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Better climax.
shanfloyd21 May 2006
After the disappointing effort of the first Scooby-Doo film I wasn't much enthusiastic about this "Monsters Unleashed". But to tell the truth this film handled the characters better and the climax more interesting, at least in terms of the identity of the villain. It remained true to the original cartoon storyline in the sense that the character of the villain appeared earlier in the film. The dialogues also got better, though abandoning thick sense of humor was impossible. It failed to develop enough chemistry between the members of the gang, which is in fact faithful to the cartoon where in my opinion the characters are quite one-dimensional.

The CGI of Scooby himself has improved only slightly. The monsters could have been designed better, although there are touches of nice imagination e.g. the candy floss monster. The most irritating parts were unnecessary hip-hop dance sequences. Besides such points, Scooby Doo 2 deserves more praise than its prequel.
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Second part with lots of fun and as amusing as the first
ma-cortes5 June 2006
Live action update of Hanna-Barbara's early 70s animated TV series with lots of entertainment and amusement . The film concerns about our friends ¨the Mystery Inc.¨ group with Scooby Doo , Shaggy ( Matthew Lillard ) and the remaining group (Sara Michelle Gellar , Freddie Prince Jr, Linda Cardellini )and takes place an eerie museum of criminology where are robbed some stuffed monsters for nefarious purposes . Meanwhile , Daphne falls in love with the museum curator (Seth Greene). The equipment members are going out to investigate with its van towards a dark mansion , whose owner is a suspect old man (Peter Boyle) . A reporter(Alicia Silverstone) accuses them as responsible a robbery . The Mystery Inc soon realize that they cannot resolve this case without help from each other .

In the picture there are comedy, tongue-in-cheek , slapstick , humorous moments , mild diversion and is pretty amusing . All are given a preteen treatment which means no gore and no bad language just some old-fashioned sympathetic scares ; being funny watching humans meld into the CG characters . However , it contains bad taste when takes place a contest about fart jokes between Shaggy and Scooby . Of course , coward Scooby steals the spectacle as food-obsessed canine anti-hero with its grimace , faces and gesture . Many gags are good however the tale sometimes drags . Special mention to gags as the tournament between Fredd ( Freddie Prince) and the monsters , besides those intervening Shaggy-Scooby , they make a likable and superb comic couple . There appears even an electrifying monster similar to ¨Forbidden planet¨ film monster . Movie combines live action with computer generator animation on Scooby Doo creation , special effects are well done . The motion picture is regularly directed by Raja Gosnell who also realized the original . Kiddies may find the corny , flat humor as bemusing , but most adults will be disappointed , exception the fans the classic cartoon series created by Hanna Barbera . It is clearly aimed at the junior audience . Protagonists' antics might provide the silly smiles , but this cartoonist physical comedy is mostly ineffective . Rating : average but entertaining with lots of fun and as amused as the first , and it will be best appreciated by preteen enthusiasts of the cartoon movies .

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Dastardly deeds and CGI hijinks ensue.
TheMovieMark18 June 2004
It's Friday afternoon, and you and your buds are trying to decide on a movie. "How about Scooby-Doo 2? Should we check it out?" Good question. Allow me to point out a few things that might help you make up your mind:

1. The word "Scooby" is in the title. 2. The word "Doo" is in the title. 3. The action takes place in a city called "Coolsville." 4. The local museum is called the "Coolsonian." 5. The phrase "Doo the fright thing" appears on the poster.

Got the picture? If so, then you should realize that this is NOT a movie that guys should see alone together. However, would it be all right to see with your significant other? Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Did I watch *and* enjoy the original Scooby TV series?

2. Did I watch *and* enjoy the first Scooby movie?

If you answered "no" to both of those questions, then it should not shock you into a heart attack to hear that you might not enjoy this Scooby sequel.


Yes, some of the jokes are pretty silly. And OK, there's enough cheese for more than a couple of Ritz crackers. And I'll admit, the inspirational "You are a hero" speeches are pretty painful. And while the CGI isn't going to make George Lucas' beard quiver, I still thought it was cool. I can't give "Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed" a whole-hearted recommendation, but it's great fun for the kids, and if you still find humor in the cartoon then you just might find yourself enjoying this live-action version. Just don't expect *too* much.

P.S. Aren't you glad I didn't say not to expect *doo* much?? BWAHAHAHAHA! I'm sorry. I officially apologize for that. It won't happen again.

Rating: 2 1/2 (out of 5)
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An improvement over the first.
Boba_Fett113816 October 2005
I had seen the first movie and didn't liked it at all. Still I decided to go and give this movie a chance, to see if they had improvement anything. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they actually did. The story is better and more interesting and the monsters and CGI-effects in general are more convincing looking. The humor has also been improved and this movie actually does have some entertaining and funny moments in it.

Not only the story itself has been improved but also the storytelling. The pace is good and the characters work better for this movie. Also the actors seemed more at ease in their roles. Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar certainly improved their acting compared to the first movie. Still best parts are played by Matthew Lillard and the perfectly cast Linda Cardellini. Plus of the movie is that it also has actors Alicia Silverstone, Tim Blake Nelson and Seth Green in it.

The monsters are enjoyable and are good looking. There still are some 'fake' moments but on the other hand there also are some truly spectacular looking sequences involving monsters. The character of Scooby-Doo himself is also looking more convincingly this time.

It's not really a memorable or great movie but it is simple good entertainment to watch.

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An amazing performance
angel_nikk20032 December 2004
This movie was a funny look back at all the episodes of Scooby-Doo. I thought that putting all the evil characters from their other mysteries was brilliant. In this movie Daphne is much smarter. Sure she has a few stupid moments, but overall she has intelligence and wit. Sarah Michelle Gellar did a wonderful performance as this character. Shaggy and Scooby were of course you're regular brainless heroes who somehow end up saving the day. Mathew Lillard was exceptionally well in playing his role, and didn't overact. Velma,(Linda Cardellini) was still the same old Velma. Linda Cardellini fit the role expected of her and made the movie well rounded. Freddie Prinze Jr.(Fred) made his character less Narcesistic as he was before. Fred is still the committed leader who loves his admirers and especially Daphne.

My rating on this movie is a 10 because it was like watching a cartoon episode of Scooby-doo, only being a motion picture. The characters were funny, and the actors did an amazing job as portraying them.
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Better than the first film.
mrusty512 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
For the first film, I was a little disappointed. Mostly because the plot was a bit out of whack, the characters were nothing like their cartoon counterparts and the ending revelations were silly. I found the second film on DVD and decided to buy it. I watched it and loved it.

The second film is a great deal better than the first film and more faithful to the cartoons, in fact, that's what it feels like - watching a feature length live-action episode of the show. The actors portrayals of Mystery Inc. have greatly improved and they seem more comfortable in their roles. The sets, stunts and special effects (a phrase taken from the bonus features on the DVD) were all well put together, adding to the fun.

Monsters Unleashed involves Mystery Inc. in their hometown of Coolsville, attending the opening of the Coolsonian Criminology Museum, where the costumes of monsters the gang faced in the cartoon are on display. However, the Evil Masked Figure attacks, stealing the costumes and transforming them into realistic-looking monsters who all seek revenge on Mystery Inc. However to make matters worse, a trash-talking news reporter Heather Jasper Howe berates the gang and turns the city against them. Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby Doo must fight and run for survival and regain the confidence of Coolsville.

The portrayal of Fred and Daphne are greatly improved and a lot more funnier than in the first film where they were greatly out of character. Velma is generally the same as before, but the presence of a romantic interest for her is a new side to her. As for Shaggy and Scooby, they are hilarious and really emotional.

It was really great to see a lot of references to the classic shows. The monsters are all accurate to their cartoon versions with some changes to make them look realistic. Among the monsters are the ghostly Black Knight, the electrifying 10,000 Volt Ghost, the vicious Pterodactyl Ghost who steals the monster costumes, the comical duo of the Skeleton Men, Captain Cutler who is a deceased deep sea diver with a glowing helmet, gargantuan fire-breathing Miner 49er, boggle-eyed Zombie who covers an unfortunate news reporter in slime, the massive blob that is the Tar Monster, and the Cotton Candy Glob who meets his end by Shaggy and Scooby's stomachs. Other monster costumes appear, heavily similar to their cartoons forms.

I recommend this film is anyone who likes Scooby Doo as it is really fun and enjoyable. Although there are some swear words used, a couple of scary images (and disturbing ones too), and Scooby Doo wearing an afro and dancing for a little while, this film is colourful and memorable experience to watch.
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Better than original
Joseph Pintar26 March 2004
The original Scooby Doo was bad. It couldn't decide if it was a straight live action version or a parody of Scooby Doo. That movie had an obnoxious tone to it. The sequel, however, is better. The action seems to be moving faster than the original. There are no fewer than three of the famous foot chases that Scooby Doo is famous for. The movie doesn't make a lot of sense, but it is going too fast for anybody to notice. The actors seem more comfortable in their roles this time around, especially Freddie Prinze, Jr. as Fred. Prinze was incredibly smug in the first movie. This time he seems to have dialed it down more. The actors are performing more as a team this time. These are people who like each other in this movie and not as five individuals. This is not a great movie, with unnecessary amounts of grotesque humor. Alicia Silverstone is wasted in a minor role. Overall, get a free ticket if you can to see in a theatre or rent it on video. 6/10
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inspector27 March 2004
This was a lot of fun, another great version of the old cartoon favorite. I really enjoy how much work is put into these adaptations of cartoons. Matthew Lillard as Shaggy is as always a favorite of mine, but, in this particular movie, Velma was just about as good. Plus as an added bonus, she actually looked hot for the first time. It was also good to see Seth Green in a very different role than in his previous works. Hats off to Sarah Michelle Gellar for another great performance as Daphne. I also enjoyed seeing Peter Boyle, who of course was in Young Frankenstein as the monster. He always works in these types of films. I give this film a 7 out of 10. See this at any price!
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loved just like the cartoon *spoilers*
ello-poppet30 September 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I love the Scooby doo cartoons and I think this movie was great. The first Scooby movie was great to but this one is more like the cartoons.

I think Matthew Lilliard is a great Shaggy and Linda Cardellini is a great actress who did really well playing Velma. Freddie Prince Jr has a good look for Fred but his acting isn't great and Sarah Michelle Gellar is wrong for Daphne bring back the pathetic Daphne in the cartoon that always needs to be rescued. Seth Green as Patrick is great it was so sad when you think he is the bad guy and he and Velma are really cute together.

I love the way this movie ties back to the cartoons with the same monsters. I also like this one because it has the unmasking of the villain at the end just like in the cartoons.

Those little skeleton Guys are really cute and the other monsters are great to the cotton candy glob was great.

The animation for Scooby Doo is great way better than bits in Lord of the Rings. Old man Wickles is great I love his house and when Scooby and Shaggy are hiding in the bushes and he says "darn bushes howling at me again" that is great one of the best lines.
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Scooby Doo Is Da Dogg!
jayson_loves_music5 May 2004
I saw this movie on opening day. To let you know I am a total Scooby Doo fan, and was totally excited about Scooby coming to the big screen, so when I saw the first one I was in total Doo heaven, and then the news about a sequal made my heart skip to the happy sounds of joy. So when I saw this movie I was totally pleased with this sequels outcome. There was so much more in this one then the original. Especially the whole dancing Scooby in the whole soul getup. Thought I was going to pee my pants from laughing so hard. So for all those who don't know what a good movie then you need to really get yourself a reality check. This movie is for kids, and for the adults who have the little kid in their hearts.
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Scooby Doo 2 Rocks
jayson_loves_music5 April 2004
Alrighty folks. I am true blue Scooby Doo fan. Have been since I first began watching the cartoons on televisions (thank you re-runs). And when I heard that Cooby was coming to the big screen. I was so for this project. The first film was freaking hilarious, and new that the second was going to topple that one, and boy did it. More laughs, more scares, and more Doo. The whole plot was unique, and was totally fabulous to watch. I was laughing so bad that I was in tears. The whole 70's Dancing Scooby, I thought I was going to pee my pants from laughing so hard. This movie is the one to watch. It kept true to the old cartoon. I wished they added some more Ghosts from the original series. Oh well there is always Scooby Doo 3.
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batter than the original
buffyboy4 April 2004
Raja Gosnell did a much better job on this film. Although I'm slightly biased for this film (due to the fact that I watched some of the filming in Vancouver and Stanley Park) I believe this movie felt more like an episode of "Scooby-Doo Where Are You?" than the first. Characters and plot are greatly developed. This movie was especially brilliant in that the characters and story were able to be more complex all the while it stuck to it's basic roots. Monster/see the gang (exposition) - Masked figure Problem/who's to blame (rising action) - more thefts/ find monster source (climax) - destroy the source/unmask the masked figure (conclusion). The comedy (though dry on a couple jokes) was much better and unexpected at times than the first. My conclusion: Bunny.
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More Like Overworked Taffy Than Cotton Candy
gftbiloxi29 March 2005
The original live action SCOOBY DOO was rather like the cotton candy you buy at the fair: pretty to look at and fun to scarf down. But a little goes a long way, particularly when all the air has been beaten out and it emerges as overworked taffy.

Freddie Prinze Jr., Sarah Michelle Gellar, Matthew Lillard, and Linda Cardellini repeat the roles of Fred, Daphne, Shaggy, and Velma. Once again, Prinze and Gellar are hardly inspired but at least they play with tremendous energy; once again Lillard and Cardellini are so dead on target that the effect is almost spooky. They are supported by Seth Green, a truly talented actor who gives a very nice performance indeed; unfortunately, Peter Boyle is largely wasted and Alicia Silverstone is, well, Alicia Silverstone.

Silverstone aside, the cast might have recreated the lightness of the first film--but once you mix in a story about stolen costumes that come to life, huge sets, wild outfits, a dance number, and a ton of CGI effects they pretty much get lost in the shuffle. It's all about as much fun as a carnival after the crowd has gone and you're left alone with gum on the bottom of your shoe.

Kids probably won't notice the shortcomings, and older fans will be glad to see numerous references to the original cartoon series--and to be fair the film does have its moments, largely thanks to Lillard, Cardellini, and Green. The film is available to the homemarket via DVD... But by and large this is the sort of thing you watch once and then let gather dust on the shelf.

Gary F. Taylor, aka GFT, Amazon Reviewer
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Bad bad bad
Jared12 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Scooby Doo 2 is honestly the worst movie in the entire world, and I'm even accounting for Kool Kat. The acting might be straight from a third grade play and every actor in the movie should consider redacting it from their resumes.

First off the town that we find ourselves immersed in is named Coolsville, the lamest town ever. The characters in the movie have literally no clue what to do, and the awkward sexually confused Velma is off putting. Plus the overly girly personality of Daphne makes any normal person want to puke. Shaggy has no personality traits other than hungry dumb stoner. Fred is just a archetypal jock. And lastly Scooby Doo is a crappy CG dog that has a voice that reminds one of gurgling diarrhea.

The plot of the movie really feels like it is stitched by a two year old, who has sadly been conflicted with cataracts. I seriously have never experienced more pain in my life than when I sat through the first thirty minutes of this movie. At one point to prove that they are "good detectives" Shaggy and Scooby do to a villain disco joint where they dress as groovy dudes. Scooby then gets hit on, because somehow the villainous woman can't see through a badly tailored suit and an Afro wig, or does and is attracted to a dog. I'm not sure which is scarier. This movie should never have been approved let alone produced and everyone who is associated with it should hide somewhere in some cave in the Rocky Mountains.
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Pathetic Film Unleashed.
Python Hyena25 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed (2004): Dir: Raja Gosnell / Cast: Freddie Prinze Jr., Sarah Michelle Gellar, Matthew Lillard, Linda Cardellini, Alicia Silverstone: Scooby Doo was a wonderful cartoon full of mystery and humour as well as memorable characters. This sequel is about fear but not just of monsters but of failure. After a disaster at a museum Shaggy and trusted dog Scooby Doo are blamed. Ridiculous plot regards the unleashing of monsters that Mystery Inc had already put away. Often corny and even the visual effects are horrid. The only exception is Scooby Doo himself who translated well through CGI visuals. Raga Gosnell directed the first film and plays off creative angles but acting is to the bare minimum. Freddie Prinze Jr. substitutes Fred's brains for stupidity. Sarah Michelle Gellar creates an unnecessary sexed up Daphne. Matthew Lillard plays Shaggy on perfect key but the role here is a mere prop as oppose to a personality. It is as if he was part of a vintage sideshow. Linda Cardellini does look like Velma but even the makeup job cannot bring the character to life. Alicia Silverstone appears as a reporter in her worst performance since her embarrassing turn as Batgirl in Batman and Robin. Perhaps she and Uma Thurman should both take a hint and avoid all films that involve superheroes and such. It is pointless candy coated dog snot. Score: 2 / 10
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One of my personal favorite family films.
FilmBuff199424 March 2012
Scooby Doo 2 Monsters Unleashed is a funny,light hearted family film that stays true to the Hanna Barbera series.Its one my favorite family films and one I remember fondly because I loved the series as a child and I enjoyed the way they combined different monsters from the series and put them into one big adventure for Scooby,Shaggy and the gang.I like it more than the first one,which I also enjoyed but feel it doesn't have much of what you would usually see in the series and don't like how they take a huge stab at Scrappy Doo.

Scooby Doo and the gang face there biggest adventure yet as the costumes of monsters the mystery gang are brought to life after getting robbed by the Coolsville Museum Of Nstural History,the gang investigate while Shaggy and Scooby try to be better detectives and take there job more seriously,Velma falls for a history geek played by Seth Green and Fred keeps getting exploited by the media.
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This should have been the first one
williethegray1 April 2004
Two years ago I went to see SD1 at the first showing because I was exited to see one of the best cartoons on the big screen. I kind of liked it because I saw SD on the big screen and that was it. In Puerto Rico SD2 came out today and I went to see it with my niece. Let me just say I loved this movie. The SFX were way better,the acting was better, and what is all about thestory was GOOD. This movie is true to the cartoons. Mathew Lilard is just great, if Johny Depp got an academy award nomination for Pirates, I think Mathew deserves to at least be considered. Freddie Prinze although I hate him (mainly because he is maried to the beautiful Sara Michelle Gellar) really gets into the Fred character this time. Velma is greatly cast and she's hot. Sara Michelle Gellar, what can I say I love her and she kicks butt in this movie, it reminded me of the Buffy days (Sniff). The small parts by Seth Green, Alicia Silverstone, and Peter Boyle are great. All in all this movie was made for people who know that all movies are not Citizen Kane and that movies are to have FUN!!!!, so don't pay any attention to Ebert & Roper, if you liked the cartoons go see it. 9/10
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Scooby fans will be in for a treat!!!
buffylover11126 March 2004
Scooby Doo 2 is much more in depth with relationships between the characters. That is what I liked best about this film. You got to know more of them and their personality. Although this was a great movie, I still liked the first Scooby Doo better. I felt the first one was more creative and fun. I didn't like how Scooby Doo 2 ended (I won't say how) and I thought it was obvious who the villain was. I love both movies. Hopefully there will be a Scooby Doo 3. I know Linda Cardellini and Matthew Lillard are ready to sign on but Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. are having second thoughts. Also, Scooby Doo 2 did have better special effects. Check this movie out and you'll love it no matter what!
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Psi8 April 2004
...and keep this franchise going if you must, Warner Bros., but save it for the kids.

Rating: ** (out of *****)

Let's all rejoin Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Inc. gang as they try and solve yet another mystery, but with REAL monsters! On second thoughts - let's not.

There is life left in the film world for Scooby-Doo. Honestly, I'm not joking. I acknowledge that the sequel isn't actually that good (I avoided the first one on critical advice) but it would be churlish for me to say it is unbearable. In fact, it's actually watchable to an extent. It's great to look at, and I'll admit to getting a reasonable number of laughs from it.

But I still can't recommend the film. It's too childish, doesn't know whether to take itself seriously or not, and above all, is just far too disjointed. Someone should've told the director that the way to approach a film like this is to play it for laughs the whole way through, and have a story that will, in some way, reach out to adults. This is more playground fare than family entertainment. And, on top of all that, it has the wooden Freddie Prinze Jr. as the lead, although thankfully not much is expected of him, or anyone in the cast. Still, blink and you'll miss a wasted Tim Blake Nelson. (You won't miss the latest American Idol, though...)

This is one for the cartoon's audience, children or anyone who's really, really bored and just needs a bit of a laugh. I'm sure it'll really amuse the kids both at home and in the cinema (believe me, nothing will be lost to DVD), although I can't see many of the general public wanting to watch the whole thing again.
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You have got to be kidding me
Kristine28 March 2004
Oh, I wish I had my $8.75 back. Now, I did somewhat enjoy the first Scooby Doo, I had no interest to see the sequel though. But my best friend called and she badly wanted to see it. It was plans, and who knew? I might have liked it. We decided to see the 10:30 (at night) show, thinking there would be no children in the theater. Boy, were we wrong. What parents bring their 4 and 5 year old children to a 10:30 show?

The jokes are really stupid. The plot is nearly unbearable. And the leading actors have hit an all time low in their careers. I was starting to wonder about Sarah Michelle Gellar, where she was going to go. Same with Freddie, Matthew, Alicia, and Seth. I couldn't believe what they have done to themselves. The movie is a success at the box office hitting #1. But if you ask me, I think this should be on the bottom 100.

Very lame.

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lacks the charm and warmth of the first one,and it's also less fun
disdressed1225 July 2007
i was rather disappointed in this movie.i just felt it didn't have the same charm and sense of fun as the first one.i think it tries to take itself too seriously at times.don't get me wrong,there are some funny moments,but there are less of them and they don't work as well this time around.i think they just got old.there's also a bit of a subplot which i didn't think had much point.there are a lot more monsters in this one,so it should be exciting,but it it really isn' fact,i found it slow at doesn't have the same pacing as the first one.this movie also gets into the "just be yourself,we're all OK" there nothing wrong with is a good message.but this movie shouldn't really be the forum for that.this is a type of movie that should just be fun and entertaining.beside,it throws off the pacing of the movie.also,there is a bit of innuendo,some sexual,some's very subtle,but it's there.any way,i can't give "Scooby Doo 2:Monsters Unleashed" more than 5/10
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Back to the Future
tedg3 March 2006
I'm convinced that some of the most imaginative scriptwriting is in the most unlikely places: kids movies, porn, what have you. And I found some of that in the first Scooby movie.

Here's the deal. The cartoon had the same plot for a gazillion years: kids investigate ghost and find it is a human in disguise, sort of a kiddie Baskerville. Now along came the movie and instead of humans in ghost costumes, we had ghosts in humans. And the story rolled with it: all sorts of gags based on different notions of self-reference. It was perfectly right for the project, which after all puts humans in cartoon figures and with the dog, a cartoon figure among humans.

I liked it. It played with the nature of film. Velma's hair was cast as dark red, so both the girls were redheads. This was a cinematic decision. No fools in charge that time.

Now this. The story this time could have been taken to the next level. It certainly seems to have been conceived that way from the basic idea: you start with a collection of costumes from all the old cartoons. These are the costumes that humans wore, pretending to be ghosts. Now you have real ghosts wear those costumes. Has promise.

Also take our Velma out of her costume. (Since the first Scooby, we've seen Cardinelli in "Brokeback Mountain." In that, she played the 21 year old daughter to a fifty-something Ledger, though she is quite a but older. It reminds us that 30 year olds are playing these teenagers.) Anyway, take Velma out of her dorky costume (but keeping the fake teeth) and into something sexy. Part of the joke about costumes. And there's some minor play with Shag and the Dog transforming too. All this indicates that it got started as intelligently as before, but in development someone must have wanted it to be more like the cartoons. This means you're mostly just looking scared and running away in comic fashion.

Velma's hair is black. That should have been the giveaway. Where is Rodriguez when we need him? This is a waste. But I'm going to keep coming back. Maybe next time someone will want it "like the first one," which after all did double the business.

Ted's Evaluation -- 1 of 3: You can find something better to do with this part of your life.
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Better than the first.
Shawn Watson29 April 2004
As a Scooby fan I may be a bit biased but how anybody can deny that this is just great entertainment is beyond my understanding. It ain't high are but it's loads of fun, and there are plenty of in-jokes for the wiser viewers. The movie is fairly mindless, otherwise it would lose its kid audience. but that doesn't mean there's no good humor or plot to it.

Granted, the plot is dumb (the gang go up against all the monsters from the first season of the TV show, only this time they're real). The manic set-pieces just bombard us, one after the other. Once again, there's not a moment of boredom, but there are enough quieter scenes with the Mystery Inc. gang. The main stars are, as usual, Shaggy and Scooby. Matthew Lillard is dead-on as Shaggy, so much so that he actually replaced Casey Kasem as his animated voice.

One moment that requires major suspension of disbelief is not any scene featuring sludge monsters or a cotton candy ghosts but a scene in which Velma utters 'I'm not hot'.

NOT HOT!!!???? WHAT??? She's a total babe, more so than Daphne. Every frame of her is a work of art as far as I am concerned.

The CGI effects this time round are thankfully superior to the trashy effects of the first film. It's a much better movie all round and will not fail to amuse anyone of any age.
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Worst Sequel of the Year
Jeffnusa23 April 2004
This movie was just plain awful. Daphne is Buffy the vampire slayer. Fred is an air headed Prince. The only actors true to their parts are Velma, Shaggy and Scooby. The 3 can't make up for the other 2. In this case Daphne and Fred sink the show. It's a shame the cartoon is a classic; the made for TV will only be fit for the trash can. Save your money, avoid this movie. Summary of movie: Mystery Inc is living the high lift basking in their new fame as super detectives, when a villain they put behind bars shows up. He has created a recipe for creating ghosts, takes their fake ghosts they defeated from the past and turns them real. Mystery Inc now has to fight the fight of their lives, too bad they could not act as well.
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