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Eddie Murphy recital with creepy and spooky scenario at a haunted house
ma-cortes22 January 2005
The movie talks about a house seller (Eddie Murphy) , his wife (Marsha Thomason) and children , they are going to a haunted mansion inhabited by weird people : an owner (Nahaniel Parker) , butler (Terence Stamp) , servant (Wallace Shawn) and psychic (Jennifer Tilly) . They'll take on several dangers , eerie ghosts , scary skeleton and fantastic supernatural forces .

The picture mingles frightening happenings , frenetic action , mystery , tongue-in-cheek and there is horror but with humor , including a lot of references to the Disney theme park ride . From the start to finish fear and giggles are interminable . The film pays tribute to the picture ¨The haunting¨ but with laughs and fun . Much of the movie's plot is inspired by Phantom Manor, the version of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland Resort Paris . Vivid as well as thrilling musical score by Mark Mancina . Colorful and brilliant cinematography by Remi Adefarasin . FX , especial effects , by means of computer generator , are of first class , similar to extraordinary make-up by Rick Baker , a number one in this category , as he won various ¨Oscars¨. The make-up designed by Rick for Ramsley -Terence Stamp- was to make him resemble Boris Karloff .

Many designs of the building designs were recycled from both of the Walt Disney attractions , the exterior was based off the original structure at Disneyland and the inside was a mix of both. The production picture was made with a main aim to advertising campaign as theme park attraction . The motion picture was regularly directed by Rob Minkoff (Stuart Little 1 and 2 , The forbidden game , The Lion King) . The film obtained enough success in the Box-office . The motion picture will appeal to horror comedy enthusiasts and Eddie Murphy fans . Rating : 5,5/10 . Average .
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Not great, but not bad. Great Visuals.
reddiemurf813 April 2020
I can see how this didn't do as well as expected at the box office, but it's worth watching. The costumes and set designs are great!

So go watch it!
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Ignore bad reviews
okie-2284312 July 2020
Don't go in expecting a true horror movie and you'll love it. This movie actually succeeds at capturing the mood of the titular ride. The jokes are subtle but funny, the mansion itself is amazing and Murphy & Stamp deliver memorable performances. It's stunning how much they squeeze into the run-time and the pace is fast & fun. This is a good time popcorn movie so don't look for anything deep or scary. Simply putting it, if you like the ride, you'll find something to enjoy in this movie.
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Actually not half-bad.
crowrobot14 October 2005
'The Haunted Mansion' got a lot of bombs thrown at it by critics, and almost nobody liked it. Well, guess what: I did. It's a faithful homage to the ride, the actors are interesting, and the horror side of the story is appropriately creepy. The plot is partially based on the French version of the ride, and it's decent. Although the movie never answers the question of why Master Gracey (Nathaniel Parker, who's really good here) couldn't marry his sweetheart Elizabeth (who was black), the hints are pretty obvious. And I liked the whole concept of the curse (even though it doesn't make any sense). The little nods to the ride throughout the movie are fun, especially Jennifer Tilly as Madame Leota, a disembodied head inside a crystal ball who speaks in riddles. Tilly can do this husky-voiced role in her sleep, and I liked her (the special effects involving her are pretty neat too). Although Eddie Murphy is miscast, and there are zero laughs in the movie, his mugging for the camera doesn't hurt the movie. The kids are OK, and Marsha Thomason does what she can with a thankless role, but it's Terence Stamp who steals the movie. He is Ramsley, the sinister butler of Master Gracey. With his deep rumbling British accent, Stamp gives a deliciously over-the-top performance, and he does here what Johnny Depp did for 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. Back to Eddie Murphy for a minute: Although he earns no laughs, he plays noncomedic scenes well, and he has some good banter with Stamp. The production design of the mansion and the ghostly special effects are very cool, particularly a zombie attack that pushes the PG rating to it's limits. Is 'The Haunted Mansion' a great movie? Absolutely not; they could have punched up the comedy aspect of the movie. It's not a bad movie, though. I thought it was very entertaining, and it's certainly better than the awful trailers. Not as good as 'Pirates', but a fun ride nonetheless.
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Not as bad as many lead you to believe.
TOMNEL17 April 2007
This was a very poorly reviewed film, and it didn't deserve such flack. For me, it was a dumb, entertaining movie with some heart. For others, it was a terrible job of emulating the classic Disney ride and just another stupid Eddie Murphy comedy vehicle. Though I'd rather go on the ride as opposed to watching this, it still has it's charm. This movie is about a Realtor (Murphy) and his family traveling to a haunted mansion for a business deal. While in the house they learn some strange things and end up traveling through various rooms found in the ride (the bride, the ballroom, Madame Leota, the graveyard with the singing busts). In the end, this is a fun movie for kids, and amusing for adults, with fun references, and a fun performance by Murphy and the kids.

My rating: ** 1/2 out of ****. 85 mins. PG for mild language, violence
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Better than I expected.
belva030810 October 2006
First of all, I am a Disney kid that grew up going to Disneyland in CA every year. Since I am a fan of the ride, "The Haunted Mansion", I guess I expected this film to be good. When I heard the mediocre reviews, I backed off from watching it until I just bought it on DVD this past weekend. I was very surprised to find it a lot better than I expected. My kids loved it and have watched it about 3 times.

The sets were beautiful and intricate, the costumes and make-up are gorgeous and the special effects are amazing. Rick Baker "Monster Maker" is so talented and has done an impressive (as always) job creating a vision from the Haunted Mansion ride that he also admired.

If you are a fan of the ride, I would imagine that you would enjoy this movie as much as me.
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Pretty fun Halloween family movie no matter what reviews say
superhawk-6913212 October 2020
This movie is a family movie and should be reviewed as such. Effects are not bad for its time period. The story is Halloween spooky cheesy and not really scary. We watch it every Halloween and its just fine for what it us. Way better than the 5 stars rated here.
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Disney's Latest Ghost Story
EmperorNortonII16 January 2005
"The Haunted Mansion" is the latest movie to be based upon an attraction at the Disney theme parks. It stars Eddie Murphy as Jim Evers, a workaholic real estate agent who finds himself and his family trapped in a mansion infested with ghosts. The movie doesn't rank as well as "Pirates of the Caribbean." The story isn't all that it should be. But the movie does have its good points. The art direction is beautiful, and there are plenty of visual gems. The ghosts seen in the graveyard are probably the best part of the movie. Terence Stamp puts in a suitably creepy performance as Ramsley, the butler, and Jennifer Tilly is kooky as Madame Leota. "The Haunted Mansion" is no "Pirates of the Caribbean," but it is still worth a look.
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It is not that bad!
TheLittleSongbird25 October 2009
The Haunted Mansion is based on a ride at Disneyland, and is one of three movies the other two being the Country Bears and Pirates of the Caribbean based on a Disneyland ride. As for the movie, it is very flawed, but you know what, it isn't that bad. It's not as good as Pirates of the Caribbean but it's better than Country Bears.

The film does look amazing, with splendid sets and costumes and the special effects were actually above average my favourite being the singing statues. The music is great, and the performances in general are very good. Eddie Murphy has been better, but he gave a good account of himself and the children were appealing. The best of the lot has to be Jennifer Tilly as the crystal ball, but she should have got more screen time than she did. The film does have a fairly creepy atmosphere to it, especially that truly scary scene in the tomb.

However, The Haunted Mansion isn't without its flaws. The script is very cliché-ridden and doesn't give the actors very much to work with. The plot does have its dull and predictable spots, and never really recovers, and is further disadvantaged by a rather anti-climatic and obvious ending. The only real disappointing performance came from Terence Stamp as Ramsley, he is a fine actor, but he is given little to do.

All in all, it is very flawed, but it is watchable. 6/10 Bethany Cox
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I see dead movies!
inspectors7117 January 2006
Another nail in the coffin of Eddie Murphy's career, The Haunted Mansion is a slap-dash attempt to cash in on The Pirates of the Caribbean, an infinitely more successful and better film based on a Disneyland ride. There's just nothing here to write about--very little human drama and not enough computer wizardry to keep you from noticing you don't care about the humans.

About the only two things worth mentioning are Jennifer Tilly's fairly funny Madame Leota, a wisecracking Gypsy trapped in a bright green crystal medicine ball and Marsha Thomason, not for any acting ability but simply that she is beautiful and her beauty relieves some of the boredom.

Oh, well. At least it didn't have some character pontificating, "Follow your heart!"--the ubiquitous and hackneyed Disney message
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bland, halfhearted throwaway from Murphy
Buddy-514 September 2004
'The Haunted Mansion,' a film 'inspired' by the Disney theme-park attraction of the same name, feels like a cross between 'The Haunting' and 'The Ghost and Mr. Chicken.' Eddie Murphy is a real estate agent working in tandem with his wife, Marsha Thomason. One day she receives a call from a mysterious stranger asking her to check out some property he wants to put up for sale. Even though the caller specifically asks that she come alone, Murphy decides to go along with her, bringing their two young children as well. When they arrive on the scene, the family finds a mansion replete with all the paraphernalia common to a conventional haunted house - sliding panels, hidden passageways, a graveyard in the backyard, an eccentric owner, a creepy butler (played with delicious relish by Terence Stamp) and, of course, a houseful of unruly and unsettled resident ghosts. Once ensconced inside, the family discovers – much like homeowners in a buyer's market - that it's always easier to get into a haunted house than it is to get out of one.

Murphy assumes the Bob Hope role of the comical skeptic who meets each and every danger with a defiant wisecrack and clever quip. Unfortunately, even Murphy, for all his talent, can't rescue material that doesn't have anything much there to begin with. The story is predictable and silly and the dialogue woefully bereft of laughs. There's also one glaring plot hole that should not go unremarked upon. Thomason is supposed to be a (pardon the pun) dead-ringer for a woman who killed herself a hundred and fifty years ago, yet there is no way that, in the context of that time, that woman could ever possibly have been black. Colorblindness is generally a good thing, but in this instance, it strikes at the very core of the story's internal credibility. The film's visual imagery does indeed derive from the Disney attraction – statues whose eyes follow people around the room, dancing transparent ghosts, singing disembodied heads – but there's a world of difference between a 5-minute amusement-park ride and an 85-minute full-length feature film. Before green-lighting the project, didn't any of the executives over at Disney ask if anyone had come up with a movie worth making? Given the results we see on screen, the answer is 'apparently not.'

There's no point here in launching into our perpetual lament over the downward spiral that Eddie Murphy's career continues to take. After all, if he isn't worried about the squandering of his once notable talent, why should we be? Life is just too short for that.
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Not for lovers of the thirty-five year-old Disney attraction
Ripshin5 September 2004
Eddie Murphy? What genius thought up this lame script? Sure, they toss in a dozen homages to the original ride, but Disney flubbed a golden opportunity to create a classic film. Don't take one of the most-beloved rides from Disneyland/World, and come up with a sub-par comedy, with smart-mouthed kids, and a jabbering Eddie Murphy.

Tech credits are great, though.

Don't be fooled by the DVD's claim of a "Virtual Ride of The Haunted Mansion." I was expecting a recap of the actual park attraction, but was instead treated to a tour of the movie set.

Also, Disney....why not just AVOID crude jokes and profanity in this type of family film? The scares alone garner the rating you desire. Don't dumb this down when it's not necessary. Have you not learned ANYTHING since "Watcher in the Woods"? (And THAT was definitely creepier.)
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Eddie Murphy, PLEASE start making adult comedies again!
MovieAddict201619 March 2004
The most disappointing thing about "The Haunted Mansion" is that its star, Eddie Murphy, has once again lowered himself to silly kids' fare. I'm sure some younger children may get a kick out of certain segments of "The Haunted Mansion," but then again, its intended age group -- the 4-and-over crowd -- will be undoubtedly scared by its eerie presence and quite frightening visuals, such as when a father and his daughter are locked in a tomb and find re-animated -- and quite realistic -- skeletons chasing them. The scary moment of this all aside, the fact that these stiff creatures pursue the young girl will most likely strike a chord with children. If you take your kids to see this, you're just asking for nightmares.

Murphy is Jim Evers, a workaholic Realtor accused by his wife and co-Realtor, Sarah (Marsha Thomason), that he neglects his personal life far too often in favor of the cash he's making at work. So Jim promises Sarah and his two kids (Marc John Jefferies and Aree Davis) a relaxing getaway to a nearby lake. But first he's going to just make a quick stop at his newest assignment, the Gracey Manor, an old, crumbling mansion located in the heart of swamp area. The butler of the establishment, Ramsley (Terence Stamp), lets them in and eventually informs them that they will be unable to leave the house due to flooding on the road. Something strange is afoot, and the audience guesses what's going on about an hour before the movie's characters do, which is a tedious thought.

As we first suspect from the title, the ride, and the overall marketing of the movie, ghosts inhabit the mansion, and soon we learn that Master Gracey (Nathaniel Parker) plans on taking Sarah as his bride. Why? Just take a guess. She bears a startling resemblance to his old love, Elizabeth (also played by Thomason in flashbacks and such).

Now, I'm not going to try and sound racist here, but let's be blunt: Back when Master Gracey was alive, he would never have been near an African-American woman. And even if he were, it would surely be a matter brought up during the film's running time. Yet Disney seems afraid to touch the subject, as if it may offend its potential audience by even indicating racial technicalities. But all it does it make the whole situation come off as rather comical.

Meanwhile, Wallace Shawn ("The Princess Bride") provides supposed comic relief as a ghost. But to assume he can steal the movie himself is, of course, "inconceivable!"

So here we have an odd mix of horror and slapstick, pratfalls and frights. The movie is based on the Walt Disney World theme park ride, which is probably about three to five minutes long, and there's a reason for that. Its movie adaptation feels like a giant theme park ride, but the material can't support itself for a bare minimum ninety minutes, so we get a lot of nonsense about a ghost trying to marry a deceased love, and so on and so forth, minus the humor and flair and rousing feeling of Disney's surprise hit of 2003, "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl," which has started a trend we may (unfortunately) be seeing more of in the future.

And as for Murphy -- who was once one of Hollywood's bad boys -- where is he in this mess? Murphy seems way too eager to please in this movie, boasting his famous smile every second he can -- probably to evoke nostalgia of his older efforts. Or maybe he's just trying to remain totally optimistic. But you know a movie is in trouble when even Eddie Murphy can't manage to insert witty one-liners. Instead, he relies on the occasional bodily function joke, which is usually a good indication that an actor has hit rock bottom. I don't think it's that Eddie Murphy has lost his humor. I think it's that his humor has lost him.

"The Haunted Mansion" knows it's in a bad position from the start, and it doesn't even make an effort to give Murphy any funny lines whatsoever. It's directed by Rob Minkoff ("The Lion King," "Stuart Little"), and is proof that sometimes directors should be restricted to certain mediums of entertainment. "The Haunted Mansion" isn't a terrible movie, but it isn't anything special, and you can find the same quality material by flicking on ABC, Sunday nights at 7:00 p.m.

2.5/5 stars.

  • John Ulmer
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Not Awful
gavin69426 October 2014
Workaholic realtor Jim Evers (Eddie Murphy), his wife/business partner Sara and their two children are summoned to a mansion. When they discover that the place is haunted, Jim discovers an important lesson about the family he's neglected as they attempt to escape.

Other than the "Shrek" films, Eddie Murphy's career took a rather downward turn after the 1980s. And although he may or may not have been right for this part (something seems a little off), it is not the terrible flop that people make it out to be.

Fans of the ride will be impressed with how they were able to take so many elements and turn them into a single narrative. If you want a faithful adaptation, this is much closer to the source than "Pirates of the Caribbean" (even if that is the better film).

There are a few scenes that might scare younger viewers (much like the ride), but overall this is pretty good family fun. Besides Murphy, we get some decent performances from Wallace Shawn and the wonderful Terence Stamp, who does the Karloff-as-old-butler routine quite nicely.
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A movie with plenty of heart and even more soul(s)!!!
roblop2 February 2004
I must admit I expected alot after viewing the trailer of The Haunted Mansion, anything made by Disney and starring Eddie Murphy is sure to be great and this was no exception.

Right from the word go I enjoyed this movie. The acting, the story, the catchy tunes, the special effects it all came together well.

The important thing with this movie was that its main target audience were kids... so how do you create a scary movie for kids??? They have definately hit the nail on the head with this one :-)

Firstly keep it as short as possible, whilst it wasnt extremely short it was always happening so time seemed to just fly by whilst I watched the movie.

Secondly keep the laughs up and for that Eddie Murphy did really well.

Thirdly keep the scares distant and few.

Altogether the movie did an amazing job and I would like to congratulate everybody involved for such a brilliant and enjoyable flick.

I gave The Haunted Mansion 10/10
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THIS is what we got for making "Pirates of the Caribbean" such a big hit!
preppy-312 July 2005
Eddie Murphy plays a workaholic real estate man. He loves his beautiful wife and two kids--but can't resist working. He gets a call to see an old, rundown mansion (the title one). He arrives with his wife and kids. They meet the mysterious butler (Terence Stamp) and his even stranger master (Nathaniel Parker) but they soon realize they're there for a sinister reason...and their lives may be in danger...

Believe me it's NOT as good as it sounds! This is a supposed "family movie" from Disney. It OPENS with two suicides and includes sequences with the kids in danger and being attacked by the (pretty gruesome) living dead. This would give most little kids nightmares. That aside this is supposed to be a comedy...but none, and I mean NONE, of the lines are funny. The plot gets increasingly stupid as it unfolds and (for no reason) the main villain tells Murphy his whole part--giving Murphy plenty of ammunition to use against him. That's just lazy writing. The ending is extremely stupid and pointless--it's as if the scriptwriters just threw up their hands and gave up.

Murphy is pretty good but even he can't overcome the stupid script. Marsha Thomason (as his wife) is good and so are the kids--acting like real kids would (for once). But Stamp walks through his role (not really his fault--he has nothing to work with) and Parker is very good--TOO good for this movie. Jennifer Tilly has a FEW somewhat cute lines too.

This film is chockful of (admittedly) fantastic special effects--but there's no story and it's filled with painfully unfunny one liners. This was obviously made for two reasons: 1) Eddie Murphy desperately needs a hit and 2) "Pirates of the Caribbean" was such a huge hit. I didn't like "Pirates" either but it's not as bad as THIS! This movie bombed badly at the box office. That's good--it hopefully means no more Disney theme park rides will be made into movies.

I give this a 5--and that's just for the special effects. But I can't recommend this at all.
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Misfires again
Spanner-21 December 2003
Another film based on a theme park ride, defnitely hit or miss affairs.. this one definitely falls closer to the later.. Eddie Murphy and his family work as real estate agents and they go to this mansion and get sucked into its ghostly history which has something to do with suicide and murder and burried chests.. none of which makes much sense. There are a few amusing gags and the effects are decent but Murphy, as is his usual these days, mostly sleepwalks thru the picture and the story never really gets too interesting. GRADE: D
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Great film for its genre
iuliacgrama22 October 2020
If you want to watch a nice, family friendly film with very tolerable spooky scenes, this is the one. I do not understand why it has such a low rating. This is great for what they went for! It's funny AND spooky, and kids will understand it - speaking from experience.

I loved it as a kid and still love it as an adult! I imagine the bad reviews come from people who were expecting to see either the funniest movie on earth or the spookiest Halloween one. This is in the middle, a chill version of both and some really lovely scenes!!!
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The Moose Hole - Review of The Haunted Mansion
JAKastner27 November 2003
`When the crypt doors creak and the tombstones quake Spooks come out for a swinging wake Happy Haunts materialize and begin to vocalize- Grim Grinning Ghosts come out to socialize'

Who would have thought that at this point the Walt Disney Company would be at a big crossroad with their adaptations of classic theme park attractions? When the family oriented studio announced the trio of ride based features, many were quick to call Disney executives crazy and desperate for story ideas. Most of the movie-going public would have agreed with them after the embarrassment that was The Country Bears in July 2002. Almost one year after that box office flop, Disney bounced back big with the surprise hit of the summer, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, which steamed rolled its way to $300 million domestically and possibly two sequels. With both a hit and a miss in their hands, Disney's third and final theme park adaptation, The Haunted Mansion, could swing either way but the company executives would have it be a hit for sure. The presence of star lead Eddie Murphy should assure this. Granted Murphy has had plenty of recent adult oriented flops such as Showtime and I Spy but his reputation as a family film star has been remarkable including his most recent hit, Daddy Daycare. Can he continue the streak with The Haunted Mansion? If the marketing campaign for the film has anything to say about it, the answer should be a big yes.

The story focuses on a man who enters a haunted house with his family and must do whatever he can to save them from its ghostly in habitants. Jim Evers is a successful real-estate agent along with his partner wife, Sarah, but doesn't seem to find the time to spend quality time with his family. He's missed soccer games, anniversaries and barbeques for his work. Seeing his problem, Jim decides to take the entire family out to the lake for the weekend to make up for his mistakes. At the last minute, Sarah receives a call for her to stop by the Gracey Manor to help sell the decrepit estate. She at first declines but Jim urges her to take up the offer for the sake of the business and the family. Unfortunately they get more then they bargained for as creepy incidents occur around every corner and the entire mansion itself seems to be hiding a disturbing secret. Jim Evers must discover the mystery in the Haunted Mansion before it's too late for his family and himself. The story for The Haunted Mansion, though well intentioned, seems lacking and predictable. The opening sequence of the feature ruined any suspense for many later events and could have been done in a different way that didn't give away much of the story before the audience even had a chance to settle down in their seats.

The cast of The Haunted Mansion is a relative bunch of no names but they try to their best, which works effectively for the most part. Eddie Murphy leads the group with a moderate performance as Jim Evers. The problem lies in the fact that Murphy is not all that funny in the feature and really isn't given anything to do that gets a laugh. Nathaniel Parker, who portrays Master Gracey, gives a wonderfully Victorian style performance that's both creepy and effective. He starts off a sinister character but by the end, you realize his true intentions are as evil as they may seem. Terence Stamp achieves an amazingly creepy performance as the butler, Ramsley. Though the character seems to be a supporting role at first, as the feature rolls on he becomes more central to the storyline and therefore much more effective. Jennifer Tilly is a delightful highlight as Madame Leota (aka the floating head in the crystal ball) and stays true to character within the attraction for most of her time on screen. The only disappointment in the casting area involves Terence Stamp and Dina Waters who play the servants of the mansion. Stamp, who is most famous for his role in The Princess Bride, could have been used in a more humorous way then he was here but the filmmakers fail to do so. The two were barely used at all which results in a disappointing aspect of the feature, which could have been avoided if they were used more prominently.

Overall, Foolish mortals should heed this warning! If you are looking for another Pirates of the Caribbean, wait for the film's sequel rather then searching for it in The Haunted Mansion. Not to say that the film is not entertaining, it has its moments, but The Haunted Mansion doesn't even come close to the spectacular filmmaking that was presented in the summer swashbuckler. The problem lies mostly in the plot that is often flat and predictable ruining many of the film's twists before they are even set up. So what is the offender of this horrible filmmaking crime? The actions of the opening credits. If you have to see this film but don't want the film's secrets given away early then keep your eyes closed for the first three to five minutes. If anything reasonably favorable can be said of this film, it has to be the solid special effects and the creepy atmosphere the filmmakers are able to maintain despite a weak story. Disney fanatics will love the many tips of the hat towards the inspiration of the film including the hitch-hiking ghosts on the side of the road. There is no doubt that this film will be a family-friendly hit over the Thanksgiving weekend but for those looking solid filmmaking should save their money for the likes of Elf.

My Rating: *** ½ out of 5 (Grade: B-)
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A Watchable Adventure, In Spite of Full of Clichés and the Presence of the Unbearable Eddie Murphy
claudio_carvalho13 November 2004
The real-estate broker Jim Evers (Eddie Murphy) and his wife Sara Evers (Marsha Thomason) are partners in their real-estate business, but Jim is workaholic and does not give much attention to his family. On their wedding anniversary, Jim promises to travel with Sara and their daughter Megan and son Michael in the weekend to a close lake, but Sara is invited to visit a mansion and Jim sees the chance of the beginning of a great deal. He decides to visit the huge house in the way to the lake, and the family is hosted by the weird butler Ramsley (Terence Stamp) and his master Gracey (Nathaniel Parker). Jim and his family pretty soon realize that the house is full of ghosts and that Gracey believes that Sara is the reincarnation of his former fiancée Elizabeth. Although full of clichés and having the unbearable Eddie Murphy, 'The Haunted Mansion' has some good moments and is watchable. The best parts are those with the participation of Emma (Dina Waters from 'Six Feet Under' and her funny voice), Ezra (Wallace Shawn) and Jennifer Tilly as the crystal ball Madame Leota. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): 'Mansão Mal-Assombrada' ('Haunted Mansion')
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Creaky Murphy vehicle
george.schmidt1 December 2003
THE HAUNTED MANSION (2003) ** Eddie Murphy, Marsha Tomason, Terence Stamp, Jennifer Tilly, Wallace Shawn, Dina Spybey, Marc John Jefferies, Aree Davis. Based on Disney's popular theme park attraction and adapted for the big-screen for a Murphy vehicle the results are middling at best but what more could you expect when the source material is a theme park attraction??? Murphy and his wife/real-estate partner Tomason are summoned to the dank Gracey estate to possibly sell the imposing edifice only to instead be held by the ghost-inhabited home by its owner (and long deceased) Tomason who in a past life fell in love with Tomason's doppleganger , cursed to remain until their love has been vanquished once and for all. The amazing production design by John Myhre adds an element of eerie elegance and Rick Baker's make-up spirits are right on the money in the spooky department yet the whole film feels half-baked at best and occasionally entertaining (I liked Tilly as the disembodied fortune teller). (Dir: Rob Mikoff)
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You'll Love it for Evers and Evers!
the_moody_youngest25 October 2006
This movie was so much fun! I love how funny it was and how cool it was. The plot made a lot of sense, an overworking husband and father who is obsessed with work. It was hilarious and touching and deserves a lot more than 4.9 stars. More like 10, for me, or at least about 6.5 on the IMDb charts.

It is a good kids movie and you adults will love it with them. The ending has a message and it is very heart-warming. It has it's scary moments and little kids will be very scared at times. But that is the point, it is a family comedy/horror flick that should be cherished. Rent it or buy it because it is SO fabulous.
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Totally under rated - fun and entertaining
jorgevigara18 October 2020
If you like the Tim Burton's spooky kind of fun movies, this wont disappoint you.
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Scarily Bad.
hitchcockthelegend9 March 2012
The Haunted Mansion is directed by Rob Minkoff and written by David Berenbaum. It stars Eddie Murphy, Terence Stamp, Marsha Thomason, Nathaniel Parker and Jennifer Tilly. Music is by Mark Mancina and cinematography by Remi Adefarasin. Based on the Disney Park attraction of the same name, film finds Murphy as real estate agent Jim Evers, a man who is so driven by his work he neglects to notice he is neglecting his family. Setting off for a weekend family trip, it is no surprise that when a call comes through to go see about another property to be sold, Evers whisks all the family out to the bayou mansion with him. What is a surprise is that this mansion is haunted and a curse threatens to engulf the Evers family when they are forced by bad weather to spend the night there.

Well it has lovely colour photography, a production set of some excellence by John Myhre, great costumes from Mona May, nifty effects by Jay Redd and Rick Baker once again delivers quality make up work. But these high points are part of a very bad movie. Script is lazy, almost as lazy as Murphy's performance in actual fact, front line cast members are playing second fiddle to the outright homage of the park ride itself. As film progresses the plot becomes a Whirling Dervish of style over substance, where it is neither funny or scary. The very young will be transfixed by the noise, motions and images, those from teenager upwards will surely know they have been conned by the mighty house of the mouse. 3/10
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The Haunted Mansion falls short...
moviemanMA10 July 2005
Walt Disney World and Walt Disney Land have featured a ride called the Haunted Mansion for years. I have been to the one in Disney World and it is one of my favorites. The ride features ghosts, ghouls, and haunts that are amusing and fun. This movie, however is far from the ride.

Although it centers around the Gracey Mansion which is the same as the ride it is based upon, the movie The Haunted Mansion isn't that good. The only thing worth watching are the comparisons to the actual ride. Much like Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, they makers of the film put in features from the ride like Madame Leota's head in a glass ball and the singing statues. These were all cute and a nice touch, but the plot of the movie is incredibly boring. It centers around Jim Evers (Eddie Murphy) and his family trying to make a deal on the house for his job. The kids are tricked into going and it seems like Jim is losing his family. When weird things start to happen around the house, it seems that Jim must save his family from certain disaster when some of the ghost mistake his wife for another woman who already passed on.

The story itself is cute, but lacks luster. Some decent effects don't hurt the film, but the movie just isn't entertaining. Fans of the ride will be left disappointed and wanting much more. Disney should think twice before making a movie about another attraction in their parks.
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