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  • A young drifter discovers his true calling when he's hired by a mobster to stalk and kill a prominent accountant, and then decides to seek revenge when the stingy thugs try to kill him rather than pay him.

  • The handyman Sean Crawler meets the electrician Duke Wayne while painting a house and they drink a couple of beers together and have a small talk. A couple of days later, Duke offers a job to Sean, and they meet the corrupt constructor Ray Matthews in a golf club. Ray proposes Sean to stalk the accountant from the City Hall Eric Gatley, who is investigating him, and report every movement of Eric to Ray. While chasing Eric, Sean sees his wife Susan and has a crush on her. When Ray offers US$ 13,000.00 to Sean to kill Eric, he accepts, but steals Ray's dossier before leaving the crime scene. However Sean is double-crossed by Ray and is brutally tortured by the real estate mobster and his men in a lonely ranch, but he does not tell where the file is. Sean succeeds in escaping, but severely wounded, he goes to the mission where Susan works and four weeks later he is healed. He tries to start a new life with Susan, but when she finds the documents and the truth about him, he plots a powerful revenge against Ray and his men.

  • Sean Crawley is a young drifter who is hired by a shady electrician named Wayne Duke to work for a shady real estate mogul named Ray Matthews to stalk a prominent Los Angeles accounting investigating him. When Sean is ordered to kill Matthews, he does so, but Matthews and his thugs go back on their word to pay Sean when they decide to kill him instead. Sean escapes after enduring weeks of torture and hides out in the home of the murdered man, while his unsuspecting wife Susan takes a liking to Sean, unaware of his connection to her murdered husband.

  • Sean Crawley is your typically average young man, working to make end's meet and getting through life with his head just above water, until one day he meets one Duke Wayne and who in turn introduces him to the charismatic Ray Mathews. It is in this introduction that our young man's life is about to make a change for the worse. For just a small amount of money, he agrees to commit the most heinous of crimes for Mathews, his luck is about to sink into deeper pitfalls of human depravity, for being betrayed and constantly beaten for certain information. Here Human nature changes direction, the wrong direction, in both the physical and mental state, and finds that at the bottom of the food chain the human spirit will rise to new atrocities in order to survive.


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  • Sean Crawley (Chris McKenna) a drifter and struggling young man trying to make ends meet by painting houses in suburban Los Angeles. One day, Sean meets "Duke" Wayne (George Wendt), who introduces Sean to his boss, a shady developer named Ray Matthews (Daniel Baldwin). Ray hires Sean as a spy, and orders him to follow Eric Gatley (Ron Livingston), an accountant who has been investigating Ray's company. Problems start when Ray, while drunk one evening, offers Sean $13,000 to kill Eric. Sean accepts his offer and, although ambivalent, ends up killing Gatley by breaking into his house and beating him to death. When Sean goes to collect his pay, however, he is double-crossed and when he insists that they pay him, he is kidnapped and taken to Ray's secluded farm. It emerges that Matthews never had any intention of paying Sean for the killing, for he only wanted to use and eliminate him. But Sean survives from having a bullet put in his head then reveals that he had taken Gatley's work file of evidence and hidden it along with his documentation of events leading to the murder.

    When torture fails to make him disclose the whereabouts of the file, Sean is then brutally beaten about the head with golf clubs many times by Ray and his henchmen daily for weeks, in an effort to destroy his memory. After suffering a heavy amount of trauma, Sean escapes, killing Duke, and finds his way to a downtown homeless shelter where Gatley's widow, Susan (Kari Wuhrer), takes him under her wing, oblivious to his role in her personal tragedy. After she nurses him back to normal, he feels he has been reborn and they become lovers and he moves into her house. But after a few weeks, Susan finds his file describing the murder and, enraged, physically attacks him. Defending himself, Sean accidentally kills her.

    Having lost what he saw as his redemption and rebirth, more angry and cynical than ever, Sean returns to Ray's farm and methodically and ruthlessly exacts revenge on his captors; having arrived before Ray, he finds Duke's body and decapitates it, removing the wounds that would implicate his involvement. While waiting for Ray, Sean burns Duke's head in a fire pit along with pictures of Susan, exclaiming that if it wasn't for him and his friends he could have had a happy life. He hides in the house while Ray's henchmen search for him. Sean jumps the first henchman, Carl, upstairs and hits him in the chest with a sledgehammer and kicks him down the stairs, Carl lies on the floor unable to move from internal bleeding. The second henchman, Beckett, comes into the house to find Carl, when Sean breaks his leg and hits his back, paralyzing him.

    With the two henchmen unable to move, he moves on to Ray, dousing him in gasoline and setting him on fire, he returns to the house to deal with the wounded Carl and Beckett, begging him for medical assistance and asking why. Sean simply replies asking if there needs to be a reason for his revenge. Sean turns the stove on and leaves the house, he changes Ray's shoes to make it appear that the trio were working on the house when an accident occurs. Sean lights one of Ray's shoes on fire and throws it in the house, Beckett and Carl scream and cry as Sean walks away from the house before it explodes, and the screen fades to black.

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