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Enjoyable Entertainment
claudio_carvalho6 February 2007
In Beverly Hills, the Montana family-man actor Bo Laramie (Cole Hauser) becomes a superstar with the franchise of his action movie "Adrenaline Force". His family and he lose their privacy with the success, being stalked by four tabloid paparazzi leaded by the despicable Rex Harper (Tom Sizemore). When the photographers provoke a tragic traffic accident with Bo and his family, his wife Abby Laramie (Robin Tunney) is seriously injured and his son Zach Laramie (Blake Bryan) enters in coma. When Bo unintentionally causes a fatal accident with Kevin Rosner (Kevin Gage), he decides to plot revenge against the other three scumbags to protect his family.

"Paparazzi" is flawed, but is also an entertaining tale of revenge. Tom Sizemore is amazing in his performance of a nasty guy, and there are the uncredited participations of many VIPs, such as Vince Vaughn, Mel Gibson, Chris Rock and Matthew McConaughey among others. It is funny to see the evolution (?) of the naive character Paparazzo, performed by Walter Santesso in Federico Fellini's "La Dolce Vita" to the present days. Do not think too much about the flaws, and you will certainly see an enjoyable film. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Paparazzi"
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Hollywood's Revenge
ccthemovieman-119 March 2006
This is Hollywood's revenge movie against the Paparazzi, those goon photographers obsessed with getting celebrities' pictures at all costs, totally invading their privacy and often using the pictures in a dishonest way to invent gossipy stories for the tabloids.

This was an easy call for Hollywood because who was going to side against them in this film? If there was any doubt about any shred of decency concerning those photographers, this film quickly dispelled that with Tom Sizemore's character, a representative of that famous "press corps." They made Sizemore as sleazy and unethical as they could.

So what you wind you up with a basic revenge story, nothing new or earthshaking but almost always entertaining in whatever form. In this film, the photo guys mess up and the victim - an actor (Cole Hauser) - takes revenge by going after them. In the process, we see how he does it and along the way are treated to some amusing cameos by Mel Gibson, Chris Rock and Matthew McConaughey. Yeah, it's kind of a low-brow revenge flick, but it works. By the way, this is yet another film that should be rated R, not PG-13. That's as ludicrous as the paparazzi.
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Paparazzi Purge
TonysLittleFriend4 September 2004
Bo Laramie (Cole Hauser) is living "The American Dream". Money, fame, fortune beyond his wildest dreams. But unfortunate for Laramie, fame comes with a price, by the name of the Paparazzi. The persistence of the paparazzi leaves Laramie in the hospital, and his son in a coma. The press will clearly do anything to get the perfect shot. Laramie decides that the only to stop his problems is to take them out one by one.

A team of four relentless paparazzi soon are the ones who become the victims. The ringleader of the gang, Rex Harper (Tom Sizemore) soon realizes that he and his gang are the ones in danger. Wendell Stokes (Daniel Baldwin), Leonard Clark (Tom Hollander) and Kevin Rosner (Kevin Gage) make up the four paparazzi that Laramie is bend on destroying.

One of the highlights of my summer was "Paparazzi". I wanted to see this since I first saw the trailer for it. Looked like a pretty interesting take on the action/thriller genres. The lead roles Cole Hauser and Tom Sizemore are quite impressive. In my opinion, Sizemore owns this movie. While it's not the role he was born to play, I can't see many others playing the role of Harper.

One thing I found interesting is that Mel Gibson along with other producers of Paparazzi were inspired to make this film upon reading articles of paparazzi attacks. Not as serious as the one in the film, but nevertheless.

The film is one of the first of its kind. That I've seen anyways. Exploiting the paparazzi. It just sounds like a fun movie to me. One that I haven't seen before. Paparazzi is other all, a very fun, enjoyable and a very entertaining flick. Check it out. You won't be disappointed. I wasn't.

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Pleasantly Surprised
mikei-34 September 2004
I just saw Paparazzi this evening. Considering that the studio did not have an advanced screening for the press I was not expecting very much, trust me I have seen far worse this summer - Exorcist the Beginning comes to mind! I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised; it was a pretty decent movie. I was entertained for the full 90 minutes. Tom Sizemore nailed the role of a true scumbag.

Keep an eye open for Chris Rock, the coolest Pizza Guy you are likely going to see any time soon.

If you are looking for an entertaining end of summer movie this certainly might be worth your while to check out.
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Not nearly as bad as I thought it'd be
frankwhat6 September 2004
This movie was actually okay. Cole Hauser is always awesome and everyone else's acting was good as well. The plot might seem far-fetched to us ordinary citizens but stuff like this actually happens and it was an original idea as well...not some crap remake or endless sequels that have plagued us these past 2 years. The action was adequate and not over-done and it really got me hyped into making sure he obtained his revenge. I also liked the ending a lot and I left the theater completely satisfied.

Final Judgment:

Movies - Yes (but probably could wait for on rental)

DVD - A strong possibility

Rental - Absolutely!
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Solid, if Unspectacular
Watcher-374 September 2004
I found the movie hearkening back to the revenge thrillers of the '70s and '80s.

It moves from point A to point B with little to no surprises, but it's still an enjoyable film. The film actually lived up to the trailer, which made me want to see it.

Cole Hauser carried his role of Bo Laramie well.

Tom Sizemore oozed the right amount of SCUMBAG for the role, but that comes as no surprise to me.

My only real problem was the rather blatant lobotomy they gave Dennis Farina's character. Any detective worth his salt would've instantly made Laramie the prime suspect when the photographers who nearly killed his wife and son turn up dead.

Probably wouldn't buy it on DVD, but I'd definitely see it again.
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Fast paced movie with a nice twist
amigo44cj31 May 2005
One of those movies that your not expecting a whole lot from, but you go because the trailer is cool.

We enjoyed the movie because it didn't have any down time and stayed as close to being an "action" movie as the plot allowed. A nice little twist at the end moved the ranking up a notch.

The bad guys were believable , but a little more "Baldwin" would have been nice.... Not an award winner by any means. You do leave feeling good because the movie was fast paced and no dull moments. Pretty good value for your dollar, a long as you don't spend $20.

Better to wait for the DVD Rental or watch as part of a Drive -In "3-Pack).
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It's Fun -- C'mon!
hugomodo11 September 2004
I saw it last night. I think this movie is misunderstood.

I want to believe that the reasons behind this movie's dismal reviews in the main have to do with the fact that certain people with certain political leanings WANT to hate it and hate Gibson for the sheer and utter sole reason that he made THE PASSION OF THE Christ, that it has a so-called (and totally off-the-wall -- and wrong!) message of anti-Semitism... and that he made the movie anyway, despite protests from the political Left of Hollywood. Have you noticed that Mel Gibson actually placed his name in the credits of this movie as its producer? I can't think of any other Icon Productions film in which his name is placed at all. Granted, Mel doesn't need the money. As far as money goes, he's set for the rest of his life and the rest of his kids' lives. But he has a passion (no pun intended) for making movies, and he's proving that you can't keep him out of Hollywood, by placing his name in the forefront of the credits of this particular Icon Productions project.

It's a fun movie. First and foremost. That's the point of having so many uncredited cameos, most prominently Mel Gibson as an Anger Management patient sitting in the doctor's office scribbling away in the 5 workbooks piled up in his lap.

Secondly, this is a western set in modern society. Whatever you might think of westerns as a genre, PAPARAZZI is for the most part Gregory Peck's THE BRAVADOS with a Hollywood film-making setting. Westerns have long been a staple of the family for Hollywood film-makers since its beginnings. Also, Gibson has himself stated that in prepping BRAVEHEART for filming, he watched -- among other movies -- Gregory Peck's THE BIG COUNTRY. I think Gibson is a fan of Peck's as well as a huge movie buff in his own right; and PAPARAZZI is a tip of the hat to westerns in general. Also, add to the fact that the main character of PAPARAZZI hails from Montana.

Lastly, believe it or not, I think this movie is oriented to the family. Not only does this movie have Mel Gibson in a cameo, but also Vince Vaughan and Matthew McConaughey. It also features Chris Rock who appeared with Gibson in LETHAL WEAPON 4, as well as Fay Masterson who was in Gibson's directorial debut THE MAN WITHOUT A FACE.

This movie isn't on the scale of BEN-HUR or THE BIG COUNTRY. This movie is what it is... fun. I applaud Mel Gibson and crew for delivering the goods.
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Innovative story meets medium-acting
freddi17 September 2004
Don't expect too much, the main characters acting ... well, lets call it medium. I liked the cameo of Chris Rock and I also enjoyed the Peter-Falk-Columbo-Detective snooping around and investigating. The no-1 bad guy (Tom Sizemore) did the best job being nasty, antisocial, all up for the money and ... scared. The story is good and entertaining but could go a little deeper, some twists here and there would have spiced it up a little ... it's too linear. The ending is OK, I don't think there will be a Paparazzi 2, but you never know these days :)

All in all a good, enjoyable movie you can watch without overpowering your brain.
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Icon's Latest Fun
JerPatriot13 December 2004
I've got to say I highly recommend This. It's the latest movie produced by Mel Gibson (he has a funny cameo in it), and it's another one of the few conservative, fun, get the bad guys movies that are becoming so rare in the Theaters nowdays.

Cole Hauser (one of Bruce Willis' navy seals in Tears of the Sun) plays the main character, a new action hero in Hollywood who finds his family being stalked and harassed by Paparazzi. The hero decides to defend his family and takes matters into his own hands in a way that liberal film critics have been squealing and complaining about since it came out. You know the movie's got to be good when the headlines refer to it as "A Mean-Spirited Revenge Movie", "Mel Gibson's Insanity" and "A Crude, Violent Tale."

Cole Hauser actually makes a pretty good action movie good guy here. Along with Eric Bana and Johnny Messner, this movie puts him in with the few potential new generation tough guys in contrast to the crowded list of ever increasing metrosexual wimps.

Buy it or rent it when it comes out on DVD this January.
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Got lucky and saw a screening
afrufus2 September 2004
Warning: Spoilers
The movie is out tomorrow, so no need to give out any spoilers, but I will state my reaction. I was fortunate enough to make it to a screening, and initially did not know what to expect, as I had not even seen a trailer for the movie.

Well, I am not one for the idea of revenge, but this movie does have a well thought out plot, and you begin to side with the main character.. at least I did for the first half of the movie.. There are lots of great non-superfluous action scenes which are woven throughout the strong plot. All the factors seemed to keep the adrenaline going, as by the end of the screening, the room was cheering, despite the fact that the room was full of mostly non-actors.

I will definitely be seeing this again once it's out in theaters!
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I Really Enjoyed Paparazzi!!
kayladparker23 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I really enjoyed Paparazzi!! I have been in the music industry for over 16 years as a writer, producer, and artist. While I have never experienced cameras following me, I do read magazines, and find myself feeling sorry for the rich and famous personal lives. When the lead actor chose to help the paparazzi falling from the mountain after knowing the paparazzi was responsible for his son's coma, and wife's double back injuries, showed he was a good person who eventually felt he had to take matters into his own hands. Unfortunately the paparazzi died, but, boy.. what a story... exciting from the beginning until the end. I absolutely loved how it ended...I had to let someone know how I felt. Great Flick!! Thank you for reading my comment.
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You get what you expect
zmarc3 September 2004
Warning: Spoilers
This isn't a terrible movie. It gives you exactly what you'd expect given the trailer and plot. A new celebrity struggles with really evil paparazzi (who are unbelievably insensitive). Eventually they cause a car accident and nearly kill his wife and son. Then, one by one, the four photographers involved die... the actor is killing them off. Kind of a revenge flick, in a way. Everything's so-so (script, acting, directing), but there are some decent moments. Some of the deaths are pretty cool, there are a couple twists and small surprises, and it ends happily. Meaningless but mildly satisfying, like popcorn. Fun if you're in the right mood.
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Tabloid pictures
jotix1003 August 2005
The present climate of gossip tabloids in this country have created the need for paparazzis. Those ubiquitous parasites seen all over the place, taking pictures of celebrities either adoringly, or at their worst, depending on the agenda of the publications they sell their pictures to. If someone is loved, we'll get to see them ad nauseam, at their best "goody-goody" selves. But if they fall out of grace, or will not cooperate with these vermin, every nasty little detail from their lives will be front page fodder for people buying those trashy magazines.

This is the premise that Paul Abascal presents in "Paparazzi". Working on Forrest Smith's screen play, the director show us how an actor, Bo Laramie is the victim of a group of photographers that follow him and his family from openings galas to daily situations that will be turned into sensational articles for the naive to read.

Basically, the film is Bo's revenge on the same people that cause an accident that leaves his young son in a coma and his wife in a critical condition. In fact, most of the comments submitted to this forum have been negative. While the film doesn't show anything new, it is not as bad as some commentaries make it out to be.

Cole Hunter, as the movie star, Bo Laramie, has some good moments. Dennis Farina plays the detective that comes to investigate Bo's claim about the accident. Tom Sizemore, Daniel Baldwin and Tom Hollander are seen as three of the pest photographers intent in ruining the star's life.

There are two cameos by Mel Gibson, the producer of the film, and by Chris Rock, that are a surprise in that they appear out of nowhere.
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Obvious and straight-forward, but there's a lesson in here to be learned
CuriosityKilledShawn11 September 2005
I hate tabloid press as much as the next person. But I will be honest to you about how I feel about movie stars. It is a dishonest profession. I don't believe in actors getting paid $20 million for a single film and living in multiple mansions when harder working folks get nothing. But then you have to consider what the character of Bo Laramie says in this film. Perhaps every time someone takes your picture you lose a bit of your soul. Maybe the constant hassling of the press is only worth $20 million. Celebrities do rub it in our faces a bit too much about how much money they have. We are the ones that see their movies and buy their CDs. It's because of us that they have what they have right? And when we want a little bit of them back, when we want a little insight into their lives that ultimately, we, have helped create for them, they often bite back with attitude.

There is a line that is not to be crossed though. The odd picture here and there is more than enough. But as there are so many, many tabloid magazines out there, all with the same kind of single-word single-syllable title, the business has become very diluted and all of them are willing to buy the most mundane photos of celebs doing uninteresting things. Not only this, but they take it to rather perverted extremes and it baffles me that anyone could be at all interested in it. I've seen long-shots of celebs hanging around like any person ought to but with massive close-ups of sweaty armpits, circled for the benefit of anyone not enlightened to the point of the picture. Morbid close-ups of some celebrity's blouse revealing some milkshake she spilled a few hours earlier is just plain creepy. Sadly, there are thousands of parasites out there who are willing to fork over their hard-earned cash for such rags. I'll never understand the fascination.

Celebs are made out to be Gods of some kind. Something we all want to be but never can. Their teeth are perfect, their wives/husbands beautiful, their children beautiful, their homes are palaces and their lifestyles enviable. Most of us live our whole lives in jealousy of celebs. This is why we just want a little bit more back from them. They can afford it right? With all that money and 'power' a few pics here and there won't hurt will they? Well, I can't imagine myself liking it very much. And, considering the crap I've seen some celebs take, I personally don't think any of it's worth $20 million. Punching a Paparazzo in the face with my fist going through his camera first sounds like the best image of all in my opinion. Since a union of celebs is actually quite powerful, I do believe their wills be much, much tighter laws in the near future to curb Paparazzi. There's always some story of some actor taking a weaselly photographer to court.

Or you could do it the way Bo Laramie does.

Laramie (Cole Hauser) is a former Montana carpenter who has, by pure chance, become a star in Hollywood through various xXx-style action movies. The public loves him and wants more than he is willing to offer. His private life is constantly being invaded by those peeking in. But they are taking pictures too. Rex Harper (the very cool, but sadly self-destructive, Tom Sizemore) is one of those pesky photographers. And Laramie doesn't take too kindly to Harper taking pics of his son playing football. He responds by punching out Harper, only a group of his Paparazzi pals (including Danny-the best Baldwin, the psycho killer from Heat, and some highly annoying English guy you can't wait to see hanging from a tree) catch the whole thing on film and whore out their footage to the highest bidder.

Now with a personal vendetta between them a childish game is promptly brought to an end (or only just beginning) when they involve Laramie and his family in a Princess Diana-style car wreck. And instead of calling an ambulance, they take pictures of their bloody bodies. Sadly, it's not sounding far-fetched yet.

Having not learned from other's mistake Laramie is still hassled by the photographers and press and they continue to fabricate stories and bend (read utterly distort) the truth to line their own pockets. Little do they know Laramie is planning a Punisher-style revenge on the 4 dolts responsible for his tragedy.

Click on my reviews to find a coninuation of this criticism in another film of the same name as the IMDb only allows 1000 words.
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Original Fresh and Fun
mtllaw6 September 2004
Papparazi is a great original revenge flick that provides some solid entertainment. It reminds me of the great action flicks of the eighties like (not surprisingly) Lethal Weapon and 48 Hours. No need for super special effects or crazy car chases. Just a good storyline with interesting good guys and bad guys. Relax and have fun at this film.

Cole Hauser plays a great movie star. While the character is based on Mel Gibson, his confidence and self assurance reminded me if a young Charlton Heston without the flakiness. Robin Tunney does a great job as usual as his beautiful wife. Tom Sizemore is as usual a dastardly bad guy you hope gets it in the end. The cameos of Chris Rock, Mel Gibson and Matthew McConaghey but especially Vince Vaughn make this a fun Hollywood movie about Hollywood.

Lighten up critics. Don't take yourselves and this film so seriously. This film is obviously tongue in cheek. If you didn't get it. That's your mistake.
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Oh, why oh why can't we rate a movie zero?
mypantsaretootight5 September 2004
I've heard about movies that were so awful that the entire audience laughed, but I've never actually been to one until today. This movie was so awful that we couldn't walk out; we were laughing too hard.

At one point my friend asked if I thought there was any chance one of the actors would actually suck a rat's behind. If only someone had, it would have improved this lame piece of garbage.

Hmmm...I have to provide at least ten lines of comments now in order to be posted? That's new. Okay, let's see, what else can I say? We went to dinner after and I had a delightful cashew chicken salad sandwich. My friend had a turkey club on wheat.
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Not up for the Oscars...
roti_209928 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
May contain spoilers...

Movies are a great art form. But we have to remember that movies are also entertainment. It's fruitless to critique movies such as this with art in mind. You can't compare a movie like Paparazzi to let's say Citizen Kane or Schindler's List. Both very entertaining movies, however their artistic merit far outweighs their entertainment value. Those movies are works of art, Paparazzi is not. That said, let's move on to the revue. This movie wasn't made with the Oscar's in mind. If you're watching this movie, I hope you're watching it munching on a bowl of popcorn with a bunch of friends tossing the kernels at the screen every time you see a crime being committed with the perp not giving a damn about fingerprints. Their are a lot of things overlooked in this movie like DNA, prints, alibis, but this isn't CSI. So if you're worried about the plot-holes don't be just watch the movie for the hilarious cameos and the non-stop action. If you're a turn the other cheek kind of person the movie may not be for you, but if you're a smite my enemies, scream bloody vengeance kind of guy this movie will leave you smiling. Remember, have fun, movies are supposed to entertain you, so just sit back, relax and give your over-analytical brain a rest.
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Amusing movie
kiarashsafavi24 September 2004
I liked the movie, It was smart and shows the public the crazy world of media. The movie also shows how the media goes after targets that might interest the people careless of the cost. My negitive comments about the movie are that people shouldn't take the law into there own hands and start killing one another. In the real world rarely people get away with a murder especially in California with the powerful police force, so I don't how (Cole Hauser) played as Bo Laramie got away with three.

In conclusion I liked the movie and others will too, it wasn't too long or too short and the story was interesting, it kept me to curios about the ending.
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Funniest Film of the Year!
mcuadrado5 September 2004
in the grand tradition of "Mommie Dearest", "Showgirls" and "Pay it Forward" comes "Paparazzi", from the mind of Mel Gibson's hairdresser. This film manages to embrace every direct-to-video thriller cliché with such zest- every line, every situation is portrayed with such conviction that you have to wonder, 'do these people even realize how BAD this is'? This film stars Cole "no eyebrows" Hauser as Bo Laramie, an up and coming action star whose new film "Adrenaline Force" (yes, what a name) has thrust him into the public eye. But Tom Sizemore (aged "34", according to a TV show in the film) and Daniel "I live in a Sombrero house" Baldwin, renegade "bad seed" employees of 'Paparazzi' magazine have other plans for Bo. They terrorize him in his lovely Malibu home, take incrimininating photos of him and Sierra at the local Wild Oats, and inflict a tacky car chase-by-way-of-Lady Diana accident harming his family. What's Bo to do? Exact his revenge? Who cares. I saw this film with a friend knowing it would be hilariously, ridiculously off-key- and it certainly was. What a treat this film was- one of the funniest I've seen in years.
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straight forward revenge movie Paparazzis as bad guys
nitratestock3520 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Well my summary says it.

Please forgive me by mentioning the characters by the names of their respective actors.

The Paparazzis where just a group of four thugs giving Cole Hauser (I foresee a nice career here BTW, Hauser has a quiet menace and energy, but he lacks some range), new to Hollywood action movie star success, a hard time.

The payoff is totally overblown. I stopped rooting for Cole Hauser when he started to set up the deaths of the Paparazzis. O.K. the car crash scene (a comment on Princess Diana's untimely death) and some of their methods and background explained by the investigating LAPD detective shows them as real scumbags, but the very straight revenge plot without even a hint of a plot twist makes Hauser's actions unjustified. I also didn't like the last reaction of the detective (I know you killed the thugs but I won't tell anyone because I support you). I would have loved a plot where the guys get killed accidentally in a way not intended by Hauser or where the detective steps in and pays for it with his life - just to keep ethics in place.

I need people to do much worse things than threatening to "visit your son in the hospital" (which was even later revealed as a panic reaction) to justify beating them to death with a baseball bat and carefully set up a plot to frame the worst of the baddies for the death.

A real hack job by the screenwriters to make a movie with a small setup and a huge payoff. Worth only to see Cole Hauser, Tom Sizemore (can't be wrong casting him) and Dennis Farina.
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Bad, Ugly and Nasty
pianist22 January 2005
Is this it? Is this what American movies promote these days? Good grief! When walking out of the Theatre, I could still not believe how reactionary, immoral and utterly obscene this movie is. It is indulgent before murder, ludicrous in its plot, medieval in its way of thinking and purely ludicrous when it comes to the pretense acting. It also waves a big banner to the saying The end justifies the means. A new low for Mel Gibson's Icon? Certainly, but what should amaze us is the morals beyond this bad ugly and nasty little movie. They tend to throw in the trash everything that the Passion of Christ stood for. What about it, Mel?
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Worst movie ever. "Warning : SPOILER"
Belzebuth8 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
OK I just watched this movie and it was the worst 85 minutes of my life... This movie just sucks! Don't waste your time listening to it... The whole movie is like saying : "Hey people! Stop thinking! Vengeance is the best solution! You'll always get out of trouble with it. Kill people who are getting in your way and even the cops won't blame you. It will all get on another guy. " OK. I don't like these paparazzi guys either,they are losers spying celebrities for money, but man! They caused an accident.. I don't think they meant to. They're f***ing assholes, but the guy just kills 3 of them and the fourth go in jail for it. Laramie gets out of all this, happy. Worst happy ending ever. I'm very happy this movie wasn't a success. What kind of message would it give to our society. Thanks Paul Abascal for doing a bad job, a bad cast, and everything wrong!!!
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brainless action without the action part of that equation
movieman_kev28 October 2005
Bo Laramie, a rising Hollywood star, unaccustomed to the EVIL paparazzi and their EVIL ways, have to combat the EVILness when he stops in the middle of a busy highway and causes a fatal car accident, but only because of those EVIL paparazzi, did I forget to say they're EVIL?? Well don't worry, this movie will pound that point into your head too. It's hard to know where to start with this one. Do I rag on how some things can be painted black and white, but Paparazzi are NOT high on that list. Do I mention Dennis Farina's poor man's Columbo impersonation in the film? or do I talk about the excessive and totally needless reliance on celebrity cameos (Vince Vaughn, Chris Rock, Matthew McConaughey, Mel Gibson himself, anyone from the E! channel). Speaking of E!, do I mention the laughable sequence when they're portrayed as hard hitting news journalists? Or do I just offer the cursory statements of how awful the acting, story, and "plot logic" were? As you can see, I'm in quite the pickle here. So many bad things to point out, so little time. I'll merely settle on telling you that the movie stinks and leave it at that. I think I've gotten my point across somehow.

My Grade: D-
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Worst Movie In Years
sarahz91120 February 2005
I was actually looking forward to seeing this movie. Then I watched it and quite frankly I want my $4.99 rental cost back. In theory it could (and should) have been good. But the acting was just sad, the writing was beyond terrible and the plot wore thin very, very quickly. I guess it was just a jab back at the press by Mel Gibson and his production company - but there is NO DIGNITY in producing a lemon like that. I hope one day that they make a good movie on the paparazzi premise. There's huge potential for it to be good. Maybe next time they'll splurge some money in the writing department first though. So if you rent it you've been warned it's brutal.
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