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A Parallel
jaywriter1 February 2005
I wasn't sure what to expect when I watched this movie. I was sure quite how it would fit with the Dirty Dancing title, but once I turned it on I was enraptured. I couldn't turn away and when it was over and watched it a second time.

I was uncertain at first what I would think because I'd heard it was a Sequel, I'd heard it was a Prequel and I'd heard it was a remake. But when I came out of watching it, I felt it was a movie in it's own right. If anything it was a Parallel. It present the same kind of feelings and emotions as the original Dirty Dancing. Other than that it was it's own movie.

Romola was fabulous and Diego was just so easy to watch. They had great chemistry that made the whole thing believable and realistic. I could watch them dance all day. And the music made me want to dance myself if I knew how.
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I had the time of my life again!
Markussen_malene22 March 2005
Katey moves to Havana with her family in 1958. Her family expect her to date a rich buy, but then she meets the Cuban waiter Javier, he introduces her to the sensual Cuban dance'n'music. When he loses his job, indirectly because of Katey, she asks her to enter and win a dancing competition with her, so that he can take his family to America. They meet secretly and dance right in each others hearts! When the revolution breaks out, the young couple tries to prove that their love is worth fighting for. I would have liked them to just call it Havana Nights, instead, because many people have high expectations about it because of the title. If you liked the first Dirty Dancing you will love this. It is a beautiful movie about how dancing brings to young people together and mix the afro-Cuban rhythms with ballroom dance and it looks fantastic! I LOVE this movie, and the music is absolutely amazing! It makes you want to dance and I feel alive when I see the movie. If you want to have a big musical experience filed with love and drama, then enjoy every minute of this film! I hope you will let yourself flowed away to the Cuban music!
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I LOVED Dirty Dancing Havana Night's
Soccer_80012 February 2005
I loved this movie! It was really good. Yes it was a chick flick and a teen movie, but it was SO good and romantic! Javier (Luna) was SO hot and good. The way his body moved was amazing! The only reason I rated this movie a 9 was because I didn't like the way it ended. I thought it could have been done a little differently. But I still went out and bought the DVD!! This may sound a little crazy, but almost every night I watch it! If I could learn to dance the way they do...I would pay to learn how to dance so Cuban! It was a really good, adorable, romantic, and dramatic Movie. It had everything and more that I like to see in a movie. Many people say that they didn't like it but, I thought it was awesome.
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Feel the rhythm of the beat!
willow_tree-123 November 2004
This movie is now without a doubt on my top 10 list now! The mix of drama, romance, history, and dance is perfect! The acting, dancing, and music in the movie was great! You want to just stand up and dance (even if you have no idea how to) Havana nights really takes you into the lives of these two people and makes you really care about them. It has an ending that is very true to real life. That things don't always go as they should. It had a Romeo and Juliet vibe without being cheesy what so ever. Diego and Romola give a heart warming performance that makes you always want to come back for more. I recommend this movie to anyone that has ever wanted to follow their dreams, but was too afraid to try.
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This is awesome
kc_loves_movies21 November 2004
I absolutely LOVED this movie. Deigo Luna was so hot! This was not as good as the first, but considering it wasn't really a sequel but more like a completely different movie I thought it was awesome. The acting was good, the dancing awesome, and the soundtrack even better. I loved the dance they did at the Palace and I would recommend this movie to anyone and everyone. Both the lead actors are new and I hope that we will be seeing a lot more of each of them. This is a sweet story of an interacial relationship in Cuba where the white girl from America falls in love with the sexy Cuban pool boy! They are so awesome together and it was a wonderful movie. With the sexy dancing and the sexy music and the typical(but good) storyline this is the perfect movie to watch anytime!

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I enjoyed it
funky_little_angel1 June 2004
When I went in to see Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, I expected it to be really bad with all the bad reviews labelling it as corny and ridiculous etc. So I was surprised when it turned out to be a better film that I expected. The acting was good and the dancing was hot. And even though the plot may have been unoriginal and predictable, nothing these days is really that new.

I thought Romola Garai (as Katey Miller) did a good job of keeping up an American accent. And Diego Luna (as Javier Suarez) does a great job of dancing and being a charismatic character, not to mention that he's pretty hot!

I haven't seen the original Dirty Dancing, but I think you should let this film stand on its own. Just because it uses the name, it doesn't mean they're linked.

On the whole, if you want to see a nice movie with lots of hot dancing, Havana Nights is for you. But if you're looking for something equal to the original, you may not like this one as much.
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Very good movie
Naisy6823 February 2005
I rented this movie the other day simply because I wanted to see how they could possibly do a sequel to the first Dirty Dancing. However, I don't think I would have otherwise. BUT I am really glad that I did. I loved this movie! I really liked the story line and it also gave me a brief glimpse of the history of Cuba. That in itself made it one of my new favorite movies. Combine this with the music and the awesome dancing and it becomes a fantastic movie. I am not going to compare it to the first DD movie. It deserves to be set out on it's own. It is definitely worthy. The young actors do an awesome job of portraying the characters in this movie. This is a movie that I would like to own and I don't feel that way about a lot of movies. Congratulations to the producers, directors and all of those involved, I will be recommending this one to friends and family.
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If you can't say something nice...at least compliment the wardrobe!
kitkat95 March 2004
All good parents tell their children "If you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all." (Of course, most good parents also warn you about running all over a foreign country at all hours of the night, but I digress!) So....


So, I promise that I won't go on about the injustice done to a modern day classic by slapping it's title on an overly cliched and not well acted (or overly well danced) sloppy second and I won't recount how creepy Patrick Swazye is looking (when exactly did he see her dancing, is the creepy old guy stalking her!?!). Instead, I will say that John Slattery and Sela Ward tried their best with what they were given and the female costumes were stunning (although how she went from a prudish, sweater wearing introvert who had to borrow a "sexy" outfit from the maid to having a zillion low cut, less than demure dresses I'll never know!)

So, now that I've done my best to say a little "something nice" and a whole lot of "anything at all"s, let me finish knowing that although I'll do my best not to take a piece of this movie with me, I think that, unfortunately, a little piece of it will always stay, well not in my heart, but definitely with me!!
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This movie is a must see
Poolbum2729 March 2005
This is absolutely the greatest movie I have ever seen. I know all of the words to the movie and yet I still get butterflies in my stomach and tears in my eyes. The connection that was made between the two of them seems so real and incredible. You feel their pain and their love. This movie is really great for a low point in your day if you are looking to feel better as well as any other second of the day. It's great how they bring elements of the first movie into this one but keep them very subtle so as not to confuse anyone into thinking that this movie is a sequel or a continuation of the first. Like I said before, I really feel that this movie is really and truly amazing, and everyone should at least try it. You might prove yourself wrong.
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Bogus Latin dancing film.
el_nickster22 July 2005
My biggest gripe with this movie is that the Latin dancing is not very genuine. My father was living in Havana in the early 1960s, and reports what seems pretty obvious: this film is full of a modern, highly stylized and "hip-hoppified" version of Cuban street dancing.

But, there is a lot of other stuff to gripe about in this film.

Plot: our heroine is an American gringa whose family moves to pre-revolutionary Cuba because her dad's company promoted him to a position there. We don't know anything about our heroine (let's call her "La Gringa Caliente," because she eventually learns to loosen up and let strange men touch her butt), except that she gets good grades. So, she moves to Havana and becomes mesmerized by afro-Cubano dancing. This leads her to fall madly in love with a waiter in her hotel, and enter a dance tournament with him. Her family is scandalized. Then they are not scandalized any more.

The plot is totally predictable, and the acting is downright bad. The love story lacks guts. None of that matters if what you want is to see cool Latin dancing and listen to cool Latin music, which was my goal. But, even that goal is sadly disappointed here. There is some cool music, but most of the music is just hip-hop with a Latin beat. A lot of the dancing is just 2000's club freak-dancing... it looks more like Lambada than Samba.

The three features that pushed me from silent disappointment to derisive laughter were:

(1) They make a big deal about "Old Havana," and show all of these landscape shots to impress the viewer. But the city they are showing is San Juan, Puerto Rico! This might not be so obvious, but they show the most famous landmarks in San Juan, so that you cannot possibly even pretend the setting is Havana. So much for the "Havana Nights."

(2) For some God-awful reason, they throw Patrick Swayze back in! First of all, his character has no role, no background, and no reason to be there. He plays the gringo dance teacher who somehow teaches La Gringa Caliente how to loosen up and let guys touch her butt (he has a great line: "It can be very scary when someone touches that part of your body." who wrote this?). They dance around ballroom style. Second, the guy has had a really bad face-lift or something. He was only 52 when this film came out, but he looks 65. I was worried that his hairpiece was going to come flying off during some of the spins.

(3) The pathetically weak attempt to illustrate the social pressures that led to the Cuban revolution left in me stitches.

Conclusion: stink bomb. If you want a movie with cool Cuban music, rent Buena Vista Social Club. If you want to watch cool Latin dancing, rent the 1980s Robby Rosa film "Salsa!" If you have a desperate need to get rid of four dollars and be bored for 90 minutes, rent "Dirty Dancing Havana Nights."
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Romola Garai, Soundtrack & Dances!
Chrysanthepop7 September 2007
Normally, I avoid these kind of films as romantic movies aren't my cup of tea or coffee. However, while i was working, the movie was playing and I was captured by the beauty of Romola Garai. So I decided to watch the film. There were some great foot-tapping songs and the dances were fairly good too. There's nothing like dancing with a beautiful woman (who can dance too). The film itself is quite okay, nothing outstanding. The lead pair Diego Luna and Romola Garai share a nice chemistry. Not only is Garai beautiful but she can act too as she delivers a sincere performance. Diego Luna does his part well although in a few scenes he does seem to have difficulty with some expressions. Sela Ward is alright in a minuscule part. Ditto for Patrick Swayze's cameo.To sum it up, what I liked about it was Romola Garai, the soundtrack and the dances.
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This movie crowned a major achievement
Mobus Dorphin1 September 2012
I did not think that it was possible to make a movie worse than the original Dirty Dancing, but as I watched this movie I was amazed that the impossible was done, those who made this film did indeed manage to create a piece of garbage worse than the first Dirty Dancing. The acting was cheesy, the plot was pointless, and the characters were all giant morons. OHNOES MY RACIAL STEREOTYPE DOESN'T ALLOW ME TO DANCE LIKE THOSE PEOPLE DANCING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET IN THE MIDDLE OF A SCORCHING DAY IN HAVANA WHATEVER SHALL I DO.

Seriously, skip this one. Unless you like watching truly terrible movies, in which case I highly recommend this, Titanic (The famous one with DiCaprio and Winslet), and any movie that contains Drew Barrymore in it, especially ones with Adam Sandler as well (or Jimmy Fallons pretending to be Adam Sandlers)
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He still looks 13 to me!!! Diego Luna I mean.
Elegantly Wasted3 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Doesn't he? Seriously now... he looks like a little kid. Half the movie I was screaming at the TV screen: "Don't do it Katey! It's child molestation!"

Ah, big fan of the original. A perfect mix of romance, music and drama, and I'm a total sci fi geek head tomboy kind of a girl so if it reached me you could tell it was something. So i watched the sequel with mixed feelings, because I knew it would never surpass the original. Still, maybe I could get a few kicks out of it. So, bottom line, it's an okay movie that takes itself way to seriously given that the acting is... well... is it acting? To me it looked more like reciting lines in front of a camera, which, sorry, not acting. IMHO

The dancing was good, don't get me wrong. In a movie like this, it BETTER be good or heads are gonna roll. Luna can dance, can't take that away from him but the kid can't act to save his life. And his female counterpart wasn't much better. That scene where she was lying down with her head on his shoulder saying "I'm so glad I'm here to share this with you" I cringed. It was so bad. She had this blank stare on her face... probably because she contemplated child molestation.

Ah, the rest of the cast ain't much better. It's such a waste because I liked the dancing, I liked the ending, I liked the idea of a romance going on with the revolution in the background but the "acting" ruined this movie for me. It seems actors that can dance and actually act at the same time are very rare these days, and those who are probably are expensive. Ah well. Still got my Moulin Rouge...
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A combination of many factors make this movie unforgettable
Chantal23 April 2005
If your expecting a carbon remake of the original "Dirty Dancing", then you will be sorely disappointed as although "Dirty Dancing Havana Nights" shares the same plot and name there are few similarities between the two movies. The styles are completely different, and both hold their own individual kind of magic that captures the hearts of the viewers.

The dancing has few fancy tricks and the music is more of a dance beat then unforgettable hit, however the simple elegance and hot moves will leave the breathless. It oversteps some of the marks the original barely touched upon, the phrase Dirty Dancing comes into play as a strong theme of the dance. The dancing shows a way of rebellion where they enter there own world and dance their own steps, it shows the process of growing up and the parents fight to keep their baby, that a lot of teenage girls face.

Although the dancing is memorable (although in my opinion there is not enough) the main theme seems to be the setting. The amazing setting of Cuba is a brilliant setting, the colourful surroundings bring to life a surreal feeling that captures the summer buzz of the movie perfectly.

The politics involved of the revolution manage to reach through this idealistic dream and bring a harsh sense of reality to the movie, that in my opinion is very interesting.

Katey (Romola Garai) and Javier (Diego Luna) dance well together. They have an interesting chemistry, (although not as prominent as the characters interaction in the original, which is a slight disappointment). The dialogue at times can sound slightly false, however is usually soon made up for. Sela Ward and John Slattery (who play Katey's parents) are brilliant actors, that really bring up the movie at times. The movie has many actors that all interact brilliantly and the events that the movie covers are done in a very thought provoking way.

Towards the end I felt that it began to lose the quality that it had built throughout the movie, namely in the big dancing scene that is slightly disappointing. However, it is rescued by the ending that provides a powerful reality that wakes them up from the summer dream that the movie seems to build its self into and provides a bittersweet ending that in my opinion is very good, although it leaves you wondering what happened next.

Overall, the movie is well worth seeing, it brings together a brilliant story, with hot music and a time/setting that is unforgettable, once you see it once you'll want to watch again and again.
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An Basis Case Against Free Trade Being Legal
DKosty1237 March 2008
We were excited to see this long overdue sequel to the original Dirty Dancing. When we were done, we could not believe how badly it was made. I know it is cheaper to make films out of the United States now as this one was done in Australia. Problem is it looks like it was done by some blokes who didn't care about even trying to make a good movie.

Patrick Swayzee has a very small cameo role which was used to try & sell tickets to this turkey. Once people who saw the original looked at this one, they fled from the theaters. In case there ever is a chance, we should send this movie to someone we don't like.

That's what I'd do with it. It just gets worse by the minute. Makes the original look like a classic film. Watch the first one, skip this movie.
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Havana Nights is an AWESOME movie!
I loved this move. i loved the plot line and the way it was an entirely different movie from the other. Though, yes there are some definite Things in common, awesome. Diego Luna was hot and fabulous oh my god! He is an unbelievable dancer...give him props, CHECK OUT THIS MOVIE!I liked the fact that they brought in Patrick Swayze (NICE TOUCH) kinda made it corny but funny. Romola, I Didn't KNOW SHE WAS FROM ENGLAND...wow she hides her accent well! Right at the beginning, I liked Luna's and "that one dude"'s dance performance...awesome. I only rented the movie so now maybe i have to go and purchase it.
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simply awful
noradorian12 April 2013
I'll be brief. I waisted too much time watching this, so I won't waist even more writing a long review. I gave a star because I liked the Cuba song, but that's it. For the rest, such a bad bad bad... EVERYTHING: casting, choreography, acting, directing...etc etc... I wonder what Patrick Swayze had to do with this pathetic imitation of a wonderful memory. They could have picked up another actor, same category with the rest just to fit with their script and leave Patrick S. alone. It was very very disappointing. I could watch "Dirty Dancing", the original one, endlessly ... but this Havana thing... I made a big effort to resist watching it till the end... If you want to see a good movie, pick up the first Dirty Dancing. Simply like that.
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This was a great movie
movieluvver8612 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This was a great movie, no doubt about it. The soundtrack is amazing and the movie just gives you an uplifting feeling, making you want to dance. However, I do feel that the movie could've been better if there'd been more character development and the movie been longer, with more detail, and if more emotion was put into the end.

I don't know how Romola pulled off hiding her heavy British accent, but she definitely convinced me. I don't think she was very convincing as an actress while saying some of her lines, though. However, I think she is the best one for the part. She's a very good dancer and just everything about her makes her right for the role.

For those of you who want to find the same passion that Diego and Romola have in the movie, (who wouldn't want that???) it's not easy. Dance studios like Arthur Murray just teach you the basics of dance and although there is Latin dancing taught there, you will never find that kind of dancing in a studio like that. So I recommend not getting your hopes up before taking ballroom lessons, because they are just the basics of dance.
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Wonderful and Delightful Homage to Dance and to the First Love
Claudio Carvalho6 February 2008
In November 1958, the American teenager Katey Miller (Romola Garai) moves with her parents and her younger sister to Havana. Her father is an executive of Ford expatriated to Cuba, and Katey is an excellent high school senior student that misses her friends. The family is lodged in a fancy hotel, where Katey accidentally meets the local teenage waiter Javier Suarez (Diego Luna). Later she sees Javier dancing in a public square and they become friends, but he is fired from the hotel because her acquaintances have seen them together. Katey invites Javier to participate of a Latin Ballroom Contest in the local Palace club to help him to raise some money, and she secretly meets him in the La Rosa Negra nightclub for rehearsals. Later they fall in love for each other in times of revolution.

I like movies of dance, but "Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights" is a wonderful and delightful homage to dance and to the first love that has superseded my best expectations. First, it is based on a true story, with romance and drama in the historic moment and landscape of the Cuban Revolution (inclusive the imported DVD has a beautiful message from the real "Katey Miller" - actually JoAnn F. Jansen, the partner of the dance instructor Patrick Swayze). Then, the magnificent chemistry showed between the adorable Romola Garai, who gives credibility to her beautiful character with a touching performance and a stunning dance, and the great Diego Luna, and the cameo appearance of Patrick Swayze. Last but not the least, the awesome music and choreography of dances complete this great film. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Dirty Dancing 2 - Noites de Havana" ("Dirty Dancing – Havana Nights")
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Rip off
jotix10011 October 2005
"Dirty Dancing, Havana Nights" is a film that tried to capitalize on a much better film, "Dirty Dancing" that came out in the eighties. This remake suffers from a lack of vision and political incorrectness, so typical with people that have no clue about other cultures, as witnessed by the finished product. It's almost incomprehensible that more than 500 contributors to IMDb have given this film a rating of 10, or excellent, when it feels fake from the beginning.

This film is supposed to take place in Havana during the days before the fall of the Batista regime in 1959. The director, Guy Ferlnad, and his writers, present us a Havana in which dancing takes place in almost any corner as we are taken to watch an impromptu rumba dancing by happy "natives" in a busy downtown street. The character of Javier, the proud pool waiter working for the wealthy Americans in either their club, or hotel, shows a rebel streak toward his boss, and a friendly attitude toward the gorgeous Katey Miller, who accepts him as a friend. This situation could only work in the minds of the movie people because in real life, Katey couldn't have cared less for the young man, let alone be associated with him for any kind of social dancing.

In fact, there is such sharp contrast between the girl of privilege and a working class poor boy that it would have taken a miracle for bringing them together. Talk about the magic of the movies! This is stretching things a bit too much. Films about Cuba, in general, always show the fateful 1958 New Year's Eve that changed that land forever. We see it again done here as it's the climax of the "dirty dancing" competition where Katey and Javier are finalists.

As for the dancing, the people involved in the film have created a hybrid in trying to present what one sees in the movie for "real" dancing, when this type of sensual dancing didn't come into being until the nineties.

Diego Luna is a good actor and does what he can with his Javier. Romola Garai is a beautiful young woman to look at, but as far as the dancing, she suffers from a lack of rhythm, so innate in a Cuban, or a Latina and since she is not a dancer, she doesn't keep pace with Javier at all. Sela Ward has some good moments as Katey's mother, and Patrick Swayze shows up as a dancing instructor.

Mr. Ferland, the director, should have done some research in Miami, or another area where Cubans still dance in their own fashion and it would have made up for a better dancing in a film that feels fake from beginning to end.
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This movie gets an 'A' !! For Awful
zennasa3 March 2008
An'A' for Awful that is! Awful acting, Awful dancing and just for being an Awful movie. This movie doesn't even touch the original. It seemed as if things were just thrown in this movie just for the sake of it with no real fluidity. I was never expecting much. However since I have a love for salsa (which this movie almost nearly destroyed) and have been dancing it for a number of years, I thought I would give it a try.

It is such a shame given the talent of many of the cast. I felt I wasted 86 minutes of my life, and think I should forewarn anyone over the age of 10 with above average taste in movies not to watch this drivel.
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Not ALL bad, but not good....
hanleybmw27 February 2004
OK, this is not a good movie....but it's not ALL bad. Patrick Swayze looked decrepit in this movie, totally irrelevant to the plot (some sort of editing issues). This is the only movie I have ever seen in theaters that people (basically most of the audience) were laughing during the dramatic parts. I have to say I liked some of the aesthetics but overall the schmaltzy acting and flimsy plot really killed it. The music was not even trying to be 50's era in many places and most of the characters were hardly developed at all but seemed to be just thrown in. I realize that this isn't exactly supposed to be groundbreaking cinema, but given the popularity of the first movie I would have expected better.
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Golden Romola Soars To Greatness!
Dan1863Sickles2 May 2005
Can a gifted young actress ever be too good for the part? Yes, if you're talking about this pleasantly bland DIRTY DANCING sequel. HAVANA NIGHTS tries to transplant the "Dirty Dancing" story line to Cuba in the fifties. It's a good idea in itself. But the movie doesn't work because Romola Garai is not just good enough -- she's too good. She's too natural, too glamorous, too self-confident, and too alluring to be believable in the typical "dirty dancing" scenario.

In the original DIRTY DANCING, all of the story's power came from the fact that Jennifer Grey's character was a classic ugly duckling -- not a golden beauty with natural grace. It was thrilling, heartbreaking, poignant and funny to watch "Baby" discover her own sensuality and attractiveness, because you could see how shy and awkward she felt.

None of that dynamic works in HAVANA NIGHTS. The story lacks power precisely because Romola Garai is a screen "natural" in a way that Jennifer Grey never was. You never worry about her future. She seems to be so utterly right the moment she steps onto the dance floor. Far from being intimidated by her Cuban partner, she seems to be more at home on the dance floor than he is. Her golden, regal beauty and bewitching sensuality are so completely radiant and luminous in every scene, you never wonder if she'll get the guy. Instead you wonder why she wants a mere boy instead of a grown man of greater animal power and allure! Romola Garai is destined to be a huge star -- in this movie she soars to greatness.

But that doesn't make HAVANA NIGHTS a great movie.
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My FaVouRiTe FiLm So FaR !!
suki_clark26 December 2004
I thought dirty dancing was an amazing film! got for Christmas and as soon as put the DVD into the player i couldn't get my eyes off of it! The dancing is amazing and Romola Garai and Diego Luna should get huge credit for there amazing performances even thought they are not dancers.

Diego Luna is a very gorgeous actor and him in the film makes many young people want to watch the film. Watching him dance is also very nice! Romolab is a very pretty girl as well and she has potential to be an amazing dancer.

I thought the film had an amazing story line and although it was't the most original it grabbed my attention straight away. I've only had the DVD for 1 day and have watched it four times , it doesn't get boring and I'm pleased to say that its my favourite film now. DIEGO LUNA IS FIT!
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