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MPAA Rated PG-13 for some rude humor and drug references

Sex & Nudity

  • At the beginning, Dewey Finn takes his shirt off right before performing a stage dive.
  • Brief scene of a man attempting to hit on the school principal, calling her "hot".
  • Dewey makes a comment about how he's been (emotionally) touched by the kids and that he thinks he's "touched them", which the parents are implied interpret as him saying he's molested their children. Young children will not get this joke.
  • One girl, after being assigned "groupie" by Dewey, later confronts him about it, saying that, rather than being "cheerleaders", that "groupies" are sluts that sleep with the band.

Violence & Gore

  • Although this is never acted upon, Dewey Finn informs Miss Mullins on the first day he comes to sub that if a student steps out of line he has no problem "smackin' him in the head."
  • During parents night, Dewey mistakenly says he could be "dismembered" (he meant "fired") while making excuses why he can't tell the parents what he's been doing with their children.
  • During an argument before the final performance, a girl threatens to shove drumsticks down a boy's throat.
  • A character takes a stage dive and lands on the floor, passing out


  • 1 use of "slut", 6 uses of ass, 1 use of damn, 2 uses of hell, 1 use of "pissed off", 1 use of "screwed", 2 uses of "sucks", 1 use of "crap", & 6 religious exclamations. In one scene, the word "bitch" is mouthed, but is impossible to hear.
  • A character holds his hand with the back of his hand facing towards another character and tells him to "read between the lines" implying the rude middle finger gesture although this joke is quite subtle.
  • A few uses of "ass".
  • One use of "pissed off".
  • A couple of "damns" and "hells".
  • One mouthed "bitch"; it's impossible to hear, but it comes up in the subtitles (if watching on DVD and you have them on).
  • Maybe a few uses of "crap", and possibly one or two "shits".
  • One use of slut.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Two of the characters are seen drinking, one of them seen as drunk in a later scene.
  • One character mentions that he has a hangover to the class and another scene discusses how one character got drunk at a staff dinner.
  • Another scene, after being confronted with complaints from one teacher hearing music coming from another character's classroom, the other character states to the class that "Uh-oh. You know what that means? She must be doing crack."
  • Some adult characters are seen smoking, and a child thinks they are cool.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This movie is not bad at all .
  • Miss Mullins is seen telling off a little girl who has been sent to her office. We see Miss Mullins talking firmly, the girl crying, and then screaming when Miss Mullins offers her a hug. The girl is then excused.
  • A brief scene of a father discipling his son in a somewhat aggressive manner

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