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Chick Flick, but don't completely scrap it
monkbuddy2 June 2005
This movie is definitely a "chick flick." Both male leads are played pretty well. Josh Duhamel portrays the self-absorbed actor well, but has difficulty being believable when he is supposedly being sincere. Of course, maybe that's the point. Topher Grace, on the other hand, is able to portray an emotion in very subtle ways, and is therefore perfect as the inwardly-tortured old friend.

Kate Bosworth's character seems to be quite one-dimensional, and not always consistently. She is overly naive, even for a small town hick. I get the impression that the Hollywood types who wrote her part have never been to a small town, or at least, not since the 50s. There are sweet, wholesome people in this world, but they are more realistic than this girl. It is difficult to ascertain who the protagonist is. Is it Topher or Kate? His character has more depth than hers, but it appears that the story revolves around her.

Nathan Lane and Sean Hayes provide much-needed comedy and interest to the story. I found myself looking forward to their appearances on-screen. Funny moments and a few good performances make it worthwhile, but I definitely believe it will appeal more to us women than the men.
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makes up in charm what it lacks in edge
Buddy-516 August 2004
`Win a Date with Tad Hamilton' is a predictable fairy tale romance that skates by on the cleverness of its premise and the charm of its performances. Kate Bosworth stars as Rosalee Futch, a small town girl from West Virginia who has a mad crush on a hot Hollywood stud named Tad Hamilton. One day she enters a contest on the Internet, the prize being an all-expenses-paid trip to Los Angeles to spend an evening with her dreamboat. Rosalee, of course, wins the contest and has her magic fantasy moment, whereupon she flies back home, expecting to file the experience away in her heart as the high point of her life and then continue her humdrum existence working at the local Piggly Wiggly. What Rosalee doesn't anticipate is that Tad will be so smitten with her genuine goodness and unpretentious nature that he will wind up traveling to West Virginia in order to get to know her better. Complicating matters is the fact that Rosalee's long time friend and boss, Pete, is secretly, madly in love with her and isn't about to give her up without a fight to this fancy, flashy dude from Hollywood.

Given the premise, the makers of this film could, with a bit more self-confidence, have made a keen, hard-edged satire about the role celebrity-worship plays in the lives of ordinary folks. Instead, they've opted to take a softer, less abrasive approach, settling for a more conventional love triangle that still manages to win us over despite the formulaic nature of the story. The best part about `Win a Date with Tad Hamilton' is that it doesn't turn Tad into a boorish, self-centered jerk, which would have been so easy to do. As played by Josh Duhamel, Tad is, instead, a decent, well-meaning, good-natured young man who basically just wants the same thing out of life that we all do, namely love and commitment from that one special person. Even though we know how this triangle will most likely be resolved, the film still generates a certain amount of emotional tension because we actually come to like all three of the characters who make it up. We know Rosalee can't end up with both men, but each, in his own way, appears to be a viable alternative. This spirit of equanimity is not always the case with these types of stories.

Bosworth exudes such a healthy, radiant glow that we don't question for a second why both Tad and Pete are drawn to her. Duhamel pours on the celebrity charm without becoming smarmy and unctuous in the process. And Topher Grace nicely underplays the role of Rosalee's erstwhile secret devotee who faces a rival no Ordinary Joe should ever have to go up against.

`Win a Date with Tad Hamilton' isn't as good as it might have been had it opted for a riskier, edgier tone. But it's not bad as romantic comedies go – and in these days of `Along Came Polly,' `Alex and Emma,' `Chasing Liberty' et al., that's saying quite a bit indeed.
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Fluffy little film
fluffyclown18 May 2004
I admit it. I saw this movie simply because I wanted to see something light and fluffy. I got what I wanted.

Yes, it's a chick flick. Yes, it's predictable. Yes, it has the typical Hollywood ending. But the film never said it was going to be anything but that, and that's why I liked it. No political agendas. No heavy drama and/or gut-wrenching scenes. In fact, there really wasn't anything in this film that was really negative. It was just a cute, fluffy little film that was intended to make you fill light-hearted when it was over. And for me, that is exactly what it did.

Rank: 8
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Much funnier than the typical chick flick!!
hel41026 May 2004
This movie had much more going for it than I had anticipated. Nathan Lane and Sean Hayes as the agent and manager Richard Levy (both of them had the same name!) were hilarious, as was the hotel clerk - a small part played by Sam Pancake who I at first mistook for Martin Short. Topher Grace had tons of great one-liners, and Ginnifer Goodwin and Kathryn Hahn also really good in supporting roles. I liked Josh Duhamel too, and was interested to find that he really wasn't the stereotypical movie star trying to manipulate Kate Bosworth. His character was really sincere, giving you no one to really dislike and making the plot much more interesting. Overall, I was laughing out loud through a good deal of this movie when I had expected it to be a little lame - a really nice surprise!
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A sweet chick flick
FilmSchoolWriter23 January 2006
I enjoyed "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton". It's a brainless, cutesy little romantic comedy -- but that's okay since it doesn't try to be anything deep or uber meaningful. Topher Grace does a good job playing the sort of nerdy-uber romantic-always crushing on cheerleaders but never having one as a girlfriend guy. It seems to be a really natural performance, possible too natural? ;) Just kidding. But honestly, he does as good of a job as any guy can do in a movie that is totally geared towards the female population. Needless to say, the moral of this story is pretty obvious and it's one we've seen at least a gazillion times before. But I liked it and it's perfect if you're looking for something that requires no brain power at all.
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Better than most films from the same genre
christian12312 December 2004
A grocery store checkout girl (Kate Bosworth) wins a contest to win a date with hot young "bad boy" actor, Tad Hamilton, played by Josh Duhamel. When he ends up falling in love, her life is turned upside down when he comes to her small hometown, and gets into a competition with her best friend (Topher Grace), who is also in love with her.

Generic story aside, the film is actually pretty decent. It isn't great or original but fans of the genre should enjoy it. The film works better than it should thanks to its young and charming cast. They all play likable characters and you will be rooting for them. Kate Bosworth is very charming and beautiful as Rosalee. Her character is very sweet and its hard to hate her though she may be a little too pretty for the role. Josh Duhamel plays Tad and he gives a decent performance. Topher Grace is very funny and entertaining as Pete. His sarcastic sense of humor starts getting old near the end of the film though. The supporting actors are also pretty good. Nathan Lane and Sean Hayes play Tad's agents and they both give funny performances.

Besides for the impressive cast, there isn't much more to recommend. The story is pretty stale and predictable. You can predict what will happen just by watching the trailer. The music is very annoying and corny. The dialog is very cheesy and lame. The film is also kind of dull because you know where things are going and they add a bunch of pointless scenes. Robert Luketic brought us the very enjoyable Legally Blonde but he doesn't quite score a win with this film. His direction is uneven and a bit clumsy. I'm being a little too harsh on this film. It really is a harmless romantic comedy that teenage girls should enjoy. It's also better than Chasing Liberty and the Prince and Me. In the end, fans of the genre should check this film out, everyone else should skip it. Rating 5/10
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Another successful upbeat romantic comedy
BridgetJonesChick2 January 2004
So, if you're looking for a movie similar to the Pianist or Road to Perdition this is not the movie to see; but, if what you seek is a fun and upbeat romantic comedy that can serve as an hour and a half long distraction from reality then you have come to the right place. Win a Date with Tad Hamilton is amusing and funny and the young stars are successfully endearing. Audience members will not walk out of the theater after viewing this movie intellectually enlightened but that is not the movies intention. After viewing this movie you will leave the theater feeling happy and optimistic (which is a feat in today's society). Topher Grace and Kate Bosworth are adorable as typical Midwesterners (even if, as a Midwesterner myself I can attest to the fact that they are still a little too Hollywood to fully pass as West Virginian Piggly Wiggly workers). Basically, go to see Win a Date with Tad Hamilton if you want to you want a small morsel to make you temporarily blissful and please, please do not hold it to standards that it is not trying to meet. This movie should be accepted for what it is, not an Oscar contender but instead a little guilty pleasure that will eventually sit on my DVD shelf and serve as to cheer me up and make me laugh. Give it a chance, you might like it too!
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Great movie!
I went to the screening of "Win A Date With Tad Hamilton!" last night.

I thought it was a great romantic comedy, and it was more funny than I expected.

Kate Bosworth was great. She was always so upbeat and happy as Rosalee Futch. She looks just like a typical girl who wants to meet her favorite movie star-screaming and all.

Topher Grace was someone most girls could be friends with. He takes care of Rosalee and secretly loves her. He even helps his good buddy(sarcasim) Tad out a bit. He tells Rosalee to "guard her carnal treasure" quite often.

Josh Duhamel was great playing what you would think of a guy like him. From the smoking, drinking, and driving to the directions on how to cook microwavable food.

Ginnifer Goodwin was so funny. She played Rosalee's best friend and she also loves Tad Hamilton. She would act really weird in front of him, and some things she said, you couldn't help but laugh at.

This would probably be a movie you take your best friend or sister to, but not a boyfriend (unless he likes Kate Bosworth). I will see it when it officially releases, and I will definetly buy the DVD when it comes out.
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Kate Bosworth was not right for the role...
ashleigh12924 February 2004
I felt like this movie could have been a lot better if there had been some real chemistry between both Tad (Josh Duhamel) and Rosalee (Kate Bosworth) and Pete (Topher Grace) and Rosalee would have had just a little bit of chemistry. Rosalee was so ditzy and had no personality or substance in the film, although both of the men chasing after her claimed that she did. I didn't root for either couple to stay with her, because I couldn't believe that either character would have been interested in her. Her first scenes when she met Tad were extremely cheesy, and her annoying accent when conversing with Pete was too much to handle. Too bad since Topher Grace is fabulous in any role and the hotness of Josh Duhamel cancels out any flaws in his acting.
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Never Judge a Book By Its Cover
sarahbeth10112 January 2004
The title of this movie makes it sound like the movie will be an annoying chick flick geared toward teeny-boppers, and I did have some hesitation in going to see it. My fears were dispelled, however, in the first scene by Topher Grace's witty character (Pete). I wouldn't say that the plot is exactly original, but it wasn't 100% predictable. Angelica the bartender is a great character, and, as usual, Topher Grace rocked my socks off. The ending left a little to be desired, but there were quite a few quotable lines throughout the movie. Definitely two thumbs up!
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Surprisingly enjoyable
brendanchenowith10 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Now, I gave this an 8 only because I missed the first half-hour when I stumbled upon it on HBO the other day. I'm watching it again tomorrow morning when it's repeated, so we'll see...

Anyway, I found it surprisingly enjoyable. I didn't even know it was on. I was off work yesterday, and was feeling really lazy on the couch when I just turned the TV on and there it was. "Oh, yeah, I heard about this one - the 70's show kid's in it..."

In fact, it was Topher Grace who was a real highlight. Even more so than he, it was the supporting characters I really liked. They made me want to move to Frazier's Bottom (sp?) VA, or any small town because all the characters were so likable.

My two favorites were a bumbling cop who was called to check out a car which was in a park after hours. He gushed like a 12 year-old when he found out the driver was Tad.

I also liked the bartender who had feelings for Pete (Grace) but realized Pete liked Rosalee and encouraged him to chase after her. There's a really funny scene where in a speech that a love not pursued is doomed, she uses all of these melodramatic euphemisms very worthy of a bad country song. (Dead, done, finished, crushed, LOST FOREVER IN THE SEA OF......)

So, yes, it's a romantic comedy and, of course, the leads "get each other" in the end. Yes, true love wins out. It's not the first time a film was based on this general premise, and it won't be the last, as long as Meg Ryan needs the money. However, the appeal lies in the quirks inserted along the way. Rent it, buy it, or tape it, it's a very enjoyable lazy Sunday afternoon movie (even though I saw it on a very lazy THURSDAY afternoon).
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Bubble Gum Flick With An Insulting Premise
Lechuguilla3 March 2009
A naive, young woman, Rosalee (Kate Bosworth), from hicks-ville, wins a date with a self-absorbed Hollywood hunk straight out of central casting. The smarmy guy is all smiles and no depth. But then, none of the characters in this film have much depth.

The plot contains lots of predictably awkward moments, as Rosalee's down-home lifestyle clashes with the hunk's Hollywood lifestyle. Stereotypes abound. And given that the down-home setting is West Virginia, the story is fairly insulting.

The script implies that Americans who do not live on the West Coast or the East Coast are simple-minded, unsophisticated dolts that idolize Hollywood sophistication. Wow! The corporate suit that approved money for this film is dreadfully out of touch, and needs to get out of Tinseltown, fast.

Nothing in the script is credible, not the characters, not the plot, not the dialogue. And the ending you can see coming a mile away. Cinematography consists of bright, garish colors. And the soundtrack is irritatingly hip.

With the exception of Topher Grace (miscast as Rosalee's supermarket boss), the actors overact their roles, in an apparent effort to force humor into the film. Actually, the DVD outtakes are funnier than anything in the film. Nathan Lane is marginally tolerable as a Hollywood bigwig. But Sean Hayes, in an unnecessary role, is super annoying, with that permanent smirk that seems pasted to his face.

Evidently aimed at an audience of junior high school girls, this bubble gum flick is annoying in its insulting stereotypes, its predictability, and in its puerile, prepubescent tone.
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Don't watch it.
JesX29 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was ironically defined throughout by its memorable quotes. One of the first stomach turners was spoken while gazing dreamily at Tad ..."Do you think he is that wonderful in real life?" I waited desperately for a punchline but it never came, and it became increasingly clear that the filmmaker actually expected someone to identify with this celebrity obsession as a way of life.

I wish I could say "Win" improved, and there was a glimmer of hope right in the middle when the father of Kate Bosworth's character, played by Gary Cole (Office Space) states, "Sometimes, Goliath just kicks the s*** out of David." He implied that life, unlike the movies, can't have the perfect, canned, HAS-to-work-out because they-LOVE-each other ending. However, the line must have been a misprint, because the ending was a carefully executed piece of Hollywood fluff.

Especially disappointing was Topher Grace -who's sarcastic underdog persona is likable on "That 70's Show"- just appears whiny, and I found it impossible to believe his attraction to the narcissistic Kate, should have been anything more than a boyhood crush. Watch this if you like predictable dialogue or just enjoy emotional beatings.
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Didn't like Pete and Rosalee, so how am I supposed to like the movie?
Vain-Adryanne26 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I did not like the movie. I was looking for something to make me laugh and be also sweet but I did not find anything funny. I did not like Rosalee cause she seemed very superficial and I think she should have been more interesting and captivating to catch the attention of a guy like Ted. I think that Rosalee and Cathy were behaving in a way that just girls under 14 years old girls could. I did not like that she liked Ted because he was a movie star and not for the way he was. I did not like that the scriptwriter made Ted look bad cause he did not love Rosalee's details while Pete knew them after knowing her from 22 years while Ted only knew her for a couple of days. I did not like Pete, and I did not like Rosalee, the way that the scriptwriter developed their characters while Ted was really sweet and way more sensitive than Pete and if she would have chosen him I would have probably like this movie more. When you make two characters that the main character have to chose between, the one that loses should not be so lovely.
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As a female from WV, may I say this movie gave a bad name to us all!
virogenix28 November 2004
This has got to be one of the *worst* films I believe I have ever been tortured into watching. And yes, I was tortured. First, I am a female from West Virginia and let me say none of my friends has EVER dared to say yikesabee. That has to be the most stupid thing I have ever heard. Secondly, the lead character Rosealee didn't even have an accent! Thirdly, yawn, this movie was campy. So campy and so cheesy that it should have never been put to paper... Much less film, it is to laugh. It would have more uses in a latrine. So, yeah, two big thumbs down from me. I feel degraded somehow for having watched it. All copies should be found and burned. WV should have a televised apology from the director.
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A good movie, but a formulaic ending ruined it
dark_elf0228 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Being both a critic and a movie lover means you must be able to watch movies from any genre and have the possibility of liking them exist. That being said, Win a Date With Tad Hamilton is a pretty good movie though formulaic.

The strength of the movie lies in its casting and how the movie creates an old 1950's romantic feel to it. Rosalee played very well by Kate Bosworth is a young girl working at a Piggly Wiggly in W.Virginia. Her co-worker and boss is Pete who has longed for Rosalee for years but lacks the confidence to show her his real feelings. Rosalee's favorite actor is Tad Hamilton and one day both Rosalee and her friend enter a contest to Win a Date with said heartthrob. Tad has had some run-ins recently with the law and paparazzi that have hurt his perfect image and his agent suggest this as a contest to improve it.

Rosalee of course wins and off she goes to Hollywood for her perfect date which goes quite well if a little awkward at times. A few days after going back to her hometown Tad who saw something innocent, fresh, and sweet in Rosalee that he probably hasn't seen in a woman in a long time follows her. Soon he buys a home with the hopes of allowing his romance with Rosalee to become something a lot bigger. Pete of course just lurks in the background muttering, and being grumpy which doesn't gain any sympathy votes from me or much of the audience most likely. By this point you know whats going to happen which is the films biggest mistake.

Up until this point the film is quite good. Josh Du-Hamel who plays Tad does so perfectly, painting a portrait of an up and coming actor who has made some mistakes especially in his choice of women but now sees what a real good woman is. He is charming but not in a slimy way which probably would have been more effective for its ending. No instead Tad is earnest, and sweet in his sudden attraction to Rosalee, and their budding relationship and romance is also sweet, and honest. They have chemistry unlike Pete and her who's relationship is usually smart comments and not much else.

Unfortunately studios don't like taking chances which is their biggest mistake. If they really wanted to make this a good movie they would have changed the ending to end with Rosalee and Tad's romance having a chance. Istead its the usual Hollywood re-tread with Rosalee chasing after Pete after "aparently" realizing she loves him. Suffice the ending left me less than thrilled. I knew it was coming but was hoping I was wrong. Is the movie worth checking out??? Yes for everything but the ending.
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Let down in one major way...
Miss188621 April 2004
I honestly thought I would like this film. I'm pretty much the target demographic (17 year old girl with a liking for romantic comedies and good looking boys) so I thought this film would be a great way to kill a couple of hours on a boring thursday night.

And to be honest, the plot isn't too bad. It's a predictable love story, but then again predictable love stories are the reason why I fell in love with classics such as Dirty Dancing. This story is sweet and the ending did have me going "awwww...". But let me put it his way: it will only make you "awww" if you are a chick flick fan. If you are not a chick flick fan, you'll probably have had enough sugar by the first forty five minutes. It's definitely what I like to refer to as a "Red Bull". Totally sugary and so perky, at times, it can be disturbing.

However, although I liked the story, I was totally disappointed with the acting. The acting is what shames this movie. Kate Bosworth is terrible. She's the biggest typecast of the wholesome girl next door and her squealing and vacant, wide eyed stares belong on the Bold and the Beautiful. Not on the big screen. And although she tries, Ginnifer Goodwin's character of Cathy is so flat and one dimensional. She should be slutty, but instead of any sort showing of sex appeal (the only character with sex appeal is Angelica the bartender who I truly believe is one of the best actors in the film), Cathy's dialogue is littered with overt, tacky, cringeworthy sexual innuendo. Infact, not even that. It's usually laid out on the table. But instead of laughing, you just feel like slapping her. Such a shame for Goodwin, as I was impressed with her performance in Mona Lisa Smile and this character is well beneath her talent. Josh Duhamel plays the "duh" factor to perfection. His pecs are far more of a star than he is. Enough said.

What really, really surprised me though was that I fell head over heels in love with Topher Grace and his character, Pete. He did a wonderful job conveying his jealous, unrequited love. I truly hope we see more from him, because he was the only actor in this film I didn't feel like slapping. Oh, I liked Angelica too. She was good. And of course, Nathan Lane and Sean Hayes. Always good for a laugh.

I can't really recommend this film for anyone. I think even the tween market will be disappointed with it. Hey, they might enjoy the "awww" factor. Everyone else will just walk out and have forgotten it within 15 minutes.
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laramendez8 January 2004
Unfortunately, my best friend dragged me to this sneak preview. Josh

Duhamel (from NBC's surprise hit "Las Vegas" and an ex-"All My Children" star) steals this picture with his matinee idol looks and hipster' charm, while

surprisingly Kate Bosworth (star of "Blue Crush" and ex-WB TV star) sinks the boat with her soul-less, calculated perkiness. Perhaps a great movie to watch on cable, but disappointing to those expecting another Luketic blonde to live up to the greatness of Reese Witherspoon in "Legally Blonde." Don't watch this film unless you are willing to succumb to utter cheese and a leading lady who in

more logical times would be the third receptionist to the right.
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i thought it was really weak!
xmissgibsonx14 September 2004
i hired this film out last night, as it looked like a fun American teen film, but i wasn't convinced while watching it. Tad isn't that bad, one little comment i noted throughout the whole film, which made him the bad guy. which was only said to make sure she didn't feel bad. the *nerd* guy so to speak wasn't nice, he got her in trouble and there didn't seem any love connection between them, no spark. i wasn't surprised at the ending, i though it added to the weak film, there was no excitement, tad wasn't at all horrible, but the good guy was??? and the poor lady at the bar, she remains alone. it didn't have any real laughs in it, it just seemed a bit weak.
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I'd give this piece of dogmeat a 0 but for two things...
kmscb-16 March 2005
...Topher Grace, whom I must now admit is talented enough to give even a ludicrous character like "Pete" some semblance of humanity, and (to my even bigger surprise) Josh Duhamel, who made the title character someone you could care about, which in and of itself is an achievement worthy of an Oscar. They, alone, are worth the hour and a half this movie takes up of your life.

As for the rest...well...the main characters in West Virginia are supposedly in their early twenties, but they all talk and act like they're freshmen in high school. I can't tell if that was a deliberate choice in dialog, a problem in casting or an obscene swipe at the "simplicity of the rural folk," known to those on the coasts as "the great flyover." The "big date" is tossed aside so quickly and perfunctorily, it's like a bad blind date from a bad "reality" TV show on a low- rent cable channel. And then there's the vomiting moment that...oh, I have to stop.

Y'know, I was talked into watching this...and for the sakes of Josh and Topher, I'm glad I did. Nothing else -- from Kate Bosworth's one-note performance to the barely-even-hack TV direction to the PAINFULLY ROTTEN SCRIPT -- is worthy of further comment.
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This movie is just plain implausible
bportman2 January 2004
The movie is sweet, and funny at times, but there are some major flaws that ruin it.

Tad and Rosy's date is not great, they dont connect, they barely even have anything to talk about, so why is he so into her that he's willing to change his life around? If the date really was amazing and they had a real connection that the audience could feel then it would be different, but this is not at all apparent. All that is shown is a few awkward conversations over dinner and at a overlook.

Nathan Lane and Sean Hayes are great comic actors and their roles in this movie are completely short of what I had hoped.

Topher Grace's timing is hilarious but all his jokes are the same, this gets old.

The ending was too predictable even for a movie like this.

All in all, I dont recommend seeing it unless your a 12 year old girl, then you might like it.
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Very Cliché...not really worth watching
crazy_ade30 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Probably one of the worst movies since Catwoman..very predictable and clichéd ending..makes you hate Tad Hamilton yet love many ways it reminds me of 13 going on 30...even Liz Phair's hit is in it and the scene where Rosie looks for Pete and instead Angelica answers the door is like Jenna Rink and Wendy.The real reason I watched it was because of Josh Duhamel but this movie could leave a dent on Kate Bosworth's,Ginnifer's and Josh Duhamel's CV for a long time. I had actually predicted the plot before it even started..girl meets guy,loves him yet he doesn't love her and another guy loves her yet she doesn't love him and then there comes this sappy mash ending....3/10
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Oh my God, how bad movie
ragne1 October 2004
Like i said on the subject line - Oh my God, how bad movie. ->

So predictable and foolish to boot with bad acting and horrible directing.

Though i must point out that young Topher Grace looks/acts and does everything else exactly like Kevin Spacey. He's like a younger version. Even his face looks similar to Spacey's or at least the way i imagine young Spacey would've looked like. But even that couldn't save the movie. I do hope though that the celebrated lead Mr. Grace will be picking more deeper roles in the future, 'cause this chick flick really isn't his thing.

3/10 and that's a generous score.
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We have a winner!
Geff26 January 2004
What is NOT to like about this film? Smiles all the way, no bad language, no gratuitous sex scenes, no nudity, no violence. It's just what it's advertised to be, a comedy, pure and simple, and it's a joy to behold. Beautiful people, sweet dialogue, and some beautiful scenery in parts. I am so glad I saw it. I left with a smile on my face.
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Win a rebate of the money you spent watching this dumb movie
onepotato217 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Where do I get in line for that movie? Cause I'm bewildered about this dud. Who on earth was it made for? Girls, who don't want to end up with their best platonic male friend? Or guys, who don't want to see their pathetic situation depicted in a lousy chick flick? Kate Bosworth takes a step-down from Blue Crush (!) where she at least had to feign competence at something. Here her underwritten part doesn't give her two brain cells to rub together. She's given nothing to play with or develop, except conventions, which the movie (also) relies on way too much.

Despite being a media hound (She has to be to follow Tad Hamilton) her character is a smalltown, corn-pone drip, just this side of the Beverly Hillbillies. She's unaware of wealth, players, real estate, the game... etc. What girl (with looks) passes up an express ticket into the center of the Hollywood machine to stay in Hooterville and hold sweaty hands with some guy? Topher Grace plays the putz, who desires Bosworth although he, and the entire audience have concluded she's an irritating dunce.

The world could bear a funny, smart movie called "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton" but this movie has no energy, no charm, no hook, no look, no humor, no angle, no viewpoint, and not a shred of savviness. It's like a time tunnel transporting you back to 20 or 30 lookalike, half-hearted romances from the 80s.
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