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rusties4 June 2003
I saw this on Tv and thought it was pretty funny but there are acouple of things that must be taken into place before you see this movie. 1. you must understand and have seen the show and 2. you must like the show The movie is about how Catdog goes though many adventures to find their parents. This movie explains how catdog started and why and how they were the way they are and where they live.
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Good way to end the CatDog series
duckmanfanatic6 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Through out the whole show, CatDog have always faced bad luck. Almost every episode ended in a negative way. But when this movie came out, people who watched the show had their chances to see the more positive ending to the show. Thank God, too.

(Warning: contains spoilers) In this movie, after being completely stray from their origins and family, CatDog decide to set out to find their long-lost parents. During the trip, they face a few odd ball characters like aliens, a giant lake monster, and a bunch of hillbillies. During their visit with the aliens, the audience is given what seems like a history of where CatDog might have come from. In the mothership of the aliens that CatDog go into (to find their parents), there are a bunch of exotic creatures on the ship that seems to be mixed together with other exotic creatures.

Then at the end, CatDog end up finding their parents and soon discover that their mother is a giant Bigfoot, and their dad, who's voiced by Academy Award nominee Billy Bob Thornton, is small, lowbrow frog.

I'd say this was a good way to end the series. CatDog find their family and the bad guys of the show, the Greaser Dogs, get beaten in end.
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