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It could have been great ...
Wetbones15 June 2005
HELLRAISER: DEADER is pretty good, especially in the first half which has two of the more intense and creepy scenes I have seen in a DTV flick in a while. I'm talking, of course, about the first videotape and when Amy explores the abandoned house.

Where DEADER fails is when it tries to tie into the HELLRAISER mythology. As has been well publicized, DEADER started out as an original screenplay by Neal Marshall Stevens that Dimension Films bought for no less than 1 million dollars. Then they lost faith in it and let it collect dust before hiring Tim Day to do a rewrite and turn it into a HELLRAISER sequel. I don't blame the guy, because he probably did the best he could, given such a ridiculous task. But it's a shame that DEADER did end up like this. Without the 30 seconds worth of Pinhead at the end this could have been a minor genre masterpiece. As it stands, it's just a bizarre, schizophrenic film with some outstanding moments, some scenes that really work and some that really don't. Once again, shame on Dimension Films for wasting this opportunity.

In addition to original screenwriter Stevens, director Rick Bota also deserves some praise. He's made a good looking and often tense film that is never less than competent. Hopefully he'll be able to break free from his current job at Dimension eventually. The guy has talent.
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Rick Bota continues to destroy the Hellraiser franchise
piquet110 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I'm a huge fan of the Hellraiser movies and the Hellraiser universe, but the movies are getting worse and worse. To me, there are only 3 "real" Hellraiser movies, and that's the first 3. The fourth has some ups and downs, but all in all, I think Pinhead's awesome dialog makes up for the downs. The fifth is taking it all in a different direction, a direction I strongly disagree with, but nevertheless, it's an interesting movie, with pretty good acting and visually, it's very nicely done.

Then this Rick Bota guy comes along... And just as I thought it couldn't get any worse, he delivers the deathblow to the Hellraiser franchise. His movies are messed up, the main characters in both hellseeker and deader keeps experiencing some horrible stuff, and just as it's about to get fun, they "wake up" to discover that they were just dreaming or had a vision - I hate that, it's messy and confusing! Also, Pinhead's role in these movies is not very well defined, which is also (sadly) very well shown by his absence. He only appear in a few minutes in both of Bota's miserable movies to deliver some nice one-liners.

This Bota guy is destroying what true fans love about these movies, I hope this will be the end, no need to make it a long a painful death, Hellraiser deserves better...
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"I am the WAY!"
Backlash0073 July 2005
The latest installment in the Hellraiser series is by far and wide the worst entry. Fans seem to be torn in regards to the direction the direct to video sequels have taken. Some are upset Pinhead is no longer a central character, some don't care. I love Hellraiser II which features Pinhead prominently and I also love Inferno in which he barely has a cameo. So I am not biased either way. I will not tear this movie down just because Doug Bradley has a minuscule role. I will tear it down for being an incoherent piece of crap. This particular script was pre-existing (simply titled Deader) and the good folks at Dimension decided that they could turn it into a stellar Hellraiser film. It didn't work. Clive Barker's Cenobites just don't fit into this story. It's as simple as that. And that title: Deader. Talk about poor English. Expect yet another Hellraiser sequel (again directed by Rick Bota) in September.
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A complete bore
tomgillespie200225 October 2016
Like Hellseeker (2002) before it, Deader, the seventh entry into Clive Barker's Hellraiser franchise, takes an unrelated spec script and shoe-horns in a couple of fleeting appearances from Doug Bradley's Pinhead to try and justify its inclusion of 'Hellraiser' in the title. Say what you will about the first two sequels (I thought they were pretty bad), but they at least felt like they were set in the same universe as the wonderfully disturbing 1987 original. Returning director Rick Bota delivers yet another straight-to-video, poorly- acted stinker that looks as if it was directed by a group of goth kids making their first student film.

This time, the plot revolves around investigative reporter Amy Klein (Kari Wuhrer), a feisty and dedicated type who always goes the extra mile to get to the heart of the stories she covers. We first meet her writing a story in a dingy crack house before she is shipped off to Budapest (where production is cheap) to investigate a mysterious group named the 'Deaders'. Based on footage recorded on a VHS tape, the Deaders are led by Winter (Paul Rhys), a man with the ability to bring people back to life. Her sleuthing leads to a corpse holding the Lament Configuration, which when opened unleashes Pinhead. The Cenobite warns Amy that Winter is operating outside of his control, and that he is a descendant of the toymaker who created the puzzle box. Is it all a dream, or are there supernatural forces at work?

As to whether what you are watching is in fact a dream or not won't be a question you'll linger on for long. Like Dean Winters' character in Hellseeker, Amy ends many scenes by suddenly jerking out of a nightmare. It's a cheap, tiresome tactic which quickly removes any tension the film may have had otherwise. The idea of seeking the ultimate pleasure and, of course, the dangers that come with it, is a key theme running throughout the series, but this is all but gone in favour of a lightweight tale of an emo cult playing with resurrection. There's also a startling lack of gore. Regardless of how bad the preceding sequels are, you could always rely on a gruesome scene or two to keep you awake, so Deader's main issue is that it's a complete bore. Frighteningly, this is one of two Hellraiser films released in 2005.
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Hellraiser Deader: The decline continues
Platypuschow27 November 2017
Few franchises have nose dived to the extent of the Hellraiser series. What started out as an ingenious memorable horrific set of movies turned into bafflingly bad boring titles with little relevance to what we had learned to love.

Hellraiser Deader is just one of many recent dire attempts at cashing in on Pinhead and though this one does feature Doug Bradley he is on screen for mere moments.

Starring Kari Wuhrer who to her credit is better than usual here we have another confused tale revolving around a cult and the infamous puzzle box. Sadly once again it makes little sense and is immensely boring.

Fans of the series will not be happy with this one.

Hopefully one day Hellraiser will find its way home, for now it's well and truly lost in the desert.

The Good:

One tense scene

Wuhrer is on form

The Bad:

Confusing plot

Practically no cenobites at all

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

When entering a property and finding a corpse that you have no intention of reporting it makes perfect sense to leave your fingerprints everywhere

Alike the real world the term "God help me" has never worked in movies
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Apt title - describes the writer and director perfectly
kirkwuk9 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Whoever made this monstrosity deserves to feel the wrath of Pinhead's chains. Just when I thought they couldn't make a bad Hellraiser movie, along comes Hellraiser 7. Even if you could even call it a Hellraiser movie, this movie has the acting standards of Baywatch, a ridiculous storyline to match South Park, and features Pinhead and the cenobites for almost less than Inferno. For Hellraiser 5, this was necessary as the storyline was geared towards "The Engineer" and the expectation of this demon. Deader instead focuses on a stupid cult who have found a loophole in the Lament Configuration mechanics and are walking the earth dead. It's confusing and is so silly, and you won't care about any of the characters anyway. The directors also achieve to make a Hellraiser movie look like Tom & Jerry within the last few minutes when the Brit is convincingly killed, only for him to shout a witty one liner before toppling to the ground.

Pinhead has been disgraced.

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Deader? just dead.
latro_1 September 2005
The Hellraiser film set ended after bloodline. This like the others after bloodline which are less slasher more trying to be some kind of deep psychological horror. Of course like the others its fails miserably and leaves you yearning for something to actually happen. Thats not to say the previous films did not have 'mess with your head' factor, They certainly did. However they managed it on a level that wasn't thought out, it came across more as a by-product of the film. You get to see pinhead about once for a proper scene and its nothing to write home about.

I would not bother even renting this film if you started out as a big fan of the first few. If you're easily scared they get it, why not.
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Deader than everything else
Coventry19 November 2005
There's an unwritten rule in horror cinema that says: you know you're in trouble once they stop numbering the sequels to originally successful genre classics. This is the seventh installment in the Hellraiser franchise and yet they already stopped giving them numbers since "Hellraiser (4): Bloodline". And can you guess where exactly it started to go wrong with the series?? Oh well...the good thing about these Hellraiser movies is that, no matter how mediocre the stories are, there are always some remotely interesting elements in them to satisfy horror lovers. In this seventh entry those elements are the presence of Kari Wuhrer, some sinister settings and really a lot of gore. Wuhrer stars as a chain-smoking, hard ass journalist who's sent to Bukarest to investigate the bloody rites of an underground cult. The leader seems to have a talent to bring recently deceased persons back to life and he promises his followers a world of pleasure once they returned from death. What he really looks for, however, is the one person who's able to open the mysterious puzzle box in his possession. As you can guess, our female journalist is that chosen person and she'll have to fight both the leader of the cult and Pinhead; the ruler of hell. The actual plot of "Deader" definitely shows potential, but it's confusing and it tries to be overly intelligent. Pinhead's share in the story is limited, as it already was in the previous two sequels, and he seems dragged into it simply because it wouldn't sell otherwise. The sequences inside the Romanian subway-trains are nice to look at and there's a lot of gruesome butchering going on. Kari Wuhrer is a talented and beautiful actress but she starred in too many dire, straight-to-video horror productions already. Apart from this failure, she also appeared in two sequels of "The Prophecy", a turkey called "Final Examination" and in the belated sequel to "The Hitcher". Even the bigger productions she starred in recently ("King of the Ants", "Eight Legged Freaks") were disappointments. We have another Rick Bota sequel coming up, namely "Hellworld".
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A Huge Step Back from Hellseeker !
running_with_scissors11 June 2005
This latest instalment in the Hellraiser series is probably the worst since Bloodline.

You won't care for a single character and the constant flashbacks only hinder an already poor plot which seems out of context with anything that has come before it, at times it's like Buffy with a cameo from Pinhead.

Sadly the low budget roots aren't as well disguised as Inferno/Hellseeker and it clearly looks and feels like a TV Movie!

The amount of screen time that Pinhead has is limited (like the past two movies) only in this case he isn't as sinister when he does make an appearance.

Definitely one to avoid, watch Hellraiser 6 if you want a good sequel.
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"Hellraiser: Deader" - Finally here but a bit of a let down?
jwmorris200218 June 2005
Well finally "Hellraiser: Deader" has arrived after a few years gathering dust on the shelf.

I agree with other members that it does seem to breathe some life in to this once outstanding franchise, but as with the other sequels it just lacks what the earlier films had in abundance. My personal view is that you can really tell that this wasn't written as a "Hellraiser" film.

For the first half hour or so except with the odd reference to "The Box" this could have been any other horror film and it kind of remains that way throughout.

The one thing really missing for me as with "Hellraiser: Inferno" and "Hellraiser: Hellseaker" is we just don't see enough of the "Cenobites".

I don't just mean "Pinhead" I mean all of them. You see a few glancing shots of them, but I'm sorry its just not enough. Its does seem a waste not giving them screen time. There are 6 "Cenobites" in this movie ("Pinhead", "Chatterer", "Bound", "Stitch", "Little Sister") & ("Spike" in the bonus material!) why are all these needed for 5 minutes of screen time? To be fair they did seem to play a bigger part in this than Parts V or VI, however they have almost become extras or cameos these days.

I have read a few comments from other users saying that these films are not about "Pinhead" but there is a reason he has been in all of the franchise to date.

I agree that one of the strengths of "Hellraiser" is they are stand alone stories, but in any franchise you need a recurring factor and the "Cenobites" and in particular "Pinhead" is it.

The "Cenobites" are "Hellraiser", which is why the later films don't feel like "Hellraiser" movies at all.

"Hellraiser: Deader" is a good and one of the better sequels to date and should give all fans hope for "Hellraiser: Hellworld" but as I remarked with "Hellraiser: Hellseaker" the fleeting glimpses of the "Cenobites" just are not enough.

Get back to the essence of the movies and set the story around them or let them play a major part again. The later films in this series sadly, could have been so much more.
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An acid trip to hell
Realrockerhalloween23 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Deader is the final nail that broke the camel's back in a series with fascinating subject matters relating reality warping, pain and sex to psychological thrillers.

This traded all that for a cult, drugs and hot twenty year olds making it a stinker.

I was expecting to explore more of the mythology after seeker, but instead the cenobites are on the back burner gathering dust and only show up at random times.

Taking the film to another country would've been a great way to enhance the atmosphere by using underground tunnels, old architecture and cobbled villages instead of the bland dull route they took.

The cult seemed silly, not explored enough or even given a purpose. They die, take a drug and come back to avoid purgatory with our favorite nail man. Why not leave or get away from the city? Instead they build a sci fi ray gun to take him out. If your going to rob from your franchise don't use the sillier elements.

You can tell by now the writers aren't even trying anymore and its nothing but a cash machine instead of producing great qualities to enjoy.

Barker has many more books he wrote that would work on the big screen that explores the world set up in I and II much better.
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It was good, but a not much of a Hellraiser movie.
squee_16 July 2005
I thought this movie was really good. I found myself interested the whole time in what was happening, and liked seeing the main character falling deeper into what she was trying to undercover. I liked the idea of the movie - I thought the "Deaders" were pretty cool. Some of the sequences were absolutely awesome. Lots of blood and horrific moments. Aside from that though, I felt like something was missing. It wasn't quite like the other Hellraiser movies, even the bad ones. It didn't seem like much of a Hellraiser movie at all, especially since Pinhead and the cenobites only get a tad amount of screen time. This movie wasn't originally written as a Hellraiser movie, so that explains the missing link. It was a definite improvement over the last couple in the Hellraiser series, and was a really great movie; but I'm not too sure if I'd really call it much of a Hellraiser movie.
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A Hellraiser film for the new decade
cparis4444 September 2005
Hellraiser: Deader is a Hellraiser film for the latest generation. Gone are the 80's style dialog, poor characterization and thin plots. Critics will be disappointed, however, because gone as well are the Cenobites, including Pinhead, until the last reel. However, unlike the last film (Hellseeker) which reduced Pinhead to a poor plot device, Deader makes the chief Cenobite a key player in the entire story, and his final appearance helps bring the story to a gruesome, and scary close.

Again, those older folks looking to recapture the Freddy/Jason era goofiness of 80's horror films will be disappointed. This is a psychological tale, but peppered with enough Hellraiser horror and blood to satisfy today's horror fan. It's also -- surprise! -- a SMART film.

Chain-smoking reporter Amy Klein is fresh off her hot underbelly expose on crack whores when she is assigned to investigate a Romanian cult called The Deaders, who appear to be cheating death through the ministrations of their leader Winter. During the investigation she not only uncovers the secret of their snuff-film like activities, but also finds the black-and-gold puzzle box. Soon she finds herself trapped between the manipulations of Winter and the vengeance of Pinhead, who is less than happy that the Deaders are treading in his trade.

Kari Wuhrer puts in a remarkable performance given the genre, and despite her less than stellar previous film credits. Much of this is due to an excellent script by Stevens and Day, who eschew the frequent one-liners and obvious plot turns of previous installments. (Although Pinhead gets a few dramatic utterances in, of course.) Wuhrer is convincing as someone caught in a weird web of grotesque absurdity, not at all like the amateurish and often unbelievable performances of Ashley Laurence, Pinhead's usual nemesis Kirsty in previous films. Wurher also proves one can put in a good performance in an atypical Hellraiser film, something at which Hellseeker's wooden lead Dean Winters failed miserably.

Rick Bota's direction is much improved with this episode as well, to the point of being quite a different kind of film than Hellseeker. The use of a Romanian crew provides an influx of high technical skill and artistry so that the viewer will not realize the budget was low; unlike Hellseeker, where Pinhead's arrival was about as technically complex as someone opening the blinds, here the gore and FX are much improved and very, very well utilized.

Visually, the film is filled with clever cues and foreshadowing. A punk rock informant provides Amy with information while wearing his hair in tiny, spiked braids, a subtle reminder of Pinhead's impending appearance. Throughout we are shown boxes that invoke the Lament Configuration: checkerboard floor patterns, window panes, right angles. This is smart film-making, something we have not seen in recent Hellraiser films, and lacking in even more recent big-budget horror films as The Grudge, Dawn of the Dead or The Ring.

The script is well done, building on Amy's character with surprising depth, and allowing us to find out some disturbing truths about her past. Time is not spent on developing side characters, so that more effort can be put into Amy; this is probably a smart idea. At first Amy appears to be cartoonish, smoking and talking tough, but soon enough she is vulnerable and frightened.

The movie suffers from a few problems, of course. In what is an annoying habit of horror movie directors, scenes begin building to a frightening climax only to be abruptly cut off as the character awakens, or is suddenly transported somewhere else. This happens a few too many times in this film, as Amy is confronting some horror, and suddenly awakens in a different location (a bath, a hospital) left to wonder if it was a dream. After the second time we see this, it becomes a joke. In this film, it happens about FIVE times. Enough already! However, the scriptwriters and director wise up at one point, and when you expect another "wake up" sequence, you don't get it, and Amy is left wandering the rest of the third and fourth reels bleeding like a stuck pig, not waking up. Wuhrer deserves credit for allowing herself to be filmed topless in critical scenes, where she is fumbling with a knife that has been stuck in her back, and the film deserves credit for not polluting the movie with needless nudity.

Overall, this is a remarkable entry in the Hellraiser series, and it amps the films up a notch. If this had been the first we had seen the Box and Hellraiser, we would be amazed and this would have become an immediate cult classic, if not a commercial success. Coming so late in the franchise, it will be hard for folks to treat this as a new film. Some will not like it in comparison, because it discontinues the formula of the earlier films. But as a standalone, horrific psycho-drama, with one hell of an ending, Hellraiser:Deader is an excellent Hellraiser film for the 2000's.
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Not what I expected
Eternal8521 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I was a little reluctant to watch this installment, mostly because of the small little plot details that emerged many month's before the movie actually came out. HOWEVER, being an avid Hellraiser fan, I went out and bought the movie, much to my delight, I truly enjoyed it. Before I go into too much detail, let me state that I, in no way, compare any movie to any other. Every movie is an entry into the mythos, and should be treated as such. With that being said, let me elaborate. First, I felt this movie had a very dark feel, more so than Hellseeker and Inferno. The imagery in this one was very powerful (ala The Ring style) and deserves some much needed praise. The ending I thought was one of the better endings I've seen since Hellraiser III. It was a nice touch to link this one back to Bloodlines, though it did feel like it was an afterthought. The acting was very good, and it was nice to see a female in the lead again. I have to say though, New Hellriaser (i.e Post Hellraiser:Bloondlines) is starting to develop a very predictable style. Let me explain. 1) Man/Woman opens box 2) Visions and dreams haunt him 3) Man finds himself in hell without his knowing 4) Pinhead emerges to say "Welcome to Hell"

Now with that being said, as I was watching Deader, I was saying to myself "Yawn, here we go again". About an hour into it, I started to really like it. Not that it detracted to much from that formula, but it did so just enough that you stop yawning and start to really wonder what it going on. Unlike Hellseeker, the flashback/hunting's and reality wasn't not that intricately tied together so that it confuses the #### out of you. This one pulls it off very well. It's my opinion that if this was the first entry after Bloodlines, it would not have been bashed so hard. It's a great stand-alone Hellraiser film, though it doesn't have the power of the first 3, it still is a worthwhile watch
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The franchise is dead
TheLittleSongbird1 November 2018
It did take me a while to get round to watching 'Hellraiser' and its sequels, despite being on my to watch list for some time. Due to having so much to watch and review, and the list keeps getting longer and longer. Horror is not my favourite genre, but there is the appreciation for it and there are many very good, great and even classic films (as well as a fairly high number of schlock).

The first 'Hellraiser' is by far the best, being a very good film that is scary, original and very atmospheric with a surprising amount of ambition and intelligence. Meanwhile, the sequels were very hit and miss (leaning towards the miss and the latter films particularly are suggestive of the franchise having run its course. The second film is the best of them, while the third and fourth films were watchable if problematic. It was with 'Inferno' where the franchise went down south in quality, though it was with 'Hellseeker' where things became properly bad.

'Hellraiser: Deader' is for me, and quite a number of others it looks like, one of the worst of the series. There are a few good things but they are quickly lost in a sea of very bad, the worst assets being terrible.

The film does start off well, it does have creepiness, intrigue and atmosphere to begin with. Some of the imagery is memorably eerie and looks quite good thankfully rather than schlocky.

Kari Wuhrer is a more than serviceable lead and is committed. Doug Bradley doesn't disappoint, he has little to work with and what he has is beneath him but he makes the most of it and is frightening.

On the other hand, most of 'Hellraiser: Deader' looks cheap, especially the editing, and like it was made hastily and like budget was minimal. The music adds nothing, doesn't fit and is not very appealing on its own. The direction is complacent, and other than Wuhrer and Bradley the acting is dire. Even the usually more than watchable Paul Rhys is bad. Their bland and annoying clichés passing for characters and embarrassingly laughable dialogue (rambling, cheesy and camp) that is impossible to take seriously or to take for what it is does ill-serve them.

A major problem is that once again, it doesn't feel like a 'Hellraiser' film, Pinhead and the Cenobites come over once again as literally shoe-horned in and have so little to do that one questions why they're even there in the first place. At least Pinhead makes a little impression, the Cenobites have completely lost their creepiness and mysteriousness and might as well not been there at all, even the previous sequels didn't waste them this much. The rest of the film completely derails very early on after a promising start, there is no tension, suspense or creativity and the more the film wore on the duller, blander, more vague and more confused it got. The overlong and sometimes unnecessary padding, scenes that go on too long and next to no real atmosphere other than awkwardness and camp are big reasons as to why, everything feels rushed and have not in a long time seen a more incoherent ending.

Concluding, after this the franchise was officially dead. This has all been said with a heavy heart and no maliciousness, just in case anybody's watching. 3/10 Bethany Cox
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Confused plotting and incomprehensibility, half-heartedly depicted by bland directing and bad acting.
ericrnolan30 June 2015
Believe it or not, "Hellraiser: Deader" (2005) surprised me at first for being unexpectedly good for the seventh film in a franchise. We've got a detailed, original, creative horror story setup, we've got some quite good makeup effects, and we've got Romania as a great atmospheric location. I was having a good time.

Just past the halfway mark, however, this movie descended into confused plotting and incomprehensibility, half-heartedly depicted by bland directing and bad acting. (The lead actress here illustrates for us that not every pretty girl can be an Oscar contender.) Fans of the franchise take note — this is only a putative "Hellraiser" movie. The iconic "Pinhead" makes a couple of perfunctory appearances; the other "Cenobites" appear once, I think, in background. A quick check of Wikipedia confirmed my suspicion — this was originally a standalone horror movie script, into which these characters were inserted (and pretty tenuously in terms of plot). Clive Barker had no creative involvement whatsoever.

I'd give this movie a 3 out of 10 for an interesting first half, and I'd recommend you skip it.

You know what? Go watch "From Within" (2008). That's a good horror yarn that gets too little press.
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Obe of the best of the series
kroko00717 May 2006
Deader' was the second Hellraiser film ('Hellseeker' was the first) that I actually got to enjoy the pre-release hysteria. And now I'm waiting on pins and needles (ha ha) for 'Hellworld' to arrive, on the day before Doug's birthday, I believe. I'm a September baby, too, and the eighth installment of the series will make a great present! I already have it on pre-order. But first… 'Deader'….

This movie did the trademark jump-around thing that Bota seems to live for, but in the tradition of 'Hellseeker', I found myself minding less on this one. I also forced myself to watch the film proper before allowing myself to see the Gag Reel, or to listen to the commentary (Doug being included in the commentary, this was a difficult task).

The cast acted my socks off as well as their own – I think I'm a fan of Romanian film crews, now, too. The scene when Amy finds the girl dead and posed in her apartment was brilliantly done and creepy. And as Doug mentions in the commentary (which I turned on minutes after the credits came up the first time around) we expect her to move and boo us, but it happens after we've stopped thinking about it, so we jump anyway. The part with Amy dealing with the knife in her back was intense and captivating, and she should be ranked among the best scream queens. I bet she couldn't talk for days after filming that scene! The train was memorable, of course, but it was even more fun knowing that these were Romanians not used to the habit the rest of the world has for undressing people as fast as possible in movies. But that was something you had to discover via commentary, because the actors themselves managed to look very natural, as if they did scenes like that every day.

If I ever meet Mr. Bota, I will personally beg him to put Doug in the movies more often, but he managed to put together a very gripping mystery that kept me interested throughout. And tying it all back to Winter being of the Lemarchand bloodline was an appreciated twist. Either John or Jack Merchant had a fling at one point, the woman got pregnant, and wackiness ensues….

And I loved the final destruction scene with Pinhead knocking holes in all the Deaders, too, but the best Pinhead scene was the one in Amy's hotel in the dark. You get the impression that Winter has managed to irritate the Black Pope a bit – not generally a healthy pastime.

The effects when the chains grab Amy's face from the box were great. Watching the 'how they did it' parts are always fascinating. But this brings us to the extras, the commentary with Doug, and the Gag Reel.

I know Doug did commentary for 'Hell on Earth', but only on the Region 2 version, and I haven't yet gotten a player that will deal with that. I will, and then my quest will be nearer to completion. Doug has said he's interested in doing readings on CD, whether Poe or something else, and I hope he'll have the opportunity, because I could listen to his voice for days. Personally, I think we should have a 'Doug reads his book' CD, too. But for now, I have the commentary on 'Deader', and I've watched the movie with the commentary on more than I have without it. But I do wonder if it amuses him when people say he's got "a British accent". Technically, to him, it's not an accent. He could say we all have accents, in fact, due to our own dialects of origin. But I digress….

The Gag Reel. I know they don't always keep outtakes, but they should. I have the greatest respect for both Doug and Pinhead, but it's a marvelous treat to see Pinhead get a look on his face and suddenly crack up laughing, or gripe about carpenters in the background. And Amy tossing a lamp and whacking someone…. Good times. They should include them on every movie ever made. And the weird bit? Seeing Pinhead talk in Doug's voice. Yeah, yeah, I know – Doug plays Pinhead, it shouldn't be weird. But it is. We usually hear the effect on Doug's voice that makes it become what we're used to hearing as Pinhead. But the cool thing about it was it was another proof of how intense Doug is about portraying the character of Pinhead. He takes it to a delightful extreme that achieves the perception that they are utterly separate beings, and when he's Pinhead, Doug ceases to exist, and vice versa. So many actors are incapable of achieving that to such an intense degree.
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BaratStefan-126 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Well.... lets begin... i didn't want to comment on this movie but the fact is that i am from Romania(the place where the movie was made) and i gotta say...i am surprised! Why? Simple ...all the movies made here seem to be low budget pieces of crap.I am a big Hellraiser fan and i taught the series will be destroyed with this one...but its not like that..the movie is pretty good,even the Romanian backup actors have the decency of speaking an understandable English.The story is pretty good...more than most of the horror movies released this year in the States..but bellow the Hellraiser franchise...and another disturbing fact is that Pinhead's appearances are limited...could be that there were some problems with the script that was not intended to be a Hellraiser movie(like another user commented on this site).Anyway...the movie is decent...worth seeing at least once..hardcore hypnotic horror type fans will be pleased... Still the fact remains that some different turns must be taken with the Hellraiser Series or else it will be lost soon...i've heard the Hellworld is out..i'm gonna check it out as soon as i can. PEACE!
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Just what we need... another crap Hellraiser sequel.
poolandrews14 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Hellraiser: Deader starts in London where Amy Klein (Kari Wuhrer) works as an investigative reporter for the London Underground (a newspaper not the subway transport system!), her boss Charles (Simon Kunz) show's her a videotape he received in the post. It appears to show a cult known as 'Deaders' watching on as a young girl named Marla (Georgina Rylance) kills herself & then miraculously return to life shortly after. Intrigued Amy thinks she can turn it into a story, the only clue is a return address somewhere in Bucharest in Romania on the envelope it arrived in. In no time at all Amy is out there doing what she does best & investigating, an investigation which she uncovers great evil...

This American Romanian co-production was directed by Rick Bota & for the record Hellraiser: Deader is the seventh film in the Hellraiser franchise which you might like to know since they stopped actually numbering them in the titles after part three. Personally the original Hellraiser (1987) & it's gore drenched sequel Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988) are two of my favourite horror films & I just think they are class & as each rubbish straight-to-video/DVD sequel goes by with each one being even worse than the last watching them can get quite depressing. The script by Neal Marshall Stevens & Tim Day apparently had nothing to do with the Hellraiser franchise at first but the studio decided to add Pinhead & the Lamont Chinese puzzle box to rape a bit more money from a once great horror series. Firstly Hellraiser: Deader doesn't really fell like a Hellraiser film, it focuses on Amy the reporter investigating the Deader cult in Romania & following the blatantly obvious clues (a return address on the envelope, colour coded keys & locks just so she can't mix them up) while the Hellraiser connections are tenuous to say the least as Pinhead & another couple of Cenobites make a cameo appearance at the end. The story is weak, how did Winter know Amy was 'the one'? Why send the tape to her editor? Surely it would have made more sense to send it directly to her? What if he had put another reporter on the case? Or even just decided to call the police? Then there's the narrative which is awful, about a third of the way in the film becomes obsessed with flashbacks, dreams, hallucinations, sudden shifts in locations & character's which ended up making me feel like I didn't know what was meant to be real or not. It's also hard to figure out when a flashback, dream or hallucination begins &/or ends so I never really felt I knew what was happening. I mean what was with the mysterious guy who jumped in front of the train? There's a also a severe lack of blood or gore which doesn't help.

Director Bota is responsible for the last three Hellraiser sequels, Hellraiser: Hellseeker (2002), this & Hellraiser: Hellworld (2005) which was shot back-to-back with Hellraiser: Deader. It's competent but there's not much style here, it's really not much to look at & all the symbolism, imagination & visual richness of the first two Hellraiser films seems a million years ago. The gore is also disappointingly tame, there's some blood splatter, a few knife wounds, a few severed limbs & a hooking scene at the end which is a direct rip-off of Frank Cotten's death from the original. It's not scary, there's no tension or atmosphere, Pinhead is barely in it & the plot is a mess & instead of being mysterious & intriguing it's just plain frustrating & confusing.

Amazingly this apparently had a budget of about $4,000,000 & I have to say that I am not entirely sure where all the money went. The special effects are low key, the locations are bland & there are no big name stars or action set-pieces in it. Filmed in Bucharest in Romania as a lot of films seem to be these days. The acting isn't anything to write home about, in fact the acting is totally forgettable.

Hellraiser: Deader is yet another terrible Hellraiser sequel that merely uses the Hellraiser name to sell a few more copies, not worth bothering with even if your a fan of the series. This was a sequel to Hellraiser, Hellbound: Hellraiser II, Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth (1992), Hellraiser: Bloodline (1996), Hellraiser: Inferno (2000), Hellraiser: Hellseeker & was itself followed by Hellraiser: Hellworld & you would have to really love the franchise to stick it out through all eight films.
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Kari, Kari, Kari....
jrfranklin0114 June 2005
What do you do when you have an incredible body (with face to match) and want to get into doing predominately horror-type movies? You become Kari Wuhrer. From "Thinner" and "Eight-Legged Freaks" to "Anaconda" and now this (Hellraiser VII), Kari has quickly made an image for herself as the hottie horror actress. I don't mean to imply she hasn't diversified her career, but recently horror seems her genre. Did anybody see "Hitchhiker II"? Anyway, skins flicks and scary movies seem to go well together in a teenager-ish sort of way. Far be it from me to tell Kari to put some clothes on. And speaking of which, "Hellraiser VII" surprisingly gives you a peek at Kari's peaks (pun intended) as does "King of the Ants".

Okay, so I'm getting off track. The guys reading this will understand. As to the movie's story, it is far less entertaining than what I have written thus far. It has all the no-brainers - the box, Pinhead, and grisly pain and suffering in a hellish existence. But none of this was portrayed with the craft and cleverness of Hellraiser V, which was a mirror image of the video game series, Silent Hill. Hellraiser VII's story is all about a reporter, Amy Klein (Wuhrer), who begins investigating a cult in Europe called the Deaders. The members of this group commit suicide and then are brought back from the dead by an enigmatic ring leader. Amy's ambition and intrigue to uncover the truth soon lead her to a story, the makings of which she would rather not have known. This plot runs parallel to the in-hell-ignorant theme of some of the other sequels but adds a prophecy to it about a chosen one who can open the box. Unfortunately, this doesn't add anything useful to the story and leaves the ending full of pins, I mean holes. 3/10
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you do not want to see Hellraiser 7 under the influence of drugs
jabb3rw0cky10 June 2005
i've seen my fair share of horror. at least 100 movies since the 1980's.

very few of those horror movies were considered "scary". usually just gore-fests or shock-a-minute's.

Hellraiser 7 was a total break from that trend.

at first, the movie starts out something like Hellraiser 3: an in-your-face, guts-first reporter manages to stumble across a story involving what appears to be a group of people making snuff films. which then seems to reveal itself as a strange cult. when then gets even more bizarre...that's when Hellraiser 7 breaks from the goofiness of Hellraiser 3.

i found the film to be dark and serious, and there are some particularly disturbing scenes (i.e., the noose-suicide girl, the "you can't hurt me" Deader). unlike H3, there were no attempts at comedy (well, maybe that one near the end when the subway guy gets his - but that's IT).

going in, i figured this installment would be total crap and was COMPLETELY SURPRISED at how good it was. good plot, interesting twists (confusing at first, but if you pay attention you will understand what's happening), pretty decent acting, and Doug Bradley does more than a cameo in this one...

you could easily mistake H5 and H7 for Hitchcock films with a bit of gore thrown in.

this one is definitely worth watching twice. if you can stand it.
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Summed Up By Joey's Final Line
Theo Robertson25 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
According to the trivia page DEADER didn't start out as a HELLRAISER sequel . In other word Pinhead and his cohorts have been shoehorned in to a plot that originally didn't feature them . This explains a lot . Ironically the problem with DEADER is that very little else is explained in a film that has a very confused and confusing narrative .

The action starts at a London news agency . We know it's a London news agency because there's several posters on the wall with London landmarks . If the film had been set in New York no doubt everyone would be walking about the office wearing I LOVE NY t-shirts . Things like this make an audience notice that the location is blatantly filmed somewhere else . Anyway the news editor gets one of his go getting journalists to investigate the " Deader " cult who are based in Romania . Good job there's no famous Romanian landmarks or else they'd be splattered all over this movie . Mind you Romania is a cheap place to film so it has its benefits


So the go getting journalists Amy Klein lands in Romania and as soon as she does this she starts having nightmares . Thankfully the producers don't come up with the plot of the previous two films where it's revealed the main protagonist is dead but that's hardly shining praise . Amy walks down dark cellar/corridor/street and something supposedly scary happens and then she wakes up in another scene . Repeat every ten minutes till the end credits . HELLRAISER 3 introduced characters being visited by Pinhead in their dreams but weren't part of the mythos from the original film . It's done to death here and just to tie in DEADER with the other films of the series there's a half baked throwaway line that the Deader cult is led by a descendant of Merchant from BLOODLINE

In summary this is a very poor movie . There might be a lot of mileage in HELLRAISER but subsequent productions shoot themselves in the foot by having repetitive plots with confused plotting . DEADER is probably the worst in the series and can be summed up by Joey ( Marc Warren in a wasted role ) who gasps " For ***** sake " which was also my reaction
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A Decent Entry
RHPSvegas7 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, my major complaints first: Pinhead's costume keeps changing slightly. It no longer looks as atmospheric and detailed as it did in the first two, plus the designs have changed. Pinhead's makeup looks gravelly - where did the weathered face come from? People are raving about the cover art - why? It's the picture off of the back cover of Inferno, you've seen it before! You know a series has gone downhill when the company changes the title logo. Dimension's all about money, they don't care about the integrity of a film. Rick Bota should seriously go back and re-watch the first two films (obviously the best in the series) if he's going to continue making entries. I'm getting tired of these films looking so washed out (as is the style in almost every horror movie anymore, especially those from Dimension). The puzzle box animation looks totally fake and inconsistent - one minute it's computer animated, the next it's obviously a guy under the table working it. There is cover art for Hellraiser: Hellworld on an ad in the slipcover of the DVD; looks just as cheesy.

Onto the story: A flaky shock journalist who should be writing for tabloids is sent to Romania (let's waste money to shoot on location!) to investigate a story on "Deaders" - people who kill themselves and then are brought back to life by a guy who is apparently related to LeMerchant, the maker of the Lament Configuration (the puzzle-box) who expects the resurrected to follow him blindly. Pinhead's presence in this film is totally unnecessary. He's supposedly PO'd that Winter (the resurrector) is dabbling into the other side of death, which is rightfully Pinhead's domain. Director Rick Bota openly admits that the original script was just "Deader," and not written as a Hellraiser entry. Yay for commercialism and milking a franchise for all it's worth! Doug Bradley, as always (except part 3 probably, that was ridiculous), delivers a likable Pinhead performance, and the finale is a definite throwback to the earlier films (probably the best part). This movie was meant to be about an underground resurrection cult and Pinhead was thrown in to tag on the Hellraiser name. Thank God Kirsty wasn't included because her story's been beaten to death and she already settled things with Pinhead in Hellseeker. Please no more "this is what YOUR Hell is like" stories! It's worth a watch or two if you're bored. You want real horror with an actual plot, watch the first two.
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history will prove me right
iampatrickbateman27 August 2004
C'mon now people, this is the highlight of the hellraiser series. The first three are average, but this is just a masterpiece, and i'm shocked to find it has such a low rating on this site. I won't go into the story here but it's fiendishly clever, and subtle, unlike number four. The sooner they get these four (IV, V, VI, VII)films into a DVD box the better the world will be. It'd be cool if we could have a 5.1 THX mix of the soundtrack to to bring out some of the screams a bit more, and to do justice to the genius soundtrack. And as for the lack of Pinhead, well he's in more than enough of the other films, so quit your whining boy, and sit through this masterpiece again!
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Really Good!, but the franchise needs to leave dream world.
Skenzin5 June 2005
Just watched it. Well worth seeing if your a fan of the series.

The good: Gore. Its very well done. A lot better than I was expecting. It goes for atmosphere and it works in spades. Rick Bota has improved a lot since Hellseeker. It's very stylish and although it uses a lot of conventions we've seen before it still feels fresh. I heard this movie was shot on digital but it looks like film to me, which is good. (Unlike Hellseeker) The acting is really good and there is some very tense moments. It's never boring. After watching it and realizing it wasn't the crap Hellseeker was and it actually makes you wanna see Hellworld.

the bad: Why do they keep remaking Inferno? I thought Inferno was the best of the series since part 2, by far. I loved the way Inferno was shot and making the whole movie dreamlike was a neat idea. Inferno was the breath of fresh air to the franchise. Hellseeker was the kick in the groin. Sadly this is third movie in row that uses that same device.

I give it a 7 as a movie. Compared to the other Hellraisers it should be a 8 or 9.

Franchise order: I,II,Inferno,Deader, the rest are a toss up.
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