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The A.V. Club
Over The Hedge stands out as genuinely witty and even a little barbed. Its chipper, sneering outsider's look at suburban sprawl and conformity isn't going to change the world, but it's still self-aware enough to be reasonably smart.
Entertainment Weekly
The visual and verbal jokes are as bouncy and multilevel (hip height for adults, knee-slap-size for kids) as we have come, no doubt selfishly, to expect from DreamWorks.
This enjoyable Dreamworks animated comedy is well timed.
Solid family entertainment, and it's better than 2006's previous tepid animated releases.
A backyard ecological comedy outfitted with some fine, silly slapstick and clever animal characters.
L.A. Weekly
Deftly held together by bags of good humor and zany action sequences, tethered to a heartfelt conviction that green is good and family is better.
Despite a sprinkling of laughs and eye-catching moments, this adaptation of a popular comicstrip reps a middling effort from the house that "Shrek" built, a rather narrowly conceived tale that makes only modest hay from the overworked conflict between wildlife and encroaching humans.
Chicago Tribune
Even with Levy and O'Hara and Shandling adding what they can, you can only enjoy the voices behind the critters so much when the images fall so short.
Village Voice
"Lady and the Tramp" all by its lonesome is worth a dozen of these meat-grinders -- crude commodities, plush toys and product placements in search of a story from which to hang their price tags.
There is no poetry here and little thought.

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