conductor : ...It's five minutes to midnight.

    Know-It-All : Hey, what gives? It was five minutes to midnight four minutes ago!

    The Conductor : Exactly!

  • [after he pulling the emergency brake, Lonely Boy gets on the train, Hero Girl shook her head to him and Mr. Conductor opens the door] 

    The Conductor : Who in the blazes applied that emergency brake?

    Know-It-All : [gets up, points to the Hero Boy]  He did!

    The Conductor : You!

    [He comes to the Hero Boy] 

    The Conductor : In case you didn't know, that cord is for emergency purposes only!

    [He comes to the window, train whistle blows and closes the window] 

    The Conductor : And in case you weren't aware, tonight is Christmas Eve and in case you hadn't noticed: This train is on a very tight schedule! Now, young man, Christmas may not be important to some people. But, it is very important to the rest of US!

    The Boy : But, but...

    Hero Girl : He was just trying to stop the train, so that kid could get on!

    [Conductor sees that Lonely Boy sitting alone in the next car] 

    The Conductor : I see.

    [to Hero Boy] 

    The Conductor : Young man, is that what happened?

    [He nods] 

    The Conductor : Well... Let me remind you: we are on a very tight schedule.

    [he checks his watch] 

    The Conductor : And I've never been late before and I am certainly not going to be late tonight! Now, everybody, take your seats! Please!

    [Everyone sits down] 

    The Conductor : Thank you.

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