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Rolling Stone
Were detective Dave Starsky (Paul Michael Glaser) and his partner, Ken Hutchinson (David Soul), hot for each other when they started working undercover in Bay City?... you can watch Starsky and Hutch on the big screen and see subtext stiffen into hard and hilarious evidence.
The key to the film's success is that it uses the burned out premise as the springboard for a comedy, not an action flick.
The A.V. Club
A textbook example of how a remade '70s show can feel like an enjoyable lark rather than cultural recycling run amok.
Entertainment Weekly
To turn fondly remembered TV trash into a movie that knows it's cruddy -- and that isn't, therefore, quite as cruddy as it might have been -- takes a perverse pinch of talent, if not style.
Village Voice
S&H's chief pleasure is the spontaneous, sometimes quite touching rapport between the two stars.
The Hollywood Reporter
Cruises along agreeably on the easy chemistry between Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, who step in where Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul left off.
Starsky & Hutch has moments of hilarity a little greater than you might expect of a movie that is just out for a lazy good time.
Dallas Observer
Starsky & Hutch is less homage to an old cop show than a tribute to the people who made the movie--a circle pat on the back. And no obvious joke goes untouched.
There are no ideas, just repartee. Snoop Dogg, as a superfly snitch, and Vince Vaughn, as a drug lord, are wasted in obvious supporting roles. It's harmless fun--and too lazy to be more.
New York Magazine (Vulture)
Ends with a bunch of goofy outtakes--which are as dismal as the rest of the movie. How do you decide what to leave out when there's nothing worth keeping in?

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