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Season 18

Does the Cosmos Have a Reason?
How breathtakingly vast the universe. How majestic. Is there meaning, purpose-a reason? Some scientists say no; we create our own purpose. Others look to God, while some seek meaning in the search for aliens. All see beauty.
Can the Cosmos Have a Reason?
Perhaps we cannot know the reason for the universe, if there is any. But is it even possible for the universe to have a reason? If yes, how would natural regularities and rules compare with some kind of goal or God?
Implications of Cosmology?
The universe is strange and wondrous-dauntingly vast, menacingly violent, infinitely complex. There are explanations, but is there a final explanation?
What Is It About God?
We dig into issues and arguments about God's existence-and, if God exists, about God's nature or traits. We explore competing ideas about God and assess divine diversity.
Speculating About God?
In searching, striving to know God-if there is a God-we discover contrasting ways that God could be. It is good to wonder about God, see a landscape of possibilities, get the big picture of what God may be like.
How Could God Intervene in the Universe?
For God to be God, God could not do nothing. If God exists, God must do things. Assuming God created the universe, then God should do things with the universe. But what? And how?
What Could ESP Mean?
Extrasensory perception (ESP) probes reality. If ESP does not exist, then today's physical world may be all there is. If ESP does exist, then reality may go beyond the physical world. But can ESP be tested by science?
How Could ESP Work?
If ESP were real, would it transcend space and time? How could our minds know stuff, and do stuff, not only beyond our senses, but also beyond the laws of physics? What are possible mechanisms?
How to Argue for God?
Is there a supreme being, a creator of all things, a God? Can arguments-reasons, logic, ways of thinking-cut through traditions, norms, feelings? Believers bear the burden of proof.
Does God Know Everything?
Western religions claim that God is all-knowing. Then the trouble starts. What does it mean to know everything? Is God's knowledge of the future truth? Are 'possibilities' truth? Can God know infinities of truths? Does omniscience test a theistic God?
What Is Causation?
Why does one thing 'cause' another thing? Is causation fundamental, primitive, real-not reducible to, or explainable by, anything else? Or is causation a human construct, derivative, artificial? At stake is what existence is about.
Does Dualism Explain Consciousness?
Dualism claims reality has two parts, a physical and a nonphysical (mental or spiritual), both equally real. Dualism is believed by most people but rejected by most philosophers and scientists.
Is Consciousness Ultimate Reality?
Some say that consciousness is the only true reality-that everything else, including the universe, comes from consciousness. If so, how would consciousness relate to the world?

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