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Good Independent Film
f_anderso-111 June 2005
I saw this movie last year. This was one of the best independent movies I saw last year. I met the director Sacha Parisot at the Dallas Juneteenth Film Fest last year and he's a really cool guy. Debra Wilson from Mad TV is excellent as the urban version of fatal attraction. All of the cast in this ensemble piece are very good and hopefully we'll see much more of them all. This thriller mystery is not only effective for this type of film its smart too in that it raises some serious current social issues on race and gender.I'd say I'd have to rank this easily in my top ten of independent films, certainly the top three over the last year or so. Hats off to Sacha and all the cast and crew for this masterpiece.
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Tense, Tight, Taut Film
MagicStarfire13 March 2006
This is an excellent film, I am completely mystified and baffled by the low ratings it has received thus far.

It has solid characterizations, good acting, well written dialog, and a cohesive storyline that builds and brings quite a few surprises.

The only reason I gave it 9 stars rather than 10 is because -- how one of the characters met her demise is never really answered, nor why Anthony and Victoria have the sex problem that they have, but other than that, the film is very good.

We do get a hint as to what might be the problem when Anthony's boyhood pal, Michael and his wife, Sarah show up for an afternoon visit.

The visit consists of some racial bickering between Anthony's white wife, Victoria and Anthony's boyhood pal, Michael. Some revealing traits of the various characters are shown amidst a lot of drinking, and some extremely spicy romping in the hot tub.

A neighbor calls complaining about too much noise, and the police show up at the door. Michael is the one to answer the door, and he becomes rather abrasive towards the cop.

Shortly after this encounter, someone is discovered drown in the hot tub, and the situation escalates.
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Better than you think its going to be.
dbborroughs3 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The meeting of two couples for a nice afternoon together spirals out of control as one of the women ends up dead and the repercussions of that event begin to play out in ways no one expects.

Small budget independent film that is a nifty little thriller. On some level I was less then thrilled with the film after I saw it but I have to say that not long after I returned the film to the person I got it from I regretted not holding on to it for another viewing. No its not a great film, and perhaps its a bit clichéd, but at the same time there is something about the film that hangs with you. Its one of those movies you watch and then it hits you it was better than you thought. Worth a look if you run across it.
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I liked it
Bill-45919 August 2005
Even though the movie was, in a lot of instances unbelievable, it sure held my attention. Why would the cops even consider a noise complaint during the middle of the day at a house set in a remote area? When the person was found in the hot tub why wouldn't that Victoria lady immediately call 911. She kept saying she wanted to call the police all the time.

I would have liked to have seen that R rating used better so we could have seen more of those good looking women -- if you know what I mean. This movie also struck me as a lot different than the movies you typically see on TV.
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