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Table 19 Review

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Author: Linda Marric

On paper, Table 19 looks like a sure bet for an hour and a half of harmless mischief and silly shenanigans. A group of strangers find themselves at the same wedding reception and must make the best of their night despite being made to sit at the “losers table”. What’s not to like, right? In reality, this unimaginatively lame and thoroughly amateurish production brings absolutely nothing new, or even old to the romantic comedy genre, and winds up looking cheap, messy and almost instantly forgettable.

At the last minute Eloise (Anna Kendrick) decides to attend the wedding of her oldest friend who also happens to be the sister of Teddy (Wyatt Russell), the man who broke up with her two months earlier. Things get complicated when she finds herself sat at the worst table in the room alongside a group of unwanted guests who should have
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Table 19 Review

In Adam Sandler’s 1998 comedy The Wedding Singer, the actor’s emotionally distraught Robbie Hart discovers a selection of mismatched outsiders he deems “the mutants over at table 9.” Imagine an entire film centering on the wedding attendees that have all been relegated to just such a position at a wedding reception, and you have a solid idea of what Table 19 at first appears to be shooting for. Yet, while the film clearly purports itself to be an alternative take on the concept of a wedding comedy, it cannot resist the temptation to embrace cliché before the credits roll.

Written and directed by Jeffrey Blitz of the Comedy Central series Review, the film follows post-breakup Eloise (Anna Kendrick) as she and a group of strangers wind up sharing seats at the titular table. Before long, the awkward chitchat kicks in, and the gang — including a struggling married couple (Craig Robinson
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'Table 19' Review: Anna Kendrick's Wedding Comedy RSVPs Its Regrets

'Table 19' Review: Anna Kendrick's Wedding Comedy RSVPs Its Regrets
Eloise (Anna Kendrick) is in a bit of a pickle. She's been invited to a wedding, see. Specifically, her best friend's nuptials – the one she helped plan for months, and was supposed to be the maid of honor at, until she recused herself when her ex-boyfriend (Wyatt Russell), a.k.a. the bride's brother, dumped her. Still, she's replying in the affirmative. But our unlucky heroine knows she'll be subjected to that attacked-by-wolves feeling you get when you watch your former beau, the one she's still head over stilettos for,
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Table 19 – Review

(From L-r): Lisa Kudrow as “Bina,” Craig Robinson as “Jerry,” June Squibb as “Jo,” Stephen Merchant as “Walter,” Anna Kendrick as “Eloise,” and Tony Revolori as “Renzo” in Table 19. Photo by Jace Downs. © 2017 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

At the beginning of Table 19, we see Anna Kendrick struggling to decide whether to RSVP yes or no to a wedding invitation. She should have said no, and that might be the best advice for audiences thinking about seeing this film.

Kendrick plays Eloise, the ex-maid of honor at her best friend’s wedding, dropped after the best man, also the bride’s brother, suddenly broken up with her by text. The invitation is to the wedding, and she torn between going to her best friend’s wedding or avoiding the heartbreak of seeing her ex with his new girlfriend.

Table 19 might sound like it would be a
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Think Twice About RSVP-ing For The Ensemble Comedy ‘Table 19’ [Review]

Table 19” arranges a bountiful display of talent. Writer/director Jeffrey Blitz — the indie filmmaker behind the richly inspired “Rocket Science,” the heartfelt and touching National Spelling Bee documentary “Spellbound,” and Comedy Central’s bleakly hilarious, criminally underseen mockumentary “Review” — reunites with Anna Kendrick, the standout starlet from his first narrative feature, works from a story written by Mark and Jay Duplass, and rounds out his ensemble with friendly favorites, including Craig Robinson, Lisa Kudrow, Stephen Merchant, Wyatt Russell, Tony Revolori, June Squibb, Amanda Crew, Andy Daly, and the voice of Margo Martindale.

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Watch: Anna Kendrick Stars in Wedding Comedy Table 19

Here's the first trailer and poster for Table 19, a new wedding comedy starring Anna Kendrick with a story by the Duplass Brothers and writer/director Jeffrey Blitz. (Blitz was the guy who discovered Kendrick back in the day by casting her in his indie film called Rocket Science, and his other credits include the excellent documentary Spellbound and episodes of The Office and Parks and Rec.) This movie looks a little cheesy, but its ensemble cast — which includes Stephen Merchant, Craig Robinson, Lisa Kudrow, June Squibb (Nebraska), Tony Revolori (The Grand Budapest Hotel), Wyatt Russell (Everybody Wants Some!!), and Amanda Crew (Silicon Valley) — has proven to be super charming in other things, so hopefully they'll all come together to make this a movie worth checking out.

Table 19 hits theaters on January 20, 2017.

Ex-maid of honor Eloise (Anna Kendrick) - having been relieved of her duties after being unceremoniously dumped
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First Trailer For ‘Table 19’ Starring Anna Kendrick, Lisa Kudrow, Craig Robinson & More

After breaking out with the documentary Spellbound in 2002, director Jeffrey Blitz followed it up with the overlooked Rocket Science. A decade later he’s now reteamed with Anna Kendrick for the Jay Duplass and Mark Duplass-scripted comedy Table 19. Although it won’t get released until early 2017, Fox Searchlight has now debuted the first trailer, timed with Kendrick’s latest comedy Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.

Also a wedding-centered feature, the film finds Kendrick’s character getting dumped by the bride’s brother before the event, so she must sit at a table of randos. Also starring Amanda Crew, Stephen Merchant, Lisa Kudrow, Wyatt Russell, Craig Robinson, Tony Revolori and June Squibb, it’s got quite the varied cast and we’re looking forward to checking it out next January.

See the trailer below thanks to PopSugar.

Table 19 opens on January 20, 2017.
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2016 Sundance Film Festival Predictions: Jeffrey Blitz’s Table 19

A dramedy that the Duplass bros. were originally looking to add to their film canon, it’s Sundance habitual Jeffrey Blitz who would pick up with torch for a project that would also coincidentally see him reteam with his Rocket Science starlet Anna Kendrick. We’re thinking that after having his entire filmography in Spellbound (2002), Rocket Science (2007) and Lucky (2010) play out in Park City that this might be a fourth time’s a charm. Also starring Craig Robinson, Lisa Kudrow, Stephen Merchant, Tony Revolori, June Squibb, Wyatt Russell and Amanda Crew, filming on the Atlanta set Fox Searchlight production began last March. We’re assuming that the trimmings and cutlery on Table 19 are more than ready.

Gist: Written by the the Duplass Brothers, this is described as a singles-at-the-wedding pic, the ensemble comedy follows a group of strangers who meet at the “losers” table at a wedding. Told from their perspective,
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Top 50 modern movie documentaries




50 fabulous documentary films, covering hard politics through to music, money and films that never were...

Thanks to streaming services such as Netflix, we’ve never had better access to documentaries. A whole new audience can discover that these real life stories are just as thrilling, entertaining, and incredible as the latest big-budget blockbuster. What’s more, they’re all true too. But with a new found glut of them comes the ever more impossible choice, what’s worth your time? Below is my pick of the 50 best modern feature length documentaries.

I’ve defined modern as being from 2000 onwards, which means some of the greatest documentaries ever made will not feature here. I’m looking at you Hoop Dreams.

50. McConkey (2013)

d. Rob Bruce, Scott Gaffney, Murray Wais, Steve Winter, David Zieff

Shane McConkey was an extreme skier and Base jumper who lived life on the edge, and very much to the full.
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Two Boys Declared Co-Champions of Spelling Bee

For the first time in 52 years, two spellers were declared co-champions of the Scripps National Spelling Bee on Thursday. Sriram Hathwar of Painted Post, New York, and Ansun Sujoe of Fort Worth, Texas, shared the title after a riveting final-round duel in which they nearly exhausted the 25 designated championship words. After they spelled a dozen words correctly in a row, they both were named champions. Earlier, 14-year-old Sriram opened the door to an upset by 13-year-old Ansun after he misspelled "corpsbruder," a close comrade. But Ansun was unable to take the title because he got "antegropelos," which means waterproof leggings,
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The Doc Option: Watch ‘Spellbound’ Instead of ‘Bad Words’

When brainstorming movie ideas, “raunch comedy” and “spelling bee” are not two things that one would expect to come together. And yet it’s exactly that combination that landed the script for Bad Words on the Blacklist. And now a film of that script, directed by and starring Justin Bateman, is hitting theaters. Unfortunately, the film is of the variety of comedy that mistakes shock value for quality humor, and it’s mostly insufferable as a result. If there’s a cinematic spelling bee itch that you must scratch, look no further than Spellbound. Filmmaker Jeffrey Blitz and his crew followed eight kids as they prepared for and later competed in the 1999 Scripps National Spelling Bee. It turns out that spelling is much more than just memorizing words. These contestants dive into whole histories of languages and get to understand English in and out. There’s a reason they’ll ask for a word’s language of
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Paul Feig Tunes Up A Musical

Paul Feig Tunes Up A Musical
Though he’s usually been found directing comedies such as Bridesmaids and The Heat, Paul Feig is planning a musical, with 20th Century Fox picking up a new project for him to produce and potentially make.The plot is being kept quiet according to Variety’s report on the nascent film, though we do know that Feig came up with the concept – an original idea – and Spellbound editor Yana Gorskaya and short story writer Maia Rossini have created the initial pitch for an ensemble piece.Feig, who may have had his musical bug fed by directing a trailer for this year’s Oscar ceremony that featured host Ellen DeGeneres dancing down a street to Fitz And The Tantrums’ The Walker, will likely wait and see how the script/music turns out before making a final decision.Besides, it’s not like he’s not busy with other things already – he
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Paul Feig to Produce Movie Musical for 20th Century Fox

  • The Wrap
Paul Feig to Produce Movie Musical for 20th Century Fox
20th Century Fox has acquired a pitch for a new musical that will be produced by Paul Feig's Feigco Entertainment banner. Details of the pitch, which hails from Yana Gorskaya and Maia Rossini, are being kept under wraps, though the film will feature an ensemble cast. Feig and Jessie Henderson are producing the untitled movie, which is based on Feig's original idea. Also read: ‘The Heat’ Director Paul Feig Producing ‘Peanuts’ Gorskaya is a well-respected editor who cut “Celeste and Jesse Forever” and the Oscar-nominated documentary “Spellbound.” Rossini is a novelist and short story writer. The duo have been best friends and collaborators since.
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Fox And Paul Feig Set Ensemble Musical

Fox has acquired a pitch for an ensemble musical to be scripted by Yana Gorskaya and Maia Rossini. Paul Feig’s Feigco Entertainment will produce. Feig hatched the idea and will produce with Jessie Henderson. Gorskaya is best known for her work as a film editor, including the docu Spellbound and Celeste And Jessie Forever. Rossini is a novelist and short story writer. The two are best friends and have collaborated since they were kids. CAA reps them and Feig and the duo’s also repped by Mxn Entertainment and Karl Austen and Michael Auerbach. Feig’s directing Melissa McCarthy in the comedy Spy.
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Yusef Lateef R.I.P. (February 11, 1920 - December 23, 2013)

Yusef Lateef, who died on Monday after a bout with prostate cancer, was a devout Muslim who did not like his music to be called jazz because of the supposed indecent origins and connotations of the word (although those origins are still debated). He preferred the self-coined phrase "autophysiopsychic music." Furthermore, his music encompassed an impressively broad range of styles, and the only Grammy he won was in the New Age category -- for a recording of a symphony. Think about those things amid the flood of Lateef obituaries with "jazz" in the headline.

That said, certainly Lateef's own musical origins indisputably revolved around jazz. Growing up in Detroit, a highly fertile musical environment in the 1930s and beyond, Lateef got his first instrument, an $80 Martin alto sax, at age 18. Within a year he was on the road with the 13 Spirits of Swing (arrangements by Milt Buckner).

A Detroit friend,
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The 20 Essential Documentaries of the Century

  • Vulture
The 20 Essential Documentaries of the Century
The following documentaries from the 21st century were chosen for their abiding influence and/or “Wow!” factor. Most of them—not all—we also happen to love. But we did leave out some more obscure personal favorites to make room for the penguins, etc.1. Spellbound (2002)Jeffrey Blitz’s portrait of eight National Spelling Bee contestants and their families has a deep resonance: Among other things, mastery of the English language becomes a means of affirming one’s Americanness. The second half—in which the characters are knocked off one by one, as in an Agatha Christie thriller—has the audience hanging on every letter. The downside: Its massive success ushered in an age of similarly structured competition docs. (D.E.) 2. Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004)After Roger & Me, the Michael Moore doc with the most impact: part prosecutorial brief, part rabid editorial cartoon—a blend of insight, outrage, and innuendo. It’s not a documentary for the ages,
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[SXSW Review] Brooklyn Castle

Is 318, a Brooklyn public school residing in an area with a 70% poverty rate, with a top ranked chess team is the subject of the uplifting doc Brooklyn Castle. Director Katie Dellamaggiore spent several years with the chess team when budgets for non-essential school activities (ie: arts and extracurricular activities) were slashed by $1.3 million, which means a reduction in funds to travel to chess events.

The students of Is 318 share essentially the same story as those briefly chronicled in Waiting for Superman and The Lottery – they hope to get into a good school, and that rides on either a lottery or a standardized test. I suppose a good school will provide the resources to continue their chess career, although there is a not-for-profit that hooks up several Is 318 students with chess-masters, Chess in Schools. Scenes of students discovering which school they got into, complete with intercut interviews of students and parents
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'Spellbound' Director Jeffrey Blitz Takes Over 'Table 19' From The Duplass Brothers

Writer/directors Jay and Mark Duplass have slowly been moving up the ladder from their lo-fi indie beginnings, delivering last year's "Cyrus" and following it up with "Jeff Who Lives At Home," hitting theaters next spring. They still have their long-forgotten sports-comedy "The Do-Deca-Pentathalon" sitting somewhere waiting to get released, but another film they had written and were lined up to helm has found another director. "Spellbound" and "Rocket Science" helmer Jeffrey Blitz will now take on "Table 19," set up at Fox Searchlight under Shawn Levy's 21 Laps production shingle. Written by the Duplass bros, the comedy is an ensemble…
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‘Spellbound’ Director Jeffrey Blitz To Set Duplass Brothers’ ‘Table 19’ For Producer Shawn Levy

  • The Film Stage
Jeffrey Blitz, the Oscar-nominated director of the spelling bee documentary, Spellbound, is in negotiations to direct Table 19.

The script was written by brothers Mark and Jay Duplass (Baghead, Cyrus) and originally had them set to direct. According to Variety, Blitz is now the leading contender for director, with Shawn Levy as producer. Levy is known for directing various TV shows and more recently Date Night.

Table 19 tells the story of individuals who have met at the designated “loser table,” aka the singles table, at a wedding reception. The story develops into the true meaning of marriage to those on the periphery, which is told through each character’s point of view.

Although the structure of the movie hasn’t really been revealed yet, it could easily have a documentary type feel, which Blitz is no stranger to. He has most recently directed episodes of The Office, which is
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Gillespie Quits Zombie Pride & Prejudice

Gillespie Quits Zombie Pride & Prejudice
Lots of films lumber through Development Hell, but Pride And Prejudice And Zombies seems to be suffering more than most on the Production Plains of Dis. The undead literary comedy-horror mash-up has just lost Craig Gillespie, who's the third director to decide he's had enough.Gillespie (Lars And The Real Girl, Fright Night) had inherited the film from Mike White, who'd had to drop out due to a commitment at HBO. White in turn had picked up the project when David O Russell dropped it, favouring a trip to Old St Louis with Vince Vaughn. Other names in the hat previously included Neil Marshall (The DescentCenturion) and Jeffrey Blitz (Spellbound), but whether this news puts them back in the running (or whether they're still interested) remains to be seen.Deadline cite Gillespie's departure as an amicable one to do with casting issues. This is a polite way of saying
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