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  • Bo Laramie is a movie star who has finally achieved success. But success comes at a price, in the form of four persistent photographers known as the paparazzi. Using their dishonest methods of getting the money shot regardless of what it takes, they'll stop at nothing in exploiting Bo for every last penny. But when one of their ventures nearly costs Bo's life and that of his family when they cause a car accident and do nothing afterwords except take photos, Bo has finally reached his breaking point. In doing so, Bo decides to exact a crafty and complex revenge on those four who have enjoyed making his life a living hell with his focus on the paparazzi's ring leader, Rex Harper.

  • In Beverly Hills, the Montana family-man actor Bo Laramie becomes a superstar with the franchise of his action movie "Adrenaline Force". His family and he lose their privacy with the success, being stalked by four tabloid paparazzi led by the despicable Rex Harper. When the photographers provoke a tragic traffic accident with Bo and his family, his wife Abby Laramie is seriously injured and his son Zach Laramie enters in coma. When Bo unintentionally causes a fatal accident with Kevin Rosner, he decides to plot revenge against the other three scumbags to protect his family.

  • A rising Hollywood actor decides to take personal revenge against a group of four persistent photographers to make them pay for almost causing a personal tragedy involving his wife and son.


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  • Bo Laramie (Cole Hauser) is a rising movie star who has finally achieved major success with his latest film.

    Persistent photographers Rex Harper (Tom Sizemore) Wendell Stokes (Daniel Baldwin), Leonard Clark (Tom Hollander), and Kevin Rosner (Kevin Gage), harass Bo and his family, which includes his wife Abby (Robin Tunney), and their 8-year-old son Zach (Blake Bryan). The day after the big premiere of Bo's new movie, Bo takes Zach to soccer practice, where hes immediately troubled by the sight of Rex, snapping pictures of Zach on the field.

    Bo initially takes the high road, politely asking Rex to back off. Though Rex pretends to back off, he soon returns and gets punched by Bo, who is then sued for $500,000. Rex then vows to destroy Bo's life. Later, while Bo, Abby, and Zach are out in their car, Rex and his crew drive up beside them, in four different vehicles, and start taking pictures.

    Distracted, Bo is forced to stop at an intersection, and their car is rammed by a pickup truck. Rex and his crew rush out of their vehicles to snap photos of the wreck that they caused. While Bo is not seriously injured, Abby's spleen is removed and Zach is in a coma.

    Bo talks to LAPD detective Burton (Dennis Farina). Burton says that Rex, Wendell, Leonard, and Kevin each gave him the same story, that they drove up on the wreck some time after it happened. Burton says that until he gets any witnesses, that's all he has to go on.

    The next day, Bo accidentally causes Kevin to wipe out on his motorcycle, careening onto a precipice. Bo tries to save Kevin, but Kevin says "You think we were up your ass before? I'm gonna own you now, slick." Bo, flashing back to the wreck, lets Kevin fall to his death.

    Det. Burton learns that Leonard used to be an attorney until he got himself disbarred for distribution of narcotics. Leonard is still on probation for possession of illegal firearms. When Leonard was an attorney, he had once gotten Rex out of an attempted rape charge. Bo is also not the first actor who ever punched Rex before one of the Baldwin brothers did. After Baldwin punched Rex, Rex sued him, and then moved into a boat on a local marina.

    Bo next goes after Leonard. After calling 911, Bo describes Leonard's car, and says that the driver is waving a gun all over the place. Leonard is pulled over and finds a gun that he didn't know was in his coat pocket. When Leonard pulls it out, the cops shoot him dead.

    Rex and Wendell are convinced that Bo will target them next. So, they plant tiny cameras in Bo's house. Abby runs into Wendell who threatens to kill her son if she tells the cops. Soon after that, Deputy Walker (Forry Smith) and Deputy Wilson (Donal Gibson) come by. Burton sent them to provide extra security.

    Rex is furious that Wendell attacked Abby, because that gives Bo even more reason to go after them. Bo sneaks out past the two deputies and makes his way into Wendell's house. Bo is infuriated upon discovering that there are cameras planted in his house. Wendell arrives home, and Bo confronts him with a baseball bat. In the morning, Bo puts the car back where it was at, and he notices that Burton is on his way to the house. Bo races to the house, and lets Burton in, who shows Bo a video that was taken by a camera in a button of Leonard's shirt on the set of the movie. Burton thinks someone planted the gun in Leonard's coat.

    Rex arrives at Wendell's house, looks through a window, and sees Wendell's body. Rex goes back to his boat, finding the bloody bat. Rex realizes that Bo is trying to frame him.

    With police approaching, Rex grabs a gun and ducks out of his boat. At Wendell's house, Burton notices the video feed from the cameras in Bo's house. On the feed, he sees Rex entering the house with the gun. Rex goes to Bo and Abby's bedroom and opens fire, only for Bo to hit Rex and throw him to the floor. He viciously beats Rex, gloating about how he got his revenge.

    Rex is arrested. As he is led outside, he is relentlessly photographed by paparazzi. Later, as Bo is preparing to finish up the movie he's been filming, he's called to the hospital, where Zach has awakened from his coma. Later, Bo, Abby, and Zach are at the premiere of 'Adrenaline Force 2', the sequel to the movie that made Bo a star. Abby is now pregnant with a girl. After the film is shown, Abby and Zack leave covertly, as Bo goes to meet the press out front, by himself.

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