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I laughed, I laughed some more, I almost threw up, and laughed some more.
Professor Chaos2 August 2003
I gave this movie a 10 out of 10 because for a comedy it made me laugh continuously. Not a minute was wasted. Even if the situation was totally absurd, as many were, the conviction of the actors in their roles was enough to keep it going. Stiffler and Finch's rivalry reached new highs and lows in this one as they compete for the affections of Michelles virgin little sister Cadence. Fred Willards addition in this third movie was welcome, even if his role was subtle.

I can't think of anything bad to say about this movie. The plots were simple but believable.. How complex can a wedding story be anyways. It made sense, it was funny, it was definately funnier than the second american pie movie.. im not going to say it was funnier than the first but I definately laughed longer and harder in this one. Well done. Plus Alyson Hannigan is somehow getting hotter as the movies progress.
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Long Live the Stifman!
Buddy-519 May 2004
There's one thing you have to say for `American Wedding': like the two `American Pie' films that came before it, it is unapologetically unashamed of its shamelessness. Here's a film that doesn't try to hide its gleeful perverseness under a bushel of coy double entendres; instead the film revels in its frank and openhearted treatment of sexuality and lust. `American Wedding' is clearly a comedy about sex and it doesn't pretend to be anything but. Whether this is a good thing or a bad will, I suppose, depend on your own affinity and tolerance for jokes and images that routinely push the boundaries of common decency and good taste. In fact, the film wears its tastelessness almost as a badge of honor. And just in case you're unfamiliar with this series and its brand of humor, subtlety and wit are not considered virtues in an `American Pie' world.

In `American Wedding,' Jim and Michelle - he a self-described pervert and she a self-described nympho - have finally agreed to tie the knot. The film centers around Jim's attempts to convince Michelle's square, uptight, sexually repressed parents that he is indeed husband material for their less-than-innocent daughter. The problem is that his efforts are consistently being undermined by the inane, out-of-control antics of Steve Stifler, the foulest-mouthed, dirtiest-minded professional adolescent this side of Bluto Blutarsky. Seann William Scott, in fact, steals the show as Stifler, providing an over-the-top manic energy that is both endearing and infectious.

Indeed, without Stifler, there would be precious little to recommend this particular `American' outing. The jokes and setups, for the most part, are crude and graphic without being very imaginative, and writer Adam Herz and director Jesse Dylan, even when they hit on an inspired piece of silliness (as when Stiffler winds up dancing mano a mano with a guy in a gay bar), end up diluting the humor by letting the scenes drag on well past the point where they're truly funny anymore. This is not to say that there aren't a few good laughs in `American Wedding,' just that they don't come often enough to really lift the film much above the ordinary. Luckily, the funny moments increase a bit in the final stretches of the movie. In the film's defense, I would also add that, like its two predecessors and unlike many sexually charged teen comedies, `American Wedding' conveys a certain affection for its characters. In addition to Stifler, Jason Biggs as Jim and Eugene Levy as Jim's befuddled but strangely tolerant and supportive father come across as decent, well-meaning and likable individuals.

The film itself may be uneven, but as a character actor who makes an indelible impression on the material at hand, Scott is the genuine article. He transforms what is essentially cinematic rotgut into sweet-tasting vintage wine. All hail the Stifman!
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bretta237 August 2003
I loved the first american pie, but was so dissapointed with the second. it was too direct, lacked creativity, and got old. (sorry to anyone who loved it). but ii was delightfully surprised with American Wedding. The sexual jokes flowed much better, it was all situational as opposed to 'hahaha look at my wang', and in general just got more laughs. It is a great movie to see in the theater while your in the mood for something like that, and a lot of fun. although half the original cast is now gone, the remaining few are a good mix for the last of the american pie trilogy. stifler is kinda crazy and unbearable in the beginning but bear with it, it eventually works with the story and gets better. This is such a cute movie.. and yes i use the word cute. Its hilarious, but not so over the top that it looses the sweetness of it, being the fact that the main point of this movie is the wedding of jim and michelle. What a great, mindless piece of entertainment!
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Good conclusion, but missing some good characters
afaithfulday11 November 2004
American Wedding is exactly the type of ending that suits the American Pie trilogy. It's not like the typical TV sitcom where it's feel good and lacking on humor. The traditional gross out honest humor is still present. Unfortunately not all the characters are due to scheduling conflicts.

The directors do a good job of covering the absent characters by simply not mentioning them but there lack of presence is felt. Oz isn't present during Jim's speech with the best men. Michele is the only returning female lead. Even some of the returning characters play a smaller role. Kevin is almost not seen in most of the film. He serves very little important role and is more in the background. Finch and Stifler seem to be the lead story, at times more than the wedding itself. It does work to create a funny story.

The story is well wrapped up and that hopefully means that no additional and poorly conceived sequels are made. There seems to be three rules that follow in all of these films.

1) Jim does something bizarre sexual act that embarrasses him.

2) Stifler ingest some bodily excretion

3) Finch has sex with Stifler's Mom

Obviously they've hit Stifler with about every funny excretion. The only options left are blood, pus, or earwax. Rule #2 is going to be hard to follow.
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The Best kind of Pie
stevepkp410 September 2003
It was lacking some ingrediants, or cast members, but only an AMERICAN PIE movie could make good of that issue.Its had a great soundtrack, like the others It is hard to say which AMERICAN PIE installment is the best cause there all just one outrageous saga. This is a great (supposed) finish to the AMERICAN PIE series. Id say AMERICAN WEDDING had more laughs that both its predeccesors, even though i never thought that would be possible. It also was a little sweeter. Id consider it more of a Wedding cake. if you liked the first one and second, or at least one of those two, u like this one equally or better. AMERICAN WEDDING delivers a super slice of guilty, raunchy pleasure. You laugh and laugh, and still laugh even the 20th time u watch it...
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A good wholesome piece of, movie...
FutureMovieDirector2 August 2003
...If you have seen the first two American Pies, you should also see this one. American Wedding doesn't have all of the original cast, but still caps off the climax of the series. This movie in my mind would have been the best of the series if Stifler (Seann William Scott), was still in the role of Stifler. Actually, it probably is the best of the series. Stifler just didn't talk the same, he just wasn't as smooth as usual, except for that one part, ha ha, you have to see it. But really that was the only downside, Stifler was out of character, but he was still hilarious! Overall, the movie was still filled with hilarious antics, smooth one liners, and of course Jim's dad (Hilarious). Go see it, it really is funny!
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Absoloutely Hilarious
dhruvdude3 August 2003
American wedding is simply hilarious. It is as funny as the previous two. You just keep laughing and laughing. Seann William scott steals the show and so does Jason Biggs and Eugene levy. No pie but still a lot of fun. If you want to have some big laughs then this is it. My rating- 10/10
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the final chapter
StanMakitadonuts15 January 2007
This was an awesome closure to the American pie series (with the original cast) Stifler is pretty good in this, he always steps it up. The cast kinda gets smaller and smaller as the series goes on, but we are left with the core of the group. Jim again has some great comedic moments, Jason Biggs by now has perfected the role of Jim. This as the second movie, plays it's part as a sequel, series or a trilogy. If you have seen the first two, this will be a good ending to the story for those who haven't seen the first two, or only part one, go out and get caught up before seeing this one. You missed a lot of the action. icing on the cake

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Chocolate truffles anyone?
jotix1005 July 2005
This is the third installment in the life of Jim Levenstein and his friends. "American Wedding" seems to point out there will be follow up movies perhaps. Why not? This formula has produced three films and could "American Children", "American Divorce", "American Single Dad", etc. will be too far behind? Jesse Dylan directs this one.

The film is typical of the gross movie genre. The only excuse to watch this one is Seann William Scott, who as the obnoxious Steve Stifler, is at his nastiest self in the film. Stifler has great moments, such as in the sequence involving the rescue of the ring that one of the dogs has have swallowed! Jason Biggs, the groom of the film, seems to be playing second fiddle as Seann William Scott's part was made more important to his own, which in a way is what keeps the film alive because the nerdy Jim doesn't elicit much fun when he shows on screen. Eugene Levy, Fred Willard and Deborah Rush have good moments in the film.

Let's just hope the people behind these installments will see the light and put all these characters to rest and give us more of Mr. Scott in his own vehicles.
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If you liked the other two then you'll like this one despite it being a weak end to the trilogy
bob the moo2 September 2003
Despite an embarrassing scene at a restaurant, Jim proposes to his long-time girlfriend Michelle. For their wedding Jim enlists the help of Finch and Kevin to make everything smooth – and keep Stifler out of the way. However a ceremony is hard work and is made harder when things just always seem to go wrong and when Stifler seems to be determined to f**k the bride's sister – even if it means pretending to be mild mannered and polite.

Trying to think about this film or the series itself is like trying to argue with mud, basically you just need to accept that this is a silly, stupid gross out comedy that relies on poor taste jokes and unlikely set ups. If this is a problem for you then don't watch it. If you have accepted it and are watching it then it all comes down to, is it a GOOD gross out comedy with poor taste jokes? As much as I know I should be above it, I did laugh at the other 2 films and was happy to go and see this and, for the most part, I laughed at this. However this was the weakest of the three and the silence in the cinema was quite often uncomfortable – usually silence in a cinema is a good thing, but this was often an uncomfortable `I should be laughing more' type of silence.

In my review of part 2 I said `lets not do a 3'. Watching this I'm sort of glad they managed to do it but I can see the strain despite their best efforts. The main set up sequences are gross and funny but the gaps between are where the silence comes, there ain't enough comedy to cover the whole film. I'm not talking about the sweet stuff near the end, I just talking about all the scenes between the banner scenes. Plus the sequences are very forced at times (many you can see coming for miles), but this isn't too bad as they still manage to be hilariously gross! For those who like the nudity (and who didn't like the bi-sexual teasing scene from part 2?) there is a long sequence of strippers with large fake breasts, if that's your thing (I'm a man, so yes!) which is funny but also serves up the mandatory t&a. There are also some scenes that are TOO forced – eg the dance in the gay bar is funny but is too long and feels like a good idea with average delivery.

The film bravely loses something like half the cast and makes the film better in that regard. In fact Kevin has so little to do that they could have lost his character all together. However this is offset by the change to Stifler. In the first 2 he is obnoxious and rude but he is also the brunt of more jokes than he is the punisher. In the first half here, he is very rude and annoying and you hate him for how he treats his friends. That makes all his early antics hard to laugh at because now all you can see is a jerk hurting people. In the second half this is less of an issue as he changes a little and gets what's coming to him (and how!). I have a theory that Scott knows he has been pigeon holed in this role and is desperate to get out of it – in fact when I saw Bullet Proof Monk I did think to myself that he is just playing a kung-fu Stifler. Knowing this I think he played Stifler at full volume so that his next role would be nowhere near this performance. Thus he has a weird crazed sneer on his face, he is ultra cruel and rude and is a real jerk – hard to laugh with (but luckily still easy to laugh at).

The rest of the cast do quite well. Biggs manages to make more of his role than the victim and is sensitive when he needs to be – I think it will be hard for him to shake off Jim (pardon the pun) but he shows he can do acting when he needs to. Hannigan's innocent girlie voice is a little grating now and doesn't sit with her image as a woman – it suited her to be a geek. Luckily she doesn't have that much to do after the funny opening scene. Thomas is OK but Nicholas just kind of hangs around with a half smile of his face and nothing to do. Levy is still brillant as Jim's Dad but misses his `awkward moment' relationship (which they give him with Michelle to repeat it). Jones is eye candy and the return of Stifler's Mon (forget her name) is pointless and a mistake that is happily kept to a few moments.

Overall this is as poor a film as you expect – rude, in poor taste, lacking a strong plot or performances, but none of these things are really fair comments as the film still manages to be funny. The character of Stifler makes the first half very hard to enjoy and there are too many bits that don't work or where I didn't laugh but I still laughed. Many viewers will feel that the series has simply fizzled out despite it still being funny.
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A good sequel to the other two!!
grumpyass2 August 2003
I went to see American Wedding yesterday and I loved it. It was hilarious. It was just as good as the other 2. It was funny, but what could you expect from the people who created the movies. Of course there would be no movie without the nudity. I took my dad and we was laughing harder than I had ever seen. It was a piece of work, but it will be a classic just like the other two. If you haven't seen the others watch them right away and then o see this, you'll love it. I recommend it to anyone. Go see it, it like Porky's in a way.
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The Weakest of the Series but Still Worth Watching
christian1236 July 2005
American Wedding is the weakest of the series but its still very funny and very enjoyable to watch. Jim and Michelle are getting married and Jim wants nothing wrong to happen. Stifler is going to the wedding against the wishes of Jim and Michelle. He is more interested in Cadence who is Michelle's sister and one of her bridesmaids. The wedding is close and there are a lot of things left to do. However, some of the wedding plans go wrong and it looks like this wedding is going to be a disaster, Can Jim pull it together and make it through the wedding? The plot is interesting as one of the guys get married. With this type of film though, the plot is a non issue. People who see this type of movie just want to have a good laugh and they won't be disappointed. The bets thing about this sequel is defiantly Stifler. Sean William Scott gives a really funny performance and pretty much carries this film. He goes over the top sometimes but for the most part he is pretty good. Jason Biggs gives a god performance as Jim. He is pretty much the same as the first two films so if you liked him before then you will like him again. Alyson Hannigan plays Michelle and I find her character really annoying and not funny. Eddie Kaye Thomas does an okay job as Finch, he just isn't as funny as he is in the previous films. Thomas Ian Nicholas plays Kevin and he is sort of just there. He doesn't do anything memorable his character is kind of countless at times. Eugene Levy is back as Jim's dad and he gives a funny performance. Compared to the first two though, its not as strong. January Jones plays Cadence and does a really bad job. If she wasn't pretty then she probably wouldn't be in Hollywood. Fred Willard and Deborah Rush play Michelle's parents. They both are very funny and nice additions to the cast. Missing from the film this time around are Shannon Elizabeth, Chris Klein, Tara Reid, Natasha Lyonne and Mena Suvari. They are not missed and their characters wouldn't really feel right in this film either. James B. Rogers directs and does a good job. The jokes in the film may be funny but they are not as good as the first two. Its surprising how good this film turned out to be as the second sequel is usually stale and bad. Running time is 106 minutes with the directors cut and it's the version you should see. The movie is also a bit more serious at times then the other two. This isn't a bad thing but its just a little different mood then expected. In the end, this is a very funny sequel that's worth checking out. Rating 7.2/10
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I laughed. HARD.
Mac Styran22 August 2003
I didn't expect this movie to be as hilarious as it turned out to be. After all, the first two were great comedies and it's rare that a sequel can live up to the original. Now that the second did that, I had serious doubt that they could do it a third time.

They did.

They absolutely did.

Sure, some gags are totally disgusting, but that has always been a part of the series.

And even the lowest gags work, because we care about the people. That's the whole secret.

Should it end here? I think so. A complete trilogy. A great one. And a COMEDY trilogy ... rare. Very rare!

10/10. Oh yes!
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Wanted mightily to love it!
jdimeo25 May 2005
Let me start by saying that I am passionately in love with Seann William Scott. I think he's one of the finest pieces of man ever to grace the screen, for so many reasons.

Secondly, I'm a huge, HUGE fan of both American Pie I and II. I could watch both of them over and over again, and have, as a matter of fact.

But American Wedding SUCKED. It felt hollow, empty, and painful. It was like watching a former beauty queen drunkenly struggle into a pair of too-tight pantyhose. There was no dignity about this movie, no joy, no lighter-than-air charm. What happened to all the strong, delightful females? What happened to Oz? Nobody even mentions him. How sad, and what an unforgivable oversight.

Even my beloved SWS came across as gimmicky and self-conscious. Stifler isn't endearing anymore; the actor knows he's a hot commodity, and that all eyes are on him. Quite frankly, he buckles under the pressure. (I'm sorry, Seannie, but it's how I feel).

I came away from this movie feeling quite forlorn. I'd been expecting so much, but received so little. Even the audio commentary with SWS did nothing to allay my blues, because he ends up sounding like nothing more than a typical San Fernando Valley "like, ya know, oh man, dude, kinda like"...doofus.

Sigh. I've heard he's a doll in real life. And maybe he's a pistol in the sack. We can only hope.
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Just as funny as the others
swipht11 August 2003
This was a hilarious movie. It stays true to the first two, it was just so funny. Jim was getting into all kinds of trouble, just like in the first two. He couldn't keep it in his pants in the first one with Nadia, he glued a porno tape to himself in the second, and in this one, he shaves himself and people choke on his hairs. Gross out humour is once again hilarious, and I was pleased with this movie. 3 out of 4.
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Still a Worthy Comedy Franchise!
mjw230510 February 2006
The gangs back together, and now there having to cope with life after college (sadly Oz, Heather, Nadia, Jessica and Vicki have all moved on, oh! and the shermanator 'but He'll Be Back! in Band Camp; but that's another story) So with a new environment and only half the original cast, how does the third in the series shape up? I'm glad to say that it still carry's on the Pie tradition, Jim still finds himself in the most embarrassing of situations, Stiffler's still hell bent on one thing and Jim's dad is still offering his own unique brand of advice to anyone who'll listen.

Overall the gags are lacking the freshness they once had, but with some new characters and some great comedy scenes the American Pie hasn't quite crumbled yet.

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apir5122 March 2004
Hopefully, this awful movie will put an end to this mediocre series that has gotten worse with each sequel. Almost watchable until Stifler shows up. So tell me, you're in a restaurant getting serviced under the table when your Dad walks in and you jump up with your pants around your ankles and your girlfriend still under the table. Not only doesn't the restaurant throw you out on your a**, but the patrons give you a standing O when you propose to her, with your pants still undone? How charming! Funny? Not in the least! But I hang in there for a while until stifler shows up,ranting neverending curses like he was Joe Pesce in Casino. Whatever was appealing in the first two incarnations of this series is certainly missing here.
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Not as good as the first two ...
chamerski1 August 2003
While it has it's share of terrific scenes and Seann William Scott is a comic genius - American Pie - The Wedding (which it's known as here in Australia) isn't quite as good as the first two. The reason seems to be that things seem much more contrived this time out, and not as spontaneous as the original was. The highlight is obviously the bachelor party scene which has some great moments for Finch, Stifler and Jim, but there aren't as many laughs as in the first two, which is a shame. Add to this a dull opening act (things don't get going until Stifler enters the scene) and lots of filler where not much really goes on, American Pie - The Wedding is a good but not great, possible end to a nonetheless fine comedy series. But here's hoping that Stifler and the rest of the team have one more of these in them, because they're such appealing movies even when they're not laugh-out-loud funny.
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The Hidden Meaning
spowell6929 August 2004
People just aren't getting this because they haven't looked below the surface. Here's my theory:

The character of Stifler is actually brain defective because his parent were crack and/or alcohol addicted. This is not funny, of course. What's funny, though, is that after all these years, his defective brain is causing him to act out. Notice all the uncontrollable cursing all of a sudden??? And the stupid giggle that comes after each dumb joke? Okay, well this takes us to the hidden meaning...

American Wedding is actually made as if Stifler, brain-defective that he is, wrote the screenplay. This explains the half-a$$ed attempts at recycling the last two movies, the non-stop profanities, the fact that Stifler is now the central character with the most screen time (ughh) the constant humping and the lack of any real plot (a road-trip in order to find the gay man that will make the wedding dress, which ends up in a very unfunny dance-off between Stifler and a gay hulk hogan that 'saves the day'?? Oh god help us).

Okay, I'll admit I only got through about 20 minutes before choosing to watch Wolf Blitzer instead (he's funnier) but the theory is still good, I think.

Watch only if you have trouble following any kind of plot and you laugh easily at potty jokes and swear words.
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Shallow humour for shallow minds
Winston_Churchill19 August 2003
Michelle and Jim get married in this rather outdated and profane slice of pie. A wedding maybe sounds a slightly ridiculous proposition, if you consider Jim's inability to control his sexual desires and the general lack of commitment of all the characters in the films to their partners. However, instead of being imaginative and diverting the genre into the intelectual category, they could only end the trilogy with a rather weary line of childish jokes and smutty dialogue.

The teen comedy genre has died a very sombre death it seems, but at what cost? I am not a great fan of these types of films by any means, however I do want a change of strategy by the directors of such films. Instead of shock value, how about value for money for a diverse range of people, including middle aged graduates such as myself.
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A Pie With Missing Pieces.
SittingStill9 June 2005
American Pie works best as its own entity. It was a tight story in which each character was able to maintain his or her own story arch. Would Jim overcome his fumbling, goofy nature and lack of confidence and rise to the occasion with Nadia? Would Oz be able to pull off his facade as superficial jock to sentimental choir boy? Would Kevin, the only character in an establish relationship, be able to take the relationship to the next level? And just what was Finch up to? In defense of the people behind American Wedding, they simply did not have the necessary tools at their disposal to pull off a fulfilling third slice in the American Pie trilogy. In fact, signs of diminished resources were apparent by the second film-- and I am talking not merely about the absence of some of the key actors to reprise their role (which hurts this film greatly), but more importantly, there simply was not enough for these once central characters to do.

The strongest apparent example is Kevin, who, without any side plot whatsoever, is left with nothing to do but stand around and throw around toasts "to the next step." His character could have been completely removed from this film without it having any impact.

Of course, the other problem is that the absence of the complete ensemble (or even a mention as to what became of them), strikes at the friends-to-the-end theme of these American Pie movies. Who though, at the conclusion of the original American Pie, that if some day in the not-too-distant future Jim was getting married, Oz would not be in attendance. It rings hollow.
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Annoying and stupid
chas772 August 2004
If you watch the Unrated DVD of "American Wedding" check out the "writer's commentary." I just assumed this was a new writer who was brought in after the guys who did "American Pie I & II" got tired of this. Not so -- incredibly, the same guy wrote all three!

This is a tired movie -- it should be entitled "The Stifler Compromise" because, really, it's all about the writer's obvious love for the Stifler character who grows old and weary after 5 minutes. He's kind of like the funny friend you remember from junior high who never grew up. Do you really want to see 90 minutes of Stifler jerking around like an idiot, screeching potty mouth language and trying desperately to be funny? For some reason Ebert gave this a good review and I can't figure that out. The scene he cited as hilarious -- Stifler on the gay disco -- was dumb and pathetic. And this is from a guy who thought the first "American Pie" was and is a classic!

Pass on this. Save the dough and watch "Napoleon Dynamite" instead!
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Where to begin, that's the question.
psychprofessor17 October 2004
Was this really the worst movie I've ever seen? Well, darned close to it. I really don't know where to begin in criticizing this mess.

First of all, I haven't seen anything funny yet. I taped this from HBO and have been watching it in 30-minute segments while I do the treadmill. At least I haven't been wasting my time totally while watching it.

I learned from reading the reviews that this is the third movie in a trilogy of movies of bad taste. Now I'm not immediately turned off by bad taste. I really liked "There's Something About Mary" and "Caddy Shack," for example, both of which contained many tasteless gags, some of which were repeated in "American Wedding."

All I can say is that if this one's at all similar to its predecessors, I'll avoid the earlier ones like the plague. Actually, the plague would be funnier than "American Wedding."

Did I say I didn't like this movie?
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Worst of the three films, avoid.
logikzer07 August 2004
I come from the camp that liked the first two movies, but wasn't very impressed with the third one. It seems to me that the creator was just trying to make more money off of the characters without delivering the same humorous charm as in "Pie" and "Pie 2". Apparently, they couldn't pay some actors enough to appear in this movie, because it is devoid of Chris Klein, Tara Reid, and Shannon Elizabeth. Kevin's role has been drastically declined, and the acting overall has gotten much worse. Since when was Stifler such an annoying twerp? The only thing that saves this movie is the fact that Eugene Levy is always funny, and the creator managed to get Jim into some ridiculous situations yet again. Stifler seems to be the focal point of the movie, which seemed awkward to me. Don't expect to laugh like you did before. I felt there were 2 or 3 funny moments, and the rest was just stupid. I sincerely hope no one decides to make a fourth one of these movies. The jokes are old and the characters are no longer charming.
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Cheap and inferior
kenrbuck7 February 2004
This was by far the worst American Pie movie. There was no real message put forth by the script; it was just an excuse to have a cheap laugh. The cast was also a disappointment. Oz (Chris Klein), Nadia (Shannon Elizabeth), Vicky (Tara Reid) and others are no shows.
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