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The whole very large audience was laughing frequently.
vanrosss4 April 2004
With multiple twists and a skewed comedic narrative, this art forgery crime caper keeps itself interesting even though we have seen the genre. The crime boss may steal the show, but a lot of work goes into setting everything up. The main characters have their own quirks and history which makes them more believable as movie characters although not with enough individual development to make us really sympathize with them. The third level characters continue the pattern of individual variation which makes for some more comedy and uncertainty as to the next event. The whole very large audience of over one thousand people was laughing loudly and frequently. Definitely worth checking out if you get the chance.
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Really fun little Movie
petr_symon10 May 2005
This was a really fun little movie something akin to a poor man's Cary Grant caper romp and had all the twists and turns you'd expect from lightweight fare without any pretensions, or deviations.

The characters were fun, clearly defined and never took themselves too seriously. The acting was first rate, especially the principals, among whom I must mention Art Malik as the villainous enforcer, excellent in everything he does.

Liked it so much when I saw it last year I've just ordered the DVD - I just hope it'll play on my DVD player.

Some more movies like this thanks...
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Gangster chic - witty but unmemorable
Chris_Docker7 November 2004
Gangster Chic in which a conman who owes £50,000 finds a rare sketch from an old Italian artist and makes copies to raise enough cash to pay his debt. The treatment is entertaining, funny without destroying the tension, but lacks the depth or breadth to justify the price of admission in the face of worthier movies.

In retrospect, the film looks small budget although struggling along well enough. Competent without any artistic genius sort of thing.

Witty and charming, Fakers is a pleasant enough gangster movie that keeps most of the violence off-screen, but has too little substance to be memorable.
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A very enjoyable fun film. Much like the old Ealing comedies.
keswick-115 May 2005
Unlike some people who have commented on this film, I have actually seen it and therefore feel more qualified to add my own comments. Considering the age of the director, I think this is an excellent effort. The story is fast moving and amusing. There is plenty of action without unnecessary violence or profanity. There is a definite similarity to the old and highly successful Ealing comedies. The film was made on a limited budget as are many films of this genre but this certainly does not have any adverse affect on the enjoyment of the film. Please let us have more positive comments on our British made films from the younger generations, our film industry needs as much support as it can get.
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Cute as hell
Danielle21 December 2009
Not a classic, but lots of fun. Matthew Rhys is rather adorable as a man who owes money to a mobster (this situation is completely unexplained, but the movie clearly doesn't depend on an explanation), and comes up with a scheme to forge a famous drawing and sell it to multiple galleries in order to raise the money. Absurd, of course, but that's virtually required when all the usual descriptors apply - romp, caper, etc. Yes, there are ridiculous holes in the plot, and yes, the entire enterprise depends on most characters being completely clueless, but none of this detracts from the viewer's enjoyment. I've spent 2 hours of my life in much worse ways than watching this little charmer.
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Not A Diamond ...But Not The Rough, Either
fwomp6 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I have a certain affection for indie films. Occasionally you'll find a diamond amongst the rough, and I was hoping to find something similar in FAKERS. Although I didn't find a gem, there were some shining moments that made it worthwhile.

Matthew Rhys plays down-on-his-luck Nick Edwards, a man with a cash-flow problem. He needs $50,000 to pay off a debt he owes to a rather dubious London gangster boss played by Art Malik (the terrorist from TRUE LIES). Nick's time on Earth appears to be drawing to a close, as he sees no way to make that amount of money in the necessary time-frame (one week). But then he stumbles across a sketch by a famous early 20th century artist and his mind begins to work through his problems. Not worth enough to cover his debt, he devises a scheme to make multiple copies of the sketch and sell it to several local galleries on the same day.

Kate Ashfield (SHAUN OF THE DEAD) plays love interest Eve Evans, a hardworking bartender who's love of money may overshadow her affections for Nick. She decides to help Nick with his problem ...but only if she can benefit, too.

Tom Chambers plays Eve's brother, Tony, the sketch artist who will make the forgeries. An introspective and talented artist in his own right, he eventually learns how gifted he truly is as the film comes to its climax.

The acting was great. This was the shining portion of what could have been a rare gem. All of the characters were quirky, misguided, and fun to watch. The dialogue was equally entertaining as we watch Nick verbally joust with the London boss ("I spend most of my time in the company of intelligent people so when you come round it's a real change.") The script was a hodge-podge of too many story lines trying to connect too man characters. The multiple introduction of several gallery owners as prime players toward the end of the film lent a serious lopsidedness to the finale. The ending itself seemed to indicate more to come but was cut short without resolution, which made it very frustrating.

As a whole the film was an okay picture, but it needed some polishing to make it truly shine.
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they only thing they didn't fake was my laughter!!!!
vaxes21 April 2005
this film is so good. it shows what us brits are Capable when they try. its as good a most big budget Hollywood films and Deserves the respect of every one. the only thing that lets it down is the fact that it was not a big budget movie, but with that in mind the film makers have managed to make a very fun and enjoyable film the writing of this is amazing and flows very well. i hope Paul Gerstenberger writes many more films as from the looks of this movie he has a very good talent. i recommend any person to go buy/rent this if u want a film that will entertain you and make you laugh at the best of times.

arran Essex
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Was this a movie or a preview?
rolfts13 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
There was a problem with this film from the very beginning. I couldn't really figure it out until i was nearly at the end. It was the same problem i had with "The Crow". Everything was moving much to fast. It's like they almost didn't have any problems with the tasks they must perform. It was like i was watching a preview. You saw what should happen , and that is the end of that. I'm not saying let's redo "The Godfather", but at least make it seem they have to actually do something to achieve their goals. I'm currently wondering why nobody else saw this, maybe i am a nitpick, but because of this there was (to me)almost no tension at all, and i am guessing this might just have been a commercial for Mercedes Benz's Smart. The only thing missing is a good *commercial* tagline, something in the idea of: "Smart, pure art". Adding up: I wasn't the least bit impressed by this film and i got rather bored with it. Of course, this is my opinion and if you like to see nothing more than just an amusing little piece of film, you could consider it.

Tiny tiny tiny spoiler (i might want to add un-forged between pure and art though...)
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