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This is funny, I don't care who you are...
Poe-1723 December 2003
I know this comedy show taped in Phoenix offends some people and others just don't get the southern humor. But if anything can cross lines, this video will.

I'm at a loss to explain those who want to march on comedians, movies or any other creative endeavor that violates some politically correct niche the would be marchers inhabit. It's like Jay Leno making a frog comment and the letters pile in from some society dedicated to the prevention of amphibious slander.

One commenter made notes of "prejudices" that had me laughing nearly as much as I laughed at the video. The rampant prejudice in their comedy is aimed not at any stereotype other than themselves; rednecks! Anyone believing these four men are the characters on stage is trapped inside television. This ain't real folks. They're playing parts like any actor.

For profiling advice, see Ron White.

Speaking of Ron, all these guys are hilarious. Yes, some of their material has been around long enough many have heard the routines, but they are funny and they are a comfortable ensemble. Larry the Cable Guy seems to be a "I wish I hadn't laughed at that crudity but I did" favorite, but I'm telling you Ron White is comedic genius.

His pacing and timing is perfect, his delivery of the kind that one is born with, not learned. You can turn off the sound and he is still funny. He reminds me of Dean Martin's presence (not because of the cigarette and Manhattan) but because he has a subliminal connect with the audience. He comes out, he grins and they're all buddies before the first word comes out of his mouth.

These guys, as a group and as individuals, are not stupid. You don't get to where they are by being idiots, only by portraying them. They know what they are doing.

This video is about laughing, about laughing really hard because they talk about things that have happened to us, things we have felt. Life is sweet, life is beautiful, life can be ugly and hard, and, often, life, real life, is hilarious. And all those traits aren't isolate, they mix and mingle and complicate.

This crew just reminds us of that.
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Unfortunatly, they ARE just like me
Matt Cyganik16 March 2003
When the 'Blue Collar' movie came out in Phoenix, I was weary in seeing it. I figured it was comedy for country boys, and I've always been an activist to prove that Arizona isn't just full of country-music lovin hicks and mexicans.

My grandmother really wanted to see it, and also finding out it was exclusively released in these parts (NY and LA are always the ones to show those spectacular indie movies first) and taped at Phoenix's Dodge Theatre, I decided to go for it. We saw it in January.

My first expectations were that it'd be stupid redneck humor. Most of it was, but it was really fun nonetheless. Taping the gang in various stores around Phoenix, making idiots of themselves were funny.

Sadly, the film and the comedians probably would be swallowed up had they not had the popularity of Jeff 'Redneck' Foxxworty on their team. It's a shame because Bill Engvall was truly the standout.

Bill Engvall was absolutely hilarious. His section of the concert really shined. He got an A. Ron White was really funny too. B. Jeff Foxxworty kind of lagged. Outside of his Redneck jokes (which is the whole selling point, and they aren't even THAT great), his comedy was a little bland. Overall he gets a C. Larry The Cable Guy was the worst. The movie was really good outside of part. He was rude, crude, dumb, and unfunny. I found myself constantly waiting for his part to be over. D-.

Then the guys joined together onstage to do a 'storytelling' type of humor. It came off pretty funny. B+

Overall, I'd give this 8/10. I'm glad it's trickling into other theatres so others can see a close send-up to The Original Kings Of Comedy. Just don't associate the movie with Arizona all being this way. I hate people who make that assumption.
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Embrace Ignorance
tedg11 August 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Spoilers herein.

It used to be that a standup comic would make an LP. Cosby, Prior... all the greats would have to generate funny from a universal place. We'd buy these for a specific laughing purpose which is all but forgotten now. Things have changed - DVDs have switched the economics of comedy, so that lesser talents can be moved into niches. Movies are all about inventing lives, so those niches are now defined by comics and routines that are all about helping the audience decide who they are.

I thought little of this was funny, and none of the unpracticed stuff. If these guys really were blue collar comics, they would be genuinely funny people (we all know some) instead of professional storytellers with funny material.

But I'll give them this: nearly all this humor is goodnatured. It invites the audience to poke fun at itself. Contrast this with most `black' humor, which helps its audience define itself by poking fun at others.

Ted's Evaluation -- 1 of 3: You can find something better to do with this part of your life.
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Watch it once...that is plenty
rdwright26 July 2004
I am not a yuppie, country club golfer, or business tycoon. I have been called a redneck among other things, and I went to Agriculture school and am employed as a salesman for a livestock equipment company. I say all that to say this- I am a blue collar North Carolina country boy, and I think this movie just doesn't cut it.

RON WHITE- Perhaps the funniest of the comedians featured here (believe me, there's more on the unfunny ones later), Ron White's material deals with small town life in a different way than Foxworthy/Engvall/LTCG. His comedy is more cerebral than the others, so I'm sure that fans of the other 3 won't find White as funny.

BILL ENGVALL- Bill Engvall's shtick has worn thin by now. The "Here's Your Sign" bit died in 1996, but don't tell that to Bill. Watching this film, I get the feeling that Bill Engvall thinks he is funnier than he really is. If you can make it through Bill Engvall, here's to ya.

LARRY THE CABLE GUY- Larry the Cable Guy I just don't get. His voice is an obvious caricature of the dumb redneck at the gas station and I admit that the first time I saw this movie, I actually thought he was kind of funny, but the more I see his act and hear his voice, the more it grates on my nerves. He has a knack for making up "madder than", "happier than", "meaner than" type quips that some audiences have howled at, but I just scratch my head. The material in this movie isn't so bad and it's not totally unfunny, but if you get a chance (and God help you if you consciously do so) to see Git-R-Done, which is LTCG's full routine, you will see some of the worst comedy ever recorded. And yet, the audiences roar and Larry is hotter than a rocket. Go figure

JEFF FOXWORTHY- Foxworthy is now a guilty pleasure. The "You Might Be A Redneck" routine has worn VERY thin by now, and you can even see apprehension on Foxworthy's part when he is going through this bit later in his act. I think it has pigeon holed him as the redneck comic. His stand-up is better than Engvall & LTCG, but the whole bit is nothing new. The guilty pleasure part of all of this is that I can't turn away from Jeff Foxworthy. When he's on the radio, I can't help but listen to the same routines that I've heard a thousand times before. Maybe that is the appeal of Blue Collar comedy.

Ironically, I think people who get the biggest kicks out of this aren't rednecks at all. I watched this on Comedy Central with 2 guys- one from Maine, one from New Hampshire- and they laughed like this was the funniest thing they had seen.

The beautiful thing about comedy is that it knows no bounds and is broad enough to appeal to every human being on earth. I prefer a Brian Regan or Dennis Miller, while some prefer Chris Rock, David Brenner, or Bob Hope. There is no one alive who doesn't like to laugh and the bottom line is that this is a love-it or hate-it film based on what makes you laugh; there are no gray areas here.
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Very funny.....but it should have come out last year.
asaidi-230 March 2003
This is a very funny movie. The only problem (for me) is that it came out about a year too late.

I've already heard almost all of the jokes in the movie. Ron White and Larry the cable guy basically do the same jokes they did on the "Blue Collar Comedy Tour" CD that came out at the end of 2000. Also, almost all of Bill Engvalls jokes were on that CD or his new comedy CD that came out late last year ("Cheap Drunk: An Autobiography"). Most of Jeff Foxworthys jokes are not on a CD, but if you've seen him live sometime during the last couple of years you've heard almost all of them. Actually, you can say that about all 4 guys.

However, if you've never heard of the 4 guys before or if you've heard of them but never seen them live or heard any of their CD's, then definitely go see this movie. The jokes are hysterical. Then you can go and pick up the comedy CD's and see them live. They have new jokes when you see them live.
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It's a southern thing!
SmileysWorld15 January 2005
Finally,a showcase of humor I can appreciate.I am a southerner,and while I may not be exactly like these guys,I know people who are.Therefore,I get along with this type of humor and know exactly where they are coming from.I must admit,while I am familiar with the work of Jeff Foxworthy and Bill Engvall,that I was seeing Ron White and Larry the Cable Guy for the first time.They are all hilarious,though Larry the Cable Guy may take a few steps too many on the raw side.While the humor and routines were fantastic,the "in between" sequences could have been done better. For example,when the guys go into the Victoria's Secret store,they are greeted by Heidi Klum pretending to be a worker there.I think that this sequence would have been much better had it been a little more spontaneous and unplanned.It would have been fun,I think,for the guys to make an unplanned visit to a real Victoria's secret store just to see what would happen.Also,David Alan Grier seems and looks way out of place here.Other than these minor flaws,it is a good film for the stand up humor alone.
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Will keep you laughing the whole time
jace_81319 July 2003
Prior to seeing this show I had not heard of either Ron White or Larry the Cable Guy but enjoyed their humor nonetheless. I have been a long standing fan of both Foxworthy and Engvall and they did not fail to please. Many of the jokes in the tour were old ones for those of us familiar with the two but kept me laughing hard anyway. Keep this in mind though because if you are looking for a lot of new lines than this is NOT the show for you. Much of Larry's humor is somewhat crass but there are definitely a few good ones in his act too. Each act is separated by shots of the four comedians doing things around town and just generally having fun. It is obvious that the four of them have long been friends and enjoy each others company and a few good laughs at each others expense. Although I loved the clips and each comic's routine, the best part is at the end. All four come out together for the finale and tell some stories to the audience and once again enjoy poking a little fun at each other. The even take their hand at using each other's trademark items ("You Might Be a Redneck" and "Here's Your Sign"). Once again it was the interaction between the four of them that made it all that much funnier. All said and done it was a very funny and enjoyable show and I'd rate it a 7.5 out of 10.
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A perfect cocktail of wit, intellect and laid-back humor!
disturbingsanity28 August 2004
The documentary-style stand-up comedy portrait begins with our four favorite comedians fishing in a small lake, firing of one comfortable relaxed joke after another.. This set-up puts the specs into the wonderful laid-back mood that these stand-up comedians prosper from. Their intellectual commenting, unexpected twists, playful teasing and the in-between-the-stand-up-sequences make this mix of stand-up styles work as a perfect cocktail; Ron, as the whiskey-drinking loud-mouth with an almost scary instinct for fast remarks and extremely intelligent commenting. Larry, the extra-extra laid-back red-neck of the lot, who delivers almost every joke with his one personal trademark written all over it and a certain "that just ain't right" feel to it. Bill, with his sharp interpretations of everyday life, his ruthless "here's your card [stupid]" jokes and finally, but not least, his openhearted spills of his personal life. Jeff (without a doubt the most famous of the four, at the time), with his well-known comedy based on his own life and that of others around him, only beaten by his own "you know you're a Red-Neck when..." jokes. ..If someone's chained you to a chair, locked you into a room and swallowed the key - being the ONLY reason not to have seen this stand-up marvel - I suggest you burst out of those chains, smash open that door and run down to the nearest video-store ASAP; cause this one, can't be missed!!!
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this movie to me appeals to every person in one way or another
shysweetieva18 March 2004
I have never been a fan of stand-up comedy. I believe now that my feelings toward stand-up comedy were based upon the most largely syndicated type seen on cable tv. the kind that targets certain races, disabilities, or religions. what i cannot seem to grasp is how anyone can critisize the humor of these four brilliantly funny men. they tastefully describe their OWN class of people "rednecks" and make jokes that obviously apply to themselves (as seen at the end of the movie when all four comics come together). I personally renound these men for making such a large percentage of the population smile and laugh without making remarks that insult a race (i.e. BET and its stand-up comedy), religion, or social status.
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Their own kind of cool
maxsmodels8 September 2007
I got this DVD after having seen bits of their humor before. I have seen it at least 5 times since. It just never gets old. Except for Larry TCG the characters do not seem to be acting. Even Larry is convincing a no-class bubba, but I have seen his early work before when he went by his give name (Dan Whitney). He is actually from Nebraska but he makes one great southern bubba (and I am from the deep south, so trust me on this one).

These guys all exude their own kind of cool. They are comfortable in their own skins and make you feel like they'd all be fun to hang out with. Jeff Foxworthy and Bill Engvall come across as two guys that you would like to have as neighbors or co-workers. Their humor never strays far from everyday life and its unexpected twists. It doesn't have to because they know how to tell a story.

Engvall's "here's your sign" jokes (he awards people a "stupid" sign to wear when they do or say something idiotic) and Foxworthy's "You may be a redneck if....." jokes abound and are still funny. Even though the material is a staple of their respective work, they keep updating it with new ones. For the die hard fans these jokes are a must. Foxworthy has some "new" redneck words as well.

Ron white, who comes across as a somewhat more intense character, is funny but a bit darker. His shows uses what appear to be real demons from his past to make you laugh, and laugh you will.

If I were to make a movie with these guys I'd put it in a used car lot in the deep south with Foxworthy and Engvall as quasi-straight salesmen selling various autos to the same type of people they usually make fun of. White would be the dubious owner and Larry TCG as the mechanic/tow truck driver (there's a stretch). It would be like the movie "Used Cars" meets "Green Acres".
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Good, Clean (For The Most Part) Comedy
zkonedog12 March 2017
If you watch Comedy Central for any length of time (especially late at night), one thing you may be struck by is the raunchiness and shock-value angle of many (if not most) of the stand-up routines. It almost seems as if the intent isn't to make you laugh in the traditional manner (story:punchline) so much as to shock you into uncomfortable chuckles. Fortunately, this "Blue Collar" gang doesn't take that filthy approach.

Instead, the four-pronged crew gets laughs in a much more family-friendly fashion that tames down the filth and amps up the self-effacing efforts. Though not every bit may be appropriate for the ears of your young kiddies, you won't have to worry about squirming in your seat when watching with all but the most uppity of viewers.

The comedians (in order of appearance) include:

Ron White: Besides the "alcoholic" persona, White is the most traditional of the bunch, and also probably the weakest, although still good for some belly laughs.

Larry the Cable Guy: Everyone knows a country bumpkin persona like Larry, and that's his appeal. This film was his "coming out" party that really launched him to stardom.

Bill Engvall: The "everyman" who doesn't so much tell jokes as recite funny life circumstances.

Jeff Foxworthy: The established star who really drew in the initial throngs and got the "Blue Collar" brand going strong.

Though the humor of that foursome may not be the most sophisticated, as Larry often says: "I don't care who you are...that's funny right there." Dozens of belly laughs are almost guaranteed, and for fans of this type of humor, you will be picking yourself up off the floor time and time again.
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Ron,Bill,Larry,Jeff: The Blue Collar Comedy Tour
Terryfan10 September 2015
Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie is a movie/documentary that features Jeff Foxworthy,Bill Engvall, Ron White and Larry The Cable Guy.

The movie I remember ordering it first on Pay per view then later on getting it on DVD.

I knew about Jeff Foxworthy for a long time and this movie introduce me to Ron White and Bill Engvall. Larry The Cable Guy is a comedian I don't care for.

Each comedian takes turns telling their jokes some of their famous ones some they created for the tour and there are going to be sure creative ones that you will be laughing until your sides hurt.

Also the film features what the guys do while they're not on stage so that's why we get some documentary feel to the film which is not something you see all the time.

Now the ones I like best on this film were Jeff, Bill and Ron, Larry jokes can be too much that make you think how in the world this guy even got a job telling jokes. Ron White really does a great job with making the crowd laugh and I was rolling with laughter, Bill did a impressive job with his jokes for this film and Jeff did some good ones well that we never got to hear before.

We got to hear so many jokes that it's better if you watch the film for yourself to get a joy out of it.

I give Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie an 8 out of 10
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I'm sitting in a bean bag chair, naked and eating Cheetos!
Andy (film-critic)17 March 2005
Friendship is essential to making a troupe like this work, and from the short clips intermingled between their stand-up it is obvious that these four comedians have been around for a very long time. They have been telling each other jokes as well as building off each other in hopes to better themselves and provide quality entertainment for their audiences. This is shown with the last couple of minutes of their performances when they all come out and interact with each other and the audiences. This provides for some of the funnier moments of the film. Just to see them talking to each other, laughing at their jokes, and building a continual friendship makes the audience laugh more, Jen and I laugh more, as well as showing us this human side to these soothsayers of day-to-day activities.

This was a very entertaining program to watch on a night where comedy was definitely needed to lighten the spirits. These four guys are masters of their domain, and while Bill Engvall is our least favorite of them (he just delivers too quickly and less redneck), we still find ourselves laughing all together. We cannot wait to get our hands on more of Larry the Cable Guy's material and see where he finds the humor in our lives. Speaking of Larry the Cable Guy, my wife and I were talking about how we think his entire act is just an act. He is not as redneck as he talks, but instead is building his reputation on it. If this is true, I am very impressed. Here he is building his bank account using a voice that is not uncommon here in the Mountains of Virginny. Also, we were very impressed with Ron White, whom we had never heard before. His humor is sharp and dark at the same time. He had my wife rolling on the floor with laughter during 95% of his act. That is very impressive. I cannot knock Foxworthy, but if you have ever heard any of his stand-up, you have heard his stand-up. It hasn't changed that much from when I heard him several years ago. While I still laughed at his jokes, I did think that he may need to revamp some of his material … especially his ultra-classic "You Might Be A Redneck If…" material.

Overall, we were very impressed with this program and immediately ran out the next night to get the sequel to hear ourselves laugh again and again. Whether you are a redneck, hate rednecks, or just need something to laugh at, this is for you. It was a very impressive outing for these guys, and an enjoyable evening for the house. We loved it

Grade: **** out of *****
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Enough blue collar for Evrybody
Hollywood_Yoda4 October 2004
When I first saw this movie, it was about two o'clock in the morning. From the very start, i was constantly laughing. Ron White drinking on stage, and talking about taking the plane down, was insane, yet oddly funny. Then larry-the-Cable-Guy talking about his sister and grandma, was so unexpected, I about lost it. Then when Bill Engvall came out, and started telling his "family oriented" jokes, about his daughters underwear, and her driving. I could relate to a lot of these jokes being told. Then the encore presentation of Jeff Foxworthy and his "You might be a redneck" jokes. Especially the one "If you work outside without a shirt on, and so does your husband". Anybody that enjoys comedy will love this movie. It is uproarious.
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How many producers does it take to make a bad comedy movie?
ra2353-111 December 2004
Let me get this straight.

It took 5 producers to create this lame comedy movie? Tell the truth now, you have seen funnier flicks than this haven't you? And I'll bet many of those comedy movies were made 5 years ago or more.

I just saw "Dodgeball" and laughed and laughed. It was well written, well directed and *gasp*) only had 2 producers one of whom I have my doubts about. (Stuart Cornfeld)

No one will remember this stinkeroo (Blue Collar et al) after 2 years.


Five thumbs down.
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Oh god, Why?
killerlamb27 January 2008
Why was this movie made? This is quite possible the worst movie I've ever seen. It's worse than Troll 2. It's worse than Gigli. It's worse than Epic Movie. It's worse than raw torture.

The only thing more painful than how unfunny this movie is, is how many people didn't hate it. I'm from the south, I'm totally aware of "Southern Humor", however "YOU MIGHT BE A REDNECK IF ______" jokes are not funny. None of these 4 guys is funny. None of them.

This movie isn't just bad, it's an assault on your intelligence. I felt like I drop 10 IQ points just sitting through it.

Summary:-1000/1000 This is probably the only movie so that's so bad I'd think negatively of someone for enjoying it, so it gets a negative score.
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Drop that tater salad and back away from the eating' britches…
rice_a_roni18 June 2004
Some background: Spent the tender formative years of my adolescence and young adulthood in VA; worked in blue collar jobs around a lot of other blue collar co-workers; married into a relatively poor southern family (not that mine was rich by any stretch of the imagination).

I found this DVD in the local used rack and bought it without really knowing anything about it due to the presence of Jeff Foxworthy on it. I guess I should have been aware of Bill Engvall somehow, as he seems to have (and acts kind of uppity like he has) first or second billing, but he was new to me. Larry the Cable Guy and Ron White were also new to me, and appeared to have third billing together.

Jeff basically phoned his performance in, but he did get a chuckle out of me now and then. A disappointment. Surprisingly his southern angle didn't ring very true - more Midwest if you ask me, both in content and delivery. Nothing wrong with that per se, just didn't fit in so well with the others.

"Here's your sign" Bill Engvall struck me as a big fish from a little southern pond; sanctimonious, maudlin, kind of a jerk actually. Some of his stuff was funny, but he had this superiority thing going that really turned me off. Maybe I'm just slow, but it took me a while to figure out the whole "here's your sign" shtick, but I guess if you already are familiar with him and his act then you know what to expect. He laughed too much at his own stuff. OK, I laughed too now and then, but overall he was annoying.

Ron White was easy-going and full of charisma, and had some great material and an even greater delivery. I have no idea how much the drink in his hand was contributing to his performance, but it appeared to be enhancing the entire laid-back southern thing and not seriously interfering with the mental functions required to do stand-up. Ron was incredibly humorous and made me laugh like I hadn't laughed in a while. Really good stuff. I'm going to get his "Tater Salad" DVD when it comes out.

Larry the Cable Guy was the best, though. If you've never spent time with someone like him, you might think that he is some kind of hick caricature - he is not. These people really exist, and their take on things can easily be perceived by the uninitiated as near self-parody. Larry either comes from NC or thereabouts, or is a very good study (I believe the latter). He has the vocal inflections, speech patterns, phrases, and body language of that area down cold, all the way to the absent-minded arm scratching. And his material is a riot! Side-splittingly funny! I almost went hoarse with laughing. I went and got his "Get-R-Done!" DVD yesterday and it didn't disappoint, but he seemed a bit fresher on the BCCT DVD. (FYI: no real overlap in the material on the two DVDs; even his "eatin' britches" routine is expanded and quite different on "Get-R-Done!". I want a Dunkin' Britches franchise of my own!)

Rating as-is: 7.5 out of 10. Without Jeff and Bill: 9 out of 10.
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The Blue Collar guys get their own movie
SonicStuart3 July 2005
Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie

Starring: Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy, Bill Engvall and Ron White

Rated PG-13 for Some Crude and Sex-Related Humor

Genre: Comedy/Documentary

Star Rating: ***** out of 5

The Blue Collar comedy team stars in their own movie that is a documentary comedy where the guys are performing a comedy show out in Phoenix, AZ and everything was hilarious from start to finish! Ron White is the funniest out of the group but Jeff, Larry and Bill are hilarious also. I like them all! Each one of the guys had their own part of the show and then they come out all together after. There were lots of "Here's your sign" jokes, "You might be a redneck jokes" and lots of other jokes! We get more comedy from the Blue Collar team in the sequel, Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again!

BOTTOM LINE: "HERE'S YOUR SIGN!", "GIT-R-DONE", "YOU MIGHT BE A REDNECK" and "CALL ME TATER" (or whatever Ron White's catchphrase is)
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One of the funniest movies I've ever seen
GaryMC122 March 2004
Comedy, for the most part, is rather subjective. There are some artists, Bill Cosby comes to mind, that transcend ethnic, gender and political lines.

'Subjectively' speaking, Blue Collar Comedy Tour left me limp and gasping for breath, I laughed so hard. After watching it on Comedy Central, it's funny enough that I will actually go spend money to purchase the movie! For me, that is telling. I'm not a redneck, per se, and this is more than 'You might be a Redneck if...' comedy. Not ever having seen Ron White or Larry, the Cable Guy before, I didn't know their work. Larry's caricature left me feeling he was a southern, podunk hick, and his admonitions that 'No matter who you are, that's funny' left me a little dry. Okay, what he was talking about *was* funny, but if you didn't know that already, it was probably past your bedtime.

Ron White is just plain down and out funny. His timing is wonderful, and you don't get what you expect. You do laugh a lot, and you need to put down your beer before he starts talking, lest you blow it out your nose!

Bill Engval is the funniest comedian in this line up. If you don't know Bill's work, watch the movie. You will become a fan. His 'Here's your Sign' stuff is funny, but has gotten like Foxworthy's 'You might be a redneck...' However, Bill shines in that he can talk about anything at home, and have you rolling on the floor.

Jeff Foxworthy was the draw of the concert series for those who didn't know the others. He still is funny, but his work doesn't seem to show the freshness that it used to. Maybe he needs to take lessons from Engval. However, his telling of the 'beaver and the nipple' story shows that he still has the touch.

The last part of the movie is the kicker. Pause the movie before all four sit down and start telling stories, get another beer, and empty your bladder. I was laughing so hard that I couldn't breathe! The four of them together is the quintesential four 'Good ol' boys' on a Sunday afternoon. It is classic comedy.

This movie is one of those movies that you need to watch!
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Hardest Laugh in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time!!!
kinderkid21 June 2003
Oh my god.... I haven't laughed this hard in a long time! I had heard of "redneck" Jeff Foxworthy and the "here's your sign" (Bill Engvall) before, but I had no idea who the other 2 were, so I figured Foxworthy and Engvall would be the stars of the show. BOY WAS I WRONG!! Larry the Cable Guy and Ron White stole the show, and were hands down 10 times funnier than Foxworthy and Engvall. Make sure you watch right to the end of the show, because at the end, all four guys come out and tell stories about things that have gone on while they have known each other, and each guy takes a stab at doing "redneck" and "here's your sign" jokes.

This show is definately worth watching, not once but many many times. I plan on buying the dvd tomorrow.
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Hollywood, Please Pay Attention!
Syl12 February 2007
The Blue Collar Comedy Tour came out of nowhere and has blown the comedy world wide open. Between New York City and Los Angeles, there lies America. Maybe the real America, I was born and raised in New Jersey where I still live. It was there that I grew up watching Hee Haw and Mama's Family with great affection. Most Americans live in a Blue Collar World. I think I got tired of shows like Seinfeld, Mad About You, Will and Grace, etc. who never worried about the basic problems that most of us face. Okay, most of us live cutting coupons and scrape by somehow. Hollywood and New York don't realize how expensive it is. Most of us don't have the money to spend on a Broadway show because we don't make six figures. Hollywood is clueless as to understanding American humor. I say that I have a white collar mind but a blue collar job and it's true. I have advanced college degrees. I don't care what your background is neither because even though the men are white, they appeal to the masses and it shows when you see them entertaining crowds from the urban center to city arenas. Larry the Cable Guy still lives in his hometown in Nebraska. Jeff has been under-appreciated by mainstream audiences. See, who's laughing now? Ron White is quite hysterical. Then there is one another guy who I can't recall right now. It's still funny to see David Alan Grier and Heidi Klum in guest roles. People see them because they are not going to be preached at but entertained and leave feeling better about themselves. That's what good comedy it about. Comedy Central is wise repeating these movies. 60 Minutes did a special on Larry the Cable Guy and the Blue Collar Tour. The journal, Peter Simon, seemed puzzled by the appeal. Okay, it's not Seinfeld, thank God. I wouldn't mind these guys coming over to my house for dinner. They're welcome anytime. These guys are not politically correct or savvy and that's fine with me. Who wants politically correctness anyway? It can ruin a perfectly good evening.
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PRDPete13 December 2006
These guys will make you laugh OUT LOUD because you will recognize yourself in their jokes...their presentation is so down to earth and real - causing you to laugh knowing that you have thought or done the very thing they are talking about. Another thing that makes them great is that they are not vulgar or offensive and they do not use filthy jokes or words, and they do not offend religions or different races or ethnic backgrounds. They do not demean people or make cruel jokes aimed at any particular person, gender or race. They are just funny - period! Trust takes a lot to make me smile let alone laugh and especially at most stand up comedy acts...but the first time I watched them,I found myself laughing OUT LOUD, and I was by myself! Watch it- believe me, you will not be disappointed! I give them A ++++ thumbs up!!!!
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So very funny
chamberienne31 January 2005
This movie is two(ish) hours of nothing but laughter. the four guys; Ron White, Larry the Cable guy, Bill Engvall and Jeff Foxworthy are all gifted comedians. They each have a different style of comedy that is unique, but what really makes this different from any other comedy show that can be seen on TV is the way that they interact with each other during various parts of the film, and again at the end. Their storytelling and trying to outdo each other is priceless! It should be noted, however, that redneck comedy isn't for everyone. It can be a little base, but it's no worse than something that Chris Rock or Dennis Leary would perform, and frankly, it's much less profane. I give it an 8 because I haven't laughed this hard in years.
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