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  • A scheming raccoon fools a mismatched family of forest creatures into helping him repay a debt of food, by invading the new suburban sprawl that popped up while they were hibernating...and learns a lesson about family himself.

  • RJ, a raccoon who needs food, accidentally takes food from a hungry bear named Vincent and he wants his food to be found in exactly the same place in a week. He finally finds that an animal family, with a tortoise named Verne as their leader, could help him restore the food from the suburbia, the gateway to the good life. But little does RJ know, there is a woman who has recently hired an exterminator to try to hunt them down.

  • Traveling raccoon con artist, RJ, arrives in a woods outside a human city in the Midwest, excited about the wonders that living near humans can bring hungry animals. What he finds, however, is an Amish-like community that is deathly afraid of humans, after their leader, Vern the tortoise (Shandling), has an encounter with human boys that terrifies him. Encouraged by RJ, however, the animals slowly venture over the hedge that separates them from the brand new suburban development that appeared over the winter while they were sleeping, and what RJ shows them is a whole new world where humans leave tin cans full of fish and other food in big canisters, ripe for the taking. As they get closer and closer to humans, however, their comfortable lives in the woods appears to be threatened...

  • Upon waking up after hibernation, a group of forest animals discover that a tall hedge has appeared out of nowhere, half their forest is gone, they have little to no food left. While Verne, a nervous turtle who acts as leader, suggests they simply adapt, RJ the raccoon shows up and gives them another option: go over the hedge and get food from the humans! The other forest animals quickly give into RJ, sneaking into the human world to get all the food they can grab. What they don't know is that RJ is actually in debt to a hungry bear, who has given him one week to replenish his food supply, or RJ takes its place!

  • RJ is a raccoon, specialist on finding and stealing food, as every raccoon in the world. During a night, RJ tries to steal all the food reserves of Vincent, a big bear, but the raccoon's ambition makes that all the food loot get lost. Vincent warns RJ that he'll should put back all his food when full moon comes, otherwise he will regret having stolen the food. Meanwhile, a group of animals headed by a cautious turtle, Verne, is worried because spring has come and there's not enough food for everyone. Verne tells that they will be fine eating plants and some bark. Later, they find that their wood has a frontier, formed by a giant bush. They're scared of crossing to the other side, where the suburbs exist. But RJ comes to the scene, telling that there's no danger in the suburbs, and that they will find all the food they want there. Nevertheless, Verne distrusts RJ, because he thinks that there's something suspicious about him, trying to convince the group that natural food is better than junk human food. Verne won't be wrong, because RJ is only using them to get the food for Vincent. A pair of opossums, a family of porcupines, a nervous squirrel and a female skunk, will plan a risky theft to a house, drawing a lot of obstacles, like a silly exterminator, a cat and the neurotic house owner.

  • When a hungry bear wakes up to see RJ, a raccoon, steal his provisions and then accidentally throw them all over the streets, he threatens to kill him if he does not return every single item he took from him. RJ has six days to steal from every human's kitchen he can find. He then meets a group of forest animals led by Verne, a turtle, and decides to use them for his plan. But as he gets closer to getting what he needed, he realizes that he finally has what he's always wanted : A family.



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  • Spring has arrived and an array of creatures sleeping in a large tree trunk has awakened from their winter hibernation. This group of unusual creatures, porcupines, possums, a squirrel, a skunk, has formed a family with Verne, a tortoise (voice of Garry Shandling), as the head. They discover that a tall hedge has cut their forest in half and their nut and berry trees are gone. Where are they going to get their food for next winter? Then RJ, an opportunistic raccoon (voice of Bruce Willis), enters the picture. RJ explains to the group that there is a new world called suburbia on the other side of the hedge where humans live. RJ says, "that humans live to eat, rather than eat to live". Humans throw away more food then they would ever need and put the food in garbage cans. RJ convinces them to go over the hedge to gather food for the winter. Douglas Young (the-movie-guy)

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