Dracula II: Ascension (Video 2003) Poster

(2003 Video)

Craig Sheffer: Lowell



  • Kenny : How much more real does it have to get?

    Lowell : We know he's alive, Kenny. We just don't know what's keeping him alive.

    Eric : Or if that essence can be safely transferred to another person.

    Kenny : I just got through planting my best friend in someone's backyard. Excuse me if I don't give a shit. So unless this essence of yours can bring her back, I just want to get my money and get the hell out of here.

    Lowell : Tanya's dead. It doesn't work on dead cells.

    Kenny : No? How does it work, Lowell? Does it work on diseased cells? Would it work on that? How about cells from some poor palsy piece of shit in a wheelchair who...


    Kenny : Oh, my God! That's you!

    Lowell : You're missing the big picture here.

    Kenny : Sure. You won't be just sitting there with your Nobel prize, you'll be dancing with it.

  • Elizabeth Blaine : [while watching vampire blood fix diseased human cells]  If it replaces the cells it's killed, when do you stop being you?

    Kenny : It won't change who you are. It'll just make you better. Hell, it'll turn you into fuckin' Superman!

    Luke : Or pure refried evil.

    Elizabeth Blaine : Where've you been?

    Luke : [pulling out bottles of water]  Shopping.

    Kenny : You know, evil is just a state of mind, fella. That's all.

    Lowell : He's right, you know. Completely subjective term. Absolutely meaningless in clinical study.

    Luke : Is it? Is this the new you, Lowell? Here's the new you on holy water.

    [Luke pours holy water on Lowell's skin sample soaked with vampire blood and it starts fizzing] 

    Kenny : It's acid. You threw fucking acid on it!

    [Luke drinks the holy water] 

    Kenny : So, what are you saying?

    Luke : What I'm saying, Kenny, is that that thing out there is a monster. And I'm no better than you, because I'm the one who stole it. But don't pretend it's something else. You know what it is. We all know what it is.

  • Lowell : Okay. We all know it's a vampire. Nobody's kidding themselves here. The trick is to separate the diseased vector - the evil, if you will - from the healthy one.

    Eric : Right. Like a vaccine. When you take what makes you sick and you turn it into a cure.

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