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‘Bodied’ Director Joseph Kahn on Why His Explosive Rap Battle Comedy Was a Tough Sell For Distributors [Interview]

‘Bodied’ Director Joseph Kahn on Why His Explosive Rap Battle Comedy Was a Tough Sell For Distributors [Interview]
Joseph Kahn is a prolific commercial and music video director, but he has only made three feature films. His first, Torque, was The Fast and the Furious on motorcycles, but he made it a spoof of The Fast and the Furious, and people expecting a straight Fast and the Furious weren’t on board. He made […]

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How Taylor Swift’s ‘Wildest Dreams’ Video Gave Rise to the Year’s Most Provocative Movie

How Taylor Swift’s ‘Wildest Dreams’ Video Gave Rise to the Year’s Most Provocative Movie
For many moviegoers, only one film released in 2017 successfully confronted racial inequality under the guise of mainstream entertainment, and that was “Get Out.” But another movie that fell into that same category has yet to hit theaters. Joseph Kahn’s “Bodied,” an outrageous hip hop satire that screened in the Midnight Madness section of the Toronto International Film Festival, has yet to land a theatrical deal; nevertheless, it topped IndieWire’s annual critics poll as the best undistributed movie of 2017.

The riotous comedy, in which geeky, overeducated white grad student Adam (Calum Worthy) permeates Toronto’s underground rap battle scene, is a blatant provocation: A big part of the movie revolves around Adam’s realization that racial epithets and other seemingly offensive aspects of rap performance are key to his own success in the scene, and that participants regard such button-pushing lyrics as less problematic than his socially-progressive background had led him to believe.
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Bodied Review [Fantastic Fest 2017]

From the moment Bodied opens with a promotional advert for the Killafornia Battle League (in which we’re *immediately* told to “suck a dick!”) to the very last insert-rap-lyric-here outro line, director Joseph Kahn and co-writer Alex Larsen assassinate political correctness with pop-culture lyricisms and heat-seeking regard. Ninjas of the rapped word in their ranks, racial appropriation and misrepresented social justice tenacity in their crosshairs. We no longer can share a single thought without offending someone, somewhere, who wants to score uncashable “woke points” – and Kahn wants to make their fragile little minds explode. This is two straight hours of offensive battle rap bars, non-stop hilarity, layered introspection and the most stylized, take-no-prisoners commentary on what a black-and-white minefield our behavioral ethics have become.

That, and it’s the most motherflippin’ fun you’ll have in a theater of any kind this year, the next, and probably many to come.
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Tiff Review: ‘Bodied’ Gives a Middle Finger to “The Movie We Need Right Now” Ethos

This writer will admit that he joked to a friend recently about music video director Joseph Kahn’s slow feature film output over the last 13 years as almost making him the new Terrence Malick. While don’t take that as anything more than a goof, each of his three features do represent a very specific point in time that’s bound to be dated within a short period. His first feature Torque arrived in the middle of the Neal Moritz renaissance and was Kahn’s stealth attempt to smuggle a parody of The Fast and The Furious beer commercial aesthetic within an actual Fast and Furious knock-off. The second, Detention, came at the dawn of social media dominance, as obnoxious and scatterbrained a millennial anthem one could hope for.

Now arrives the third feature, Bodied, coming at the beginning of “Trump’s America,” and it is, if anything, a middle-finger
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Toronto 2017 Review: Bodied Battle Raps Our Current Cultural Moment

Eager-beaver, and ready to rumble, Bodied, huffs and puffs its way into our current cultural moment with impeccable timing. Produced by Eminem and directed by cult (or as the cool kids say, 'vulgar') auteur, Joseph Kahn whose straight-faced ludicrousness on display in Torque and Detention have earned each a tiny but enthusiastic following. Here, with Slim Shady blessing and Kahn's amped music-video sensibility, they invert the 8 Mile rags to eventual (offscreen) riches story, into a bold, hyper-progressive satire. One that sees a bookish Berkley masters student trash-fire most of his white privilege in an earnest effort to become legit in the self-aware-misogynistic world of Battle Rap. Bridges, oh so many bridges, ones you probably never even knew existed, are consumed as paradoxes and inequality...

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Tiff 2017: 20 Films We Can’t Wait to See, From ‘mother!’ to ‘The Shape of Water’ and Many More

  • Indiewire
Tiff 2017: 20 Films We Can’t Wait to See, From ‘mother!’ to ‘The Shape of Water’ and Many More
The Toronto International Film Festival kicks off this week, and with it, the rest of a very busy fall festival season. In preparation for the lauded festival, we’ve hand-picked 20 films we can’t wait to see, from the starriest of premieres to the most unexpected of offerings. Check them out below.


Darren Aronofsky has veered off in many unpredictable directions over the years, but at his core, he’s a master at subverting the horror/thriller genres: From “Pi” to “Black Swan,” the filmmaker excels at taking his stories in creepy, unpredictable directions in which it’s hard to tell how much we can believe onscreen — and whether his characters have lost their minds. That mode certainly seems to be in play for “mother!”, which appears to be a “Rosemary’s Baby”-like tale of a married couple (Jennifer Laurence and Javier Bardem) whose home is infiltrated by
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Deadpool Director Tim Miller To Direct The Cyberpunk Thriller Neuromancer

Deadpool director Tim Miller has just signed on to direct a feature film adaptation of the 1984 cyberpunk novel Neuromancer for Fox. X-Men producer Simon Kinberg is on board to help develop the film project as well. 

The book was written by William Gibson and is the first part of the Sprawl trilogy. For those of you not familiar with the book, it went on to win the Hugo, Nebula, and Philip K. Dick Awards. here's a description of the story::

Neuromancer centers on Henry Dorsett Case, a disgraced computer hacker living in Japan who was punished for stealing from his employer by being rendered unable to access The Matrix, a worldwide virtual reality network. But he's given a shot at getting back in the saddle when he is hired to complete the ultimate hack: one on an artificial intelligence orbiting Earth.

The first book was followed by Count Zero (1986) and
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Intense Trailer For the Eminem-Produced Rap Battle Film Bodied

Eminem has produced a new movie called Bodied, which is a satirical film that focuses on the intense hardcore world and art of rap battles. Today we have the first trailer for the film and as you'll see it definitely has that Eminem style and vibe.

The film was directed by Joseph Kahn, who helmed the film Torque and a shit-ton of music videos throughout the course of his career. He's directed music videos for Taylor Swift, Dr. Dre, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, and of course Eminem.

Kahn developed the script for the film with former rap battle champion Alex “Kid Twist” Larsen. The story centers on a progressive graduate student who "finds success and sparks outrage when his interest in battle rap as a thesis subject becomes a competitive obsession."

The movie stars Anthony Michael Hall, Disney Channel alum Calum Worthy, and hip-hop personality Charlamagne Tha God. It also features Dizaster,
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Tiff Midnight Madness Lineup Includes ‘The Disaster Artist’ and More

Last week, we got the Galas and Special Presentation lineup for the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival, and there was so much good stuff that I don’t know how I’m going to see all of it. So naturally, now the Midnight Madness schedule has been released, and it’s filled with even more good stuff. This year’s opening night film will be Bodied from director Joseph Kahn, and Kahn’s involvement is enough to get me interested. He previously helmed the bonkers Torque and Detention, so I’m in for whatever he’s cooked up next. The …
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xXx: Return Of Xander Cage Review

Watching xXx: Return Of Xander Cage mimics the effect of mainlining a Red Bull/Jolt Cola concoction while you skydive off the Empire State Building with only a handkerchief for a parachute. It’s like Shaun White and Travis Pastrana had conjoining daredevil wet dreams that formed some Exxxtreme tsunami of fantastical X-Games stuntmanship. I imagine someone asking “what about a story?” only to have Vin Diesel grab them by the lapel, hoist them up and say, “how about I skateboard, travel and bed sexy ladies for the first twenty minutes, There’S Your Story!” – they complied, of course. That’s the opening to Xander Cage’s adrenaline-packed franchise return, and radness only increases from there broskis and braskis!

Agent Xander Cage’s return is a somber one, since it begins with the death of Augustus Gibbons (Samuel L. Jackson). Government suit Jane Marke (Toni Collette) calls Xander out of retirement to avenge Gibbons’ death,
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Swamp Thing Animation Test Emerges from Canceled Justice League Dark Movie

Swamp Thing Animation Test Emerges from Canceled Justice League Dark Movie
Just three years ago, filmmaker Guillermo del Toro was prepping a live action adaptation of Justice League Dark, which at the time was entitled Dark Universe. After two years in development, the director eventually left the project, and we didn't hear much else about it until rumors swirled earlier this year that the studio is making an animated adaptation instead. That news was confirmed at Comic-Con, with the movie debuting this year, but today we have a new look at what may have been, if another director would have been involved.

Joseph Kahn, who has directed the feature films Torque and Detention, along with the controversial Power/Rangers short film last year, revealed on Twitter that he pitched his take on the project before it became an animated movie. He also shared his video of an eight-second animation test, which featured his version of Swamp Thing. Of course, we will
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25 great action films that are 90 minutes or under




Want a quality action film, but you only have an hour and a half? Step this way...

Looking back over the genre, action films definitely haven’t suffered from the trend to make everything longer. They’ve always been pretty long, regularly clocking in at over two hours. Perhaps because of all the slo-mo? But while the sweet spot for action classics seems to be the 100-110 minute mark, there are those that have cut the genre right down to basics, and succeeded all the more for it.

Below is my pick of 25 great action films 90 minutes or under. Even more so than other genres, action crosses many other films - picking a pure ‘action’ flick is all but impossible. So below I’ve chosen films that retain action sequences as their main narrative device, and keep the action at the heart of the movie, rather than as a extra.
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25 great directors working outside mainstream cinema

Meet some of the best directors working today, who haven't gone down the blockbuster movie route...

Ever find it a bit lame when the same big name directors get kicked around for every high profile project? Christopher Nolan, Jj Abrams, maybe the Russo Brothers? With so much focus on blockbuster films these days, getting a major franchise job seems like the main acknowledgement of success for a filmmaker. And yes, both the financial and creative rewards can be great. But there are plenty of other directors out there, doing their own thing, from art house auteurs to Dtv action specialists.

Here are 25 examples.

Lee Hardcastle

Even if you don’t know his name, you’ve probably seen Lee Hardcastle’s ultraviolent claymations shared on social media. He first started getting noticed for his two-minute remake of The Thing, starring the famous stop motion penguin Pingu. Far from just a cheap one-joke mash-up,
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The "Neuromancer" Movie Is Still Alive

The long in the works film adaptation of William Gibson's acclaimed sci-fi novel "Neuromancer," which at last report stalled several years ago, has apparently found a new lease on life.

Screen reports that UK-based Gfm Films has been joined by Chinese media company C2M Media Group which has stepped up with financing for the project. The pair will now co-develop and produce the film with the first priority being the hiring of a new writer and director.

Several people have been previously attached to the project, most notably Vicenzo Natali ("Cube") and Joseph Kahn ("Torque"). At present, the only linked name is producer Lucas Foster ("Mr. and Mrs. Smith").
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'Power Rangers' Fan Film Returns After Copyright Dispute

'Power Rangers' Fan Film Returns After Copyright Dispute
The controversial short Power/Rangers is back online after Saban Brands settled their copyright dispute with the makers of the film. The movie has now returned to Youtube and Vimeo after being pulled by both streaming video sites earlier in the week. And it looks like no further legal action is being pursued. You can also see the video below.

This past week, a tsunami of copyright controversy began to swirl after producer Adi Shankar unveiled his latest entry in the so-called Bootleg Universe, this time debuting a Power/Rangers fan film from Torque and Detention director Joseph Kahn. The 15 minute short was an instant sensation, starring Katee Sackhoff, James Van Der Beek and Will Yun Lee from a script Joseph Kahn wrote with James Van Der Beek and Dutch Southern. They called it a 'deboot' of the Power Rangers franchise, and Saban Brands, who own the Power Rangers copyright,
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Dark Power Rangers Short Film with James Van Der Beek

"Torque" director Joseph Kahn has been working on a "Power Rangers" short film. But it's nothing like the big screen reboot that Lionsgate has been planning. Kahn's stars James Van Der Beek and Katee Sackhoff, and is far from being kid-friendly. "Overall, it's a very serious thing," Kahn told HitFix. "The joke isn't that you're laughing at each particular scene; the joke is that we did this 'f*ck you' thing in the first place. You're going to look at it and you go 'wow I can't believe they f*cking did that.'" In the short film, Van Der Beek plays Rocky, a former Power Rangers member who takes the Pink Ranger (Sackhoff) hostage. Check it out below. Short Film:
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Saban targets Joseph Kahn's 'Power Rangers' film: 'Tell them to stop harassing me'

  • Hitfix
Saban targets Joseph Kahn's 'Power Rangers' film: 'Tell them to stop harassing me'
Have you watched "Torque" and "Detention" director Joseph Kahn's HitFix-premiered "Power Rangers" fan film yet? As of this writing, you can still catch the Sfw version on YouTube. The Nsfw version, on the other hand? Apparently Vimeo's "Staff Pick of the Day" recommendation wasn't enough to keep the video-sharing site from taking it down -- presumably under pressure from "Power Rangers" copyright holder Saban Entertainment. "Saban is trying to shut Power/Rangers down," wrote Kahn on Twitter. "If you'd like to keep watching, tell them to stop harassing me." Indeed, despite satire being protected under the First Amendment -- that part of the Constitution which has allowed fan-made films to flourish online -- "Power/Rangers" seems to be under attack in part, perhaps, due to its affiliation with a known Hollywood director. "Hey @vimeo my Power/Rangers short you took down is protected under fair/use/free speech/satire,
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Watch: Here's That Dark and Gritty 'Power Rangers' Movie You Never Knew You Always Wanted

For years now there's been this hunger from fans to watch "dark and gritty" movies starring characters they grew up with. The success of Bryan Singer's X-Men movies and then Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy helped fuel Hollywood's desire to bring more of these kinds of stories to the big screen, and now they're everywhere. From The Avengers to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to The Fantastic Four, we now live in the age of "The Dark and Gritty Reboot." Producer Adi Shanker (The Grey, Dredd) teamed with filmmaker Joseph Kahn (Torque, Detention) on what they're calling a "bootleg fan film" that sort of deconstructs not just the dark and gritty reboot, but also the ways in which fans love to devour this type of content...

Read More
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Power Rangers Goes Gritty With James Van Der Beek and Katee Sackhoff

Power Rangers Goes Gritty With James Van Der Beek and Katee Sackhoff
This isn't the Power Rangers you grew up with. Dawson's Creek veteran James Van Der Beek and Battlestar Galactica and Longmire fan-favorite Katee Sackhoff got their morphing time on in a 14-minute gritty flick—seriously, there's lots of blood, naked women and stuff you definitely wouldn't see on Saturday morning—from director Joseph Kahn. His other credits include Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" music video, Torque and several other of your favorite music videos. The film comes with this disclaimer: "Power/Rangers: Deboot of the Power Rangers. My take on the Fan Film. Not a pilot, not a series, not for profit, strictly for exhibition. This is a bootleg...
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R-Rated ‘Power/Rangers’ with Katee Sackhoff & James Van Der Beek takes ‘fan film’ to a new level

Updated: Hollywood’s habit of rebooting campy old properties into “dark” and “gritty”, Nolan-esque movies has grown tiring for a long time. No material is sacred, and no material is too ridiculous to be unironically rehashed.

One of the lesser titles on that long list of remakes are the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, a horribly silly ’90s staple that by 2016 when the official Lionsgate movie is released will be 20 years removed from when the original show went off air.

Joseph Kahn’s short film Power/Rangers isn’t that.

Starring Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica) and James Van Der Beek (Dawson’s Creek) in Kahn’s “fan film”, one that doesn’t “reboot” the old property but extends its story threads to their natural, grim and bloody conclusion, Power/Rangers is an intense and dense fan story that takes fan filmmaking to a new level.

Kahn is a music video director
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