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(I) (2004–2009)

Erin Daniels: Dana Fairbanks



  • Alice : [talking about admitting that they are attracted to each other]  Well, we just took the first step, we took the power out of it.

    Dana : [they slow down their stretching and begin to stare at each other. Dana kinda snaps out of it]  I think we need to take the second step.

    [and jogs off] 

    Alice : [nodding]  Yeah, okay.

    Alice : [little bit later on]  We need to counteract it. We just need to avoid all situations where we find each other most attractive.

    Dana : Mm-hmm.

    Alice : We need, like... rules of un-attraction.

    Dana : Okay, like never be alone together, in places like the bathroom at The Planet.

    Alice : Right! Never be alone together.

    Dana : Especially never be alone together... in places where's there's like a bed or a couch.

    Alice : Right, or - or - a table.

    Alice : Or a floor...

    [Dana smiles] 

    Alice : Or the backseat of a car.

    Dana : [smiling]  Ooh, that'd be good.

    [catching herself] 

    Dana : That *wouldn't* be good!

    Alice : Okay, you need to stop showing up at The Planet after you've worked out, when you're all sweaty and your veins are all popping all over the place.

    Dana : You like that?

    Dana : [Alice raises her eyebrows and looks at Dana like duh!]  Tonya hates that. Alright, well then you can't wear those shirts any more.

    Alice : What shirts?

    Dana : You know, the ones where...


    Dana : they cling to you in some places and fall off you in others?

    Dana : [Alice has a huge grin on her face. Dana kind of rolls her eyes]  Fuck you.

    Alice : Okay, that's *totally* against the rules.

  • Alice : [sitting down in a cafe to enjoy a nice afternoon with one another because The Planet is closed]  Does she know that we're having coffee?

    Dana : Um... She's in New Port beach with her family.

    [Alice nods] 

    Dana : No... no she doesn't know but, I'm not hiding it.

    Alice : Well, if she was at the beach we could have met at your place, like the good old days.

    [waves fist in the air] 

    Dana : But, we have rules and we're trying to follow them.

    [looking down at the table, or anywhere else that's not Alice's face] 

    Alice : Does that mean that you're finding it difficult?

    [also looking away from Dana] 

    Dana : No... no not at all, you?

    Alice : Piece of cake.

    [they look at each other and smile] 

  • Dana : [apologizing to Lara]  Can I please try again? I really want to try again. Can I?

    Lara Perkins : One thing.

    Dana : [holding back tears]  Anything.

    Lara Perkins : You have to start taking at least take some steps towards being out.

    Dana : I will.

    Lara Perkins : Because you're going to be miserable being in the closet.

    Dana : I know.

    Lara Perkins : And you are really, really gay.

    Dana : [almost laughing]  I know.

    Lara Perkins : And it's one of the things I like so much about you. If you hide that, you're hiding the best part.

    [they kiss] 

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