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I second this!
markdavis111529 May 2008
Particularly your comments about the late Warren Wiebe. During a trip I made to L.A. not long after this song and video came out, I learned that Warren was going to be performing at a club in the San Fernando Valley that I had been at before, and I made a point of going to see him that night. What a rare treat....it just so happened that David Foster and his wife Linda, who co-wrote "Voices That Care", were also in the club, sitting right up front and leading the cheering for Warren. He did this song, with David Foster sitting in with the other musicians on piano, and it was great. All of the music Warren and the band made that night was fantastic - definitely an experience I will always treasure. There aren't enough recordings of Warren out there. He left us much too soon, may he rest in peace. Not too long ago, a friend of mine was due to be sent to Iraq with his reserve unit, but instead, they wound up staying stateside to help train other units that did go over. Until he came home, I sang this song at some karaoke places (as best I could alone). This song sent a very important message to our troops that they needed not only to hear, but to see and feel as well. Anyone who comments negatively about it and the video - despite how they feel about the war - just doesn't understand that, and desperately needs to. Many songs are NOT just words set to a melody - there's a greater intent, and the work of so many talented songwriters just gets overlooked, and they don't get the admiration, support and understanding that they should. To David Foster, Linda Thompson Foster, Peter Cetera and the others who contributed to the creation of this song, you did yourselves proud...and got your message across. WELL DONE!
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Definitely Memorable......
renu81216 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I still remember vividly when this first came out. Desert Shield, then Desert Storm, the burning oil fields. This video is about a song, and the making of that song with a bunch of celebrities in the choir. This ain't "We Are The World", kiddies---the actors in the celebrity choir don't really do it for me. But the important thing is the song and the musical performances. My two favorite performances are Celine Dion's and the late Warren Wiebe's (leaving him off the official credits is a travesty and should hopefully be corrected). Celine is a pure singer with great technical gifts; you can tell that David Foster (the producer/writer) is in awe of her talent. Warren Wiebe, for the uninitiated, was a studio session singer who, like Celine, was a technically gifted singer with a wide range and the uncanny gift to mimic other singers --- Warren was known for doing a great Stevie Wonder impersonation, as well as Cher (!). He even did the singing voice of Dean Martin for the Rat Pack movie on HBO. Warren is gone now, but this video for me is a keepsake and reminder of his talent. Rest in peace, Warren.
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