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MattChiz23 June 2003
Talking Cock has what no other Singaporean movie has...a sense of humor. Not just concerning the subject matter at hand, but also concerning itself. The Python-esque flick jumps from story to story embracing the language the Singaporean government would love its citizens to forget. Showcasing Singapore's ability to produce something of actual merit, Talking Cock doesn't just talk walks it too...if that makes any sense.
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A Nutshell Review: TalkingCock the Movie
DICK STEEL22 June 2006
After watching a special surprise screening of Singapore Dreaming for a test audience, a local movie which I find as the best for this year thus far, I was curious to find out about directors Woo Yen Yen and Colin Goh's earlier effort, TalkingCock the Movie. Not that I never heard of it, since I'm a regular reader of their #1 satire website TalkingCock, but somehow I didn't manage to catch it in the theaters back then. Thankfully, Cine.SG provided an opportunity to do so now, in its original cut some more.

Though I could understand the rawness of the movie in terms of production, editing, etc, but it was really a crazy, crazy comedy, leaving no stones unturned. The opening alone, starring Colin himself as Mr Censor, is worth the price of an admission ticket. Poking fun at you- know-what, I believe this was even before Royston Tan did his Cut. And in true Singaporean TalkCock style was this movie filmed, in various languages and dialects (Singlish too, hooray!), poking fun from everything starting right at the beginning of local history when Sir Stamford Raffles (Neil Humphreys) tried to select a name for this once swampy place.

In fact, this movie is truly Singaporean, with a multi-racial cast given individual segments to address issues, poke fun and laugh at themselves. You have the eAhLong (Chinese), a Bollywood inspired mini musical with its lead having a penchant to swear in Hokkien, and a Malay-majority Mat Rocker band. Comprising of various segments, I certainly had clear favorites, like the Turbanator and Hoot U(niversity) pieces... KUA SIMI!!!

While some segments worked with laugh a minute moments, others did not. For example, the China-girl episode leaned more towards a dramatic piece rather than a crazy comedic episode, and ended quite flatly too. So did the eAhLong segment, which somehow dragged a bit towards the ending. But I must salute the way each segment introduced the other, each time differently, with various transition techniques used.

The dialog were authentically Singlish - don't shy OK? Cos that's the way most of us speak during our cock talking sessions, and the witty names of characters which are a hallmark of the website, made it to the movie as well. Some filler characters were used to run through the entire movie, like the lecherous Ah Pek with his umbrella, and the va-va-vrrooooom chick with incredibly long armpit hair. Eeewwww. And hey, don't forget the many songs used (in all languages), and the jab at product placement, with the Auntie Auntie conglomerate marketing absolutely everything useful (and of course useless) in the show!

If you're looking for authentic local comedy, go no further than to start with TalkingCock. No regrets, bruddah!!!
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Bad is an understatement
GarryJohal9 February 2006
I paid several dollars to watch this film. I endured several minutes of rubbish that i saw paraded on the theater screen and i left the theater feeling tired, used and raped. This is the worst film that i have ever seen. It was poorly made, badly acted, and even the obscenities were partially censored, with no, not bleeps, but chirps. Actual bird chirps. The sketches were too long, lacking any real bite, the acting absolute rubbish, the humor amateur and childish at best. I myself am from Singapore and i tried, i really tried to give this film a chance. I know that good actors are unheard of here, I know censorship is brutal here,I know it is difficult to produce a movie with vulgarities, racism andsubversion here. Thus i really tried to close one eye to all the movie's shortcomings, but truly, apart from the lacklustre technical aspect of the movie, it really is crap. The writing, the script, the jokes, even the essence of it is rubbish. At some points it had some hope,some of the race stereotype-bashing was going somewhere. But alas, just when i thought the film was going to redeem itself, it steered back to its ultra-safe, better not screw around or we might get sued or written about in the forum page/create bad reviews/be accused of being unpatriotic etc and proved itself to be an only slightly better attempt than getting an overweight, diseased, STDed hippopotamus' dung spatter on canvas and calling it art.
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