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Could you do it?
karendawa10 July 2007
I just finished watching this very crisp, short film. Kudos! Favourite line: "I just wanted to look around."

Could you drink 60 cups of coffee and if you could would you live to tell what it looks like?

If you were the waitress, what would you do? Bars are liable in some places for sending intoxicated guests home in their own vehicles; how far does the responsibility of the "host" go?

This is one tight little taste of coffee. Believable, plausible, it just could happen. Imagine, you just dropped into your favourite little coffee shop for a cup of Jo when at the next table, or the bar...

One swift little peek into Texas too.
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Drink it in!
anthony-7274 July 2009
There are shorts and there are shorts. This is one of those films that understands conveying a story - clearly and effectively without being a bad scene or sketch or an empty idea short shot with no idea or thought.

David Ward understands his actors, understands his concept. Technical it looked good, sounded good, and the editing is crisp and isn't laboured. This is proof that you can take any subject and with a little intelligence and a sense of humour you can draw your audience in and leave them feeling apart of the piece.

Oh if all shorts were made this way.
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Sweet with a bitter tang
gavin-boyter14 September 2007
This is one of the most accomplished shorts I've ever seen (and I've seen a lot). Great ensemble performances, well-edited and compulsive in a "what if" sort of way. The way the bystanders react in different ways to the lunatic "hero" is well-observed. I loved the fact that there's no explanation given as to his motivations for this bizarre act.

I programmed this in a short film event some years ago and the audience reaction was immense. It's a good example or the kind of subject that works particularly well in the format of a short - a concise, self-contained and unexpected story well-told.

One for anyone who's ever wondered how far you can push that "free unlimited refill" offer!
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Quirky Short
Theo Robertson27 August 2013
A man hears that if a human being consecutively drinks sixty cups of coffee this will lead to death . He walks in to a diner and tries to put this to the test

Written by Robbie McCallum and directed by David Andrew Ward this quirky short film has self fulfilling prophecy written all over it . By this I mean that it will become an established fact that if you drink 60 cups of coffee then you'll drop dead even though there's not the slightest piece of scientific evidence for this . There is some recent evidence that people who drink more than four cups of coffee a day have slightly shorter lifespans than those that don't but there might be a number of other factors involved in this . I was also slightly puzzled why someone wants to put a theory to the test to find out if there's any truth does so in an anonymous manner , especially if it might cost them their life . If this was you wouldn't at least call a local newspaper where you might get paid ?

Regardless of the problems of plausibility of the scenario it's the development of a short premise which is important and here it is developed very well by the production team . It's well directed , acted , edited and perhaps the most impressive aspect is the music by Michael Floreale
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