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Diane Kruger: Helen



  • Helen : You should not have come here tonight.

    Paris : That's what you said last night?

    Helen : Last night was a mistake.

    Paris : And the night before?

    Helen : I have made many mistakes this week.

  • Paris : Pearls from the sea of Propontus.

    Helen : They're beautiful, but I could never wear them, Menelaus would kill us both.

    Paris : Don't be afraid of him.

    Helen : I'm not afraid of dying, I'm afraid of tomorrow. I'm afraid of watching you sail away and knowing you'll never come back. Before you came to Sparta, I was a ghost. I walked and I ate and I swam in the sea... I was just a ghost.

    Paris : You don't have to fear tomorrow... come with me!

    Helen : Don't play with me, don't play.

    Paris : If you come, we'll never be safe. Men will hunt us, the gods will curse us, but I'll love you. Until the day they burn my body, I'll love you.

  • Helen : I can't ask anyone to fight for me. I'm no longer queen of Sparta.

    Hector : You're a princess of Troy now.


    Hector : And, my brother needs you tonight.

  • Helen : Menelaus was a brave man. He fought for honor. And every day I was with him, I wanted to walk into the sea and drown.

  • Helen : [to Hector]  All those widows. I still hear them screaming. Their husbands died because I'm here.

  • [from director's cut] 

    Helen : You're very young, my love.

    Paris : We're the same age.

    Helen : You're younger than I ever was.

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