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  • At the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Paige, a pre-med student and a farm girl from Manitowoc, meets Eddie, a fellow student from Denmark, whom she first dislikes but later accepts, likes, and loves. Paige takes Eddie to her home for the Thanksgiving weekend. Paparazzi find and photograph the couple, and Paige learns that Eddie is truly Crown Prince Edvard. Failing health causes King Haraald to abdicate in favor of Edvard, so Eddie returns to Copenhagen, then Paige follows her heart to Copenhagen, where Edvard warmly welcomes her, takes her to the castle, and introduces her to the royal family. Queen Rosalind first expresses opposition to Paige but later relents; King Haraald soon warms to her; Edvard proposes, Paige accepts, and he gives her a ring. However, Paige recalls her previous dream of going to Doctors Without Borders, so she breaks off and returns to school. Still, though, Edvard shows up at Paige's graduation and suggests an alternate plan.

  • At college Paige meets Eddie, a fellow student from Denmark, whom she first dislikes but later accepts, likes, and loves; he proves to be Crown Prince Edvard. Paige follows him to Copenhagen, and he follows her back to school with a plan.


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  • The movie opens with med-student bound Paige Morgan receiving a birthday cake from her teachers and colleagues. She suddenly realizes she is late for something and hurries out of the school and drives home. She has no time to talk to her mother as she goes to her room, grabs a dress from her closet, and hops in her truck. Meanwhile, in the country of Denmark we see the young & rebellious Prince Edvard and his servant, Soren, meeting up with a young man for what seems to be a race of some sort. Back in America, Paige is driving to a friend's wedding; she arrives in her father's pick up and nearly runs over half of the wedding party. At the reception, she and a friend discuss the subject of romance and marriage, neither of which Paige has time for because of her focus on her career. The bouquet is tossed, and by some twist of fate, it lands right in Paige's lap. Back in Denmark, the race is about to start; the cars speed down the open road and Edvard wins the race, where he is greeted with a threesome involving two teenage girls. He then realizes that, like Paige, he is also late for something very important. At the castle, 12-year-old Princess Arabella is playing a Gameboy as Edvard's parents, King Haraald and Queen Rosalind, wait anxiously for their eldest child to arrive before they are shown in public. Edvard arrives and is greeted with a hug by Arabella, though his parents don't seem so happy. He takes Arabella's arm and they step out onto the balcony. Later, Edvard and King Haraald are to meet with some members of the board; Haraald warns his son to behave himself, and Edvard glumly agrees. As they enter the room to sit down Haraald gets a bit dizzy, but when asked if he is all right he insists that he is fine. The meeting goes on. Edvard could care less about business and politics and he intentionally flirts with one of the women present. Soren and Edvard leave the meeting and Edvard, after doing a bit of fencing to release his stress and watching a show about college girls gone wild, is told that his parents are ready to see him. King Haraald and Queen Rosalind are disgusted by their son's recent behavior. Edvard blames Rosalind for keeping him on a tight leash and tells them he wants to go to college in Wisconsin without his parents' help. After Edvard storms out, Haraald agrees that his son should go off to college, with Soren there to protect him from harm.

    Paige is at a bar with her friends, discussing how she is failing miserably at Shakespeare and needs a good grade to get into medical school. Later in the day, Paige is crossing the street when she is nearly run over by Edvard's limo. Unable to get a good glimpse of him, she ignores him and continues on her way; but Edvard can see her clearly and has an instant attraction to Paige. Soren is not pleased with the college life that Edvard desires, but Edvard orders him to enjoy himself and to call him Eddie instead of Edvard. They get up to their dorm, which is not exactly clean and rather small. When their roommate, heavyweight Xbox geek Steven, comes in and tells them to keep their hands off his stuff, Edvard shrugs his shoulders and climbs onto the top bunk. Later that night, Soren and Eddie go to the bar and meet Paige, who teases Eddie a bit; after a few beers, Eddie musters up the courage to talk to Paige. After introducing himself, he asks her out for a drink, and then asks her to take off her shirt, which angers her and gets him squirted with water. A tough at the bar picks a fight with Eddie, who is miraculously saved by Soren, and the two are escorted out of the bar. In chemistry class later, Eddie asks Soren to leave and enjoy himself; after and argument, Soren gives in and leaves. Eddie and Paige are teamed up for chemistry, much to Paige's dismay. After class, she tells him that she needs to do well in this class to get into medical school, and that he had better not mess up. As Paige is walking away, Eddie randomly quotes Shakespeare; Paige lashes out and calls him a phony and leaves. Later, Eddie wakes up to reality when he realizes he cut himself off from his parent's money, so he gets a job at the bar where Paige works. Paige comes in and asks Eddie instantly how he, of all people, managed to get a job at the bar, and Eddie says that he just used her name and he had a job. However, Eddie is working at the deli and not doing a very good job at slicing the meat; Paige is forced to help him out on his first day. He promises Paige that if he is really bad then he will quit.

    After a busy night at the bar, Soren is drunk and passed out as Eddie cleans up. He can't help but watch Paige groove to the sounds of the jukebox. As Eddie stacks boxes outside at night, he sees Paige at her window and asks her to go a party with him; Paige rejects him, and Soren offers him some advice. A few days later, Eddie doesn't show up to chemistry class, which angers Paige to whole new level. She storms up to his dorm as Soren is making lunch for Eddie, who is laying in bed. Paige blows her top at him, Eddie apologizes, and she leaves. Paige then discovers that her grade in her Shakespeare class is a bit below average, which is simply not enough to get into medical school. Later in class, Paige remembers that Eddie quoted Shakespeare and asks for his help. He agrees, only if she will help him with laundry. As they do laundry together, Paige mocks Prince Hamlet; although Eddie can relate to him, he jokes right alongside her. Eddie asks her about a sonnet in Romeo & Juliet which Paige doesn't understand at all and Eddie explains the meaning of the passionate dialogue. Back in Denmark, Arabella is walking down the hall when she sees nurses; growing worried, she listens in on a conversation between King Haraald and the doctor. She rushes in and asks "Are you feeling ill, Daddy?" and crawls into his lap, and her parents assure her that it's nothing. A maid convinces Arabella go ride horses, and she leaves her parents, who continue with their regular business. The paparazzi who enjoy pestering the royal family say they promise to find Edvard and find out his secret.

    Paige is ecstatic when she receives an A on her Shakespeare paper and goes to thank Eddie, who is repairing an oil fixture. They apologize to each other at the end of the conversation and oil spills all over the floor. Paige's friend says she wants to ask Eddie to come home with her for Thanksgiving, but Paige beats her to it and asks him first, and he accepts. Soren is scared to be left alone in the dorm by himself, but Eddie says he has everything he needs and that he'll be fine. Eddie is dragged to a Wisconsin country farm, where he meets Paige's mother, father, and two younger brothers. Paige shows Eddie her room. He is curious about the giant map on her wall; she tells him that the places marked with red pins are where she wants to visit someday. At lunch, Paige's brothers pick on Eddie about how their aren't any good people from Denmark; Paige is about to make a retort, but she can't think of anyone herself. Eddie names off people like Kierkegaard, Niels Bohr, and Hans Christian Andersen. Paige is surprised to learn that Andersen came from Denmark; her brothers are still not amused, but when he goes on to say that Lars Ulrich from Metallica is from Denmark as well, they are enthralled and Paige nods at him in approval. The family loves him. Mr. Morgan says he needs help with some of the farm chores, and Eddie says he will be happy to help. Little does he know that farm chores are not easy; by the end of the day, Eddie is both tired and bored, until he spots the lawn mowers, which Paige's brothers tell him they race every year. The big race is coming up, and they agree to let Eddie take their place in it. At the race, Mrs. Morgan notices that Paige's behavior changes around Eddie. The race starts and all is going well until the boys' ultimate rival gets angry. He tries to push Eddie off the road, but fails and goes off instead. Eddie wins the race and is congratulated by the boys, but when he tries to make peace with their rival, he ends up in a fist fight.

    Back at the barn, Paige is cleaning up Eddie, who is bragging about their relationship. Paige tells him that they don't have a relationship, which ends with a long goodnight kiss. When they go back to the university, Eddie finds Soren in a pitiful state; unshaven, unshowered, and his eye glued to a video game screen. Steven says that he has been like this since he got back and tries to take the Xbox away only to have his head nearly bitten off by a power-crazed Soren. In the library, Eddie and Paige begin making suggestive movements, much to the notice of Paige's friend. Wanting to go somewhere private, they go off to the back of the library and begin to have a sexual encounter when they are discovered by the paparazzi from Denmark. Still recovering from the shock of the moment, Paige asks Eddie what was going on and why they were calling him "Prince Edvard." When Eddie explains to her that he is the Prince of Denmark, she is upset. Eddie tries to convince her that his feeling were genuine, but Paige walks away in tears. The next morning, Eddie splashes Soren with cold water and brings him out of his trance; Paige isn't so happy either. Soon the papers reach Denmark and King Haraald and Queen Rosalind are upset to see Paige and Edvard's faces all over the tabloids. Back in chemistry class later in the week, Soren and Edvard have to fight past photographers to get into the classroom. Edvard is dismayed to find that Paige is no longer his chemistry partner and is still angry with him.

    After a long day, Soren receives a phone call and recognizes it as Rosalind's voice; he hands the phone to Edvard, who can hear strong concern in his mother's voice as she tells him that he must return home because his father is ill. Though Edvard would not do anything for his mother, he is very concerned for his father and rushes back to Denmark to be with him. Meanwhile, Paige is giving a speech in her Shakespeare class when she realizes that like Romeo & Juliet, she and Edvard were meant to be together. Paige goes up to his dorm and is told by Steven that he and Soren left in the morning. Paige can't believe this and her fears are confirmed when she finds a note left by Edvard. She goes to her dorm and knocks a letter of acceptance to a medical college, and immediately packs her bags and is on the first plane to Denmark. As she takes a cab ride around the country, she is excited to see the historical landmarks that the cab driver points out, but she is more concerned with finding Edvard. They discover that the royal family is out in public moving through the city, but due to traffic it is difficult to get through. Paige jumps out of the cab and tries to spot Edvard, and after a bit of searching, she finds him on his horse, riding alongside his family's carriage. Paige tries to call out to him, but he can't hear her. When the people of Denmark recognize Paige and start shouting her name, Edvard turns and sees her. He parades his horse up to her and helps her up, and they ride off towards the castle together, much to his parent's dismay and the crowd's pleasure. Paige and Edvard arrive at the castle and Soren meets them. Paige hops off the horse and embraces Soren, whom Edvard orders to show Paige around while he talks with his parents.

    Queen Rosalind feels that Edvard has betrayed his country by being seen with a common girl like Paige, but King Haraald is silent. Edvard tells his mother that he will still accept the crown when his father dies, on the condition that he be allowed to marry Paige, but Rosalind disagrees. Edvard lists off the people who are next in line for the throne, trying to make a point that they need him. Rosalind tells him not to threaten them; Edvard ignores her, but stops when Haraald demands for him to be quiet. Haraald tells him that no matter what happens he WILL be the next king of Denmark, and Edvard says he understands. Haraald then gives Edvard permission to marry Paige (ignoring his wife's protestations). Edvard finds Paige with Soren on a tour of the gardens. He shoos Soren away, and takes the opportunity to propose to Paige, who almost instantly accepts it. Paige awakes the next morning and receives a warm embrace from her future sister-in-law Arabella. When Soren comes in and tells Paige about her schedule, Paige finally realizes that she is about to become royalty. Arabella introduces Paige to Marguerite, who will be doing Paige's gown for Edvard's coronation ball. Marguerite examines Paige's figure and tells her that she doesn't work with hunchbacks. A small montage ensues showing Paige meeting in public places with Rosalind and Edvard and getting her dress prepared for the ball. At the hospital, the paparazzi are curious as to where Paige is; they find her playing with sick children in the playroom, where she poses with them for a picture. Queen Rosalind is less than amused and tells Paige how dangerous this could be to her reputation. Soren and Paige leave Rosalind to find Edvard; they find him sitting at Haraald's bedside and Soren whispers that it's time for him to leave for a meeting. Edvard thanks him and kisses his father's forehead before leaving. At the meeting, Edvard points out to the members of the board that he has learned a thing or two about negotiation on the Morgan farm, and also says that the new Denmark will be about negotiations.

    Paige is trying her dress on when Soren tells her that Queen Rosalind wishes to see her, and they leave to meet her together. Soren tells Paige that he won't leave her side, but Rosalind sends him away and he obeys. Rosalind tells Paige straight out that she has always stayed close to tradition, but that maybe it is indeed time for change. She leads Paige down into a vault where all her jewels are stored and lets Paige have her pick of the finest. Later that week during the ball, Edvard asks Paige to dance; it takes her a few minutes to realize that the song that is being played is the song that they heard on the jukebox back in Wisconsin. They dance for awhile, then go off into the study. After only a few minutes of privacy, Soren comes to tell Edvard that the prime minister is here to see him. Edvard sighs and tells Paige that he will come back with a surprise. Paige watches as Edvard helps Haraald sit down, only to be surprised when Soren closes and locks the door. Paige walks around the dark study and notices a globe which reminds her of all the places she wanted to see before she fell in love with Edvard. He returns again with a meat slicer; though Paige is happy, she tells Edvard that she can't be queen. She explains to him that she can't give up her dreams and stop being herself, but that Edvard has to stay, for his father and for his country. They hug, knowing that their relationship is over for good. Edvard is crowned king and Paige returns to Wisconsin and graduates from college. One day, she suddenly hears Edvard quoting Shakespeare. She runs up to him and kisses him, but warns him that Denmark is not ready for a queen like her; he says that they will have to be because has always been. They kiss and the movie ends.

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