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Evan Rachel Wood: Tracy Freeland



  • Tracy : He was crippled, but only his body was cracked. It's not simple, nor is it an easy matter to explain. "Let's just leave it at that," she says and closes the holy book of lies. She covers her eyes, denying to herself what she thought happened.

  • Tracy : Mothers, lock up your sons!

  • Melanie : [to Tracy]  How do you explain $860 in your purse?

    Tracy : What do you expect me to say, Mom? We jacked it, okay? It's not like your broke ass ever has any money to give me. Mom, when Brady went to the halfway house, what happened to our phone, our cable? You didn't even know how to pay the bills. It's no wonder Dad didn't want to be with you! You didn't even finish high school!

    Melanie : We don't have extra stuff, but we're doing okay. You know we're doing okay. You don't have to steal.

    Tracy : Mom, you knew what was going on! You're not that dumb, are you?

    Melanie : [shouts]  I didn't know it went that far!

  • [first lines] 

    Tracy : Hit me. I'm serious, I can't feel anything, hit me! Again, do it harder! I can't feel anything, this is so awesome!

  • Brooke : We'll be moving up to Ojai so you won't be seeing Evie again. Ever. You're really cruel, Tracy. I mean, I'm sure you can be a sweet kid when you want to, but right now, you're a really bad influence. I mean, you cheat, you lie, you steal...

    Tracy : [shouting in disbelief]  Oh, my God! Are you kidding me? Where do you think I learned all this shit from?

    [walks off into the kitchen] 

    Melanie : Tracy was playing Barbies before she met Evie.

    [Melanie, Evie and Brooke follow Tracy into the kitchen] 

    Brooke : Did she teach you how to beat the crap out of her as well? I've seen the bruises.

    Tracy : What the hell did you tell her, Evie?

    Brooke : [turns to Evie]  Come here. What about this?

    [shows the scrape by Evie's hairline that Tracy accidentally made while the two girls were play-fighting] 

    Tracy : [shouts]  What the fuck? We were just goofing.

    Melanie : Tracy didn't hit her.

    Evie : [starting to cry]  Yes, she did.

    Tracy : I don't believe this! She hit me too!

    Brooke : [grabs Tracy's arm and struggles with her to pull back her sleeve]  And look at this, Mel.

    Tracy : Don't you dare! No! Please!

    Melanie : Get your hands off her.

    [Tracy starts to cry as the cuts on her arm are revealed when Brooke pulls down her sleeve] 

    Brooke : She cuts.

    [Melanie looks stunned and horrified at the cuts on Tracy's arm] 

    Tracy : [crying]  It's none of your business, you fucking Frankenstein!

    Brooke : Oh, no, this child is my business, you little cunt.

    Melanie : That's enough. You need to get out.

    Brooke : [to Evie]  Honey, come on.

    [she and Evie slowly start to leave the house] 

    Melanie : [yelling]  Get out!

    Evie : [crying]  Who would want to be in this shit hole anyway? It fucking stinks in here, Mel!

  • Tracy : [to Mason]  Should we talk about how you get stoned every night with Rafa?

    Mason : She knows I smoke pot, Tracy. Look at your pupils. You're so fucking busted.

  • Tracy : All of the sudden Medina has a ghetto booty?

    Evie : I think she stuffs.

    Astrid : That slut ain't got shit compared to these double cheeseburgers.

    [shakes her butt] 

    Medina : Shake it, don't break it, bitch.

    Astird : Fuck her.

  • Tracy : Mom, I have to go to the bathroom now!

    Melanie : Can't you hold it a minute?

    Tracy : That's how you get a bladder infection, you child abuser.

    Melanie : That's dramatic.

  • Tracy : [speaking in gibberish]  Why does my tongue hurt?

    Evie : Maybe because you gave head.

  • [last lines] 

    Tracy : Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop.

  • Tracy : So, Brady, how was the halfway house?

    Brady : Same as the last one, Tracy.

  • Tracy : Want me to model my new thong? It's perfect for pooping on the go.

  • Melanie : [to Tracy]  What the hell is that?

    [Tracy doesn't answer her] 

    Melanie : I'm talking to you!

    Tracy : [whispers]  It's a belly-button ring.

    Melanie : Speak up. I can't hear you.

    Tracy : It's a belly button ring! How else can I say it? I don't speak no other languages! Oh. And do you want to know what that is?

    [sticks her tongue out] 

    Tracy : That is a tongue ring.

  • Tracy : [while outside Mason's open window]  Hampton is my baby! He's my baby.

    Evie : [while walking in front of the window]  Hey, Mason. Move your G-string down South.

    [pulls her thong over her shorts while shaking her butt] 

    Tracy : Dude, no! That is so gross. That's my brother. Oh, my God!

    Evie : Maybe I'll marry into the family.

  • Tracy : [to Brooke]  So you're a model?

    Evie : She's a model-slash-actress.

    Brooke : Mmm, slash-bartender who's about to be late for work.

  • Tracy : [while lying in the afterglow after having sex with Javi]  We are so perfect for each other. You know, if everybody married someone from a different race, then in one generation, there would be no prejudice.

    Evie : [lies next to Tracy]  So you had a good time?

    Tracy : [Dreamily]  Yeah, but it tasted kinda nasty.

    Evie : [laughs]  What? We didn't go over that one!

  • Mason : Go ahead. Hit me, Tracy. You'll go to jail, you fucking slut!

    Tracy : Mom, Mason just called me a slut!

  • Tracy : Geez, Mom, why don't you open a hotel? You could get paid for all this shit.

  • Tracy : [Tracey walks into the bathroom in a huff and Astrid looks over]  So, um, you just wanna go to the boardwalk and sell some shit?

    Astrid : [while putting stickers on her face in the mirror]  I can't. Um, I'm late for my biology actually and we're doing a play and I'm a mermaid.

    Tracy : [raises her eyebrows and walks out of bathroom] 

    Astrid : [stares into the mirror and keeps applying her makeup] 

  • Evie : [while huffing computer duster]  I hear this little wah-wah-wah inside my head...

    Tracy : That's your brain cells popping!

  • Evie : [to Tracy]  You don't know how to kiss, do you?

    Tracy : Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Yes, I do. Me and Noel practiced with "Cruel Intentions" like 50 times.

    Evie : Right

    Tracy : So, you want me to prove it, lesbo?

    Evie : Hell, no!

    [Tracy bends down and kisses Evie] 

    Evie : I barely even felt that.

    Tracy : Well, see if you fucking feel this one, then!

    [pushes Evie on the floor and kisses her more passionately] 

    Evie : Well, okay!

  • Mason : [to Teen]  You stupid fucker!

    [laughs and looks ahead to a girl] 

    Mason : Oh, sweetie, back that ass up.

    Teen : [walks up to the girl]  I'd like to see how that thong looks on my bedroom floor.

    Tracy : [turns around]  Too bad you'll never know.

    Teen : [while walking up to the girl]  I'd like to see that thong on my bedroom floor.

    Mason : Tracy?

    Tracy : [glances over and sees Mason; Mason looks down and sees Tracy's bellybutton ring]  Aw, shit. Fuck it.

    [starts to walk away] 

    Teen : [grabs the Cokes and stops her]  Hey Tracy. Here's your Cokes.

    Teen : Didn't have to with your fine ass.

    Tracy : Fuck you.

    [walks off] 

  • Tracy : [when Tracy and Evie walk out in two matching cut-up halter tops]  Mom, Mom! Can you guys say "hot"?

    Tracy : That was Mason's favorite shirt.

  • [Tracy is on the phone in a tattoo shop] 

    Tracy : Mom, do you know the difference between point-slope form and slope-intercept form? See, that's why I need to be here at the library. They have tutors.

  • Tracy : Hey, Mason. Just out of curiosity, who do you think is the hottest girl in school?

    Mason : I guess, um, Evie Zamora.

    Tracy : Guess who I hung out with today.

    Mason : Bull. Melrose Avenue.

    Tracy : Melrose Avenue.

    [Mason looks at her in awe] 

    Tracy : What? God, it's that hard to believe?

  • Tracy : [about the pants that Melanie made for her]  The fur was thicker at Red Balls.

  • Melanie : [to Tracy]  Have you been drinking?

    Tracy : No!

    Mason : She's always fucking drinking!

    Brady : Oh, like you never have!

    Melanie : Hey, hey, hey. Come on. You guys!

    Brady : Hey, Kayla. What's going on?

    [Kayla starts crying] 

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