The Battle of Mary Kay (TV Movie 2002) Poster

(2002 TV Movie)

Shirley MacLaine: Mary Kay



  • Lexi Wilcox : Mary Kay, Mary Kay - i just wanted to meet you, I just started two months ago - I just wanted to tell you I'm going to be queen next year

    Mary Kay : When I first started sellin', I went to the sales director and you know what he said to me?

    Lexi Wilcox : He said you would,

    Mary Kay : I am saying that to you right now, I think you will.

  • Mary Kay : We all need inspiration, to do amazing things. To fly higher than we ever dreamed of, to discover we have wings. Let me show you the bumblebee, you never would think it could fly. With a body too big, and wings too small, it still finds its way to the sky. A butterfly can flutter by, its wings are small but sound. But the bumblebee, aerodynamically, should never leave the ground. So the scientists say, most every day, Its wings can't bear its weight. But the bumblebee, paradoxically, continues to fly straight. So never let them tell you know. Be like the bumblebee, and go go go!

  • Mary Kay : Plant a good seed and you will joyfully gather fruit.

  • Mary Kay : You can have anything in this world, if you want it badly enough, and you're willing to pay the price.

  • Mary Kay : When you get to the end of a rope, tie a knot.

  • Mary Kay : You can't chase two rabbits and catch either of 'em.

  • Mary Kay : No matter how powerful or successful you become, true happiness may not follow. Think of Marilyn, sweet Marilyn Monroe. The whole world loved her so, but she was so very, very alone...

  • Mary Kay : All it takes is heat and pressure to turn a rock into a diamond.

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