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MPAA Rated PG for some scary action, rude humor and language

Sex & Nudity

  • One quote is, "You were a dude this whole time? But we cuddled."
  • Shaggy, after consuming a chemical, finds that his body has been transformed into that of a female's, which has considerable bust and a shirt that reveals some belly and cleavage.
  • Velma wears an outfit that is somewhat form fitting.
  • There is a kiss.

Violence & Gore

  • Green vapor fills costumes that become ghostly-looking monsters; they assume different forms. A machine begins whirring and ghost/monsters are created: they approach a man and a dog, one blows fire at them, and one shoots a spear gun at them.
  • Two men and two women are covered with liquid tar (we see one woman gasping as the tar approaches her mouth).
  • A ghost/monster screeches, flies around a room snapping and swooping toward people, who run in fear, it is tied with a rope, and it pulls a man and a dog who hold the other end of the rope through the room breaking many things, crashing through glass, and trashing a table full of food.
  • A ghost/monster ship floats through a street, and ghost/monsters begin attacking people in the streets below; a "tar" ghost/monster covers a man with tar, other ghost/monsters chase people through streets, and a ghost/monster vomits on a man's face (we see spew).
  • A ghost/monster laughs loudly and chases a man and a dog, they run screaming, the ghost/monster punches a man in the face several times, and the man falls unconscious.
  • A ghost/monster fights using a sword, with a woman using a spear, and the ghost/monster slashes at the woman, she kicks him in the crotch, and he is disabled momentarily.
  • A ghost/monster fires a spear gun into a van nearly hitting a man and a dog inside, the van reverses and hits a ghost/monster, a flying ghost/monster picks the van up from the front causing the passengers to fall out the back, they hang onto a rug and get dragged along behind the van; a truck approaches and they almost crash, and the flying ghost/monster crashes into a billboard.
  • A man on a motorcycle prepares for a joust with a knight ghost/monster on a horse, they charge each other, and they knock each other down (we see man lying on the ground).
  • Two ghost/monsters are wired together with jumper cables, and they are jolted and blow up.
  • A dog flatulates in the direction of a ghost/monster as he blows fire toward the dog, the fire blows back into the face of the ghost/monster and he is burned up.
  • A woman kicks a lightning ghost/monster and is thrown through the air, and she lands on the ground slightly charred.
  • A ghost/monster tries to hit a dog with a spear.
  • A woman falls through a hole in a catwalk, a man gabs her hand and pulls her back up, and the man is grabbed and taken away by a flying ghost/monster.
  • A lightning ghost/monster (he glows, sparks fly off and has pointed teeth) chases people and hurls lightning bolts at a van.
  • A bolt of lightning shatters a window and sends glass falling onto a crowd of people below.
  • A man with large wings strapped to his arms tries to fly off a tall rock wall, he crashes into the sea below and we hear that he died.
  • Men in a bar look threatening: one has a scarred eye, one has pointed teeth, and they throw a man and a dog through a chute that drops them into a garbage dumpster.
  • A man walks into an abandoned silver mine and plant, a dog and man follow him, they encounter a skeletal ghost (a skeletal body with a skull and one large eye), they run onto an elevator and go down into a mine.
  • Two skeletal ghosts crash together and their pieces fly apart, and they put themselves back together in different combinations (this happens several times).
  • Two skeletal ghosts take their pieces off and throw them at a woman: the skull of one crashes into a wall.
  • A group of people and a dog fall through a trap door, slide down a chute and land in a spherical cage that rolls along a track.
  • A man and a dog slide down a mountain on garbage can lids, two skeletal monsters follow, they hit and bite at the dog, one monster crashes into a tree and breaks to pieces, and the dog slams into a tree.
  • We see clutter and destruction in a museum after it has been robbed.
  • A man uses jumper cables and jolts a pool of slime that becomes animated.
  • A flying ghost/monster flies into the mouth of a tar ghost/monster.
  • An "evil mask guy" (a man in a Darth Vader-like mask, with glowing eyes and a booming voice) appears in several scenes threatening people.
  • A man threatens to tear the eyes out of the skulls of a group of people.
  • A man yells at a man and threatens him.
  • We see many costumes of monstrous creatures: some have red eyes and sharp fangs, others have disfigured faces.
  • A dog hits a man with a microphone.
  • A dog drinks potions in a laboratory and changes into odd shaped creatures (one with tentacles), a man does the same and changes into a woman and then a muscle man.
  • A man and a dog are threatened by a cotton candy ghost/monster and they eat it.
  • A group searches a house for clues: a dog sniffs a pair of boxer shorts and puts them on his head, and a man puts his head in the cone of a Victrola and dust or smoke comes out.
  • A winged ghost/monster swoops through the sky, along subway tracks, through a city skyline, it screeches, crashes through a covered manhole and into a sewer drain.
  • We see a dark and creepy-looking house with bats circling it.
  • A man slams his head against a steering wheel in frustration.
  • A man pulls a man's hair thinking it is a wig.
  • Darts are thrown at photos of people and one hits a picture of a man in the crotch.
  • A dog eats a pickle and spits it into a man's drink (the man drinks it not knowing), a man is sprayed in the face with a milkshake, and a man blows something out of his nose.
  • A dog gets scared of a monster and farts.
  • A woman's outfit squeaks and makes noises that sound like flatulence.
  • A dog pretends to be foaming at the mouth.
  • A dog says "sniff my butt" to another dog.


  • PG - for some scary images and mild action, language and rude humor
  • 2 scatological terms (1 mild), 2 anatomical terms, 5 mild obscenities.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A character appears to take a hit off a Reddy-Whip can.
  • People drink alcohol in a bar.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Compared to the first film, it is more tame.
  • Ominous music plays with the opening credits.

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