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MPAA Rated PG-13 for some sexual content and brief drug references

Sex & Nudity

  • At her 13th birthday party, Jenna is introduced to a game called "seven minutes in heaven," in which she's blindfolded and put in a closet. The cutest, most-popular jock from school then has seven minutes "to do what he wants with you."
  • One girl warns beforehand, "Chris likes going for second base," upon which Jenna frantically pulls a wad of tissue out of her bra.
  • Waking up as a 30-year-old, Jenna encounters a man leaving her apartment bathroom dressed only in a towel. (It's clear he knows her, since he calls her "sweet bottom.")
  • He strips the towel off in a playful way, but Jenna's deployed umbrella keeps the audience from seeing anything. She later tells the grown-up Lucy, "I saw his thingy!"
  • There are several references to men's testicles, usually in the context of them being squeezed. A few times they're called "balls."
  • The grown-up Jenna is surprised to see that she has "incredible boobs," and at first she gropes them in disbelief.
  • Then she quickly learns to exploit them by wearing a series of tight-fitting, low-cut outfits. (She spends most of her first day in her new body clad only in lingerie and a jacket.)
  • In her dresser drawers she finds extremely brief, lacy underwear.
  • Jenna finds out that she's apparently been cheating with the husband of a co-worker, who refers to them "rattling the desk drawers" in her office during a previous encounter. (She kicks him in the groin.)
  • The naïve grown-up Jenna tells her boyfriend (a man of whom a colleague says has the "best a--" on the New York Rangers team) that she wants to play games, asking if he has Battleship.
  • He replies, "Let me show you my destroyer." He then proceeds to do a comical striptease (he gets down to his underwear), leaving Jenna grossed out and embarrassed.
  • At a magazine design meeting, workers to refer to headlines such as "57 ways to have an orgasm," "touch-me-there underwear" and "he loves you, he loves your butt."
  • A young teen girl laments the fact that boys won't "jump your bones" if you wear braces.
  • When a co-worker tells Jenna that a grown man is making eyes at her, Jenna misunderstands and approaches a tween boy, who asks if she wants to go out sometime.
  • Jenna's boss, who moments later admits to being gay, asks Jenna if Matt would be available.
  • A 13 year old girl stuffs tissues in her shirt to make her look like she has bigger breasts, this is non sexual.
  • A 30 year old woman goes to another mans house, her intention is to just go stay with him, the man does a dance and strips down to his underwear trying to seduce her, She gets disgusted. Nothing else happens other them him stripping to his underwear. Mild scene.
  • A man is naked in a woman's house and she freaks out, she throws an umbrella at him before anything is shown. She mentions to her co-worker about seeing his thingy.
  • A another man visits the woman at work, tries to attempt have sex with her but she kicks him and gets away. This is brief and mild.
  • Some mild non sexual references to boobs.
  • There is a brief talk with magazines about orgasms.

Violence & Gore

  • Jenna kicks a man in the groin. (It's seen in silhouette through translucent glass.)
  • Angry, Lucy knocks items off office desks.
  • None


  • The s-word is used once, as is "a--."
  • God's name is abused at least a half-dozen times; Christ's once.
  • A woman refers to herself as "a tough b--ch."
  • Below PG-13 level
  • 3 uses of bitch
  • A couple of uses of byotch
  • 1 use of bullshit
  • Some slang terms:
  • Balls, boobs

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • At the girls 13th birthday party a teen mentions about buying beer.
  • The 30 year old woman drinks aggressively at a work party.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The sexual content is mild. There is just drinking no actual drugs. The references to body parts are not sexual.
  • Rating should be PG-13 for some mild sexual content, language and drinking.
  • Overall the content is mild, but because there are mild sexual scenes viewers under 13 need to be supervised when watching this movie.

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