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Uncomfortable but...
preppy-320 May 2004
A man turns 70 and his best friend of the same age confronts him with something he's known for year--that he's gay. His straight friend proposes they have sex to see what it's like. The gay guy actually isn't sure. What follows is an very interesting discussion with a neat twist ending.

I saw this at the Boston Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. On one hand it's great to see a short about older gay men--most are about YOUNG gay men. On the other hand it was uncomfortable. Seeing two elderly men go at it was just unnerving. A lot of people in the audience were squirming in their seats. So, I liked it, but it's not for everybody.
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Uncomfortable short
Havan_IronOak14 June 2003
Watching this it was nice to think that hope springs eternal and you may get the object of your affections even if you have to wait 55 years.

However, there was a lot of squirming in the theatre when this was shown. It's one thing to clinically know that old folks still have sex but its quite another to have to watch any of it.
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It is never too late for your dreams to come true.
GayActivist7 June 2003
I saw this at the Adam Baran Honolulu Gay & Lesbian Film Festival and it was great! A must see when it comes to your film festival. A reminder to the gay community (and everyone else) that just because you get older does not mean that your fantasies can't come true. Because they can!
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